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The sweet girl next door

The Girl Next Door

I can remember like it happened yesterday . I am your average guy who likes to go to the beach and see all the young things bounce around in the skimpy bathing suits like anyone else. But I never would have believed I could see the best show from my very own garage.

It was a hot summer day in July and I was busy working on the weekend to do list. I had been off on business most of the week so there was lots to do. I was in the garage working on the old lawn mower when I noticed “ Jo “ , the hot young girl next door that would babysit for us once in awhile on the weekend date nights . She was a very hot young thing with full firm breast and the best ass a man could ever dream of. She was only 15 but she had the body of a 20 year old. Her long slender legs were perfectly tanned from her ass to her toes. Her tank tops always revealed a little too much for most the wives in the neighbourhood but the guys were always happy to see her jogging down the street in her short shorts and tight shirts. Her tits were the perfect size and bounced as she toke ever step. I had see her one time swimming in the other neighbours pool with his daughter and Steve could help but say “ Now that is one very hot young lady , too bad she so young “ I laughed it off but in my mind I wished I could have seen her naked . My wish came true that day thru and let me tell ya it was worth the long wait.

So there I stood at the bench in the back of my garage. Little did I know that I was in the right spot to watch Jo strip down and rub herself down with tanning lotion? I was locked on her tits as her lifter her tank top over her shoulders and turns her head from side to side. Her long blond hair floating over her tits with each turn. She was on the second floor deck of her parent’s home. It was an out of the way place that I’m sure she thought no one would be able to c her . But I was lucky to be n the right place at the right time. Her tits were so firm they stood straight out and her large swollen nipples seem to stick out for miles. The large brown circles surrounding them were perfect too. She toke each breast into her hands and cupped them, turning them up to her open mouth. She pecked each nipple with her lips. As if to suck some sweet juice from them as she released them from their holding place. With each peck her nipples seem to grow little more. My cock was so hard it hurt. It was stretching my shorts to the max and seems to be crying to be released. As she bent forward her hair fell over her tits as if to try and cover them up. She was sliding her long slender legs out of each leg of her track pants. You know the form fitting type that all the girls seem to wear now. Leaving nothing to the imagination. You can almost see the lips of their pussies thru the materials. And as she stepped forwards I could see that she also shaved her love nest clean. Her lips were pink and perfect just like her tits. Her clit was in full view and the moistness was the icing on the cake. I could believe the view I had from my spot. I could only wish that I could find a way to record this and view it later. Jo was now covering her body in lotion and working her hands back and forth over her legs and between her legs. She seem to be spending allot of time ensuring she had enough lotion on for the sunny day. I could hold back any more, I reached down and into my shorts. Holding my hard cock in my hand while working the shaft back and forth with each of her moves. Before I knew it I had my shorts down around my feet and was working my tool at full rate. Within seconds my seed was being shot out and all over my hands. The extra amount now spilling down onto the floor below. Jo was now turned with her ass to me and bending over to adjust her lough chair. The sight of her firm tight ass was enough to make my dick regain itself in seconds after cumming in my hands. I didn’t know what I should due but I knew I wasn’t going anywhere for awhile, this show was too go to give up.
What seemed like an hour but was really only a short time I stood and watched as Jo laid down on the chair and spread her legs slightly. From my spot I was now looking directly at her sweet hole , the sweat of her body from the hot day seem to be rolling down off her body and between her legs . I had now jerked off 2 times and was working on the third when I heard the door behind me open. I was quick to get my dick back into my pants just in time for Mike to walk into the garage. Mike was actually Joe’s step father and a good friend. I had always wondered if he enjoyed being around Jo. And with that Mike said “Hey what’s ya doing buddy?” Watching a sun bather?? With a laugh. My heart stopped and just the thought caused my dick to drop too. “No, no just getting this dumb lawn mower to work “Oh then can I get you to come over a little later and help me with a small project. Sure I said – thinking as long as your hot step daughter will suck me off or maybe fuck me!!
