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I have three c***dren, my daughter Kay and twin boys; Colin and Tony.

Kay is 19, and has lived with me since shortly after turning 16. The boys, at 14, still live with their mother, Karen. As the divorce was 10 years ago, they have very few memories of my time with their mum. Kay, though, has lots of them, and most of them feature her on my side in an increasingly messy marriage.

Kay had always been a bit of a tomboy, and so from an early stage we had shared interests. I'd taken her to rugby matches, and she had sat and watched intently as I tinkered with my bike. Whatever I did, Kay was keen to tag along with me, and she loved nothing more than to walk down the street with me, hand in hand.

When the divorce came through she was heartbroken when the judge told her that at 9 years old she was too young to go and live with her dad, especially as her mum was dead against the idea.

So it was that Kay started her campaign of civil disobedience against her mum. I started to feel sorry for Karen as Kay pushed the boundaries more and more. Towards the end of her GCSE's, she was even skipping classes and starting to hang around with the wrong crowd. God, she looked a sight; white make-up with panda eyes. Hair spiked up and dyed red and black, and all her clothes tight and black. She went Goth, big time, and she didn't care who she upset.

Actually, that wasn't true. When she came to stay with me one weekend each month on her own, then she calmed down and even started wearing more feminine clothes. Well, I suppose that is one way to describe pink crop tops and hipster jeans, but at least she looked more like a normal teenager. And we still got along. Each Friday when she arrived, we would sit down with a coke and plan the weekend. Sometimes we would go shopping, sometimes to the cinema, and sometimes a trip to some funfair. She loved those. She would insist we went on the biggest scariest rides (which terrified the shit out of me), and then cling to me like a limpet as we screamed our way through another 5 minutes of heart stopping stomach losing rides.

Once, when she was 14, we stopped by a shooting gallery at some travelling fair ground, and I struck lucky – winning a large pink teddy bear with a red heart sewn to its stomach. It was so tacky, it was cute. When I gave it to Kay she gave a loud squeal, and proceeded to throw her arms around my neck and give me the most enormous kiss on my lips. For what seemed liked a day and a half I had a very nubile teenager pressing her curves against me while her sweet bubble gum lips mashed my teeth to mine.

When she broke away she looked at me with her impish grin - her eyes dancing with delight, and then acted as if nothing unusual had happened.

Yeah, I was sure that Kay loved me; I just didn't realise how much.

At 16, Kay was ready to go into 6th form. Despite her behaviour she had still found time to study, and so she was predicted some ok results, not as good as she was capable off, but not as bad as I had feared.

With the change came the opportunity for her to move in with me permanently, an idea Kay had been arguing for strongly since 9. Karen had now run out of excuses to block the move. She had to admit that she couldn't cope with Kay, especially as the boys were now proving a handful of their own.

The day she finally moved in, I pulled out all the stops and cooked us a really fancy 3 course meal, all on my own. We ate in the kitchen, at a table with a table cloth and candles. I even put some flowers in a vase in the middle. When Kay saw all the preparations, she really got into the swing of it. She put on some romantic music, and then went off to soak for a while and dress herself up in something special, (well even I was wearing a shirt and tie). When she appeared as I was serving, it took my breath away. She was wearing a deep red off the shoulder number with a short flared skirt. She had a nice figure anyway, but that fabric was clinging to it like a shipwreck on a raft. At 5 ft 5, she was as sexy as they come, and then some.

She was no longer my little girl, she was a young woman, and I have to admit I felt a surge of jealousy for the young men who would introduce her to the world of relationships and sex.

But for this night, she was mine, and so I held her chair for her when she sat down, and poured her wine, and generally treated her like the princess she was. After the washing up we went into the living room and watched a DVD together. She chose "28 Days Later"; not my recommendation for a romantic evening!! Within minutes she was snuggled into me and burying her head in my side whenever the zombies started attacking. I think she also liked the naked shots of the hero!

When the evening was over, and it was time to go to bed, she stood on tip toe to me, and kissed me gently on the lips.

"Thanks dad, for a wonderful time."

And then she paused for a moment as if pondering something.

"I love you Dad," she blurted out, and then turned and ran for her room.

I just assumed that she was a bit overwhelmed with the meal and everything, not to mention half a bottle of red wine, and I felt a surge of fatherly love for my daughter in return.

The next two years were an adventure. With Kay around, I had someone to talk to and help around the house. With that I gained some confidence and even started dating women again, with Kay's encouragement. Funnily enough, though, she would start getting a bit anxious if anything serious appeared to be on the horizon, and so I never moved beyond a few nights in bed but no more thank you.

Kay did her own dating as well, but she seemed to prefer being in a group rather than one-on-one. Guys would home in on her, but when we talked about them (she was as eager to share her adventures as to hear mine), she complained that they were shallow, thick, and only interested in one thing.

"I thought that girls were only interested in one thing too!" I replied. "Looking at the outfits some of them wear."

"Dad!!" Kay gave me a playful thump on the arm. "We only do that to wind the boys up – and to give perverts like you a good eyeful."

Sometimes, when we had been out shopping together, I had commented on some of the more outrageous outfits, and Kay had accused me of being a randy old pervert. But she did it with such humour that I knew she wasn't upset. Still, It rankled a bit that somehow these young female bodies laid out like joints in a butchers shop were somehow off limits even to look at.

Mind you, Kay wasn't averse to showing off her tight body at times. When she was going out she would make a point of parading herself before me first for my "approval." Of course she looked a million dollars, but I kept having to remind myself that i****t was wrong, even though there wasn't much left to the imagination.

