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Tranny e****ts are the best

Being a rather horny fellow who loves to get spun on meth and party, I occasionally had to craigslist and check out the casual encounters section to see what's out there. So after seeing The Hangover 2 and seeing sexy transgendered girls it got me a little curious to try it out i mean what could i lose they couldnt say no to my 10 inch cock. So doing a big bump my cock was leaking as if i just had a wet dream , I got home and dared to check the T4M section that was so naughty and off limits before. I came across an ad where a passable Latina wanted to have some fun and she included some pics. So having a big cock i wasnt nervous about her answer, I replied, with my own pic. Within a few minutes she replied telling me where she lived and that I could come over anytime and also commented on me having a horse cock. It was a nearly forty minute drive to her house and I debated going back several times thinking how stupid it was. I am not one to do stranger screws like this but I was also rather excited with anticipation, the unknown. So I found her house, parked and texted her to let her know. After a minute or so, she appeared at the door with a robe on and nothing undern she greeted me and gently stroked my cock through my basketball shorts that I was wearing, and said that she loved the way my cock just hung there like a thick water hose. It was unexpected for her to move that quick and I noticed myself getting hard already. She invited me in and took me by the hand into the house. She guided me into her bedroom where she turned around and grabbed my cock through my pants again asked if i had some dope and i reached in my jacket and pulled out a syringe with 40 thick in it. She started stroking it and asked if I liked it. I said I did and she laughed a little and got to her knees, dragging my pants down with her. She was on her knees holding my cock a few inches from her mouth, gribbing my cock tightly. She pushed the shaft aside and began sucking my balls. It was something no girl had done to me yet and had to admit that I liked it a lot. I noticed my cock was fully erect asshe sucked my balls and stroked the shaft. I stood there like a lame statue, not knowing what to do as she stroked and sucked on my balls. Soon she worked her way up to my shaft as she sucked the tip of it with such f***e I thought I would explode in her mouth right there. Luckily I held on and she worked her mouth right down my shaft, she was trying to take all of it, her tongue working the bottom of my shaft the whole way. She worked hard and fast and effectively. She would go up my cock then take it all down again quickly. Sadly, I lasted longer than ive ever lasted i asked her if she thought she could take my 10 inches in her ass to the balls and she said of course and sat on my cock until her asshole was gaping and her cock was rock hard and dripping, she said it turned her on that i refused to wear a condom and i must admit it turned me on too, my entire cock in her one last time b4 she took my cock which was smeared with cum and shit out of her gaping hole and licked and sucked everything off my cock till it was clean as ever.

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