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Alexandra's only hope

I am presenting a true story about a woman called Alexandra.Alexandra was a skinny,hot and desirable woman in her thirties.She lived in a ukrainian town with her husband and their only son,Robin.Robin was a growing young k**,sweet and innocent.
Alexandra was very inquisitive and adventurous as a teenager.Unfortunately, she was too shy to make boyfriends.Her hunger for sex was insatiable,and this was killing her from inside.She sharpened her masturbation skills over the years as she was turning into a mature,lonely teen.She also developed quite a few fantasies.She was tall at 5'11" ,with unbelievably stunning golden blonde hair and sexy blue eyes,that sparkled at anyone she looked at.She wore a natural horny expression on her face which was a result of her insatiable hot quest.Alexandra had a small group of female friends,but they were not very fond of her.She came across as an unstable woman plagued with insane lust and fantasies.
Alexandra had a great body.Juicy,pink,full and inviting lips that could drive any man crazy.She had an enticing velvety white skin and a fantastic pair of breasts that looked too large for her slim body.They were slightly sagging,which enhanced the sex appeal.Her groin was quite hairy.She was very proud of herself.
She was a homemaker.When she was married to a loving guy of her age,they were getting along nicely for a couple of years.Dan,her husband,was fond of her,and somehow managed to satisfy her insatiable lust.He actually liked her for that.He loved the horny side of his wife.They usually made love twice everyday.This was a contained and inhibited Alexandra.She was not her true self yet.She was merely satisfied with what Dan could put up for her.Dan was slowly pulling off and slowing down.He started to realize he wasnt capable of matching with Alexandra's unsurmountable hunger.She was only letting Dan take control of when and how often he wanted to get intimate with her.This sure wasnt going to work for too long.She was burning within.
All she had was a loving husband who could barely manage enough time for her hot cravings.All she had was a cock,but not a toy that she could play with anytime.
She was struggling to keep the reationship alive.She started getting irritable and annoyed at nothing.Her ideal life would have meant a day full of sexual attention,and lusty hot evenings.She wasnt in for what she was getting,although it was great.
In the middle of this turmoil,they also had an adorable c***d,robin.Robin had to be their treasure.They both loved him,and brought him up to a beautiful young boy.She had a special liking for her son,more than any other mother would.She was really attracted to this cute baby.She gave more attention to him than to his father.Robin was milked by his mother for much longer than a normal baby would be fed by his mother.alexandra developed a strong liking for feeding her son.She had a sense of unexplained pleasure and bliss everytime she fed her baby.this feeling was beyond what any other mother would have.She was really aroused from head to toe.Her hot cravings would instantly cloud her head .Robin,who was still a baby,was suddenly a boy in her eyes.Her nipples were not this hard and large even in her wildest masturbation.The baby sucked her to the brink of ejaculation and sexual bliss.She always squirted rivers of pussy juice everytime Robin sucked her.These experiences delighted her instead of making her wonder.She was letting herself flow with this river of joy.Robin was her world now.This boy showed her a new side of her sexuality and anatomy.He opened her lustful eyes to unprecedented experiences.She was more and more proud of her beauty and sexuality.
Eight years passed,and Alexandra was 26,with a husband and their only son.
She had not stopped milking her son yet!Dan wasnt happy about this.Alexandra had also developed several bizarre ways of satisfying her wild desires.
She didnt let Robin learn to take bath by himself.
Dan was almost completely shattered as a husband.Could not live up to his wife's expectations,and could not see himself as a part of alexandra's insane ways.
He finally walked out as an unhappy man.She wasnt much bothered by that.He was not very important to her,except as a sex toy.
Now,it was the two of them,mother and her little son.Robin was growing up as a
different k**.He has had more attention than his peers at home.This had a bad impact on his psyche.He was slower and less sharp than other k**s of his age.
Alexandra had matured into an insatiable whore,but was a beautiful sexy girl for her age.She was 26,but looked 5 years younger.Men would fall for her,but she wasnt interested.She didnt trust them.
