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Her son-her man

“You are my man!!”She whispered.
This story is about my mother and me.I grewup to become a teen of moderate build ,handsome and tall.I was introverted.My peers were hanging out with girls ,but I was not interested.I lived with my dad and mom in a big house. They loved each other and we were a happy f****y.I was a bright k**.My parents were proud of me .I was closer to my mom and we did not keep many secrets.
Mother was my first love. Her name is Paulina.She was the only woman around me when i started thinking about sex as a k**.I was a curious twelve-year old . My earlist memory about her cute body come from when I was f******n years .I had a big crush on her. Mom was slim and very curvy and beautiful light skin.She had beautiful brown hair.It was very long,and ran down to her thighs.She wore a cute double pony tail and loved it.It made her look like a teen.I cannot forget the soft touch of her hands and breasts when she cuddled and kissed me. At 5'8” she had great butts and just perfect awesome tits that excited me everytime I had my eyes on them.I wondered what was hiding beneath that little black bra.My curiousity was breaking me in pieces.The girls of my age did not impress me as much.
I envied my father and thought he was a very lucky man. My discreet love for mother kept growing everyday.I was slowly turning into a man. Then something unexpected happened.Father lost his life in a bad accident.I was fourteeen . Our life was sent into a bad phase.My misery worsened I was more and more lonely.Mother was shattered.One year passed and our loneliness drew us closer and closer.We were friends now spending more time together. I had great sympathy for mother. Her sexual frustration was obvious. I could see that in her face.She did not want to marry again.She loved her husband and was not prepared for another man.Her behaviour started changing.I remember those strange noises pouring into my room every night when she used to have a great sex life until before the accident.
She was dressing up in ways that stunned me.Her great assets were catchingg my lustful eye more than ever before.She tried hard to keep herself busy at work.At home,she was a different person.She stayed with me as much as she could.She asked about school and we spent more time on the couch together.
I was exploring my sexuality .It took my curiousity to newer heights.I was guilty in my head at the same time.I wanted so badly to let her know about what I thought about her.But my guilt was too strong to let me do it.I could not stop myself daydreaming about her .I knew she was masturbating everyday discreetly.I was disappointed could not manage getting a glimpse of her when she was in her bedroom.
I spent more time in the kitchen with her.I was fifteen and soon turning 16. She was 35 and absolutely stunning.I was slightly taller at 5'9” . She was cute as ever in those pony tails.She loved being in a skirt all the time.I found later that sometimes she even did not have underwear beneath the skirt.Her top was just enough to hide the lower tits.The cleavage was a treat to my eyes when we sat close together.Her smell drove me crazy. I was hard most of the time in the couch and she could sense it.Her beautiful large green eyes were discreetly on my pants. I knew that but pretended that I did not notice. I loved her moderately hairy armpits. I could only imagine how nice the crotch was.I knew she wanted to share her sexuality with me.She would often ask “do you have a girlfriend, baby”?
She started spending more time on the internet when I was not around.One morning I went up to her room after she hurriedly left for work.The computer was on.the room was filled with a familiar sweet smell .I guessed it was my mother's sex.Then I saw her chair was very wet and dripping. I knew it was the juice from her pussy. I was delighted and wondered why it was on the chair.The screen had some minimized windows of porn.I had never seen such stuff before.She had a great collection.I rushed to school after an hour of hardon.
It was autumn and wet.Finally,things wanted to change.Mother was looking for crazy ways to get me to know about what she wanted from me.She loved me more than anyone else.I was suddenly more than just a son to her.Shame and guilt did not let her talk it straight to me.She started leaving her room unlocked hoping I happen to pass by and see her sl**ping naked.This morning, I did finally go to her room when she was in the shower. I could only get to see her curvy shape behind the glass door,and she was aware of that.My penis grew longer than ever before and begged to pop out of the confinement of my pants.