And I'm sure she knew exactly the effect she was having on me too. There were times when I would be allowed to see more than I should have done, like a thong in full view over the waist of her hipsters, and her goodbye kisses were enough to give me a good eyeful of her perky tits cupped and thrust up for all to see.

Looking back, I suppose all the clues were there, I just was too locked up in my "doing things right" thinking to understand them.

Everything came to a head on Saturday evening. Kay was now 18 ½ and studying at college. She told me that another student had invited her out to a concert at the local where a new band were doing a gig. This guy seemed quite nice, and I entertained some hopes that at last Kay would get properly involved in a relationship with someone her own age.

As the time drew closer for the pick up, she sat in the living room, texting her mates. It was a hot summers evening, and she was wearing a very light cotton strappy dress with some block heel shoes. I had already noticed that she had decided against a bra, and I assumed that the "boyfriend" was in for a real treat tonight. She still had those perky tits I had noticed 2 ½ years before, and as she played a lot of sport, she had the rest of the body to match.

And then, I heard her swear loudly and the crashing noise of a mobile phone being thrown across the room.

I rushed in, all mother hen. There was Kay, curled up on the sofa, just getting up steam for a really good cry.

"Hey darling, what's happened?"

I stood there, confused by this turn of events, not quite sure how to play it.

"That bastard Tony, he's been seen down at a pub with another girl, and they weren't discussing the fucking football."

I winced at the anger and venom in her voice. Tony was the intended for the evening, but had obviously decided that there was more fun in playing around than in being loyal.

I sank down beside Kay on the sofa and drew her into me. As she had done so often in the past when she was upset over something, she turned towards me, rested her head on my chest, and bawled her eyes out. For all her good looks and bubbly personality, she was still a frightened girl who nearly lost her daddy when mum kicked him out. Sometimes I felt like a security blanket, but I loved her too much to ever stop her clinging to me like this.

Eventually, the storm of tears and frustration died down, and her weeping was reduced to sad sniffles.

She sat up and stared at me.

"I hate boys. Why can't they act like you, and treat me like a human being, and not like some toy to be picked up and dumped as they feel like."

I had a lot of sympathy for her, but I also remembered how hard I had found the dating game in my youth.

"They're not all bad love," I responded. "It's just that the confident ones get cocky, and they start to believe they are god's gift to you girls. Maybe you should target a shy boy next time and watch him being grateful for a change?"

I said this with a smile, hoping that a bit of humour would ease the depression.

Kay leaned back into me, and drew a neatly manicured finger over my chest. She looked so vulnerable I was tempted to kiss the top of her head as I had done when she was still my little girl.

And then, looking at her finger intently, she said those words that broke down all the barriers between us, and started turning my world upside down until it was made right.

"But I don't want a shy boy, I want you dad."

I froze; terrified that I had misheard her and more terrified that I would say something to cause her to think that I had misunderstood her.

"But I'm always here for you darling. You know I love you."

And as a Dad I did love her, 110%. I was proud of her, I enjoyed her company, and I was preparing myself for the day when I would be giving her to some spotty faced youth in marriage.

Kay read my mind, and turned the screw.

"But you mean as a Dad. I want you more than that."

At this point, she turned her head up to me, and I was inches away from her tear stained face. In a way I had never fully acknowledged, I was acutely conscious that a very beautiful and sexy 18yr old was nestling in my arms. She was soft, and vulnerable, and I suddenly wanted to kiss her not as a dad, but as a man.

With a supreme effort I stopped myself leaning down and kissing those sweet adorable lips.

With a voice that cracked with nervous tension I queried what she was saying.

"I'm not sure I understand you precious."

My head was fighting a losing battle with my prick. I kept telling myself that I was misunderstanding all the signals she was sending. There was no way that Kay meant anything by her last comment.

But my cock was better at reading the signs, and screamed out that here was damsel in distress looking for me to act as her white knight and rescue her with my lance (with said cock in the role of stiff lance of course).

In a daze, I watched my daughter lean up towards me and kiss me slowly and passionately. I felt the fire start at my mouth and course down my insides to ignite my balls. Outwardly, I was paralysed, trying to comprehend this new state of affairs.

But I didn't resist the kiss. I didn't pull back and try and stop her. I kissed her back, hesitantly at first, and then pushing my tongue into her mouth. I swear I couldn't stop myself. All those times I had ogled her body and felt guilty were swept aside. All the times I had told myself off for having less than fatherly thoughts were remembered and dismissed.

Her arms snaked around my neck and pulled me down harder, opening her mouth to me in invitation, and I heard her moan of passion.

Like some desperate man saving himself from a cliff top fall, I wrenched myself back.

"Oh God, wait, please. I love you, and I although I feel ashamed to admit it I find you very attractive. But you are my daughter for Christ's sake. I'm not supposed to do this with my daughter. It's just wrong."

At least, that was what my head was saying. Deep down I knew that only sheer terror had stopped me from seducing this girl and burying my cock in her virgin pussy. I was struck by the terror of what would happen if something went wrong. What if she told someone? What if the neighbours, the police, or the press found out? What if she fell pregnant? What if there was a deformed baby?

And then, Kay spoke her heart. What she told me undermined all my safe civilised defences, and transformed the way I saw my no-longer-little girl.

"But dad, I want this. I have always loved you. I hated the way mum treated you, and then kicked you out. Every time I spent a weekend with you I wanted to take her place and make you happy. You know when you cooked me that special meal and we watched the film together?" I nodded my head mutely.

