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Show me her cock

I hadn't done much partying .I was a mum all too young and a good one .But now theyve fled the nest and I am catching up on lost freedoms .
I am a single women we got on great except 10 years ago I lost them forever.A car crash.It took years too feel anything like horny.Id try sometimes really hard
spending good money on pumps pills and penis props .I was showing flesh to debt collectors and all in aid of getting turned on.
The only thing tat worked was a growing facsination with a new girl in opposite appartment.Why I felt hardend nipples and aclitoral buzzing as I had to put my hand over soothingly .I felt how smooth and perfect the folds betewen my thighs and how the clit was tipping at the lips of my soft skin .I pushed my fingers about 3 up into the vaginal opening and shoved hard in and out.The amount of moisture came as alittle suprise as I was dry as last thought for it.Mmmn I sliiped towards the back of my room and angled my head so I could see into hers,The bedroom light went on .I had half expected the curtains to pull drawn ,as usaual.But no,And.I could make out a figure hanging up outfits from inside the closset to the rail on their door.A gown came slipping off onto floor and undies whre visible.Cerise bra and hotpants.
A body was walking towar the window as I hadnt wanted noticing I jumped back still starring.She had a big red hait do and lots of heavy eye make up .As she stood in her window she lookedblankly out and removed her bra.I was shocked she hadnt concern for her own privacy then her hotpants withher bending to remove from ankles upright standing again I noticed.A at least 6" semi hard cock.I was nt aware of she male and sussed it after.Iwant to fuck her all I want is for a she male a beautifull well endowed shemale to lve me and lust for me pine and beg for all I can give .

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