“Mom,I m off to school.”I said,pretending I didnt see anything. She had a plan.She knew this was her first chance to make things work for her.The same night ,as I was preparing myself to sl**p with memories of my mother in the bathroom,I heard a knock on my door. .And there she was,at the entrance of my bedroom! “honey, can I sl**p here.I am really scared of the thunder and rains”
This was unbelievable.The love of my life, my mom,was there ,standing at my bedroom door with a request to sl**p in my bed.
I was naked,with nothing on,But covered in the blanket.She quickly noticed the hardon under the blanket.
“Y – Y es.. sure “ I said in a low voice,pretending I was not very excited about it.
“You want something before sl**p honey?” She asked flashing a smile that I did not see in two years.
“No mommy” was my reply.
She was already wet and I could smell the sweet juices and it was spreading all over.I knew she was very jorny.She was in a sexy red single piece nightie and I knew this was the night my dream was turning real.Her nightie revealed her great silky thighs and I could see the hard nipples standing out.She was so cute and stunning.I was breathing so heavy I could hear myself.”I really wanted to throw that blanket away and show my desperate shaft and say”Mom this is for you”.I was burning inside and fighting between the right and wrong.She bent over me and stepped into the bed. My hardon did not want to loosen.I just couldnt move.“how was your day” she asked in a very soft tone.We talked for a few minutes and i asked “ are you sl**py mommy” pretending that I wanted to sl**p. She knew my bed was wet with cum from my last night s ejaculation. She placed her hand over that part and exclaimed” honey, this is wet !“ I was speechless.I didnt know how to answer.
I closed my eyes .I wasnt this confused ever.She was heaving too.I enjoyed her loud sexy breath.I wished for a moment I could get my mouth feel her full red lips .I did not know how I slipped into deep sl**p. She was awake.She knew I wasnt. She knew that men have involuntary hard on in the middle of deep sl**p.She was anxiously waiting for that .I slipped into a dream.And it was my mother.I didnt know this dream would be real.She could not resist and she got into the act.I was in deep sl**p,with my mother Pauline in my dream.She finally saw it growing hard again,inside the blanket.Her sex juice rushed down her wet vagina and her fingers reached for the much-used slutty hairy pussy.She started moaning loud “honey,I need you.Push it hard into my pussy ”. She knew I was asl**p.She lifted the nightgown and reached for my 7” cock.
That was the first time she had my naked cock right before her eyes.She was stunned .Her eyes widened with amazement.She couldnt believe it was her little son.The dick that she created.She said to herself”My son is a big boy ! “ with a grin and pulled it into her hungry mouth. My penis was gone deep inside her .She could not have enough of that meat around her fingers and mouth.I was in ecstasy in my dream,not knowing its my love, my mother,who is eating me. She was insanely spanking her face hard with that cock.It was a long satisfying 20 minutes of passionate sucking and spanking and licking,before I finally gave it up.A lava of thick sticky milk took her by surprise.She didnt know it was coming.She took it all in the mouth and swallowed it down.Licked it clean ,so clean, I would not see anything when I wake up.
Paulina,my mom, had a satisfying night after a long two years of waiting.She moved her eyes up to check if was still sl**ping.My dream ended,and I woke up,eyes still closed.I did not want to open my eyes out of fear.I knew my mother was in the same bed. Ishe was moving.I thought she just woke up.I was surprised when I did not feel the blanket on my body.I was scared thinking that I removed it in my dream. I realized she saw me naked.I could not move.I was very scared.I pretended not knowing anything.She pulled the blanket back on me ,kissed my forehead and slept with her fingers on my chest.
I was very happy.I loved he touch of her fingers across my chest. I could feel her breathing hitting my neck ,and her hair touching my chin.My cock turned hard many times after that.I was hardly sl**ping.
Morning struck ,and I was ready for a different life.Mother was still sl**ping,but away from me.The nightie was lifted up to the waist, reavealing her velvet butts.There was no lingerie.I was staring at her for a long time. I am usually very horny early morning,when my sexual energy is the maximum.I could was wondering what I should do next. I moved to the wash room,pissed and walked back.I was naked.
