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Training my little slut to complete Submission

While I was still a bit unsure if my new sub/slave was what I am really looking for I will defiantly know by tonight. I have so many wonderful things planned to do with her that if she knew now she may not show up. On Wednesday I challenged her to 15 orgasms for me from me starting at 5am till 830 Pm. Well she started earlier at 330am I believe so there is one I could have taken off. She was well aware of the consequences if she failed. 1 Stroke of my choice on her smooth ass, long story short she only made it to 10. I believe she did it just for me, so I believe she may just be the one.
Well wed. Night in an e-mail to her I told her nobody is to play with my slut not even her. She is to be rested for me on Friday. I also informed her she was to buy a red flogger of a specific design I told her for her punishment of 5 strokes. Now she was wondering what I was going to use as my hands are good size and pretty rough as I am a hard worker at my work and am constantly working with my hands. On Thursday I received an email from her she was uncomfortable going in by herself so I gave her 4 options for her to choose from. Option 1 Stop in this city on way home tonight. Option 2 stop in city 2 on way home tonight. Option 3 Meet me today in city 1 between 130 and 230, or Option 4 When we meet in the morning I will collar her, Leash her, bring her to an adult store of my choice, she will then follow me in and we will browse and then buy not only that item but also something else if I want it and she will then purchase them at the counter. Well bless her little heart, She chooses option 4.I am thus far really impressed with this new slave. I have so many activities planned. I thus am so impressed that I stop and search for some restraints that a sub/slave of this commitment and attitude. I purchase some nice felt lined Velcro restraints. I send a picture to her on my way home. I can’t wait I have not been this excited to train a new slave in a long long time.
Friday, I text her as I leave my house, she responds yeah, we are to meet at a local mall between us. I arrive promptly at 9 as I told her not to be late and to meet between 9 and 915. Well she is eagerly awaiting my arrival. The only thing she asks is can we take her car as her husband may be out and about and might come over here. I oblige her, After all we are both supposed to be at work and I know no one will know my car here. After we pull away I stop a bit away from where we met and turn to her and say “now you are mine for the rest of the day, you will do as I ask of you without question, understood.”
Her response “Yes Master”
I say “Now remember you have been with me before this for one encounter but this will be a bit different. Please all role playing aside remember you have your safe words and please do not let me go so far that you need to use the stop safe word but rather let me approach your yellow level and that way I will now a lot more about what experience you have and more of what you are looking for. Now you were told to purchase an item and you choose option #4. So with that in mind I have purchased your collar that you will wear and that you will put on every time we get together.” At which I produce a bright pink collar for my new slave. I need to adjust it to fit snugly and I proceed to put it on her. I then tell her we are heading to the adult store. Well we get there but it is closed, I thought it was open 24 hours on Fridays. The sign says open at 8 but it is now 930 and no one is around. I let my new slave know and I see a slight relief because although she chooses this option she was a bit apprehensive about it. Well maybe another time. I then drive to the motel that we are going to be staying at for the day. I tell her to go get a room towards the back out of the way. I make her go with her collar on (Bright Pink) and she comes back out after a few min. She needed her ID. Well in she goes again and secures the room for us. We get into the room and I ask her what the manager said. She was embarresed but she did very well. He wanted to know if we wanted it all day or just a few hours. She took it all day as we had discussed. We won’t be bothered. I then make her undress completely. At this point I have not had a chance to inspect my slave and take her sites in completely. I see she is a bit shy but willing to go on. I then get out the new restraints I purchased and explain to her that this is for you as I feel that we will be together many years. I am very impressed with your attitude and willingness to complete task. I also compliment her eagerness to let me work on her anal skills as she has told me she is very inexperienced there. Although a few have tried, it has always been really painful. I know from the previous Saturday that she is really tight and I have my work cut out for myself. I put the restraints on her but do not attach them to anything. I then tell her that it is time for the 5 strokes that she willingly gave me from Wednesday. I tell her to face this direction put her hands behind her head, and not to move or scream. I then tell her the first couple is to gauging to see how much she can handle as her last lover tried this as well with no warning and she shot right out of bed in total shock. Well crack 1 is fairly light. Crack 2 is a bit more; crack 3 gets her attention, not to hard but for her just right. Well now I know so I proceed with the leash I used to lead her into the room. The leash is bright pink also so as she stands in position hands behind her head I count 1, 2, on she cringes and turns away I yell at her not to move she reluctantly gets back into position with a firm hand around put her back into position. Well number 3 gets her attention again but she does not move. Number 4 hits then number 5 is just a bit more of a stinger. She handles them well and I tell her how proud I am of her. I caress her ass; lovingly rub it to soothe it over. I then let her undress me and neatly hang my clothes. Now I ask her if she is ready to begin, she comes over to me and I inspect her moist pussy. It is already wet with anticipation. I finger her standing right there to her first of many orgasms of the day. I then attach the wrist restraints to her collar behind her head, have her lay on the bed, and proceed to thoroughly inspect her cunt. It