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Porn Star Experience - True Story

Porn Star Experience - True Story

Carmen was working on her PhD and had all the charming intrigue of a librarian. She was mousey and wore glasses, but she kept fit and enjoyed live music and a good bottle of wine. Being a graduate student, she had a very high IQ and was very polite in conversation. However she was a bit socially awkward, and had the style sense of... well... a librarian. Nonetheless, she had a pretty face and I could tell she had a firm, slim body hidden under her less-than revealing and completely un-stylish clothes.

I met Carmen on a dating site. After a couple of trial dates (we both had exit strategies, as it turns out), I thought enough of her to invite her for dinner at my place... to which she excepted. I considered myself a pretty good cook, but wouldn't you know it, she was a vegetarian. For a carnivore like me it posed a bit of a challenge. Under the circumstances I felt that a creative pasta dish would probably suffice.

I had a fairly decent bottle of Bordeaux breathing before she arrived. And after giving her the 30 second tour of my attic apartment I offered her a glass. See took a quick look at the vintage, laughed and apologized as she presented a rather cheap bottle of Merlot as her offering for the dinner. She gracefully accepted the glass of Bordeaux, and I gracefully accepted her bottle of Merlot, exaggerating that I thought it was actually a diamond in the rough.

I continued to cook as we talked and drank wine. When we finally settled in to eat we had already opened her Merlot. The pasta was a hit, and the wine had us both quite relaxed.

I invited her to come sit on my couch as I put on some uninteruptive music (Nora Jones, I think). When I turned away from the stereo to continue whatever we had been talking about, I noticed that Carmen had all of a sudden become a little bit up tight, with a look of deep thought on her face. That's when I noticed that I hadn't completely cleaned up from the night before. As a joke, a friend of mine had handcuffed the neck of a teddy bear to the radiator, which was impossible not to notice from the couch. Her eyes nervously glanced back and forth between me and the handcuffs.

I had to laugh. What an embarrassment for a third date that had seemed to go so well up to that point. I guess my laughter broke the tension. I assured her that there was nothing kinky going on, and that that was just the sense of humor some of my friends had. She accepted that. But somehow the atmosphere had changed.

After a minute or two on the couch, we started to make out. With a bit of heavy petting going on, she whispered in my ear, "So, nothing kinky, heh?" I looked at her and smiled. She continued, "That's too bad." I was completely shocked. That was just about the last thing I had expected her to say.

Having gone that far (and with a little bit of encouragement from the wine), she made the first bold move. While still kissing, she casually undid my pants and reached in to have a feel. She got a handle on my now growing cock and slowly and gently started to jerk it. She broke off from the kiss with eyes still closed and said, "Are you sure you're not into anything kinky? Come on, tell me what you like."

I couldn't believe she was being this forward, and didn't know how far to push my luck. After all, this was only our third date. I mean, wow, I was already a big fan of porn, and had had some very wild experiences before I had met her. Not wanting to blow it, I asked her, "Well, what's your kink?" She looked across the room at my computer and said, "Maybe we could go online and show each other what we like."

"Why not... good idea." I poured us both another glass of wine, pulled up a second chair and booted up the computer. Carmen made herself comfortable and slid her hand back down my pants and continued to stroke my cock, and said, "You go first." Seeing where this was going, I felt no reason not to be bold. I had just seen the Jodie Moore Babysitter video the day before, and knew exactly where to find it (though I seem to be having a bit of a problem finding it here on Xhamster right now). Carmen started switching between my balls and my cock, and glanced back and forth between me and the video.

The whole role-playing thing in this video is completely cheesy. Carmen asked me, "So, you like babysitters, do you?" I nodded "yes" and continued to enjoy her hand-job. The video continued on into the obligatory blowjob, that eventually led to full-on slobbering deep-throat. At that point she squeezed my dick a little harder. So I watched her staring, riveted by the action and said, "Is that something you like to do?" She kind of giggled and said, "Yes."