"I wanted to tell you then how much I loved you. I wanted to kiss you and tell you I wanted you to be my boyfriend. I wanted you to kiss me back in the same way. But then I just thought it was stupid crush. I knew you would never do that. So I encouraged you go out with other woman, and then I was terrified that one of them would take my place. I even went out with boys to try and get over my feelings for you, but they were so awful it only made you seem so much better."

"Daddy, I love you so much. I want you to sl**p with me. I want you to teach me how a woman can love a man. I want you to teach me everything about how to please you."

As she pleaded with me with her sad puppy dog eyes, my resolve was betrayed by my uncivilised cock. I knew that what she was saying was not a good enough reason to break ten thousand years of taboo, but my trouser snake was already drawing up a curriculum of lessons for every sexual act it could conceive of.

I was struggling to find reasons to hold back, when I should have walked away. Every excuse was an invitation for her to persuade me a bit more, and so fool myself into thinking it was normal to sl**p with my daughter.

"But what if something goes wrong? What if someone finds out? What if you fall pregnant?"

"Oh daddy, nobody is going to find out. I've waited all this time to tell you, I'm hardly going to throw away my happiness with you now. And I understand what you mean about something going wrong. I am already on the pill, and I know you have some condoms."

And here, Kay hammered away my last resistance. She looked shy, and spoke so incredibly dirty.

"And anyway, if you are still worried about it, you can always use my mouth, or my bottom."

She must have seen my look of shock.

"It's alright dad. I've seen the magazines you keep in the wardrobe. And anyway, I have found the thought of you buried in my bum hole and filling me there very exciting. I get very wet every time I think about it."

I reached out and cupped her soft elfin face. My thumb rubbed over her cherry red lips. I no longer saw an innocent girl who was my c***d. I saw a young woman, a nubile teen, a sexual fantasy come true for me. With a sigh of letting go all my inhibitions, I kissed her.

This time, I kissed with every ounce of passion I had. All her words, all my hidden frustrations, all the images of what might yet happen stoked up my desires until I was almost ready to **** her.

From her writhing in my arms, her own desire was not far behind. We moved our bodies as our mouths remained locked, and swiftly she was beneath me, our legs entwined. Her lower limb rubbed against the steel of my erect cock, and I felt her push hard against me as it to rub it free of my body. My thigh was meanwhile pushed up to the junction of her legs. She had parted her thighs so that her bucking hips could rub her clit against my leg. Her arms clung to me, gripping me and caressing me as she whimpered in distress and need.

I pushed myself up on one hand, and frantically tried to pull the straps off her shoulders with the other. Sensing my hunger, she pulled them away herself, and then pushed the fabric down to below her breasts with their tight hard nipples.

I paused to drink in the firm beauty of my daughter's breasts, and then bent to lick the soft malleable flesh and the sensitive buds at their tips. She gave a hiss of pleasure and pushed her back up in order to thrust herself into my questing mouth. She wasn't being shy about this, and I sensed her pleasure and frantic arousal. I was none too gentle at one point, nipping the rubbery eraser at her left tit.

"Oh God yessss", she whimpered, "make me yours. Do want you want with me. I need this so much."

There was a roaring in my head now, and I stopped long enough to stand up and grip the top of her dress now bunched at her waist. With one movement I pulled it down her slim body, and she lifted her hips to allow it to slide free.

Only a tiny thong stood between me and her cunt.

Suddenly in awe, I slowly reached out and caressed the prominent mound over her sex. Kay watched me, her bottom lip gripped in her pearl white teeth, suddenly anxious that I would lose my courage and stop this love making she longed for so devoutly.

I hooked my thumbs under the strands of material at each hip, and pulled the fabric away from her sex, not stopping under the sodden garment was clear of her legs.

The room was filled with the musk of her desire. I stood, dumbstruck by the swollen lips of her pussy, bare of any pubic hair.

Kay saw my amazement.

"I told you I had seen the magazines." She giggled shyly.

"And at some point, I think I should punish you for peeping into my belongings." I said in mock anger.

"Oh yes please Daddy. I have been such a naughty girl. But please not now. I am so hungry and I need feeding."

At this point, the little minx slipped two fingers down to her cunt, and slowly inserted them into the wet depths, making very clear what sort of hunger she was suffering from.

I stood looking down at this wanton slut, and smiled.

"Where you serious about what you said, about having me up your arse?"

Oh yes, I am serious. I and scared and nervous, but very, very serious."

I reached down and drew her to her feet.

"In that case, I am taking you upstairs where we can be more comfortable and I can prepare you properly."

Kay turned to me and kissed me again.

"I love you Dad, and thank you for doing this"

My hand rested on the firm rounded flesh of a taut buttock, and as I caressed the silken skin I murmured.

"No my love, thank you for giving yourself to me like this. I just hope that I am worth the wait."

Cheekily she looked back at me.

"Well, I haven't had any complaints to make so far. And if there are any hiccups, we will have plenty of chance to practise in the future. Now come on, I'm starting to feel a bit cold standing here in the nude."

She led me to the stairs and started to climb, turning round after a couple of steps to smile at me happily.

The sight of her naked form was too much for me. I stopped her, and made her kneel on all fours on the stairs.

With her legs apart, the ripe fig of her sex was open and exposed to me, and an inviting target for my tongue. I leaned in and breathed the heady scent of her juices, and then licked the moisture from her labia. She moaned quietly, my caress making her arch her back in pleasure. Up and down I licked, sliding further into the tight folds each time. Sometimes the tip rubbed the erect clit, and then I was rewarded with an extra thrust back of her hips.

"Oh God, please Dad, please stop. This is so good I'm going to explode. I want to cum with you in me. Oh pleeeeese."