We spoke for a few moments and then he turned and left. I ran back to my viewing point to see my next show. There on the deck standing beside Jo was Mike’s wife – Karen. She was a touph wife if I had ever seen one!! She was 10 years younger than Mike and had a body that was just like Jo. Karen was now standing behind Jo and she too was starting to strip off her clothes. Her larger tits swung free of her shirt and her nipples were even larger then Jo’s, her hips were slender and she too shaved herself clean. Her clit was standing out from between her lips and was easy to see she had been rode a few times over the years. But what happened next really toke me. As she turned I saw Jo sit up and slide her hands behind Karnes ass. Pulling her closer to Jo’s now open mouth. Then with a shift she now had her mouth over Karnes love nest and she seems to be licking her with excitement. Karen too raised each of her own tits to her open mouth and sucked on her hard nipples at the same time. Karen was now strangling the lounge chair and holding Jo’s head in place to allow her to continue to lick and suck her. She seems to be fucking her mouth and from my view I could see she was about to cum. With her head back and her eyes now shut I could almost feel their excitement. Moments later she released Jo’s head and looked down at the smiling teen. With her now very wet pussy she was now bending her own body forward and revealing her ass to me as she now began to lick and suck the young girl’s pussy. This whole show only lasted a few minutes but they both enjoyed each other’s sweet taste. After about an hour they both stood and walked back into the house naked. I knew I should make my way there right away and maybe I would see them up close and real.
I almost ran from my garage and around my house. Stopping only to make it look like I had walked over and stepped up to the front door. As I ran the door bell I heard Jo say “ I’ll get it !! “ my dick jumped in my shorts as the door swung open to reveal Jo now standing in front of my in a short towel . Early covering her tits and so high on her hips that I could almost see her lips under the bottom edge. My eyes locked on her cheats and she said “Oh Hi Mr. Brown, Come on in!! Dad just left for work but he asked me to show you what he needs your help with. “My heart did stop, now I was in the house with the 2 hottest bodies on the block and the other man had to go and leave them. I smiled and followed Jo to the bottom of the stairs. She headed up in front of me; I knew that if I trailed behind a step or two I would get a full view. So that what I did. Jo didn’t seem to notice my tardiness and as she hit the second step I saw her perfect ass in full view, her pussy was just pecking out from between her cheeks. My mouth began to water and I couldn’t take my eyes off the beauty of the sight. My cock was so hard again and stands straight out in front of my shorts. I could see the wetness of her pussy and how her tight ass wiggled from side to side with each step. I wished I was going up 100 stories that day but no such luck. I had a few moments of view and then she stood on the top step. With a grin on her face she turned and pointed to a ladder in the hallway. Going up into the attic, Jo said “Dad is a little afraid to go up there and fix the light, he hoped you might be able to help him out. “ I walked pass and toke the ladder in hand. I stepped up and ascended into to the attic. I had forgotten I was fully erect and my cock was now pointing out of the leg of my shorts. With only my top body above the roof line I began to work on the lighting. I had not noticed the fact that Jo was still at the bottom of the ladder looking up at my cock. Within a second of starting I felt a warm hand on my leg and then a finger touching the exposed head of my cock. It jumped with excitement and I was trying to position myself to see what was happening. Acting like I didn’t know what was happening I held my breath as I soon felt the tip of a warm tougne slid over the head of my cock. I was able to position my body so that I could see down but no one could see up. Within seconds I felt both hands on my ass now pulling on my shorts. I looked s=down to see Jo standing on the ladder and Karen beside her. They had both dropped their towels and were stand naked below me. My shorts were soon down and my cock was now disappearing into Jo’s wide open mouth. I almost lost my stance. She was sucking my cock like a pro and she knew just what to touch with her tongue. I was now matching her rhythm and I could see that Karen was now sucking on the young girl’s pussy at the same time. My cock was about to erupt and I knew I had to get off the ladder. I bucked once then on the second thrust I came in her young sweet mouth. She moaned with excitement and she too came with the excitement. I quickly began to step down from the ladder and looking at each of them could not come up with words. Karen reached out and toke us both by the hands and lead us down the hallway. We entered the master bedroom where she quickly got up on the bed. Assuming a doggie style position she motioned for me to step up to the edge of the bed and she reached for my semi hard dick. Jo had stepped past me and was now lying on her back in front of Karen. Her pussy even with Karnes head. My dick was now ready for entry and Karen guided me to her opening. With a firm single thrust of my hips my cock passed thru her lips and slide into her hole. Her hard clit was rubbing my shaft with every