Another 3 years passed,and Robin was 12 now.He started looking at her mother,as a cute woman,more attractive than girls he saw at school.He was like his mother,very curious.He was not old enough to get excited ,yet she was very pleasant to him.He had not realized that he was into activities that were not normal for his age.He didnt care about that.Alexandra had still not ceased to milk him in bed before sl**p.She would masturbate every night while her son sucked her breasts.Her moans were music for her son.She would erupt and squirt hot juices with a loud scream as soon as he slipped into sl**p.They still slept in the same bed.He was very fond of mom.She did not realize this was very wrong.This was the best way she could get her off the burning heat inside the depths of her undernourished ever-horny wet pussy.
She would soap and rinse her grown-up boy every morning.This was her most loved hour of the day.She would spend longer with his genitals and butts during the shower.She had a weird lusty smile when she had her hands on his little hairy thing.She knew he was hairy,but cannot feel pleasure yet. He loved the fact that his mother bathed him,not realizing that she had a different experience than his, everytime they were in the shower.She could not hold her juices fill her pussy and wet her clothing,and fill the small bathroom with a sweet fragrance.Of course,the boy never had his eyes over there.She had also developed a weird habit.She would turn robin around when soaping and rinsing him to soap his back.She would soap his little butts with her palms,and spread the ass cheeks and quickly lick the bud of the anal opening,on the pretext of cleaning it.Robin would never know that it wasnt her finger there.This would take her back to the memories of her lovemaking ,when it was a regular during every blowjob.
Since Dan had walked away,She developed a habit of kissing the boy on his lips before he headed for school.
Robin turned 14.Alexandra was looking at a boy who had matured into a man with a light beard and a hairy chest.He was now an inch shorter than his mother.He was being washed as usual by his sexy mother.
Robin started feeling a weird pleasure in the shower,though his penis wasnt filling up.He loved the caressing he recieved from his mother's soft beautiful fingers.She wasnt aware that Robin's bath was slowly turning into a beautiful experience.
He was enjoying it more than ever before.He started playing rough in school and soiling himself to create a worthy excuse for another shower after school.It was a Monday afternoon, and Robin rushed back home."Mommy,I had some good practice today." he said in his thick adolescent voice,with a smile and struggling to breathe.
"Thats really nice. You are soiled all over! " she said.
"Would you give a shower, mommy?"
Mom was a little surprised,but more than happy and said" yes,of course.Lets go" His eyes were glowing with excitement.They headed straight to the shower.
alexandra stripped him off and he was stark naked.She had been noticing over the few months that his balls had dropped out and hung from the groin,beneath the little,Those balls caught her eye when he pulled her into the shower at an unexpected time of the day.
This was enough to throw her into a hot pool of unquenchable demanding lust.She started shivering involuntarily with passion.Her hunger would usually peak around afternoon.This was the perfect time.The boy was seeing something new.He was puzzled.He was staring at his loving mom's shivering body.She could not bear this torture anymore.She kneeled near the boy,and grabbed her son's butts and pulled him towards her face.He was completely shocked.This was not expected,and he was watching her mom's beautiful face soaked in lust.He was familiar with this lusty face,but it meant much more for him today.
He was scared and excited at the same time.He looked into her eyes,and stammered"mom,i like the shower".She was furiously biting the lower lip. Mommy quickly asked her son "baby, I want to scrub you in a different way.With my mouth.I am sure you will like it.May I?
He nodded. She was moaning heavy and pushing juice after juice down her thighs ,the boy not aware of this. She licked and sucked the balls lovingly with great care,and soaped them.She did not take the penis in, but wiped it with her soft fingers.She wanted to lick the anal hole so badly.he turned around and she buried her slutty face between the butts and swirled her juicy tongue all over the hole,much to Robin's surprise.He thought"Did she just push her face in my ass?"One finger was on her clitoris,from under the skirt,through the lingerie.Familiar moans were filling his ears.It was a different feeling today for the boy.He was really on a high.He realized that it was not her finger all these years.He wondered what made her do this.She was busy with it much longer than usual.She was lost.Robin told her "Mom,why are you taking so long.I think it is clean."
That was exactly when she climaxed and screamed out "uuuuuuuh..ummmmmmm.wwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh.i am cuming!!"Her white cum dripped down and spread over the floor.Robin could hardly breathe in the middle of that strong odour. Robin struggled to make sense out of it, but he was enjoying every minute of it.His teen penis grew hard,and lasted only a few moments.He was happy that mom liked his body.She released his ass and turned him back.
