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The cabin

For the man from Australia...hope you enjoy

She spent a lot of time up at the cabin in the woods. It was remote and very private. She was free to run naked through the woods. She loved nudity and this was her private place. Today she went naked to gather wild flowers. She loved the flowers as they were wild like herself.

Little did she know as she was wandering through the woods a very sexy man was watching her. He was just out to get back to nature. The naked girl caught his eye and he followed her most of the day without her knowing. He saw where she lived and knew he would have to come back to this beauty of a girl. She had a sexy body with those nice big tits and that firm round ass. He wanted to explore her close up and hands on.

Two days later he returned to her cabin. He saw her naked body inside and got so hot and steamed. He wanted this girl bad. He walked to the front door and entered surprising her. She looked surprised but did not cover her body. "What do you want? Who are you?" She was aware she was naked in front of a stranger and far from help. "I saw you naked in the woods and want to see more of you and worship your body." he told her. "I am not to harm you. Do not be afraid. Just let me touch and kiss you."

She liked that he was handsome and sexy. He had a firm toned body. Her wild streak surfaced and she told him. "Well it is only fair you get naked as I am." The man wasted no time stripping his clothes off. She walked closer to him to admire his naked form. He had a muscle body and a very huge cock and a nice sexy ass. "You are very sexy. How old are you?" she asked him. He replied "I am almost fifty but I stay in shape.
And how old are you pretty lady?" She told him, "I was nineteen on my last birthday." He told her, "you are so young and beautiful. I love pretty young bodies. I want to touch your body all over." She then walked close to him and put his hand on her left tit. He began to feel every inch of the large mound. He took his other hand and was now massaging both tits. They were a handful in his big hands. He pushed them together and admired the size and firmness. He then brought his lips over them kissing all over them. The young girl arched her back to allow him better access and let him know she was liking his mouth over her tits. He started to suckle each tit loving the big round nipples. He kept kissing and sucking like he had never seen a tit before.

She took his hand and led him over to the chair. She pushed him into the chair and spread his legs. She stepped between his legs and grabbed his head and pushed his mouth to her tits once again. He began kissing and sucking once again. She took his hand and brought it to her now spread legs and placed it on her bald pussy. He began to rub her pussy feeling up and down her slit as he sucked the tits harder and harder. She pushed her hips onto his hand loving his finger feeling her pussy. He played with her pussy for quite a while before he found her tight love hole and began to finger it. "Oh I like that." she moaned to him and he fingered her harder. He loved the feel of her sweet pussy and felt her cum on his fingers.

She reached down and began to stroke his now very hard cock. "You have a nice big cock and I love to feel how hard it gets." He then got up and took her to the bed. He layed her down and put his face between her spread legs and use his tongue to make her cum as he licked her slit. As he sucked the clit he ran a finger around her cunt. As she moved to him he began to finger fuck her as he licked her now puffy clit. His hands were busy in her pussy and his mouth foung her tits once again and began to suck them as he ravaged her pussy. He felt her cum several times.

"Now you get to suck my big cock that you have been admiring. Open your mouth and lick me." He straddled her face and her tongue came out to meet his cock. She licked all sides and the man groaned loving the young tongue. "Open wide and put your head back as I slide my cock into your mouth. Suck me and breathe out of your nose as I fuck your mouth and throat." he taught her. She was a fast learner and was soon sucking the big cock as he pushed in and out of her mouth. "Now suck me hard sweet girl as I cum for you to swallow my load." He grabbed her head and pushed the cock all the way as he filled her with his warm liquid. She swallowed every drop of the sweet fluid. "Baby girl you can suck cock good. You learn fast. We will do this often." he bragged to her.

"Now spread those legs and let me slide my cock into that tight cunt of yours." She spread her legs and watched the man lower himself close to her fuck hole. "You will love my big cock in that tight cunt of yours. You will scream as I fuck you giving you every long inch. Now arch your back and lift those hips so I can slide into you." He spread her pussy as he entered her small cunt. He heard her cryout in pain when the cock began to enter her. "Just relax. It will only hurt for a little while as I spread you to get my cock in you. Then when you adjust to my size you will love the fucking I will give you." he informed her. He pushed the thick rod in her slowly but deep as she cried in pain. He soon had every inch in the young hole. He started to fuck her first slow then he got faster as he felt her relax against him. "Oh yes, you are so tight. I love your little cunt." He fucked her in and out for over forty minutes and felt her cum more than twice. "You love that cunt fucked don't you? I am going to make you my cock lover." He fucked her harder as he got close to filling her with cum. He then rammed his cock in deep into her and held it there as he emptied his sac inside her. He looked down at her naked body with his big cock in her small pussy and liked what he saw. He liked the young wild girl who runs naked in the woods.

He then kissd her and told her,"you like that cunt fucked don't you little girl?" she nodded and said yes. He then turned her over and spread her ass. He found her round hole and ran a finger around it. He licked the finger and pushed it into her ass. "That little ass is tight. Some day I will fuck it too but not today. You have had enough of my big cock." He then finger fucked her for a short time till her ass stretched for him. "I am going to stay here with you and enjoy your body. Tomorrow we are going out into the woods and fuck under the trees all day long. I can't get enough of your young body"

Every day they would go naked into the trees and fuck in several places. He would cover her pussy and tits with grass or flowers then lick them off. She liked to wrap his cock with vines and let him fuck her pushing the vines inside her tight hole. He enjoyed her wrapping his cock and his balls. She loved when she found vines with flowers to wrap the cock and balls in. He was her toy and she was his cock fucker. At night in their bed he loved to fuck her again and again.

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