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Fucking insatiable

For many of the same reasons, they also have a tendency towards entitlement and ego issues. This is hardly surprising, being a magically-fueled blue-skinned space-babe with positively porn-star T&A and a deliciously perfect and excessive cock is bound to give anyone an inflated pride. And the hooves? The tentacles? The tail?! Pure fetish fuel.

But we really don't seem to mind that. Because if that's what you were after -- a sultry, foreign and fantastic dominatrix with a caressable cock, lickable ass and bury-your-face-in-able rack, a beautiful blue lady to bend you over and ride you beyond the edge of temptation that you half-protest but secretly (not-so-secretly) want her to do more of -- then you would be hard-pressed to find something better. Or, she would be hard and pressed. Or maybe you would be hard and she would be pressed. In any case, there would be several instances of hardness and pressing, of this we could be certain.

Owain Even (who rarely enjoyed puns about his name) was certainly hard, and he was certainly being pressed. It was probably an amazing story, how he got from the floating city's towering spires and absurd defiances of physics to the private pocket-dimension love-lounge with seven horny and not-the-least-bit-shy Draenei women with particular enhancements and peculiar tastes. It was probably a thrilling tale with action sequences and daring romances and maybe (just maybe!) even an Evil-Overlord-slaying or two. But nobody, certainly not Owain, really cared about that. Owain was more focused on the several women with unfairly generous cocks and deviant grins and oh dear where had his clothes gone?

No, that's right, they had stripped him down just a minute ago. They made a game out of it, seeing which one could get him to blush the most, "accidentally" brushing their hand up against something, or getting Owain to "accidentally" brush up against something of theirs. He really hadn't put up much of a fight, just enough to entice them in to seducing him more. Owain was a clever man. He loved being seduced.

She leaned in close, her skin a vibrant shade of gray-blue, wrapping her palms and fingers around the back of his neck. Her breath was wet and warm, she smelled like oranges and naked sweat. She sank down in to him, where he sat perched on the end of the bed, her legs against his legs, her chest against his chest, her waist against his waist, and her lips eating up his, pressing him down and climbing atop him. Her body was soft and hard, her stiff erection rubbing against his body. Owain was a relatively well-endowed man, he knew that he was, but it didn't quite feel like it at the moment. All seven of them had him beat (and all seven of them were looking eagerly forward to beating off on, around, above, and perhaps most importantly inside of him).

Her tongue slipped inside of his mouth, pushing him gently open. She seized one of his hands in hers and brought it down between them, guiding him to stroke both his cock and hers together, raising her hips forward and back as he did. The draenei's nipples were burning hot against his skin, her whole body was, she had been waiting entirely too long for this. Another pair of hands lifted his head and shoulders up, a second woman sliding in to sit behind him, his head against her belly and her soft but growing dick laid beneath his shoulders. He could feel her. She stroked the side of his face, playing idly with his beard as his own hand busied away at pumping the two wild firehoses trapped between two bodies (a silly metaphor that Owain already regretted thinking). The woman on top of him bit down softly on to his lower lip, purring in to his mouth.

She pulled away, giving him one last peck on the lips. The woman climbed on to the bed with her knees, inching forward until she practically sat upon Owain's chest, leaving him no choice but to gaze fully on her erect member. Her thick shaft was propped up proudly in front of him, wide and oval and lined with dark-purple veins begging for a warm place to stay. Her warm cock was eleven inches from its meaty dark-blue head down to where its base rested on a pair of swollen blue balls, each of them close to the size of a woman's fist (blue was the regular state of being for these balls, so don't feel too bad for her). She leaned forward at him and bobbed the tip up-and-down just slightly, staring straight at him with a wide smile all the way, teasing him fondly. The gray-blue cutie winked at the woman resting behind and underneath Owain, and thrust her hips forward just enough so that the tip of her cock-head was near his lips. Owain raised his neck up, her eyes holding his, and lolled his tongue out, running it across the tip, all that he could reach. She crept forward just a little bit more. His lips brushed against her soft blue flesh, his tongue swirling around the edge of her shaft. She leaned in, bracing herself on the shoulders of the woman sitting there, and thrust a few inches in to the man's mouth.

