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Anything part 2

I cleaned myself up, took a shower and shaved my legs and ass. I didn’t know what Mr. Robinson had in mind for me but I wasn’t going to take any chance at upsetting him. I thought if he wasn’t satisfied by me he would tell my secret to everyone.
I got dressed into the cheer outfit again and left for his house. I started to get excited as soon as felt the material against my cock. By the time I started to sneak next door my cock was pressing against the tight bottoms of the cheer outfit. I was embarrassed knocking on his rear sliding door, I was hoping he would hurry up because I didn’t want anyone to see me. Mr. Robinson lazily walked to the door dressed in a blue bathrobe.
He pulled open the door slowly and said ”Jimmy. Good to see you know how to take direction, but good sluts don’t hide in the back yard, go around front and knock”
My heart sunk and my cock stiffened even more. I hoped to get away without be exposed to any other neighbors by using the back door but Mr. Robinson was not going to let me off that easy. I quickly ran to the front and knock on the door hurriedly.
The door opened and Mr. Robinson said “oh, good. You’re here. Come in. you’re a bit early but that’s ok.”
I almost pushed him out of the way to get inside so no one else would see me. He closed the door and said” go into the living room, I’ll be with you in a minute.”
He returned and sat on the couch. He told me “I’d like to see your cheer”
I replied “what”
He said “you know, give me a…”
I stood there facing him and started to mimic the cheer leadesr I’ve seen in high school. I started “Give me a J, give me a O, give me a” when Mr. Robinson cut me off “wait, wait. Spell cock.”
I started again “give me a C, give me a O, give me a C, Give me a K, what’s that spell? Cock!”
Just as I finished Mr. Robinson pulled his phone from his robe and snapped a picture. His cock sneaked out when he moved. He was completely naked under the robe.
I asked “why did you do that?”
He said “relax, jimmy. Now I have proof to show if you decide to defy me and try and deny that you’re a sissy cock loving whore. Now get on your knees and crawl over hear”
I did as he said and he opened his robe. He said “here is that cock you asked for.”
I grabbed the base of his cock and took him into my mouth. Here I was an hour latter sucking his cock again and loving it. I sucked him as if my life depended on it. I sunk down on his cock as far as I could then I felt his hand on the back of my head pushing me further and choking me.
He said “yeah jimmy. Take that cock all the way down.”
After a few minuets of this he moved my head from his cock.
He told me “ get on the couch”
He positioned me on my back with my ass hanging off the edge. He pushed my legs up and held them with his chest. He started to rub my cock and work his way to my ass. He moved the material to the side freeing my cock and exposing my asshole.
I asked “what are you doing”
“she, just relax. You don’t want me to send that photo out, do you?” he replied
I closed my eyes and tried to relax and enjoy the attention my cock was finally receiving. He worked my cock with one hand and rubbed my hole with the other, I felt a cool liquid cover my hole followed by a finger slowly inserted. Soon after, another finger worked its way in. My cock responded and I really began to enjoy the treatment.
He said “that’s right jimmy. Close your eyes. You’re a good cock whore. Try and relax.”
Some how I did managed to relax and let the fingers slide in and out of my hole. After a few minutes they were removed. I felt a larger object, soft but wider press against my slick hole. I opened my eyes to see Mr. Robinson positioning his cock at my entrance and begin to enter me.
I screamed “what are you doing? It hurts!”
He replied “shhh jimmy, just relax and it will feel good”
I tried to relax but the pain was almost more than I could handle. I felt his cock head push past and stretch my asshole. He slowly sunk his cock into my ass which burned with every inch. When his balls reached my ass he stopped and held there for a bit.
He said “see jimmy just relax. You’re a good cock whore. That’s why you put on this outfit. You want to be used like a cheap cheer leader whore.”
He was right. I did want to be used. And after a few minutes my asshole began to relax and accept Mr. Robinson cock. He sensed my growing familiarity and started to pull his cock out and reenter. Slowly at first but steadily picking up pace. After some time his speed increased and he really began to fuck my ass. My cock was rock hard, my eyes were closed and I was loving the treatment I was getting.
Mr. Robinson was breathing heavy and jerking my cock good while slamming his man meat deep in my man hole. I heard him grunting and breathing.
He said “ok, come in here”
I opened my eyes and looked around his moving body too see what was happening. Two Large naked men came into the living room from a hall way.
I said “what the fuck is this”
Mr. Robinson laughed and said” this is a party and you’re the entertainment.”
He really began to pound my ass hard and I struggled to take his onslaught on my asshole.
I said” wait, I’m not doing this. I don’t want this anymore.”
Mr. Robinson slapped my face. “shut up. You know you want this. Look at your cock. Your loving this. Your a sissy cock slut. Now say it!”
Again he was right. I was loving it. I submitted “I’m a slut, I’m a cock whore!”
I couldn’t take any more and my cock exploded. I came all over the cheer outfit and Mr. Robinson’s hand. I could feel Mr. Robinson was close. He slowed his pace and filled my man hole with his seed. I felt his cum shoot deep into my bowels. He grunted and removed his cock. The cum leaked from my abused asshole. Mr. Robinson stood up, he turned to the two men and said “ok. You can have some fun with her but remember I found her. She’s my slut, so don’t break her”
I was spent but I knew I was in for a lot more.

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