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Good little boy..

A bedroom. Bathroom attached. A large bed in the center. I; a young man of 23, lay with the woman I love. She ; a mature woman, full figured, beautiful. I love her for her kindness. She loves me for my youth, my energy, my eagerness to please.

I lie in bed, cuddled with her. My head laying on her breasts. She speaks softly, " Will you do something for me baby?" I shake my head without speaking. "I want you to masturbate for me." I leave the bed and stand across the room from her, about 5 or 6 feet.

"Take your clothes off baby" She says longingly. I undress slowly. Pulling my shirt over my head, exposing my chest, fine chest hair matted down. I unbuckle my pants and lower then to my ankles and remove them. I stand there, only my underwear remaining. Black boxer briefs, hugging the curves of my cock. "MMM your such a good boy," she says lovingly, " let me see that cock of yours."

I pull down my briefs, exposing my limp cock for her. "So nice baby"," she says with a seductive look, "now make it hard for me." I grip the base of my cock and start to stroke. Gripping it tightly, moving my hand from base to tip. Sliding up and down the shaft. "Oh yes baby, just like that. Not too fast." I develop a rhythm, my cock beginning to harden.

As I stroke, she lies in bed. Wearing a red silk nightie. Longingly looking at me. She slips her hand under her top. Slowly caressing her breasts, making her nipples hard. She talks her other hand and places it under the blanket that is covering her lap. Her fingers pressed against her panties. Slowly rubbing her pussy.

"Go faster baby!" She says as she moans softly. I begin to stroke faster. Gripping my hard cock, pumping my hand up and down the shaft. I moan slightly, nearing orgasm. "Stop, baby," she says as she motions with one finger to come closer. She slips her breasts out from under her nightie. She nods, a sign to tell me to start stroking again.

I stroke my rock hard cock slowly, feeling it fill up by the second. She pulls the blanket off her lap and parts her legs, exposing her lace panties. One hand is caressing her exposed breasts, the other rubbing her pussy under the lace panties. "I want you to cum for me baby."

I begin to stroke harder and harder, shivering in pleasure. "Oh, yes baby! You're such a good boy, cum for me!" She says in delightful excitement. I stroke and stroke, knowing what is to happen next. I orgasm, ejaculating hard. It streams out , shake in ecstasy. "Oh yes baby, that was so good!"

She pulls me toward her. She bends down and gently licks the remaining cum off my cock. "You are so good to me" she says lovingly. "Now go clean yourself off in the shower, I'll clean this up."

I wash my self in the shower, still shaking from my orgasm. I finish and head back to the bedroom. She's dressed again in her nightie. Her body covered to the waist by a blanket. She watches as I dress myself. I finish dressing, she turns down the blanket, signaling me to get under it with her. We embrace, wrapping ourselves around each other. My head rests on her breast once more. "You're such a good boy," she says with a slight kiss on my forehead. We drift off to sl**p together, wrapped in each others warmth.

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