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OHGIRL: My Triumphant Return Home from Vegas

I moaned in pleasure as his hard white cock slowly slid in and out of me. Bill, my manager at the strip club and boyfriend, hadn’t been able to pick me up at the airport, so he had sent Brett that morning, the current night bartender and my secret boy toy. I had just landed from a 2 week business trip to Las Vegas and it was nice to see a familiar and sexy face. We had barely gotten the door closed on my apartment before Brett had ripped off my clothes and began to ravage me. He may not have been so quick to lick my pussy and fuck me if he’d have known that I had been with nearly 30 different men and had taken one cum shot after another in all of my holes, while I was providing my professional services in Las Vegas. It felt good to have sex with a familiar face and one that looked so hot, as he kissed me and stared into my eyes while he came deep in my moist cunt. I told him that Bill would be over that afternoon as soon as he finished the club’s paperwork and deposits. Brett said that he didn’t care, but I knew that he couldn’t afford to lose his job. He soon left though and I unpacked and showered before Bill came by and took me to lunch.

Bill made small talk and we ate our lunch as he told me how much he had missed me and how the business had suffered on my nights off. He was looking forward to my return later that night and I still had a lot of calls to return from my answering machine. My machine was full with calls from many of my regular clients and potential new clients. After dancing tonight, I would have a few days to catch up on a lot of missed business. Bill knew that I fucked other men for money, but I think that he opted to not think about it. He wasn’t the jealous type, but he liked to be in control and I think that he felt I needed him and his club to drum up business as a stripper. My trip to Vegas had been very profitable and I could have quit and taken the year off, but I was addicted to my new lifestyle and Bill was just so cute when he showed that he really cared. I sucked his cock on the drive back to my place and we fucked the rest of the afternoon before he left me to rest. His huge cock had pumped my pussy until I screamed in delight and then I had swallowed his huge load. He teased that he had saved it all for me and I savored every drop as I licked him clean.

I rested until later that evening and I made my triumphant return to the club that night. Many of my regular clients were there and all I heard was that everyone was looking for Brandy. I had missed my sweet little guy Joey and he was my first private room dance. According to him, he had been waiting all night long to be with me first and I knew he wasn’t lying as he filled my mouth with a huge load of cum. Six clients later and I had needed a break from my private room workload. Most of the guys usually wanted blow jobs, but for some reason, maybe because I had been gone for two weeks and they feared me not returning, nearly all of them wanted to fuck me. I had blown Joey and two other regulars, but the other 4 wanted sex and they each took their full 45 minutes in the private room to pump my loose pussy. There were only 3 hours left before the club closed and I still had a list of guys who were waiting to see me. I would have to see if any of them wanted to pay for me to visit them at their house or a hotel that night.

I eventually made it back to the floor around 1 am and after a couple of lap dances , two blow jobs and a quickie from a young college guy, I was about ready to call it a night. My last client was pretty d***k when he asked me for a private Champagne room dance. He was a really big guy who was probably as big, if not bigger than the 4 bouncers that worked the club. I had given him 3 or 4 lap dances before he grudgingly bought the private room dance. He thought that he could just feel me up and that I was going to give him something for free while I danced for him, but I wouldn’t let him. He had been drinking a bit, so that was part of the reason for him being so aggressive. Once we got in the private room, he told me that he wanted to fuck, so I told him how much it would cost and he threw the money on the table in the room. He sat on the couch and undid the front of his pants, pulling out his cock. It was pretty big and he told me to suck it. I got on my knees, between his legs and began to give him a blow job. His cock swelled up to twice it’s size and was rock hard. He grabbed a handful of my hair and began to bob my head up and down on his shaft, trying to shove his entire length into my mouth. I can deep throat a little, but some cocks are just too big for that and his was. I was nearly choking on his big, meaty cock and finally pulled my head from his hands. He seemed a little frustrated and then he grabbed me and pushed me on my back, onto the couch. He didn’t even pull his pants completely off as he forcibly spread my legs and wedged himself between them. I wasn’t fighting or struggling with him, because he was really big, but he was being rather brusque as he plunged his huge cock into my pussy and just started to roughly fuck me. He had one hand around my throat, not really choking me, but holding me down and the other hand was squeezing my one breast as he just pounded his cock in and out of me. I couldn’t really do anything, but it’s not like his cock didn’t feel good fucking me, it was his manner.

I’d had a few customers like that in the past too. They just want to be really dominant and fuck you as hard as they can. Not for real pleasure, but just to prove their dominance and strength. We didn’t move out of the position the entire time. He did move his hands to my thighs to spread them really far apart, so as to shove his cock deeper into my wet hole. He was talking dirty and telling me to take his big, white cock and how he was going to “Fuck the shit out of me.” and how he liked to fuck little black girls. He just kept ramming his cock as hard as he could in me and I couldn’t help it, but I had a huge orgasm. I was cumming so hard and my pussy got so tight and wet. I was grunting and groaning and he just kept fucking me harder. I think he liked the fact that it had turned me on. I don’t think that he expected that sort of reaction. I started grinding my hips back into his pelvis with each of his long, hard thrusts and all you could hear in the room were bodies slapping and a bunch of loud groaning. After pounding my pussy for nearly the entire 45 minutes of the time limit, he put his hand back around my neck and then he slid out from between my legs. Holding my head down on the couch, he positioned himself over my head. I expected him to put his cock in my mouth and cum, so I opened wide for his huge cock. Instead, he jacked off all over my face and in my hair. I was covered in cum and even though some of it went into my mouth, a huge amount was splattered all over my face and dripping down into my hair and onto the couch. It was a mess. I was wiping his cum from my right eye and still lying there, when he pulled up his pants and grabbed half the money from the table. He told me that I had enjoyed his fucking so much, that I owed him some money back for him giving me pleasure, and then he walked out of the room. My face was so covered in cum and I couldn’t go back into the club like that, so I licked up as much as I could, using my fingers to sc**** it off my face and into my mouth. Then I used a couple of cocktail napkins to wipe some from my hair and other places that it had dripped. I was able to make it back to the dressing room without any notice and used the shower that they have for the dancers before I packed my bag of sexy clothes and left the club.

I said goodbye to Bill, as he began to gather up the money at the end of the night, and he told me to stop by his place later. I told him that I would be busy until early in the morning and he understood. One of the guys at the club had agreed to meet me at a motel and I made my way there, as I drove the quiet, dark roads that morning. The guy who answered the motel room door was kind of nerdy looking, but he was pretty nice. He invited me in and told me that he had never done this before and didn’t know what to do. I told him how it all worked and what it would cost and he paid me excitedly. He sat back on the bed and I danced for him and then we both stripped as I began to give him a nude lap dance. I slid down onto his cock and had started to bounce on it when he let me know that he had never cum in a girl’s mouth. I smiled at him and told him to leave it all up to me, but just to let me know when he was ready to ejaculate. He fucked me from behind for a short while after we had changed positions and then he called out his urge. I quickly spun around and pulled his cock to my mouth as I dropped to my knees. He immediately erupted like a giant volcano and I swallowed every drop of his sticky goo. He seemed so happy, as he stood there staring down at me ,while I continued to suck on his limp cock. I quickly dressed and I gave him one of my cards for any future needs. It was 5 am as I drove home and I kept thinking of Bill’s offer. Maybe I would have one more big cock and then call it a night.

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