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Making his payments (a fixated wet dream)

I’m home alone waiting for my boyfriend. He should be off work any time now. I hear a car in the driveway, right on time. I run to the door so I can greet my darling boyfriend, back from a long day at work.

The door opens. There’s a complete stranger standing there. I see a van in the driveway. The side door is open. Two more strangers are standing next to it.

“Who are you?” I say. “Ma’am, you better go inside. I need to explain something to you,” he says.

He walks into the house. He tells me to sit down. “Ma’am, I represent some concerned interests. Your boyfriend has some gambling debts. He hasn’t been paying on them,” the man says. “What?” I say. “My boyfriend doesn’t gamble.”

He hands me a piece of paper. It’s written in my boyfriend’s handwriting. It says he has secretly been gambling for a long time and he has lost a lot of money. It says that he told the men they can take payments from me to pay off the debt. I reach for my purse.
How much is it?” I ask. “Too much,” the man says. “We have another way for you to make payments. You will have to come with us.”

I say no. The man tells me they have taken my boyfriend somewhere. They won’t let him go until I make the payment. “We know you don’t have enough money,” the man says. “You have other ways to pay.”

I am scared. I think I know what he means. I nervously follow him outside. The two men take my arms. They push me into the van.

We drive for a long time. Finally we stop in front of a huge warehouse. It looks old and abandoned. The windows are boarded up. They take my arms again to lead me into the warehouse.

Inside, it is filthy. The floor is covered in dirt. The walls are falling in. There is a huge mattress sitting in the middle of the floor. A bunch of men are all sitting in folding chairs around it.

They lead me to the mattress. One of the men looks at me. “Is she the one?” “Yes,” says the man who came to my house. “This is his wife. He has given her to us to make a payment on his debt.” The man looks at me. “Do you love your boyfriend?” “Yes, very much,” I say. “Do you want to help him?” the man asks. “Yes,” I say. “Take off all your clothes,” the man says.

Now I am very nervous. I start to shake. I take off my clothes. All the men are watching me. I start with my shoes and socks. I am standing barefoot on the filthy floor. Next comes my shirt. I take off my pants. Now I am standing there in just my bra and panties.

“All of your clothes,” the man says.

I gulp. My hands are shaking. I take off my bra, revealing my 36C breasts. The men are all watching. I take off my panties. Now I am totally naked. I want to cover myself with my hands, but I am afraid they might get upset if I do.

“Ralph, you go first,” the man says. I think he is in charge. “Test out all of her holes.”

Ralph stands up. He is wearing a cheap suit. He grabs my wrist to pull me on the mattress. He pushes me down on my knees. Then he unzips his fly. My eyes get big. His cock is thick and hard.

“Remember, this is for your boyfriend,” the man says. Ralph presses his cock against my lips. I know what I have to do. I open my mouth and start to suck. I feel so dirty, kneeling in this warehouse slurping on Ralph’s cock. All the men are watching.

I feel myself start to get wet. “This can’t be happening. I can’t be getting turned on by this,” I think. But I am. I start to moan. “I think she likes it,” one of the men says.

I keep slurping until Ralph starts to moan. Just when I think he’s going to cum, he pulls his cock out of my mouth. He pushes me down on all fours. Then he gets behind me. I am so turned on, I just want him inside me. I don’t even wait for him to go in me. I push back on him. All the men make surprised sounds. I don’t care, I just want it.

His cock feels so good in me! So thick and hard. He tries to be gentle at first. I want more. I keep pushing back on him. I don’t care what all the men think. I don’t care that they are forcing me to do this. It just feels so good!

I am just about to cum when he makes me stop. I make a disappointed sound. He pulls out of my wet pussy. I feel the head press against my ass.

Now I am nervous again. I don’t have very much experience with anal. But I know it doesn’t matter. I have to let him do this. For my boyfriend.

His cock is all slick with my juices. He pushes it into my anus. Bit by bit, I feel it go in. It hurts at first. Then the head slips all the way in. He pushes it deep. God, it feels so good! I scream in pleasure.

He fucks my ass in front of all these men. I go crazy, screaming and pushing back against him. I feel him get thicker. I know what is about to happen. Then he screams. I feel his cock start spurting up my anus. He cums for a long time. I am amazed by all the jizz spurting up deep into my asshole.

When he is finished cumming, he pulls out of my ass. Instantly the jizz starts to leak out of my asshole. I still haven’t cum yet, and I need it so bad. I must look terribly slutty, kneeling there with cum leaking from out of my ass.

“All of her holes are excellent,” Ralph says. “They will make good payment.” “Good,” the sitting man says. “Okay, everyone, it is time to get paid!”

All of the men stand up. They all start unzipping their pants. I realize that they are all going to have sex with me.

The man from the house puts his cock in my mouth. I start slurping. Someone gets behind me. A cock goes up my ass. It hurts for a second, then it starts to feel amazing. The man from the house grabs my hair. They both start pounding me hard. When they start groaning, I brace myself for what is about to happen.

They both cum at once. Jizz pours down my throat. I swallow as fast as I can. More jizz pumps up my ass.

When they are finished, I still haven’t cum! By now I am so worked up, all I want is more. I am willingly helping them do this to me. I don’t care.

A man gets under me. He stuffs his cock in my wet pussy. I scream. Another man plugs my mouth with his cock. I feel a third cock against my ass. I realize I am about to be triple penetrated (my favorite fantasy). They all push in. I am so stuffed! I slurp on the cock in my mouth like a pro. They all fuck me very roughly. This time, I cum when they do. Jizz comes pouring out of my mouth.

They are not finished yet. All of the men want a turn. They start lining up. I lose track of time. They just keep fucking me one right after the other. In my mouth. In my pussy. In my ass. I cum again and again.

When everyone finally has a turn, they take me home. They drop me off in front of my house. They throw my clothes on the driveway after me. I have jizz leaking out of every hole. “That was a good first payment,” the man from the house says. “We will be back next week for the next payment.”

My boyfriend’s car is in the driveway. I walk up to the door. I can’t wait to tell him how I made the first payment on his gambling debts.

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