has lovely long lips, well shaven, smells clean and fresh. I am pleased she has done as told. I then tell her that I intend on making her my anal slave, she is going to learn to enjoy it, love it, and crave it. I then attach her ankle restraints to the d ring to hold them together and attach the leash to the d ring and run it around her neck behind her head, and run it back down to the d ring. I begin to pull her legs apart and up to her tits so that her ass and pussy are totally exposed to my will. I then start using a vibrator on her pussy lips, and clit, she becomes very aroused, and I continue to torment her little clit but I am also pushing my fingers deep into her cunt. As I continue she starts to breath heavier and heavier, I see she want to cumm again and it’s only been 5 min. since her last. I ask her if she is ready for what is going to happen today. If she truly fathoms what I am capable of doing to her, if she has any reservation about being here. She does not, and is ready to submit. I say well we will see, now do you want to cumm again as I stop rubbing her clit. She is so excited that once I do give her permission she starts Cumming with only the vibrator deep in her cunt pushing on her G spot. # 3 down. Now I start to heat up her ass and cunt by slapping them both with my bare hands. I get some lubrication that I made her purchase the night before and start to lube her tight ass hole. It is very tight and I know I have a lot of convincing to do to get her to loosen up. I start with 1 finger and keep rubbing her clit all the time pausing to run a finger into and around her pussy. Now the story gets very interesting from here on out as it is a big blurr on what I do next and how she responds. As she becomes more and more aroused I start moving my finger deeper and deeper into her ass. She starts to complain it hurts at times and when she does I pull out slightly and slap her ass and pussy. This goes on for just a couple min. and then as she gets ready to orgasm again I start to use 2 fingers, as she starts to complain a hard slap on her cunt brings her thoughts away from her ass hole. I continue and she then starts to cumm again and at this point I have 2 fingers deep in her cunt and 1 deep, very deep in her ass. She cumms so long that I count it out in my mind. 1,2,3,4,5, I get to 35 seconds of pure pleasure and I leave my fingers deep in her. As she subsides she is still shaking. Did you enjoy that. Her answer YES YES I DID. I ask how her ass feels. Her response is positive, she can’t believe I am in there that deep. I then start to slowly fuck her pussy without moving my ass finger so as to increase the pleasure for her. She is so unaware of her sensations before she knows it I have replace my fingers with her vibrator again and start to use it rubbing into and out of her pussy. I then take the butt plug and put it deep in her pussy and start using the vibrator on her ass. I am a bit hesitant as she is still very tight but, with her pussy full I start inserting the vibrator into her ass. She has never had anything in her ass bigger than a finger, I continue and when she protests a quick slap on her ass and cunt distract her discomfort from her ass. I continue and as the vibrator goes in more and more she starts to get more and more excited. I continue my onslaught of her ass my only concern that it not be painful and if it is to give her something else to think about. Well just a few more strokes and with no warning I see she is about to cumm again and I begin to turn the speed up on the vibrator as I pull the but plug out of her pussy I make enough room to push the vibrator in and without any warning for her she explodes for a good 45-50 seconds of nothing but pure anal orgasmic pleasure. She is shuddering, twitching, and just aglow all over and the only thing touching her besides the restraints is the vibrator in her ass. As she comes down from this amazing anal orgasm I remove the dildo from her so as she is not aware just how much was in her. Wow she is spent and we have only been going for less than an hour now. Wow I have got me one very deprived woman who well on her way to be my anal slut. After she gets done I remove the leash holding her legs, remove the d ring so she can walk, ask her how she feels (WONDERFULL SHE SAYS) I then tell her that is what an anal orgasm is all about, I had the vibrator all the way in. She doesn’t believe it but I show her the markings from the lube. Wow is all she can say. I ask her if she is ok. I know she is but I just put this sub into my submission for a long time now and we been here only an hour. I get her up undo her hands and take her to the mirror. I show her to herself. She is a totally fucked up mess, she doesn’t even know it yet I make her say to herself into the mirror repeat after me “YOU ARE NOW MY ANAL SLUT”. She repeats “ I am my Masters anal slut” I like the change and am impressed. I make her say it again but she looks away as she says it to me again. I pull her gaze away from me and back to her. I make her look at herself straight into the mirror and repeat it 3 more times before I take her to the bed. Now I am ready for my blow job but I want to wait to cumm so I let her suck on my cock, lick my ass, Oh I forgot at one point I had her clean my fingers off of her pussy juices and ass juice with her mouth before this. So I now know that she is starting to really trust me in everything I am having her do. She sucks my balls, my cock, and my ass, I get her right in there nice and deep for a rim job on me. I then like to have my nipples played with and bitten. She is a bit timid in biting on them, I encourage her to continue, and as I stroke my cock I hold her head tightly against my chest. I tell her harder, not to be afraid, and I already know she is going to lap up all my cumm but I don’t want her to jump right on it I want to enjoy watching her lap it up so I hold her head tightly as so she can’t move. I cumm and she is eager to get to it but I hold her. Bless my little slut I don’t think I could be a happier master. As my orgasm dies out I then give her permission to lap it all up, do a good job, and clean it all up. Well after I have cumm it is now time to turn my attention back to her. I have her get on her belly and I again lube her ass. I begin to rub her nice and slow getting her all worked up again. I get her juices flowing freely and I stop. I