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Bbc fun

My bf Conrad and I (Nat, brown hair and blue eyes, 118lbs, and Conrad says I have a perfect figure with “girl next door” innocent looks) were partying late at night and playing in our room. When we party like this, Conrad gets me so horny and so “in the mood” that I will try anything he suggests. We had the adult channel on and I was dressed like a sexy slut in a tiny bikini top and tight white boy shorts that expose almost my entire ass. There was no one at our house so I was shocked when we heard footsteps upstairs. I began to panic when Conrad said that it was probably a friend of his or something, and just like that there was a knock on our bedroom door. I grabbed the blanket in a hurry and lay back in bed with the blanket pulled up tight under my chin covering myself. Conrad opened the door and his black friend Ty walked in. I smiled but I could feel my face turning red from embarrassment! To make things worse, the porn was still on the television. Ty looked at the porn than looked at us and said. “Damn.. I’m sorry for interrupting you guys, I’ll leave. I was just passing by and stopped to smoke you guys out real quick. But I’ll go …. Damn.” He was about to walk away when both Conrad and I told him it was ok and we would love to smoke(which we did!!). He and Conrad sat on the bed at my feet and I stayed up by the head board covering myself up. I said that we need to change the channel and they both laughed saying we should leave it. So there I was, getting wasted on our bed, with two men while a porno plays and I’m still trying to keep myself covered. Each time one of them would hand me the pipe or try to light it for me, the blanket would lower, exposing a little of my shoulder and bikini straps. Their eyes are all over me and I cant take it. All of a sudden, an interracial porno comes on the set. These have become a favorite of my bf and I. All eyes are now on the screen as Ty comments that the hot young white girl on the screen kind of looks a little like me. Conrad agrees as he slides up the bed and joins me under the blanket leaving Ty sitting at the end of the bed facing away at the screen. Conrad starts to touch me and I try pushing him away because Ty is sitting right there but then my eyes make a dangerous discovery. The way Ty is angled on the bed gives me a side view of his crotch and his pants are sticking up and out. He has a hard on and its huge! I start staring at it and can almost make out its hard shape. My gosh its as big as the black stud on the screen! Im no longer fighting off my bf’s hands and I think I let out a soft moan with my eyes still glued to Ty’s crotch area. I hear Ty’s voice and I look up at him and notice he has caught me staring at his cock. He says maybe he should leave and Conrad tells him to turn the lights out and stay a while longer. As he stands, he grabs his cock and tries to shift it away and conceal it. He sits back where he was but Conrad says, “Hey Ty, maybe if we ask Kathy nicely, you can sit up here with us and get under this blanket and.. maybe you could take care of that hard on you got poking out your pants.” Ty looks at me and smiles, “What do you say Kathy?” My eyes go right back to the monstrous tent in his pants and I say ok. The room is dark, only the light from the porn screen is visible. I cant get my eyes off of him as he comes up to the side of the bed, pulls off his pants and gets into our bed in his boxer shorts. Im in the middle with both of them at each side, though Conrad and I are snuggled together. There is an interracial gangbang scene now playing and all eyes are on the tv except mine, which drift from the porn to the black man next to me who seems to be slowly stroking himself under the blanket. This whole thing is driving me crazy! I want to see it. I want to touch it. I want to taste it. I began jerking on my bf’s hard cock hard and wild, just like he loves it, and he came in a minute which meant he had to leave the room to clean up in our restroom. Before he was even gone, I had slid a little closer to Ty. Without saying a word, I slowly reached out and grabbed a hold of his huge black cock. O my gosh. I almost came right there! It was so hot and so thick. He didn’t say anything either, just smiled as he kept watching the porno. Conrad came back quicker than I expected and I slid my hand back as Conrad got back in bed next to me. I was so upset and sad that I wasn’t playing with that huge black cock! I noticed Ty went back to working his own cock by the shaking the bed was doing. Conrad asked Ty if his cock was as big as the guy on the screen and Ty said it was. Then he looked right at me and asked if we wanted to see it. I didn’t even hear Conrad’s response because I already answered yes! Then Ty said that if he’s going to show us his, I should at least drop the blanket. I agreed but made him go first. He pulled the blanket off of him and there it was!! Just how I pictured it when I was holding it! It was beautiful!! I was in such awe, that I climbed from behind the blanket and was on my knees on the bed. I was pleased by Ty’s reaction which was a grunt and he started jerking on himself harder while looking at me! Conrad would let me have anything I wanted(that BBC) but right then I told them we need to get back under the blanket and I grabbed the blanket and tried to cover us all(but mostly covered Ty and me). This time I lay on my side, facing Ty but facing the tv too. With Conrad behind me, it wasn’t long before my hand slowly made its way back to Ty’s black cock. This time when I squeezed it, he let out a moan that we all heard. I don’t know what Conrad was thinking or seeing but he said nothing. We all watched the porn while I was in heaven playing with that monster cock. When Conrad would nudge at me from behind, I would stroke his cock with the other hand making him cum again. When Ty and I were briefly alone again, I quickly pulled the blanket away so I could marvel at his BBC. He told me to lick it real quick before Conrad gets back and I couldn’t. I told him I wanted to but I didn’t want to get caught. Conrad got back and couldn’t believe we were still at it, and within 20 minutes or so, I heard Conrad lightly snoring behind me. That’s all I could take. I pull that blanket off and to the ground! I move up close enough to Ty to where he’s kissing me and has his arm around me. Within seconds, he tells me he’s about to cum and that he’s been close about three or four times but didn’t want to cum. I whisper in his ear that its ok and I cant wait to see his beautiful black cock explode and right then he does. I could actually feel jets of cum shooting out of his cock and up in the air. He tries to keep quiet but his noise makes me look over at Conrad but he didn’t wake. Just in case, I cover Ty up again and go off to get a wet towel to clean up. As I clean up I tell Ty that he should spend the night because its really late. I clean him all off and get back under the blanket to go to sl**p. Not only is Conrad still asl**p, but he’s turned around facing the other way. Ty sees this and pulls me close to him again so we’re embracing. I tell him goodnight and wait to escape the embrace which has my head resting on his chest. Right in front of me under the blanket is the massive shape of his soft black cock. I close my eyes and try to sl**p but within minutes, my hand has crept under and onto his beautiful sl**ping cock. I hear Conrad move around so as not to be seen, I duck my whole body under the blanket. Its pretty dark but as my eyes adjust, I’m face to face with the most incredible cock alive. I start kissing it all over, up and down,, everywhere!
As I start licking his hairy balls, his cock is almost at full strength. I suck his fat cock head in my mouth and give one of my famous blowjobs and in minutes, he is cumming (loudly) again and Im drinking all of his sweet juice. I stay still because I think Conrad might be awake but soon I creep out and see everyone’s asl**p. I savor the taste in my mouth and cant get that cock out of my mind. I cant sl**p. Its so close. An hour passes and I quietly duck my head back under the blanket. I realize that the two guys are nice and asl**p because they have cum… I still haven’t. I trace my fingertips all over his soft cock and it instantly responds by growing before my eyes. In seconds, its hard enough for what I so badly need. I try to remain under the blanket as I mount this black god and guide his wonderful black cock inside me. I start bouncing slowly on it and I could feel myself taking more cock than I have and I could feel a climax building as his cock gets even harder. He awakens and pulls me down to his face and starts kissing me again. This time his kisses send surges throughout my naughty body. I am such a slut. I want to scream it as I finally have the climax Ive been waiting for. When I return to the planet, Conrad is sitting up watching.

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