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Sexy older mother in law

My name is Ricky. I'm 45, married for 26 years to one of the sexiest women alive! I'm 5'11" tall and weigh 200 lbs with a 34" waist. My mother in law, Janet, is 67 years old, stands about 5'6" tall and weighs about 130 lbs with nice yet somewhat droopy C cup tits.

Janet had broken her arm and was having a somewhat difficult time getting along as her husband was out of state on a 2 week hunting trip, so her 3 daughters agreed to take turns helping her out. My wife took the first night. Then at the last minute she was called into work on an extra overnight shift at the hospital (she's an RN and the extra money is too good to pass up) so I agreed to stay over at help her that first night.

When I got there (I let myself in using our spare key) I walked through the house to let Janet know I was there in my wife's place. I went into the bedroom and heard Janet in the bathroom. I called out to let her know I was there and let me know she needed help. She'd gotten into the tub with a plastic trash bag protecting her cast but was unable to pull herself up with her right arm in a cast....she could not even reach her towel or robe. As I stood there trying to be as modest as possible about this situation my dick began to instantly harden.(sidebar: Let me say mother in law has always been a flirt...and has always teased me about my rather sizeable cock...she overheard my wife and her s****rs talking about their husbands and the prowess of wife likes to call me her extra tall soup in my cock is about as big around as a can of soup...sorta....when fully erect, I'm 8 1/2" long and just over 3" thick!) At this point she smiled as she noticed the obvious and asked me if I'd help her with her bath so I called her flirty dare and agreed. I took the loofah and squeezed the soap onto it and began to wash over her sexy, wet, soapy grandmotherly body. I couldn't believe how well she was put together and she had what had to be one of the thickest bushes I'd seen in years as my wife preferred to keep hers trimmed thin like a tiny landing strip. Janet then splashed water all over my pants with her free and still useful left hand and she then suggested I should lose the wet pants. Again, I thought what the hell...she's playing it like this so I'm basically free to be as bold as I want and I decide to go for broke! I stand up, step out of my shoes, undo my jeans and pull them and my boxers off! The look on Janet's face was priceless! Then I knelt down beside the tub leaned in and took her tits into my mouth, one after the other while at the same time fingering her soapy pussy three fingers at a time! Janet was trying to reach my cock with her left hand so I stepped into the tub straddling her face and lowered my cock to her mouth. Janet did not disappoint. My mind was going wild as my 67 year old mother in law gave me a sucking I'd not had in about 5 years, my wife just didn't like to give head much since an auto accident had left her with a broken jaw that even after healing still caused her discomfort to take my cock in her mouth for too long. I knew I was getting close so I grabbed the back of her head and unloaded into her mouth. Without saying a word I helped her out of the tub, dried her off quickly (and inefficiently might I add) as I led her to her bed. I helped her down to her back and began to lick this beautiful 67 year old pussy that had given birth to my wife and her s****rs! Janet rocked her hips and moaned loudly with excitement as I licked her pussy and fingered her pussy and asshole simultaneously while she rubbed her tits with her left hand. I then crawled up between her legs and pressed my thick head against her sopping wet hairy pussy lips. I leaned forward and pushed my cock into her pussy watching her jaw drop open as she winced with just a little bit of pain at the sudden stretching only to let out a loud scream and moan after about the 4th of my thrusts as her pussy adjusted to my thickness. Stamina has never really been a problem for me and I fucked Janet's hairy pussy for a good 35 minutes as she had climax after climax (5 in all) and I asked her if she felt like trying something extra kinky....sure she said as long as I take it slow at first....she knew what I wanted. She told me to grab some lotion out of her nightstand. I did and lubed up my cock and then squeezed some into my hands and rubbed it on and inside her asshole. I pushed her right leg somewhat over the left turning her hips up a little and pressed my cock head against her asshole. I began to ease my thickness into her asshole, very slowly. Once in about halfway I gave a few mini strokes slowly to loosen her up then pressed in the rest of the way. As I began to fuck her asshole I shoved 3 fingers in her pussy pressing down on her pussy walls and pressing the inner walls of her shit shute against my cock. It took about 2 minutes for me to unload into her ass.

How I love helping out my mother in law now....

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