"did you like it baby?" She asked with excitement in her eyes.
The adolescent teen smiled.He was very satisfied after an unexpected turn of events.Alexandra's uninhibited pursuits left this boy wanting for more unexplained fun.He did not know what it was,but he loved it.He asked with hesitation "why did you scream?" with innocence in his eyes.Alexandra did not know how to answer him.She blushed and said in a husky tone "baby,sometimes I scream when I-I--like something very much." "Do you mean,you like cleaning my ass with your mouth!?" She had no answer.She quickly kissed him and gave a long hug.
Robin went to their bedroom and sat down with his chores.He could not evade the thoughts of the shower that kept coming on and off.He felt something hardening in his crotch.He knew it was the penis.His curiousity made him unzip and pull the shorts down.He saw something that he had never seen.His penis was growing and throbbing.He liked the head.It was a beautiful pink bulb.His head was filled
with thoughts of his mother scrubbing it every morning.He tried to rub it along its length.He was masturbating.He could not breathe.He took a deep breath and pulled his hand away.It ended there,and he moved his attention to his homework.

His mother was a satisfied woman.Yet,she was longing to be seen and admired by her son.The boy had only seen her naked breasts every night.She wanted to show her beautiful pussy and butts to her son.Her longing to be fucked, to have a long hard cock into the depths of her pussy surfaced.Today,she knew her son was turning into a man.He was liking the shower,her carressing.She realized she lives and sl**ps with a man now.She was very excited about this.

Alexandra was losing her patience and was not happy with the same routine.She
wanted to do something different.She desperately wanted to seduce her son.It was morning,and shower time.
She was nervous ,but determined.She was strong-headed about convincing the boy to bathe together.This was the only way she could flash her great body stark naked."Mommy,I am ready for a shower" ,the boy was excited as ever and rushed to the bathtub,stripprd himself naked.Alexandra walked up to him and said with a smile"Son,we are going to bathe together today.I want you to soap me as I soap you."
Robin's cock stood up right away,thick and hard, and caught his mother's eyes.
She was taken aback.She could not believe what she saw.Her son's cock was pointing to the sky and throbbing.He asked "You mean I will see you naked?" The horny mother said "Yes,k**".She could not take her eyes off that hard thing.
Robin remembered about the hardon he had last evening.He knew he is going to love seing his naked mother.He could not wait to see her body.He really wanted to know what she had beneath the underwear.
Alexandra lifter her nightie right away and stood there and said to herself" This is it!How much I wanted this to happen". Her eyes did not leave his hard cock.She fixed them there to see what happens when he sees her naked.
Robin was speechless.Amazed at the exotic beauty of his mother,he was staring at the pink hairy pussy.He thought the breasts looked better together with the pussy.Her legs were perfect.They did not say anything for a few minutes.
The woman walked and jumped into the tub.Robin broke the silence."What should i do now?"
She did not answer.She was staring at the cock.She took the cock between her palms and said "I will soap you first". Robin said" Mom, you are very pretty.I like your body". They were not mother and son now.They were transforming into a man and woman.She leened over to his penis and covered it with her lips.He could not believe what was happening.He felt great pleasure ,like never before.He knew mom liked his body.She was taking the full length of the cock inside her hungry mouth.Robin was shaking and breathing heavily.His mom was moaning like a hungry whore. Robin interrupted "Mom,please leave it and soap me.Lets take a shower."
She realized that she should finish the shower first.After she was done,she said "honey,do you want to scrub me now.Start here".She said,taking robin's hands and placing over her breasts.As always,he liked her soft large breasts and started rubbing them.He could not resist taking them into his mouth as he did every night.He was sucking them hard.The nipples grew fast and had the dimensions of a thermometer bulb.She boiling down in the pussy and cum was soaking her pussy.She asked him to go down to her legs and butts.He agreed and gently run his palms all over the feet,legs and up to the crotch.He loved the soft velvet thighs.When he reached out for the pussy,she couldnt believe it was her son searching for her pussy.her hips started shaking violently.He asked" what happened mom?" She said"I am loving it.Please dont stop soaping me".He was turned on by the touch of the furry bushy pussy.He did not know how to rub it.He remembered what his mom did to his balls the other evening.He started sucking everything that he could see.He loved the taste of the cum dripping out through the pussy lips.She was in indescribable pleasure.She had already squirted twice when he was at her breasts.a third burst of white juice rushed out as she had another orgasm."whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaah " filled the teen's ears.His mouth was soaked in his mom's hot love juice.Now he knew where the sweet fragrance used to come from.He was thrilled to drink cum from his mother's cunt.