Owain felt a palm flatten on to each of his ankles, fingers coming down to wrap around them and lift his feet up to rest flat on the bed, just in front of his pelvis. A woman's warmth crept in close, her soft, wet tongue painting a few brief lines up and down his penis. He could not see her, Owain's sight was blocked off by the woman crouching over him, feeding him her cock just slightly deeper each time before she pulled it back again. The one at the foot of the bed lowered her face down further, sticking her tongue out to taste Owain's rosebud. She loved eating out men's assholes. She especially loved the part that came after that. She pressed in deeper, her lips up to his skin, her tongue pushing in to him.

The she-cock thrust harder in to his mouth, slick and soaking with his saliva. The draenei heatedly murmured something in a language he didn't understand, biting down hard on her bottom lip with each thrust as she fucked his face. Someone's hands were wrapped around his cheeks and chin, his lips were suckling and slurping. The tongue flicking against his asshole penetrated in deeper, her warm spit pushing inside of him. The dick in his mouth tickled the back of his throat, she held there for a moment while Owain sucked down hard and tightened his mouth around her, his hands gripped on her meaty blue ass-cheeks, a bodily possession that, truly, could only be described as a booty.

She cried out in that same unknown language, a wild and demanding look on her face, and grabbed hold of Owain's head herself, clenching her teeth and shoving her erection in and out of the man's puffy lips. She pulled out and hilted herself in again just as quick, pressing her cock in as deep as she could go. She pulled his head in towards her waist, holding him there tightly as she bucked back and forth. With another fervent cry, the draenei woman (and make no confusion, she was a woman) speared Owain's head on her Amazonian cock and let out a spurt of hot, creamy cum down his throat. He didn't have much of a choice in if he wanted to swallow or not, not with the way that she was crammed down his throat in ways that potentially were anatomically impossible. Another gush, and another, down in to his belly. She pulled out, a gooey string of semen hanging from his lips. She leaned in to give him a peck on the lips, and hopped off the bed for someone else to take a turn.

The woman behind him bent down to whisper something he couldn't understand. They had a tendency of doing that, despite that they spoke his language quite well, and had no intention of stopping anytime soon. She placed her hands on Owain's shoulders and gently turned him around to lie on his stomach. He inched down closer to the end of the bed so that his feet could rest on the floor, bent over the bed's end in an L-shape. The draenei woman now in front of him was a dark beauty indeed, her skin such a dark blue that it was almost black, her darker hair d****d across her front Godiva-style. Her smooth, tall cock stood at attention, noticeably larger than the one he had just had inside of him. She smiled widely and pumped herself lazily a few times, waiting for him to get the point. Owain reached out and grabbed her by the waist, pulling her body down towards him.

A soft, feminine hand had taken hold of his waist as well, the woman who had been so attentively moistening his backside, and who was now very much insistent that she get to reap the benefits of doing so. She placed her long dick upon the valley of his ass-cheeks, rubbing back and forth, nestling herself in his crack.

The others had come to stand around the bed, now. They had never particularly liked clothes, now was certainly no exception, standing there and watching with eager anticipation. They would toy with their breasts and nipples and cocks and thighs, waiting excitedly for him to be filled at both ends. The draenei women were rather fond of men, but they quite preferred to be the ones doing the fucking. Owain was a fan of all flavors. Even if he hadn't been, they made it very difficult to say "no" to.

Owain buried his face in the woman's thighs, his cheeks against her leg, his lips suckling around the bottom of her shaft. His wrapped fist stroked her up and down as his tongue spread around her, first one side and then the other. Finally, he raised his neck up to place his lips around her soft blue cock-head. The woman behind him was rutting against his ass, grinding her dick against his tight hole, wet with precum. She pulled her hips back, lining the tip of her rod against his asshole, pushing gently. She would drag it up and down against his anus, teasing just barely not enough to penetrate. Then, she steadied her hand on his waist, and began to fuck in to him. His asshole was wet and glistening from her spit, the swollen blue tip that was pushed against it sent shivers through his body.

Owain gasped around the flesh in his mouth. The women standing around the tangled threesome cooed and giggled and murmured heatedly, masturbating their own cocks as they watched the man take two of them. They moved in closer, forming a tight circle around him, stroking their blue shafts from top to bottom, flicking at their swollen glans. They knew what they wanted. They knew they were going to get it. Two of the draenei women were at each of his sides, one behind was him and one was before him. The seventh, the delightful gray-blue cutie who had fucked his throat and spurt cum inside of him, had slipped in to sit on the floor at the foot of the bed. Owain and the woman behind him each took a small step back, and the one on the floor slid in to the space to wedge herself between the bed and the man bent over it. His dick hung down before her, she gave it an experimental stroke with her tongue, and began to take him between her warm lips.

