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Jimmy Neutron Sex Story Chapter II

“Oh God Carl, that is amazing.” Jimmy said as Carl began the long, slow stokes with his tounge and suction. Grabbing his head, Jimmy sped Carl up onto his Shaft, so much that His face was slapping Jimmy’s balls adding a sense of gratification to the motions.

Carl was getting into now, with the Motion he was exploring Jimmy’s cock with his tounge, wiping the sides and adding to Jimmy’s already building orgasm. Looking to the Side, Jimmy saw his Mother, still nude taking her shower. The timing couldn’t have been more Perfect for Jimmy as Carl sucked his cock. Carl was speeding up now, his dick harder then ever, calling to him to stroke it. Jimmy was picturing his Mother with those lips sucking his penis dry. On his knees, Carl sucked and sucked until he felt Jimmy draw his head in closer, shoving his cock down his throat. Carl felt a warm sensation go into his mouth.

“Oh God Carl” said Jimmy, still holding Carl’s head against him, emptying himself into Carl.

“That, That was awesome” he said, finally letting Carl go. Carl saw Jimmy’s Cock come out, covered with saliva and cum as it drooped down. Carl looked at his member, he had been stroking it the whole time waiting to feel Jimmy’s lips. Jimmy knew what now had to be done.

Looking at the screen, he saw his Mother just leaving the Shower.

“Before I start, I’ve got to save this Video” he told Carl, “Good Idea Jimmy, play it back too, that way It will be like shes doing it!”

Jimmy did it, and then turned to Carl. Getting on his knees, he leaned in and began stroking Carl. Carl dick was not much, Jimmy was bigger but that was because of gene therapy. Science could do wonders.

Carl looked at the screen, which was showing Mrs. Neutron getting into the Shower, and washing herself. Carl felt the stokes, slowly speed up until he felt lips. It was like his penis was in some sort of pleasure lava. Tingling, he couldn’t help but look down and see Jimmy take his cock out of his mouth and suck on his ball sack. Carl might have cum right their if he could, “OH holy shit Jimmy, that was nice.” he said. Jimmy nodded, sucked once more sending shivers and then went back to the shaft that was Carl. Sucking hard he worked himself into a rhythm, doing what Carl did. Using his tounge he worked around the tip of the penis as he went in and out. Carl had no masturbated in quite a while, resulting in him cuming fast. He felt the throws of an organism coming and like Jimmy had done, held his head up to his cock as he came into Jimmy’s mouth. Jimmy knew what was coming so he sucked as hard as he could while he jingled Carl’s balls with his free hand. Carl couldn’t take it and started pumping himself into Jimmy’s mouth, giving him the utmost satisfaction. Shooting his load, Jimmy took it all in his throat, still sucking.
“fucking yeah Jimmy, that was great”

When Carl was done, his cock plopped out of Jimmy’s mouth, and as a gift, Jimmy sucked his balls once more. Carl couldn’t have been more pleased as he sat down, watching the rest of Mrs. Neutrons shower.

They sat down on the chairs again, and both boys continued watching the program as they stroked their wet cocks. Then it was over.

“Well Carl, I have to say, that was pretty good. I wonder if we could do it again sometime?” he asked,

“Yeah Jimmy, that was fun I really wish I could have real sex though.”

“Well Carl, I think if you give me 24 hours I could develop something like that. I guess I could make a ray of some sort, you know incite emotions in whom is used on. For instance all you would have to do if point it at my Mother, and shes yours. Her Sexual desires would be huge.”

“Jimmy, please please make it!” Carl pleaded, wanting desperately to plunge into Mrs. Neutron. Getting on his knees once again, he looked up at Jimmy. “

Carl, one more thing actually” he said getting up. “Now that I think about it, two. Suck my balls for a bit” Said Jimmy, with a twisted smile. Carl made the decision and leaned into Jimmy again to play with his balls in his mouth. Jimmy couldn’t not be hard as Carl sucked his Balls, he even went as far as stroking his Shaft. Jimmy knew he had his pawn.

“Carl” jimmy said, as he massaged his sack, “You must do one more act for me, then my Mother shall be yours.”

“mm what Jimmy? Anything you want.” He said and then went back to his work. Jimmy enjoyed the feeling before telling him “You will see, now get up”. He did as he was told and got up, the Naked boy wiped his mouth and looked at Jimmy, both their cocks now hard.

“Here, let me position you” Jimmy said as he grabbed Carl and bent him over a nearby table, reaching down he put his Finger in Carl’s ass and held it. Slowly he drew his finger out and then he got ready.

Before making the plunge however, Jimmy felt some humping was in order. Placing his cock on the middle of Carl’s ass cheeks, he humped up and down creating a feeling of fucking. Then he went in with one thrust. Carl was taken back, a Cock entering his Anus sent pain and surprise through the young boys brain. Here he was bent over on a table receiving a cock. Carl tried his best not to make a sound. “Holy shit Carl, This is even better, I mean I am balls deep in your ass!” bragged Jimmy, loving every moment. Slowly, he began to come out and then back in Carl. Now Jimmy knew the feelings, of being inside your best friend, of sucking him off, and then using him. It felt so good, Jimmy sped up, resulting in one of the most intense pleasures he had ever felt. No robot or program could ever simulate a real person. Even though it was a man, Jimmy didn’t care, he got his feelings from it none the less.

“Oh Fuck Jimmy, this is intense”

“uhm hell yes it is, this is so fucking worth it. I think you should sl**p over” Jimmy said.

“Uh, yesss good idea, uh, I am ready for anything”

Carl was now not feeling as much pain, he only felt the cock make its way in and out of him. It was a turn on to know what was going on. Reaching down he began to masturbate to what was happening behind him. Jimmy was now going in fast, and hard resulting in a pleasureful sound of balls smacking ass. Jimmy made sure every thrust made the sound, as well as Spanking Carl.

Jimmy was feeling it now, pure pleasure flew through him many times as he looked down and saw his cock being eaten by Carl’s ass, never missing a beat he felt a release coming. The table was rocking now, along with Carl making noise each thrust. He couldn’t help it, each time he felt the cock go up he felt a sense of gulping pleasure envelop his mind, loving every second. Jimmy couldn’t hold it,

“Holy shit Carl!” Jimmy breathed, “Here it comes he yelled, making a final push deep into Carl and spraying his seed into Carl. Carl was masturbating ferociously and as Jimmy unloaded, Carl did as well cumming down his hand. Jimmy collapsed onto Carl, Still bent over on the Table and loved the feeling of being inside him. Puffing, “Carl, that was so worth is” Jimmy said. Slowly he felt his cock shrink, and the seed he had left drip out. Finally getting off Carl, he made two final thrusts and pulled out, his cock covered in a strange mixture. Carl was sore, being fucked in the ass tends to take some energy out of you. Finally getting up, both Boys got Dressed. Exhausted, Carl went to another room and fell asl**p. Jimmy however, had work to do. Going to his computer, he began to work on the way the ray would work. Looking at a archive, he saw he had already invest a freeze ray, so he could just use that and fiddle with it. Half the work already done.

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