As the video switched to the close-ups of a big cock grinding away at Jodie Moore's cunt we started to pay more attention to each other. She kept up a gentle handjob as I opened up her blouse. We continued to kiss and occasionally glance at the action on the screen. Slowly I pulled down her bra to expose two beautiful, firm C-cups, with tiny nipples. I worked my way down her neck and further until I was taking turns sucking on each nipple. Her head was thrown back, but I could tell she was still trying to watch the video. When I slid my hand under her skirt and peeled aside her already wet panties, she let out a bit of a yelp. At first I thought that that was why she started to really go to town with the hand job, until I looked up and found her completely enthralled with the action on the screen. I turned my attention to the video, too.

It was at this point in the video that Jodie Moore was feigning disapproval of anal sex. Something like, "Oh, Mr Hemski... that's my ass. Oh, you're in my ass... Oh, Mr. Hemski." Carmen and I looked at each other with passion and didn't say a word. I knew it was time. I pulled off her blouse and bra and guided her to her knees. She, in turn, pulled down my pants and put the entire length of my cock down her throat, tickling my balls with her tongue. She looked up into my eyes as she went back and forth, back and forth. On each way down she would hold my cock with her tonsils until it made her choke a bit. Occasionally she would lick up the slobber off of my balls and jerk me off for variety. I was in heaven, but eventually I had to stop her for a second while I uncuffed the teddy bear. With a smirk, I raised an eyebrow and held up the handcuffs and nodded with a question mark, "Yes?" She let out a single laugh and obediently put her hands behind her back.

With her hands snugly secured behind her back I started to take a bit more control. I grabbed her hair and started to guide my cock in and out of her mouth, sometimes holding her deep, a little more than you would think was comfortable, but never taking my cock all the way out. I thought I would push my luck a little further to see if she liked dirty talk. "So, you like my cock all the way down your throat, do you? Yeah?" Not giving her a chance to speak, she looked up at me through her glasses, with bright green eyes, and tried to nod, "Uh-huh." I knew I was getting close to cumming, but I didn't want her to be able to answer my next couple of questions without my cock down her throat. So I made sure I had a good grip on her hair before I asked her, "And I can tell you want my cock in your ass, too... don't you?" Her eyes bulged, and she gagged pretty hard, and she tried to get my cock out of her mouth to catch a breath and answer with words, but I didn't let her. She was handcuffed and at my mercy. When she realized what I was doing, she relented and nodded up and down. She blinked her eyes and moaned with pleasure to let me know that the answer was yes. I was so close I could barely hold on. "Last question. Are you going to swallow my cum like a good girl?" She responded exactly the same way. I pulled my cock out of her mouth, and without a word Carmen opened up her mouth as wide as she could and stuck out her tongue. I held on to my cock for aim and let loose. Wave after wave of cum shot into her mouth, until it was almost overflowing. And when I finally stopped grunting, she looked up at me and winked. She closed her eyes and then her mouth, and did the big swallow, opening up after to prove she had taken it all.

I opened up the handcuffs and handed her a hot, wet towel to clean up, and strangely things went back to normal (if you can call it that). My librarian girl became quite cordial and shy as we cuddled on the couch under a blanket. We were both out of breathe. It's hard to describe the change in conversation after such intensity, but it was almost like talking about good books we had recently read.

Carmen had actually come from out of town for this date. And as the clock ticked, the question arose, "I guess I should be thinking about catching the last train back to Toronto." I asked her, "Is that what you want? You're welcome to stay." She hugged me, and kissed me on the cheek and said, "If that's OK with you." Again, it was only our third date, and we were still being quite polite. Of course, I was magnanimous... and of course, I still wanted to know if Carmen would ride my cock in her ass.

The wine was gone, and there was no better place to be than my bed. For the first time we were both completely naked, under the sheets, exploring each others bodies with our hands. We continued with gentle kisses and smooth petting down the arms, down the legs, up the ribs, eventually touching each others faces and parting each others' hair. It was like we were in love. I cupped her ass cheek and pulled it aside as I passionately kissed her. Again, she let out a bit of a yelp when I did this. So, figuring that I was on the right track, I held her ass open as I slowly worked my fingers closer to the prize. She responded in kind, but a little quicker. Within seconds she had found my ass and was starting to drill for oil. I don't think there is a blue pill in the world that could make a man harder. The gentle nastiness of the the situation was unbearable. I knew Carmen was giving me an open invitation to take her ass.