The cock-head slipped past the ring of Lucky Owain's asshole. The woman who was pushing in to him from behind spread his cheeks wide, biting down on her lip and grinning, ecstatic at the sight of her meat thrusting in to the tight ass of her excited-and-willing male fucktoy. Such women could be dangerous if not kept pleased (and equally dangerous during the acts that pleased them, if you asked nicely or squealed hard enough). She gripped his waist hard, and slowly pushed deeper in to him. The stiff cock filled his ass, Owain pushed back against her as she thrust in to him. She was stretching him apart, there was certainly no lack of ache to it, but gods, he wanted her to stuff him full and fuck him wet. He clenched his eyes tight, she was inside of him but there was still miles to go.

Not literally, of course. That would be equal parts impossible and terrifying. Goodness.

The woman laid out in front of Owain grew bored with his slowness of only licking the tip of her dick and no further, and decided to take control of the matter herself. In all fairness, he was distracted by numerous other things. She gripped her shaft and pulled out of his mouth, rubbing her soft cock-head against his cheeks and chin, giggling at the tickle of his whiskers. This particular one had something of a beard-fascination. The soft blue tip poked back against his lips, she reached out to wrap her hands around the back of his head and pulled him in, forcing his lips open to suck on her hard cock.

The woman fucking his asshole fell in to an easy rhythm. She would fill him up, his tight ass clinging to her enormous tool, and draw back out again, then plunge in just a little bit deeper than before. He lurched forward with each thrust, driving his own cock deep in to the mouth of the woman sitting just below him. She was wet and warm, moaning and murmuring in some uninvented language as she slurped on his dick, one hand wrapped around her own shaft, nursing it back to full-strength, while the other was trapped underneath her as she fingered her bottom.

Finally, Owain felt the hips slapping against his backside, the draenei woman was fully inside of him now. She held there for a long moment, deep in his ass, swiveling her waist side to side as she grinded her stiffness in to him. Her cock must have been as long as his forearm (though thankfully not as thick), Owain shouldn't have been surprised if the two women fucking him met in the middle, and her thick balls were mashed up against his, rivulets of sweat and saliva and precum running down from his wet asshole. She pulled almost all of the way out, leaving just the tip of her head holding him open, and plowed back in to him hard. The other women even went as far as to cheer her on as she pounded his ass.

Owain tried to cry something out, but was quickly quieted by the woman in front of him, who picked that moment to push herself as far down in to the man's mouth as she could, stretching his throat out with her fat cock. Fortunately for Owain, it was not a cry of distress, but quite the opposite. The lips around his dick held down tight as it swelled and surged, hot globs of cum filled the woman's throat and she took it all, gulping it down, happy to return the favor. His hot asshole clenched down around the blue beauty that was fucking in to him (the cock was a blue beauty, that was, though the same could be said of the woman it belonged to), constricting and momentarily loosening and then clenching tight again with each spurt of his orgasm. The draenei woman laughed madly, shoving all the way in to him one more time before she started to go over the edge herself. The first jets of cum caused Owain to moan out loudly, he could feel the spurts start to fill his insides. But the woman's body wouldn't let her stop, she continued to shove in and out of him, pounding warm spunk deep in to his asshole.

The chain-reaction had not gone unnoticed by the women surrounding the frenzied foursome. More than that, it was the moment they had been waiting for, they were already far beyond being merely heated and excited, on the edge. One of them stepped in immediately beside him and pressed her cock-head down to the man's back. She bucked her hips back and forth in to her fist, her grey lips held tightly together and her brow furrowed. She came on to his back, shooting out several strips of oozing cum.

The warm meat in Owain's mouth suddenly pulled out, the woman in front of him frantically pumped her shaft as fast as she could. It happened before he even realized it, the gooey semen gushed out right in front of him and covered his chin and neck, dripping across on to his chest. Another warm burst of cum landed between his shoulders, he couldn't even see who it had come from.

Owain, who had gone from mostly-clean to mostly-covered in spunk in the space of a few seconds, was rather disoriented and overwhelmed. He felt light and loose, like he was floating. Albeit, floating and covered in hot she-cum.

The cock pulled out of his ass, leaving an empty space behind. The warm jizz swished around inside of him, a small stream leaking out and dripping down from his stretched hole. The three women intertwined with him drew away, and he was quickly covered in a series of too many hands to keep track of. They pulled him up from where he had been, bent over the bed, and laid him flat on his back on the floor.