These protests were somewhat contradicted by the way her head dropped to her arms and her arse was pushed back to me. When I stopped to observe her, I was acutely conscious of her pink puckered anus also waiting my attentions. I never could resist my daughter's begging, and so after three long licks of her bum hole which made her squeal like a piglet in heat, I smacked her bottom and made her stand.

"Just because I am about to fill your arse with my cum, don't think you will always get your own way." I growled.

She giggled again.

"Maybe you will think differently when you've filled the rest of me too."

I chased her up the stairs like I used to as the daddy bear chasing his naughty daughter bear to the bedroom. This time, though, I wasn't going to be tucking her in.

She threw herself onto my bed, and turned over, exposing her slightly rounded stomach and the lewd cleft of her sex. I undressed and then lay down beside her, and we merged together, our bodies touching as many places as possible. Hungrily we kissed, and our a****l passions rose like a roaring forest fire.

Emma drew back and looked at me intently.

"Please dad, do it now, please fuck me."

She seemed afraid that I would fail her, and not fulfil my promise.

"Then I want you to kneel on the edge of the bed. Push out your bottom for me. I am going to apply lots of lubrication, and use my fingers to loosen up the very tight muscle there."

She gave me a quick kiss and quickly knelt as directed. My cock was so hard with desire; I almost came with the erotic sight of this female body presented for my use – proffering its tight virgin arse for my delight.

At first I just applied the baby oil to the raised anal ring. As I rubbed it, I felt the tension ease, and Kay's back also relaxed as the intimate movements increased her desire to open herself completely to me.

After five minutes, I gently eased the tip of my forefinger into the clenching hole. She whimpered and pushed back. I couldn't see how such a tight entrance would ever succumb to my thick cock. I had done this before with various lovers, but none so young and toned.

Again, I went slowly, only inserting the tip of the finger briefly before withdrawing and applying more oil. Each time I pushed in a bit further, and sometimes I would twist the finger and stretch the muscle a little.

"Please Daddy, don't tease me. Open me up so that you can put your cock in there."

Shit, she hadn't been k**ding earlier. She was as hungry for this as I was.

Using even more oil, I was now able to push my finger all the way in. Slowly I pushed in deep, and then almost withdrew, and then pushed back in again. Still like a hot vice, but easing a bit.

My slow finger fucking was also keeping her home fires burning. I saw a small hand reach down and begin to play with a lonely wet swollen clit. As I finger fucked her back door, Kay matched the rhythm with two fingers in her snatch.

More baby oil, and at last, I had two fingers reaming her fundament. With the greater girth came wilder sensations. She was loosening up nicely, and she was also seriously getting into the pain/pleasure of being sodomised. Still a virgin in all her holes, if I did this right it could become her preferred method of cumming. By now, her head had dropped to her unused arm, and she was frigging herself and moaning and crying out. I could tell that she was close to orgasm, and I had yet to push the main man down the tube.

"Ok darling. I'm going to slide my cock into your bottom. Are you ready for this?"

"Oh yes daddy", she moaned. "Yes daddy, yes, yes, yes. Please fuck my arse daddy, please."

She obviously hadn't just looked at the pictures in my magazines.

I poured a load of oil on my stiff cock, the head purple with lust, and stepped up to the bent form of my obedient daughter.

"I need you to reach behind and pull your cheeks apart. Pull them apart for daddy so that he can fit his cock in your arse."

Actually, I didn't need that at all, but the sight of a woman opening herself in such an inviting manner is the most wonderful in the whole world. Add to this the fact that this was a beautiful teenager, and even more, my beautiful teenage daughter, and I was close to spunking onto the stretched anal ring there and then.

With infinite care and tenderness, I pushed the head of my prick against the tender membranes closing off her back passage. As I urged myself forward, Kay whimpered as the pressure seemed destined to make her slide away from me. She dropped her head and anchored herself on the coverlet.

I gradually increased my thrust – fearful that I would enter too quickly and cause her pain. As it was, she gave a shove back just as I breached the entrance, and she gave a small cry as I suddenly found myself lodged inside.

I waited as Kay breathed quickly, trying to relax. Her anus was spasming as it tried to repel the invader, but without Kay herself helping, it was doomed to be completely conquered.

To my amazement, Kay then proceeded to push back against me, urging her small bottom up the length of my shaft. At the same time, she had recommenced masturbating herself, and from the sounds she was making, it was clear that she was again getting close to cumming. I wanted, more than anything else in the world, to time my climax to hers. Although I would have loved to spend a long time fucking that exquisite arse hole, I knew there would be future chances to do just that. This was for Kay, and for us to celebrate our new found ability to share our love for each other.

I placed my hands on her hips, and started to lever myself in and out of her clenching tunnel. Despite my desire to fully enjoy the sensations, it was soon painfully obvious that I was not going to be able to defer my ejaculation for long. Not only was the butter soft ring stroking my cock with the skill of any courtesan in the world, but the thin membrane of her bowels was rubbing the cock head with silk. In addition, the a****l lust noises that Kay was making as her fingers and my prick plundered her fuck holes told me she was only seconds away from her own release.

The final trigger was thought which shouted triumphantly in my head.

"I am fucking my daughter's sweet arse and she loves it."

The prospect of being able repeat this experience, and do more besides pushed me over the rapids into the staccato shots of my cock spurting into my girl's guts.

I cried out as I felt the muscles tighten at the base of my sex, and the first load f***e its way through the narrow passage of her bum.

The sound of my cumming, and the feeling of the liquid splashing inside was Kay's own key to open the magic box of her orgasm. She pinched her clit as the fireworks exploded soundlessly in her skull, and she gave repeated grunts of pleasure, grinding her hips against me. Again and again I felt another load spend into this virgin's behind, and each spurt brought f***e more passionate cries from her. I looked down on her slim form bucking and jerking whilst while still impaled on my manhood.