With a finger halfway up my ass, it was her turn to talk dirty. "You like that, heh? Is that what a babysitter is for?" For some reason I had a flash thought of her teaching young undergraduates in her unfashionable, old-lady clothes, and Van Halen's "Hot For Teacher" played away in my head. "You're going to use some lube, aren't you?" she purred. The song stopped in my head, and I was suddenly focused on what I had for lubrication. Going through the inventory of what I had in my bachelor bathroom, I was desperate to make this happen. Polysporin? No that won't work... damn. Soft-soap? She probably won't go for that... Hmmm... I knew she wanted it as bad as I did, so when it hit me I didn't hesitate to blurt it out.

"You're a vegetarian. So you've had you're fair share of olive oil, right?" It was like I was reading her mind. "Perfect," she said. Like a greyhound out of the gate I darted to the kitchen to grab the extra-virgin olive oil from the cupboard (yes, irony well noted). When I came back she was laying on her stomach, above the sheets, with her head tilted toward me. I sat on her legs and poured a healthy amount of oil all over back and ass. I massaged it all the way up to her neck, and all the way down to her feet, but held off her ass for the moment. She moaned with extacy as I applied my massaging talents to her whole body.

My cock had never been harder. I took a second to apply some oil to it and then moved up a bit so that it wedged nicely between her butt cheeks as I leaned down and kissed her on the neck. Quietly, she joked, "Oh, Mr Hemski... that's my ass." I played along, "Well Jodie, I might just give you a tip... Or I might give you the whole thing." When she smiled in return, I knew she was ready.

I poured a generous amount of oil over my cock and let it flow down the crack of her ass. My cock went up like a flag pole, giving me room to rub the oil into her ass with my thumb. I gently pushed my thumb into her rosebud, and the tightness sent a shock through my whole body. She moaned with pleasure as I made it past the knuckle, "Oh, Mr. Hemski, that's my ass." I couldn't take it any more. I leaned on top of her and began positioning my cock for entry, sliding it back and forth between her butt cheeks. I kissed her on the neck and whispered, I think you're ready for this. But I want to hear you say it." She moaned and smiled, and completely out of character said, "Fuck my ass."

I had never had a girl say that in such a direct way before. I almost came, right there, on her back, when she said it. When the shiver stopped, I composed myself and positioned the head of my cock to her asshole. Suddenly, she, as a person, didn't exist. My mind went through time and space, as the whole world came down to only one thing -- my dick sliding into that ass. I gave a little push and got the head of my cock in. She exhaled with exacerbation. "Go slow," she said. I reached under her and grabbed her tits for leverage. Slowly, but steadily, inch by inch, my dick slid into her ass. Carmen stopped breathing, bit her lip and closed her eyes as she felt the full length of my cock penetrate her ass.

"Oh, Mr. Hemski, you're fucking my ass." I was in no head-space to role play. It was extacy. I started a slow rhythm and pulled one of my hands from a tit and pushed a finger into her mouth. She sucked on my finger and moaned as I grinded away at her ass. As I increased the rhythm she made a raspberry face and went, "Ooooohhhhh." It was incredible tight, but she was taking it like a whore. All I could think was that I needed to fuck her hard. So in one motion I knealed up and pulled her into a doggy position. With that I had maximum penetration, my balls slapping against her cunt as I began, literally, fucking the shit out of her. With one hand slapping her ass, and the other pulling her head back by the hair, I rode her like a cowboy rodeo star. When I looked down at my dick sliding in and out of her ass, I tried to fathom that this was the same shy, coy girl that had apologized for the cheap bottle of wine. She screamed,"Fuck me! Fuck my ass! OH! Harder! Give it to me! I'm your whore!" It was more than a good man could take. I wanted it to last for ever, but the quiver in my balls told me that I was close to losing it. With three hard slow slams I felt my dick start to explode. At the same time Carmen yelled, "Oh God, I'm cumming," finishing the sentence in a high pitched screech. A wave of bliss went through my body as I blew my load deep into her ass. When the involuntary jerks of such pleasure slowly came to an end, I kept my still fully erect member in her ass and collapsed on top of her. Between heavy breathes Carmen said, "So, I guess that's what you like."

We dated for 4 years after that. So, there's plenty more stories to tell. Stay tuned.

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