"Are we finished with the bath?" he asked."No baby.Do that to my ass also". She turned around and got her hole licked.She got off again,and said "yeah,baby. That was a great shower."

The next evening,the boy returned home with an older friend of his to help him with lessons.Ted was a 17-year-old ,very horny.He was hanging out with girls and
had fucked a few of them.
He was very impressed with Alexandra,who was almost twice his age.He could see how skinny and sexy she was in that tall frame.She was in a sexy black shirt and jeans.She got him some snacks and drink.Ted and Robin spent a couple of hours.They were mostly busy with the lessons.Ted could not stop thinking about Alexandra.He asked Robin "Your mother is a beautiful woman." she overheard Ted from the kitchen and took a glimpse of him.The bulge in his jeans was obvious.
She was out of her mind.She had an uncontrollable urge to seduce him.She rushed to the bedroom,changed and slipped into a short skirt and bra.She walked out and asked Ted"Do you want to fuck me?" Ted jumped off the couch and his penis was rock hard.He could not speak.Robin was wondering what was coming up.She helped Ted pull the jeans down.Robin's eyes widened.He was looking at another man's cock for the first time.She placed Ted's hand on her boobs.He could feel the hard nipples through the bra.He grabbed her waist and threw her to the couch.Robin was watching with wide eyes.The whore spread her legs and exposed the lips of the pussy.With one big thrust Ted was in.He was fucking his friend's mother wild.He continued to fuck her amidst loud screams for another 10 minutes.Robin was watching with a huge bulge under his pants.She turned over and bent her head down into the couch,her ass high up in the air. Robin was amazed to see this.She was smiling at her son with lusty eyes,while she was hard-fucked by Ted.they orgasmed together with a big roar.Robin had an eyeful of the hot semen flowing out of his mom's pussy,while she sucked off all the cum from Ted's shaft.He wanted do it with his mom.Ted left the place.Robin begged his mom "Mom,that was very nice.Can we do it?" Alexandra was burning with desire.One man could never satify her.She asked Robin to help her remove the bra and skirt.Robin was happy to see his naked mom again.They walked into the bedroom.She grabbed Robin 's tool and pulled him and soon his dick was creaming in the moisture of his mom's mouth.He was roaring like a b**st.He loved the wet sounds coming out of her mouth.
"Ohhhh mommy!! yees yes yeahh...i like it" . He wanted to shoot cream like Ted.She shouted "honey,you are going to come now!Give it all in my mouth".And he came with great f***e.Alexandra was drenched in her son's hot goo.Now she asked" Do you want to fuck me in the hairy pink pussy?".The boy's penis was slowly gaining thickness after a large ejaculation.He asked "Am i getting to drink that sweet juice again?"."Yes,my baby!Come fuck me and i will soak you in hot juice".
He was all up and hard.Alexandra spread her lips wide and helped Robin push in.
The beautiful anal hole was very inviting to Robin's eyes.He badly wanted to lick it."Can i lick your ass mom?".She nodded while her head buried in the bed.
He pulled out and started licking the anus.She was shivering in bliss.She demanded that she wanted his cock in the ass.The boy was ready to do anything for her.He pushed his right leg forward and f***ed himself through the anal hole.She screamed with pain and satifaction.She was licking his right foot while being fucked in the ass.This was a day Robin would never forget.
It was a long night with Robin's lust showing no signs of calming down.He was his mother's boy.As lusty and horny.He lay beside his mother and sucked the breasts as he usually did every night.From this night,he would also finger her while sucking her nipples.Robin loved her velvet skin.He wanted to lick more than just her breasts.He gave his mom a passionate lick all over her feet and legs until she came again.
Robin is 23 now and Alexandra is 40.They have a 3-year daughter,who would be a part of their lust.

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