I got an idea.I knew she had seen me naked in the night.I quickly lay on bed on my back,with my cock as hard as last night.Put the blanket across the bed,so she could see me naked when she is up.I was hoping she thinks it was an accident and I had not removed it intentionally.I was really very excited and also wondered if I was doing the right thing.My head was flooded with all these thoughts.
I waited 10 minutes,and she did not wake up.In this excitement, l could not hold my erection anyomre.There I was,naked,with the penis in its normal state. Then she started moving.Finally,she was up.She turned to me and was startled.My eyes,still closed.She stared at her big boy for a good 2 minutes,and grinned with pleasure.She thought I was still asl**p.She pulled her nightie down to her knees,and woke me up with a sexy voice”honey! Good morning... this is your mom.” I slowly opened my eyes and pretended to realize that I was naked .I blushed and pretended to be ashamed.Quickly pulled that blanket back on me and said “Sorry mommy! I – I ..dont know how it happened. It must have...”
“Its alright my darling” my horny mommy replied in a sexier than ever before voice.
“Do you often sl**p without the pants on? ” . I was again struggling to find words to answer to her.
“you know....i m not comfortable in pants. I -I … need room for the um...”
“Ummm, I know! “ she said. I could see She was really getting wet again.she could n ot hide her excitement.It was all in her large eyes.
She changed the topic ,and asked “Should I get a drink for you,baby?”
She was sexier than ever before,leaning down towards me .The light breeze from outside the window pulled her brown hair down to her cheeks.I thought I was dreaming.My mother had just seen me naked twice, and hungry for more.
I said” Yeah,i would love a drink”
and she was off ,and headed to the kitchen. She was never as horny as she was this morning.
When she was ready with a drink, she planned to do something naughty. She rushed to her bedroom, dropped her nightie. She had nothing on. Not even a bra. She started walking back naked ,to my room.
I did not know this was coming up. I was waiting for her and my eyes were pinned on the door. “Honey!”
there she was. Standing nude at my door., with a horny smile ! I was shaking in disbelief! Was this real? My eyes did not want to blink.My mouth was slightly open. I was looking at my mommy, standing there, naked.
“Wwww -is this real ?” I stammered to mommy . She was trembling shame ,but she was happy within. She answered “ Yes, darling. I could not control myself. I want to tell you a secret !” She walked in and up to me. Kept the glass on the table and asked me to get up and sit . Her trimmed hairy pussy was right in front of my eyes.My eyes were treated to her full breasts . Now , I knew what lies beneath the bra.A great pair of puffy nipples.They were getting hard as I stared at them.She pulled over to me and hugged me , letting me push against the breasts. “Honey, I love you. Do you feel my soft breasts ?” I couldnt speak. I was busy licking them. I looked in her eyes and said “Mommy, I had a dream last night.You took my big dick between in your palm and sucked it till I came inside your mouth.” She smiled at me, and
“No,baby.It was real.I did that in real.I noticed your hardon when I walked in last night,and I made my mind about it before you slept”. “You are k**ding,mom”. She smiled and said” you are a big boy now.I Your cock is larger than your dad's! ” “did you like the taste of my cum?” I asked in a whisper.She said” Of course, it was better than your father's!” I got really hard now. I finally said “ I love you mom! I have admired you all these years, and I cant tell you how badly I wanted you.Is this wrong? “ She said “No honey,I think it is alright”, with a reassuring shake of the head .This gave me some confidence. I ran my fingers to her back and cupped her great ass with my two palms. “I like your ass” I said. “ I want to tell you, I used to stare at your butts discretly through your skirt, in the last two years.I really liked looking at your butts. “
“Thankyou honey, you are my darling.I am so horny now!! ” mommy said. “What can I do for you now?”
I asked with a wicked smile . “Throw me to bed and kiss me deep!!” she relpied quickly.