One of them swooped down over him, covering his body with hers, lined up head-to-head and toe-to-toe. The tip of her tongue peeked out and swabbed across his chin, licking his face clean. But such women in such situations stayed innocent only for so long (as innocent as she could have been, licking fresh ejaculate from his face). He could feel one of her fists trapped between their two bodies, gripped around her dick and pumping against his stomach. Her mouth closed briefly on his lips, kissing and suckling on his tongue, before she pulled back and away from him. Someone lifted his hips up and a pillow was slid to rest underneath his backside.

Owain thought he knew what would happen next. One of them would kneel down to sit just beyond his waist, raise his ankles up to rest on her shoulders, and slide her cock in to his lubed asshole. Maybe a second one would hover over him and present her anus to his face, get him to eat out her ass. Owain was partially-right. But then something else happened first.

The group of hands seized him again and raised his entire body up off the ground. One of the women slid her entire body underneath him, and he was lowered back down on to her, her nipples warm against his back. One of her hands pawed at his chest, holding him atop her, while the other gripped a hold of her cock and lined it up, rubbing the tip against his fuckhole. He was stretched and wet already, she penetrated fully in to him with a single shove, her flesh mingling with the cum already inside of him, and completely failed to conceal her delighted titter as she did so. Then another one kneeled down to his waist, spreading her knees wide so that she was level with him, while someone else lifted his legs up high. She steadied herself with a hand wrapped around Owain's softened dick, and started to press herself against his already-filled asshole. The second cock thrust slowly in to him, he was stretched but not that stretched, the two dicks were pressed tightly together inside of him. The woman on top grabbed Owain's waist to gyrate him against the meat fucking in to him, while the woman underneath him steadied his body as it rested on hers, pumping in to his ass as much as she could from her position.

The body beneath him was a female grace, a soft and loving touch that melted in to him (never mind that the body in question was currently defying all manner of gender-norms). Her arms encircled his waist, crushing his body tighter against her flesh as he was laid fully on top of her. Her tongue painted a line across the back of his neck, tasting the sweat of his body. She heaved her hips upwards, stuffing his asshole full of her she-cock.

Someone else slid down beside where Owain floated amidst lusting and sweating skin. She ran an idle hand across his chest, stroking her palm against him until her touch wandered up his body, across his neck, and clutched his chin gently. He opened his eyes to greet her, the ebony Godiva with a fondness for bearded men. She winked a sultry wink and tugged his chin over to face her, leaning in and wrapping her lips around his mouth. The lover's tongue pried in to him, pushing past his lips and darting around to do as she pleased. She latched on tightly, pushing deep in to his mouth and refusing to let go even as he moaned and panted loudly from the two cocks fucking his ass.

The woman kneeling beyond Owain's waist lunged in deeper, hunched over his body with one hand on his waist and the other around his shaft. She gave Owain's dick a fast pump with each pump of her own, driving all the way in to her boytoy fuckhole. At first she had thrust along with the other Amazon pounding in to him, but as they went on they fell in to opposites, one of them fucking all the way in to his asshole just as the other pulled out. Had she been alone with the man, the draenei woman might have preferred to take her time more slowly, pressing deep in to him and holding her cock there inside of him, gyrating and grinding her hips against him while Owain wrapped his arms around her, their mouths barely an inch away from each other, hot breath and lusting moans. But, with the two women there at the same time, they couldn't help but feel just a little bit competitive.
Owain probably could have used something of a resting period. There was approximately zero chance of that happening.

The two women bucking their shafts in and out of the man's stretched and wet asshole raced to see who could win first. There wasn't really a prize beyond personal satisfaction (well, more of it), they each knew they were likely to "win" at least a couple more times after this (and this was a low-end estimate), but they weren't the types of women to shy away from some stiff competition. And really, with all the stiff competition happening, everyone was a winner.

The woman pinned beneath Owain clutched his chest hard, mashing the two of them as tightly together as she could as she slammed her thick cock in to him, her whole body lurching and shuddering and moaning with every skin-slapping thrust inside of him. Sweat ran off the two of them in thick streams, either trapped between them and squelching noisily with each push, or soaking the carpet down around them. She pulled in a long whiff of that scent that had been slathered all over his body, perfume and sweat and cum.