get my lap top out and pull this site up. I pull her page up and have her type into her blog what we have done today and while she is typing she is having difficulty because I start playing with her cunt and ass again. I continue to get her all hot and she can’t concentrate so I tell her if she stops typing I am going to spank her. Well she stops and I start to spank her so she starts again. This happens a couple of times so I keep an eye on her. When she stops I give her a slap a bit harder each time. Now I am slapping her harder now than I was with my first 5 swats this morning. At one point she stops typing so I really start slapping her, I keep slapping and it is getting a lot more painful for her she says her slow down word but I don’t stop I go more, she looks around as I continue and she is not restrained at any time right now. She again says her slow down word, I keep going, now she starts to move in protest but does not say the stop word, I just look at her and say I will stop when you start typing again, well now I am hitting her pretty hard and she can’t type, I continue but she gets a couple letters in. I stop go up to her and say why did you make me do that to you. You knew all you had to do was continue typing. I ask her how much more before her stop words came out. She was going to say them but realized what had happened and that it was her fault for not typing. I am so proud of this slave. As a Master I couldn’t ask for better. Well now she is typing on her blog and I continue to play with her ass. I then ask if she is ready for the next little toy I have. An electric unit, I can’t afford a tense unit but this does a nice job. I read what she has typed but notice the wrist restraints make it difficult for her to type as they rub the mouse pad. I remove them and god bless her she protest to have them removed but I remind her they will be back on, I now own her she is mine and is complacent to remain so. I have broken her to a level of submission that I have never seen before in a slave I have trained. I am truly happy and the day is only half over. Well you can read her blog on billdslittleslut for “our room” to see what I do next. She is still a bit hesitant about the electric but is receptive. She is not restrained for any of this. First I just start with all 4 leads on her ass in specific spots. I play with her ass and she rubs her clit on the mattress as she types. I get the vibrator again and start to work it into her ass. Well I don’t have to try too hard as she is now pushing her ass onto the vibrator, I have turned her into my anal slut. She cumms 3 more times in 10 min time. I then attach a lead to her clit and start to turn it up slowly, I am unsure of this as I have no idea what it will feel like for her as I have never done this particular act myself before. Well it’s only a matter of seconds before she explodes. She is totally and utterly spent. Exhausted but I don’t stop I make her sign off as I want to play some more. Now my goal was just to get her to be comfortable with anal play today but she has responded so eagerly I am surprised. So I continue and I do get my now erect cock into her ass, I give no pleasure to her anywhere else, I just use her ass. I am impressed, she can’t believe how wonderful it is but I don’t want to overstay here as I want her to want more, so I pull out and make her blow me again. I show her a few more things, she will write or already has written them. So now we are both exhausted and we lay there. She has her restraints on and loves the feel of them I look at her resting and she is in utter content. I have never seen a sub more content than this god this is going all too well. After a rest I chat with her about how she is feeling, did she think she would be able to do all this that we did today. She is so spent, exhausted, fucked up, and yet completely in my control and happy. I then start to use her anus a bit rougher as I want to see how she responds. I know that if I had just shoved a finger into her this morning she would have clammed right up. Now I can shove a finger in and she doesn’t even whimper, she says it feels good, as it should. I then put her in front of the mirror again and ask her “WHO ARE YOU”
Her response “I am your anal slut. I will be your anal slut for a long time” bless her heart I wish this day would never end but it must I lost track on how many orgasms she had, last count was approaching 15 in less than 6 hours. And there was at least a 2 hour break in there. I remove the restraints order her to clean everything and put it away, we shower together and she washes me. I was her back although I do not have to I want to so I can see how she reacts one last time. I soap up her back side and let the soap run down her ass crack and when my finger is all slippery I ram a finger right up her tight ass hole. I expect a shock but she just turns around and says I love you and kisses me. I have won her, and now I can’t wait to see her again. I hope she feels the same way. What a day she is still shaking as I drive her car back to the mall to get mine. Once there I remove her collar, tell her I expect her to keep her ass in shape by fingering herself there every day till we get back together. She may cumm when she wants but only with a finger in her ass. She will write me an email 2 times a day 1 before 10 am 1 before 10 pm. She will blog about today and how she felt at certain times. She will also write in hand writing 1000 times for me. “ I am Master Williams’s anal slave” It will be ready for my inspection when I want it. I look forward to many years with this slave I know feel very complete and wish everyone could have what we now have. Anyone of you out there wondering if this all really happened, it did. I took photos and will be posting them on both of our walls, be respectful in leaving your comments on both of our pages, ask us anything you wish, and let me know if you enjoyed this story Master William. Little slut I am very happy and cannot wait to be with you again. Little slut is under strict orders not to communicate with anyone till I approve you may send her a private message but I will read them with her, depending on the questions or comment I, her, or both of us will respond. I just think this x hamster site is so totally assume and I can’t wait to push my new slave to higher heights.

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