Soon,our lips were locked and tongues playing in an ocean of love. A new-found love.My cock was throbbing while rubbing on her thighs. She was feeling the hard thing over her thighs.We kissed for 10 minutes and I could not wait to eat that beautiful pink pussy. I slid down to her crotch and with one hand pressing her right breast,I started licking the pussy while spreading the lips with the other hand. She was jumping and screaming in pleasure.Her hips were constantly jerking.I was licking her in and out. I was taking turns licking her butthole and pussy. Both holes were looking very pretty together.I knew I was going to lose my virginity to these two holes in a little time.Mom screamed” I am coming honey!! I am cumming”. She was smelling so good! I replied “ soak my mouth in your love ,mom“ . She squirted five times . It was like a river .My cock was really throbbing hard. “ drink it baby, thats for you.” She suggested that we get into a 69 position. I asked her to rub my penis between her palms.She was glad to obey. Her ass was right on my face and I started spanking it with both hands.My tongue was lost in the hairy pussy. She soaked the head of my penis in her saliva.Then in moments my huge cock was gone.she ate it down the throat.My precum was already sucked in.She did not want this to end like this.Just when I was going to release, she stopped,and turned to me.I regained my breathing . She looked like a nasty whore. She said to me” Honey, I want you stand up and make me kneel.Then hold my head and fuck my mouth with all your energy!” I could hardly believe it. “Are you a dirty horny whore!” I said with a smile.
“yes baby,i am ! So please do it. Please..f-u-c-k my face!! “
this made me jump right out of the bed and I pulled her down on her knees right away. She was really hot and wet.I did as she demanded. Fucked her face deep down to the throat. She could hardly breathe, but that what she wanted. She was spanking herself hard with my cock. She did not spare a single corner of her face. She was looking in my eyes all the time. I could not hold my cum anymore. I was ready to unload. “I am cumming mother !! “ I screamed and shot gallons of white semen all over my mommy's beautiful face with a loud roar.She did not stop looking at me when I was cumming. There was goo all over. She was bathing in my love juice.Her eyes were covered in cum.She could hardly see. I cleaned it from her eyes and cheeks and she licked it from fingers.Soon, everything was gone.She was a satisfied woman. A happy mother.
We slept together again,for a couple of hours before noon.She was off to work . I was waiting to see her in the evening.
she was home at 8 pm. We prepared dinner together.
She had stripped all her clothes after returning home, and did not care to dress up. She was glad to prepare dinner without wearing anything. That was her gift to me. A token of thanks.I had a great evening helping my beautiful mother
in the kitchen.
We were both waiting for our next love session. We had not fucked yet.We finished dinner watching some nice soft porn.
Soon, She was hugging me. We did not waste time and rushed to the bedroom.I had cummed twice in 12 hours. I was hoping I would last longer this time. Mom jumped to bed and bent her head down
with her butts looking up to me. I was pleasantly surprised to see mom like this.I got a huge hardon and mom was whispering ” Come baby. Come to mommy.she is all yours. Fuck me in both holes.”
I was soon eating her violently.She was moaning like never before. We fucked for 10 minutes before she said “Darling,Would you fuck me in the ass too ? “ with a pleading look in her eyes,her head still buried in the bed.
I thought for a while and asked” Are you sure mom? Can you take it in?” .
“Yes, baby.I would be glad to take it between my butts” Her eyes still staring at me with a smile.
“Let me suck it before that” she said.She turned and licked the bulb of my penis very wet.
Now, I went back to her ass and licked the opening for sometime. I could not stop spanking her butts. Finally,I pushed in slowly.With a great difficuly, I managed to break into that ass. It was great fun.She was screaming louder than before. “ I love you honey!!” I loved watching her cute pony tails dropping over her white naked back.I came in a few minutes and filled her ass . My cum was dripping down her rectum ,and down to her thighs and pussy.She turned around and said “ Baby, now fuck me hard in my pussy.” I held her waist in my palms and started fucking her while kissing her and squeezing her nipples.
“ Ummmmmmmmmm ..You are my man !! “ She whispered. She wore a satisfied smile.
We orgasmed together and this time my cock was bathing in her cum juices and my semen.
I licked her messy pussy .She grabbed my shaft and cleaned it up.

After that night,We discreetly made love for 8 years. She still sports a pony tail.I married a nice girl when I turned 24. We did not reveal our secret to my wife.Mother and I do only anal sex now.

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