When there was no more energy left to expend, we drifted to earth, I stayed still, my shrinking prick still buried deep in my daughter's bottom, my hands resting on her hips.

She placed her hand on one of mine and gave it a squeeze. Head down, gently, almost apologetically, she asked.

"Do you still love me daddy?"

"Yes my darling, for always and forever and a day."

"Oh good," she sighed, "Because I want to do this with you lots and lots and lots.

I stood, spent, my detumescent cock still gripped in Kay's clenching ring. And yet I was buzzing with the enormity of what had just happened.

I had just fucked my daughter. I had just fucked my teenage daughter. I had just fucked my teenage daughter in her tight virgin arse. I had just fucked her in her arse because she had begged me for it. And having experienced it, she was eager to repeat the act many more times in the future.

I stroked her silky soft skin, speechless at the gift that I had been given.

"Oh Daddy" I heard her sigh into the bed, "I love you so much. I want to be everything you could ever want. I want to fulfil your every dream and make you completely happy."

Just at that point, I hadn't thought I had the energy to ask for anything more, but the thought of her compliance sent shivers through me, and I felt my lust rising again.

I wondered whether she could know just how profoundly those words touched me.

You see, apart from having a healthy sexual appetite, with a particular fondness for spending my cream in the bowels of my partners, I was starting to explore a darker hidden side to myself. I was discovering that sexually and emotionally, I was happiest as a Dominant.

So what's the big deal, you might ask? After all, don't most men want to be in control? Don't most men want to have a submissive slut eager to comply with their every desire?

Well it wasn't so easy for me. My dad had been a bully, enforcing his will with his temper, and sometimes his fists. Even after twenty years, it was hard to forget my anger at his treatment of my mum. I had sworn that I would never be like that; that I would be gentle, kind and loving. And so, in protest at my father, I had suppressed my dreams and fantasies of bondage, spanking and abuse of helpless females who craved my use of them.

For over twenty years, and through a marriage to a woman who had emotionally run rings around me, I had tried being the nice guy and got used to being last.

Don't get me wrong, since the release of my divorce, I had met a number of women who had wanted more than just vanilla sex. With them I had indulged their appetites with a will and discovered a singular talent for being a mild gentleman sadist. But always it had been on their terms; and real life, (like looking after a jealous teenage daughter) had prevented me from exploring much more than that.

Recently, though, I had been deciding that enough was enough. I knew what I wanted, and I was no longer going to make excuses for not going for it. I had written some stories, talked with some submissives, and realised that I had finally come home.

As yet, though, I hadn't found my partner, my soul mate in kink, the woman who would embrace and fulfil my desires while finding her fantasies made real as well. At least, I had thought that I hadn't found her. And yet here was my delightfully depraved little girl who was saying things that seemed to indicate that she was a complete submissive, and wanted her father to enjoy the fruits of that gift.

Part of me believed that after the passion we had just shared, that I really could ask anything and be granted it. The more cautious and wiser part of me, however, knew that if she really were a submissive, she would also need reassurance that I was not treating her nature lightly, that even as I worked my will on her compliant flesh, that her heart was safe in my hands.

"Well, my beautiful little slut" I said, grinning wickedly, "your dad needs a shower, and you are going to join him there."

Looking down at her slim form, I could have sworn my words had sliced through her. It was as if a dancing shiver had melted her shoulders and then tap danced its way down her spine and made her twist her buttocks against me.

"Oh god yes daddy. Your daughter is such a naughty slut, but she is your slut to do with as you wish."

"In that case" I ordered her imperiously, "On your feet and proceed to the shower."

She bounced to her feet, her firm tits catching my eye like twin playful kittens.

"I am yours to command, and would love to bath my lord and master."

She said it with a grin, and yet there was the way she relished those final words that caused my limp manhood to twitch in hope again.

I pulled her to me, pressing her delightful body against me and swatting her rump with my hand.

"Careful wench," I mock growled. "This Lord and Master business is no laughing matter."

As smooth as silk, my little one slipped her arms around my neck and looked coyly up at me.

"But I mean it daddy. I am yours to command, and I will obey you in whatever you want. You have made me so happy, and I feel so complete. What else can I do?"

I groaned, my body electrified by the promise of that low husky voice. Everything about her, her manner, her words, her beguiling flesh was a wet dream come true. And she was here in my arms, my daughter, my slave.

I reached up and removed her arms from around my neck. Firmly I held the wrists in one hand...wrists so delicate they seemed engulfed by my fingers. With my other hand I reached into the mane of her hair and gripped the roots so I could f***e her mouth towards me.

She whimpered and melted against me, captive to my will and my hand. I pressed her sweet lips against mine, crushing their softness like ripe g****s. I urged my tongue into her mouth, invading her body as a conquering hero. I was met by her own arousal which had her pressing herself against me struggling to open herself completely to me.

I pulled away and gazed into her eyes. They were gazed with lust, hunger and need. The move I pushed, the more she gave.

Knowing that I desperately needed to clean myself before I dared mount her again, I led her, unresisting, to the shower cubicle in the bathroom.

I live in a small house which I had renovated according to my own tastes. The shower cubicle was long, with a fixed curved glass wall enclosing a space large enough for two. There had been times when I had appreciated the chance to watch my lover of the moment without the interference of any walls or frames. Now, I was also glad that there was room for two people to wash each other with room to spare.

I led my girl into enclosure, and she moved as if in a dream. Without intending, I had managed to put her partially into subspace just by my words and demeanour.