Meanwhile, the woman's counterpart, kneeling just a few inches away, came up with a wicked and tawdry plan. That's the best kind of plan there is. As the draenei woman pictured it, she would rather enjoy fucking an ass while another cock spurted out hot cum everywhere, coating the hole and her own cock with juicy spunk. She motioned for one of the not-so-innocent bystanders to bring something over, a knotty and bump-studded black dildo. There hadn't been a specific plan of what the toy would end up being used for, maybe they would have gotten Owain to squat on the shaft while he serviced the lot of them, maybe one of the bystanders would have used it for entertainment while she waited for an open position (because honestly, a man can only take so many dicks at a time), who knew. This girl knew.

She dragged a wet tongue across the toy's shaft, the very model of a multitasker as she fucked, pumped, and lubed up a toy all at once. Her lips wrapped tight around the dildo, pushing it deep in to her throat, just enough to coat the marvelous bastard in spit. Then, without managing to conceal her wicked grin, she brought it down to her counterpart's body, stroking the dildo's head against the other woman's wrinkled, black asshole. Without a word or moment of warning, she thrust the dildo's thick head inside, spreading her friend's ass apart to the studded shaft.

The woman beneath gave out a startled cry, causing Owain to clench up on the pair of cocks pounding in to his ass. Even as stretched as he had been, Owain could feel every curve and vein and bulge of the beautiful blue women fucking in to him. He didn't miss a single bounce of the four plump balls slamming in to him with every thrust, swollen and heavy with cum, just waiting to unload in to him, enough to fill every inch of his insides with warm, sticky goo.

She really couldn't handle any more without going over the edge. The studded dildo had been pushed deep in to her, stretching out her ass and bumping up against her prostate -- her wet cock was clenched tightly in the slick asshole, mashed together with the other fat dick in there with her -- and the man she was pumping was moaning and panting like a whore, making no effort to hide how much he loved being fucked by big-cocked Amazons, begging for them to cum in his ass. She really couldn't turn down such a request from her favorite boytoy.

Owain was stirred out of his oversexed haze by an a****listic moan from just beneath him, the woman wrapped her arms tight around his chest and slammed her hips one last time in to his, holding them there as her cock let loose an enormous load directly in to his stretched ass. It took less than a second for his insides to run out of space, and for the hot cum to seep out around the shafts lodged inside of him, dripping down on to the floor in large gooey strands. There was another hot burst, and a few more after that, huge streams of warm she-cum.

As one woman gave a contented sigh and began to plant delicate kisses on Owain's head, the other one began to laugh somewhat maniacally. If Owain had the energy to do so, he might have been a bit scared. The woman kneeling with his legs resting on her shoulders renewed her thrusting, pumping up and down on the man's erection with each pounding in to his asshole. Her thick cock and balls were liberally coated with someone else's cum (an odd but delightful state of affairs), cum that squelched and spurted about as she fucked in to him, her pelvis slapping hard against his body with each deep thrust.

Suddenly, she pulled fully out of him, pushing her cum-drenched penis up against his and pumping the two of them together. It took both of her hands to wrap around the meaty wad of sex, she gripped the two of them tight and stroked hard, masturbating the two cocks in a heated frenzy. The woman bit down hard on her bottom lip and let out an orgasmic cry, spurting out thick, white cum across Owain's chest and face.

The first glob actually shot out far enough to splash on one of the other women's faces, across the room, whose only response was a mildly annoyed eyebrow-quirk. Owain himself, on the other hand, ended up swallowing more than a little of it, while the rest soaked his front. The woman still beneath him spread her fingers out to rub the cum around his chest, purring in his ear. The saucy dom who had just drenched him with creamy goo had the courtesy to bend down and take his spunk-covered meat in to her pouty lips, sucking him off loudly and slurping down his orgasm. It was the least she could do, really.

Owain slid off the sweat-covered charmer beneath him, rolling down to the ground and panting for a much-needed rest. The ladies piled on around him, considerate enough not to smother him yet again, just inching in close enough to stroke him fondly, swooping in for deep kisses and the occasional subtle ass-grab. Clever girls.

"So," one of the women wrapped around him murmured in his ear, "think you can go again?"

Owain Even -- tired, spent, absurdly messy, and surrounded by seven horny women with wet dicks and no better plans than to fuck him full of cum for hours at a time -- replied with a cocky grin, determined to beat off his stiff competition. "Was that a challenge?"

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