movement. Karen had now turned her head ad was burring her face down into the hot young job’s nest. She was sliding her toghn out and running it out and across her bare lips. I continued to thrust forward and within seconds had buried my entire cock deep into her body. As I withdrew she whimpered and then I trusted forward again with even more f***e. I had fucked my wife hard before but she never really enjoyed sex unless she did it to herself. I had now reached around and held her 2 firm hard tits in my hand and I pinched her hard nipples with each finger. I felt a war fluid seep from her left breast and then the same from her right. She was milking and this was too much for me. I thrusted even harder and faster now and I knew I was about to cum. With the milk seeping from her tits and her head buried deep between Jo’s legs, I started to ejaculate my seed deep inside her. She moaned with each shoot of cum fired from my cock. Jo was now also cumming and she was too screaming with excitement and saying “Eat me bitch, suck my cum as he fucks your hole “I trusted 3 more times before my dick began to slip from her hole. Karen dropped to the bed and rolled over on her back. With that she opened her legs wide open and motioned for me to taste my seed from her body. I again reached for her nipples and squeed each one to release the warm milky fluid. I quickly locked my mouth around her left tit and sucked the warm milk from her tit. It was so taste and sweet. With each suck she moaned with excitement and within seconds was also cumming. My limp dick resting on the out edge of her hole. Karen was cumming and so excited she had not noticed the fact that Jo was now sliding off the bed and heading for the bathroom. I continued to suck on her and shihfter between her left and right tit. Momements later Jo re appeared and was now standing behind me. She was reaching round to hold my dick in her hand. With a slide of her hand she had slide a condom over my now hard cock and was working it down over my entire shaft. Once she had it in place she turns me and pushed me back onto the bed. She squabbled on top of my body and was now lowering herself down on to my protected cock. She toke the head of my dick and positioned it at the opening of her pussy. As she lowered herself down over my cock. The head of my tool passed her opening and she moaned in a low sound of pain. Her pussy was so tight I wasn’t sure I could actually fuck her. Karen had now slipped off the bed and was holding Jo’s ass in her hands. She was helping to guide her down onto my pole. With small powerful thrust she was able to insert half of my cock into herself without stopping. Then with a final solid thrust my entire cock slipped deep into her young firm hole. Once she had the entire shaft within her she collapsed on my chest. She whimpered “Your cock is the biggest I have ever seen and I wanted it to be the first to take my cherry “. I knew that I was now this young women’s first so I wanted to make it her best too. I let her regain her shelf and let her control my thrusts at first. I rolled my hips back and forth and rubbed her hard clit with each stroke. Before long we were taking full long strokes and she was thrusting her entire body down on my cock. I tried to keep control of my cock and I wanted to make sure she came at least a few times before I blew my load. As we fucked she came twice within 5 strokes of my entire shaft. And then I could wait, I thirsted my dick deep inside her and withdrew all the way out. The condom on my cock allowed me to drive in and out fastener and harder. I knew I was about to cum so I drove it deep inside her and screamed I was cumming. I began to with draw and then felt my cock slip from her tight hole and into what seem to be something different. It was Karen had pulled my hard dick out and slide it into her mouth just as my cum began to spill. It seems she was watching and noticed that Jo’s tight box had actually ripped the condom off my dick and I would have actually filled her hole with a UN protected dick.
I was only so happy she had done that, I didn’t want to get young Jo knocked up yet!! We all rolled onto the bed and laid together sweetly and exhausted from the excitmtnet. I knew that I couldn’t do it again but I didn’t want them to know that. Just then we all heard to front door open and heard to familiar sound of my friend saying “I’m home guys!! Where are you??
I quickly pulled my shorts on and ran to the hallway ladder. The girls were heading into other rooms as well. Before I knew it I felt Mikes hand on my leg and him asking me if I had things working yet. To this day he doesn’t know that I actually fucked both his wife and step daughter in his bed that day. I have always had a smile on my face when I’m working at my work bench in the garage and I still get a good show a few times a year. Mikes step daughter moved away last year but came home to fuck me last month. She has just got married but says I still have the best tool in the garage and can’t keep away for long. As for Mike’s wife well she got cough fucking the other neighbour one day and they split up. I still run into her once and while. She even gave me a blow job in my garage last week just for old times.

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