I adjusted the temperature of the thermostat and set the power to full. Almost immediately, there was a surge of comfortably hot water cascading onto our shoulders and down our bodies. I enveloped my c***d in arms, painfully aware of the exquisite curves and valleys of her late teenage body. More gently and more slowly I kissed her again, bringing her awake like some erotic cross between sl**ping beauty and the Venus arising.

She abandoned herself to the kiss and to the moment. Nothing mattered apart from the shared intimacy of two naked bodies in the shower, sharing the wonder of a deep kiss promising passion and fulfilment.

I had one arm around her back, reaching to her other side, bracing her so that she shouldn't buckle. The other arm explored down and cupped one of her taut buttocks. Even as my senses submerged in the taste and texture of her talented mouth, I felt the joy of feeling her curved muscles yield to my clenching fingers as if I were squeezing a fresh g****fruit. Her hips thrust against me and her sex pressed against my thigh. Even as she endeavoured to draw me further into her kiss, her cunt was blindly rubbing itself against me in a futile attempt at release.

I spoke, softly yet harshly with my own rising need.

"No so quickly, my hungry cunt. You must wash your Master's body before being allowed to worship it with your own. And remember to take particular care of his sex."

As if stung into obedience, she untangled herself and turned to the soap dish. And yet, even as she lathered up her hands, she couldn't help pushing her derriere back against me, needing the touch of my flesh against hers. To my surprise, she rubbed the soap from her hands over her own body, tracing the gentle lines of her feminine form. I watched bemused as she cupped her breasts, moulding and offering them to me, pinching the nipples until she hissed with pleasure/pain. Even applying lather to her mons became almost blatant masturbation, and she gave every indication of pleasuring herself, but only to arousal.

I had assumed that this was some artful attempt at a provocative dance designed to increase my arousal; not that I needed any help in that department. The knowledge that I was now training my eager little fuck toy as a pleasure slave had brought my shaft to complete upright attention.

But she had further delights for me. She lifted her arms over her head and crossed her wrists as if bound. Stepping forward, she then proceeded to rub her soapy body against me, using her whole self to clean me. She took special care of my cock. Initially she just knelt before me and rubbed her breasts over and around the jutting hardness between my legs. I was exquisitely aware of the gentle flesh and the nubbins of her erect nipples. But then she reached down and with infinite care she rolled down the foreskin and caressed the last stains of her sodomising from under the helmet. Several times she soaped and rinsed the head, until it was entirely fresh and clean.

Then, unbidden, the water running off her head and streaking her hair over her shoulders in dark rivulets, she dropped her mouth in obeisance and took me into her. And she didn't just take the head. With implacable need, she arched her back and throat so that the whole shaft was engulfed.

My cock felt as if a firm velvet glove had been wrapped around it, and it swelled with the knowledge that it was lodged deep in my daughter's throat. I groaned again at the sweet gifts this young woman was pouring out for me. She paused for a second, as if to prove her devotion and worship, and with as much care she lifted herself off my thick meat.

Her elfin fingers caressed me as she looked up in happy triumph.

"Oh god, I've been wanting to do that for ages daddy. I've been practising on bananas and dildos until I can take anything all the way in without choking. Was that good daddy, did you like it?"

"Like it?" I managed to groan, "Like it? It was like a whole new world of pleasure. And wait until I hold your head steady and push myself all the way in."

My words seemed to cut some cord within her. She leant into me, her cheek pressed against my prick.

"Really daddy? Oh fuck, that sounds unbelievable. I hope that you cum that way as well. It would be awesome to have your sperm go straight into my stomach as your cock f***ed my throat open."

I had to reach out and steady myself against the wall of the cubicle. It was if my little girl had been transformed into the world's dirtiest porn star. And yet, because it was still her sweet voice uttering those words, and her pretty face from whence they issued, their impact was a hundred times greater. Unlike the silicone-enhanced actresses of a thousand unbelievable epics, this person on her knees before me really was the girl next door. This young lady really was at college, and she was, by her own admission, still a virgin. But because she wanted so desperately to please me, and had educated herself with the hidden magazines in my bedroom, she had uttered those words sincerely and made them natural and true.

I turned off the shower and lifted her to her feet. I swallowed, and then said something that I was sure would make her step back and realise what a sick puppy her dad was. I couldn't hide it, though, I needed her to know the real me, to know what a monster I had become.

"All in good time my little pet. Your daddy is going to teach everything about how to please him. He is going to make you his perfect special submissive. More than that, he is going to make you his perfect special slave. How does that sound?"

There was a touch of awe in her voice as she whispered to me.

"I like the sound of that; being your perfect special slave."

She wrapped her arms tight around my chest and buried her face into me.

"I want to be yours, I want to be perfect, I want to be special, and I do so absolutely want to be your slave."

The vehemence with which she gripped me helped me believe what she said. And yet, she felt more was needed. She leaned back and almost glared into my eyes.

"Never doubt what I am saying daddy. I love you completely and utterly, and I want you. I don't want to be your wife, and I don't want your c***dren. I want you and I want you to have everything I can give you. In fact, if you try and treat me like some precious little girl friend and put me on a pedestal, I will get really angry with you. I want you to enjoy my body. I want you to have things no woman would normally give you. I want you to own me completely and for me to know that whatever you want, you will reach out and take it. I don't want there to be any barriers; I don't want any limits."

I started to say something, to warn her about the rashness of her words I wanted to tell her about my growing desire to explore not just dominance and submission, but also bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism. I didn't want her thinking she was just offering me sex on tap, when I actually wanted something much darker and more intense.

