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Losing my virginity (an alternate ending)

Inspired by true events, but an alternative ending to how I might have lost my virginity.

I was 20 years old, and still a virgin. My will to get laid was insatiable, but somehow things just weren't materializing. I had never been much of a ladies man, and picking up chicks at the bar just wasn't my strong suit. So I headed online to see what I could find. I signed up for xhamster and then threw some pics up on craigslist once I got a little more brave.

After a few trolls/emails that never worked out, I managed to get a response from a local couple that seemed like they'd throw me a bone. Doug and Pam had been sending me emails, and I even had a cam chat with Doug one day. They were quite a bit older than me (mid 50s maybe) but at that point my balls were so blue they were practically purple. Pam had great tits, and a pretty fuckable ass in my opinion so it was a pretty good idea. All that was left was to arrange a meeting once Doug returned from an out of town trip.

Finally the day came around. On that Saturday afternoon as the spring snow was melting I hopped a bus across town and knocked on Doug and Pam's door. My heart was practically beating out of my chest, and I had been ridiculously hard for about 24 hours now.

Doug opened the door and we exchanged a nod of mutual acknowledgement. He invited me in, and pulled the d****s closed leaving only the incandescent orange hue over their living room. Doug sat down in the arm chair in the corner as I removed my coat and shoes and sat on the couch. Then Pam entered the room wearing only a bra and panties and my cock almost broke through my pants.

Pam looked a bit heavier than she had in the pictures, but her tits were magnificently formed. As she turned around to give me the whole view I saw that her ass was quite tight for her age, and her panties were noticeably damp from her juices starting to leak.

Doug began to take his pants off, and asked Pam if she would suck us off first. She agreed, and took off her bra to reveal the most beautiful D cups I had ever laid eyes on. Big and round but with very perky nipples. Pam got on her knees in front of her husband, but then Doug said "him first", and Pam wiggled her way over to me and unzipped me.

"A little excited?" she asked. I nodded my head and gave a faint "mhm" as she slid my rock hard cock into her mouth. It was warm and wet and as I felt myself trying not to cum, I blew my first load in the back of Pam's throat after only two sucks.

She let out a gasping breath, then opened her mouth to show me the load. She looked at my face, then promptly swallowed it. I felt embarrassed that I came so soon, but something in her look said that there would be plenty of opportunities to pleasure myself more.

Pam shuffled over to Doug and began sucking him as well. He was fully naked now and was pushing Pam's head into his cock just like in the porn movies I watched. Pam was fingering her pussy under her panties, and I saw an opportunity to have some fun.

I took off all my clothes and while stroking my cock walked up behind Pam. Doug looked up and saw me standing there wanking my cock that was still wet with Pam's spit.

"Stick it in there", he said. I approached Pam's beautiful ass, and pulled down her panties one side at a time. She grabbed my hand and used it to briefly massage her clit. It was very hard and wet, and I felt my cock getting hard again. Pam, Doug and I all dropped to our knees on the carpeted floor and while she was still blowing her husband she grabbed my cock and guided it into her pussy.

Finally I felt the hot wet pussy lips clench around my member, and heard Pam moan with enjoyment. I thrusted over and over going balls deep in Pam as she moaned and her husband smiled. My bony hips slapped against her round ass, and as I began smacking her ass she climaxed. The sound of her orgasm caused me to empty my balls inside of her, clenching her ass with my hands and leaning my head back in ecstasy.

Me all took a minute to catch our breath, and then Pam suggested we both cum on her tits. Taking turns sucking us off and jerking our cocks with her hands we both blew huge loads on Pam's face and tits.

As I left their suburban home that day, i felt confident that I had fucked enough to have made up (at least a little bit0 for my prolonged virginity.

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