But as I opened my lips to speak, to warn her against wild promises and the need for her to be sure what I was wanting, she placed a gentle finger on my lips.

"And before you say anything daddy, I also know about your new interests."

She giggled at the shocked look on my face.

"Did you think only horny Americans ever read your stories on Literotica?" she laughed.

"I've read everything you've written so far, and apart from the fact that your stories have had me gushing like a geyser, the fact that my darling daddy was writing them has made them even better for giving me orgasms. And yes, I have read your letter. I know what you want from a submissive. To be honest, I felt that you were writing it to me and that you were telling me all about myself. The first time I read it, I wanted to go and kneel at your feet and beg to wear your collar. But then I thought you probably wouldn't want a s*******n year old who just happened to be your daughter."

That last sentence was delivered with a cheeky smile, and her dancing eyes made me smile in return. Se knew exactly what she was doing, and she was completely in control of her faculties. She was so much in control, in fact, that she was entirely capable of handing that control to me.

Almost as a matter of fact as if she were just heading down to the shops, she spoke again.

"Now, I'm not going to say anything more, except that I loved it when you pulled my head back and kissed me. Please, do that again, and then do whatever you want with me."

I couldn't think of a better thing to start with, so I happily complied. I grabbed the wet tresses fiercely where they met her scalp and pulled her head back, exposing her throat like some i****t driven vampire. She whimpered and hung in my grip, her hands limp by her side, her body totally available to me.

I kissed her roughly, sucking the life f***e from her. This wasn't romance, but an assertion of will and authority. Obediently she yielded everything to her lord, dropping all her barriers and surrendering her innermost keep.

My other hand moulded and squeezed a firm jutting tit, deforming it until there were red and white finger marks on it. My mouth drank the a****l sounds of pain and lust that she gave back to me.

I dragged her out of the shower and rapidly towelled her down, wrapping her now compliant form in the thick material.

I reached for a fresh towel and rubbed the last of the water from my skin, Her eyes regarded me like a sacrificial victim seeing its god made flesh. She stood silently, awaiting my will and my pleasure.

Dropping my towel on the ground I swept her up into my arms and carried her into the bedroom.

Casually I threw her onto the bed, unwrapping the cloth from her body as she fell.

"Now, little cunt, you are mine and I am going to explain a few things to you."

Hearing the harshness of ravening desire in my voice, she looked at me mutely with eyes wide open.

"Whatever I deign to do with you, however I choose to use you for my pleasure, you will say "Thank you Master"."

She nodded obediently.

"Don't just nod like some toy donkey. Say it. Say "Thank you Master,""

She spoke quietly, trying out the strange words for the first time.

"Thank you Master."

I reached over her, my knee on the bed between her legs, holding her arms over her head to emphasise her submission.

"Again bitch. Make me believe you mean it."

I knew that by making this sound real, her own arousal at being a captive would be all the greater.

"Thank you Master"

"Again, and louder. If I use your mouth what will you say?"

"Thank you Master for using my mouth"

There was more confidence this time, and a light dawned in her eyes as she felt the power of the words ignite her sex; she wasn't imagining this anymore, it was real.

"And if I should use your cunt until I fill it with my spunk, what will you say?"

"Thank you Master for filling your slave's cunt."

Her voice started to tremble with the f***e of the words, and she couldn't suppress a wanton thrust of her hips.

"And if I should choose to **** that so tight arse hole until your tears run, what will you say then?"

"Thank you Master. Thank you for choosing to **** your grateful slave's arsehole."

She was now fully in her space, given up to everything I wanted, happily complicit in her use by me. Her body gave little twitches as mini orgasms shuddered deep inside at the thought of me brutally using that tender entrance in that way.

She was now totally mine; her body and her will given over to me completely. If I had wanted, I could have fucked her there and then however I wished and she would have loved it. But I had more planned for her. I didn't want her just to love what I was going to do, but to hunger for its repetition for evermore.

I flipped her over and roughly pulled her up until her haunches were up and her shoulders pressed to the bed. I positioned myself next to her on her left so that I was placed to spank the perfect globes stretched so invitingly in front of me.

Just to emphasise her position, I pressed on her back with my left hand, holding her down and exposed.

"Now you have been a naughty slut, going through my things, haven't you?"

"Yes Master."

Her voice was muffled, and trembling at the thought of what I might do to her.

"And naughty sluts who go through their Master's things, especially when that Master is also their Daddy, deserve whatever punishment they get...don't they slut?"

"Yes Master, and I'm sorry Master."

There almost seemed genuine remorse in her voice, and she made no effort to remove her bottom from what was about to happen.

"In that case, I'm going to spank your bottom hard, and I'm not going to stop until I decide you've had enough. Is that clear slut?"

"Yes Master, and thank you Master."

She was a fast learner, and she was completely accepting of what was about to happen.

I stroked the proffered derriere, entranced by its warm smooth covering and its elastic filling.

Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack

These first blows were measured, and not particularly strong. I know that I have a heavy hand, and I was more concerned to warm her up than impose punishment immediately.

However, they still stung, and I noted the way she buried her face into the coverlet to hide her gasps. I had never imposed corporal punishment on her before, and I couldn't help wandering what would have happened if I had done so.

Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack

These were slightly harder, and I started to work the whole surface of both cheeks, from the junction with the parted thighs and their cleft peach within, up to the curve onto the lower back.

Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack

Slightly harder now, and bringing a flush to the warming flesh.

Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack

Harder still, enough to feel her back strain against my suppressing hand.

I caressed the reddening skin, squeezing the resilient underlying muscle.

As I felt her relax and moan at this stimulation, I spanked again.

Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack

These were faster and more stingy, finished before she could react. She lifted her head and exhaled, letting the pain flow through her. As it did, she could feel her body almost reach out to more stimulation.

Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack

Again the rapid blows, and the processing of the pain.

Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack

A longer more intense barrage, and a muted wail from the young girl discovering the delights of a good spanking. But the warmth was also taking effect. Even though she felt the fire flaring up in her behind, she also felt the heat lick round to her cunt and set up a secondary flame. She dropped her head and moaned in heat, waving her rump like a wanton bitch.

Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack

Now she dropped into the feel of my hand bouncing off her behind; the way the blows transformed into a stairway to subspace. Her body began to float and she was engulfed by peace and a desire to take whatever I could give her.

Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack

Heavier yet, and enough to leave some eventual bruises on her virgin skin. And inside, she was now awash with endorphins and incapable of conscious decision...just an awareness of her Master's control and authority over her, but also incredibly and overpoweringly aroused.

I turned her over so that her spread thighs were open to me, her wet engorged sex a tropical flower blooming in the hope of penetration. Her arms remained stretched over her head, and she looked ravishingly defenceless.

I climbed onto the bed, my weapon raised and ready to take any castle or redoubt. It took me just a second to place myself at the entrance to her virgin hole. I remembered what she had said about being on the pill, and parted the soft wetness of her labia, and thrust myself deep into her.

It was like nothing I had ever experienced...her body as yet unopened by any previous cocks, I was driving a new channel into her.

She cried out and wrapped her arms and legs around me, feeling a sunburst between her legs, and she came with the f***e of my entry, her body convulsing with the intense spasms.

When she started to fall back, I set up a deep steady rhythm, driving my cock deep into her succulent cunt meat, pulling back to the sensation of being unwillingly released, and then forcing myself back into her.

Within what seemed like an obscenely short time, her body went into overload and she shuddered again with release. All her nerves were so highly aroused that I could almost have blown on her and she would have tumbled into ecstasy. But I continued my ploughing of her, delighting in her slim athletic form that wrapped itself happily around my plunging body, my arms under her shoulders and gripping her so that my hammer blows didn't push away.

After a while, I opted for a change of position.

I pulled away, prompting a mewl of unhappiness as she groggily attempted to keep me onto and inside her.

Laughingly I flipped her once more, delivered a stinging smack on the exposed bum, and then mounted her again. Before she could even work out what I was doing, I was back into her dripping snatch, and this time thrusting at a whole new angle. She arched her back and wailed, bucking as I triggered a fresh torrent of pleasure. She lifted her head and shook it from side to side, lost in a daze of orgasms.

But my intention wasn't to abide there long. I was merely coating my manhood with her juices before attempting to f***e my way into the narrower drier entrance. This time, I would not be gentle, and I trusted that the endorphins from the spanking and the aftershocks of her orgasms would dull the fierce pain of being fucked so hard in that tender place.

I pulled out with some reluctance as my use of her cunt was producing some amazing sound effects and some abandoned thrusting by my sex crazed daughter.

Quickly I moved up and held my straining cock against the pink wrinkled starburst of her anus. Knowing that there was no gentle way of doing this, I pushed firmly, willing the blunt head past the frantically resisting ring of muscle.

But her own juices were her undoing. While on her back her cunt had gushed copious amounts of lubrication over the entrance. This combined with my own coating meant that I slid into her bowels with almost as much ease as I had taken her front sex. She cried out, and then buried her head down....willing me to take what I desired and what she longed to give; her pain and pleasure combined. It took me several stabbing thrusts before my hips where pressed firmly against her riven arse. I paused for a moment to savour my triumph, and to give my slave a chance to catch her breath. I heard her moan and then push back harder against me. The initial pain had passed, and now I knew that however hard I used her, however fiercely I plunged in and out of her back passage, she would happily submit and aid my pleasure.

But there was one final surprise for both of us. As I commenced fucking her arse with a will, taking full advantage of the sweet tight ring sliding up and down my shaft, she started to struggle and clench and unclench her fists, and then she relaxed and groaned. As she did so I felt a familiar pulsing coming from her. She was cumming, and cumming hard,

It was rare, I had heard of it, but she was orgasming from anal sex alone. Now I knew that her pleasure pathways would for evermore encourage her to actively seek me taking her there, and that she would be a happier slave. I let myself relax into the joy of her body and took my pleasure for myself, letting the knowledge that she was climaxing from it add to my increasing tension before my own shedding.

Soon, I knew that I was almost past the point of no return. I slowed my thrusting so as to maximise the exquisite sensations, and rode my impending climax. Kay groaned as she felt my cock swell in anticipation, and then she shuddered and collapsed one last time as she felt me splash her insides with my jism.

I almost passed out with the amazing intensity it. Everything added to the pleasure..her willing submission, her wanton enjoyment of my fucking, the knowledge that her body was now entirely mine to do with as I wished, and the tight spasming hole that milked every last drop from my sex.

Every spurt f***ed a groan of pleasure from me, and it felt like all of me was rushing into her. At last, the spasms died away, and I slowly lowered by body down to cover hers.

It seemed like she had no words left to speak.

I leaned down to her ear and whispered.

"Good girl. Your daddy is so pleased with you."

She gripped my hand and squeezed it fiercely.

"Thank you daddy. I love you so much, and I always want to please you. Thank you for believing me, and thank you for showing me how much pleasure there is being your happy little slave."

I laughed gently.

"My happy perfect slave I think"

"Mmmmm yes" she murmured. "That sounds right. Your very happy perfect slave."

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