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The Office Jerk

Ray sat at his desk his gaze fixed firmly on Simon.

"Dare I ask why you're staring so obsessively at Simon, Ray?" Colton asked coming over.

"I saw him laugh a few minutes ago, that's why." Ray said keeping his Gaze fixed on Simon.
"Simon doesn't laugh Ray, are you sure it wasn't a burp?" Colton asked.

"It was a laugh I tell you. He was at his desk at his computer, he got a text then he laughed!"

As the two continued to talk they were joined by Amber, Beth and Hector.

"What's going on over here?" Amber asked.

"Simon laughed!" Ray said under his breath.

"Are you sure it wasn't a burp, he does that." Amber said.

"He laughed...It was a giggle."

"Now that you mention it I have noticed a change in him lately." Hector said.

"Oh" Ray asked.

"The other day I bumped into him in the Kitchenette and spilled his Tea."

"Oh man, Simon LOVES his tea." Colton said.

"Yeah I though for sure I was in for a tyrade but he just said, 'oops, you all right Hector' then cleaned up the spill and brewed another cup."

"Perhaps he's in therapy, that anger couldn't have been good for his health." Beth said.

"No I think he's getting laid." Ray said.

"What!?" Beth asked.

"Think about it, he's happy. He's got a spring in his step."

"And I believe he was singing one day." Hector said.

"Really...when?" Colton asked.

"I was in the Bathroom a week or so ago and he came in, I know it was him because of the Wing Tips. He sat in the stall next to me and I swear he was singing."

"What song?" Beth asked.

"I think it was Haven't Met You Yet' by Michael Bublé." Hector said.

"Oh I love that song!" Beth said.
"If Simon is Dating who do you think it is?" Amber asked.

"It's gotta be someone in the Office, he's here more than at Home." Colton said.

"I bet it's Gina from Accounts Payable, she talks about him all the time." Ray said.

"Yeah but with Gina it's disgust." Ray said.

"Or maybe she's faking it?" Hector said.

"Well whoever it is they must like a project." Ray said.

"Let's face it, Simon is the most rude, Bossy, loud, opinionated Jerk in this office."

"Oh come on guys he's not THAT bad, he's got good qualities too." Beth said.

"Oh my god, Beth is it you?" Amanda asked.

"No, I'm just saying if someone can change him then he's not all bad at heart."

"Well the work day's over. We'll pick this up tomorrow." Ray said.

The guys watched as Simon packed up his briefcase, tossed on his coat and sprinted for the door.

"Oh yeah, he's definitely getting lucky!" Colton said.

A few hours later...

Simon stood near his stove carefully measuring a pinch of salt to add to a bubbling pasta sauce. Next to the pan a pot of water reached boil and to it pasta was added. From the oven a loaf of bread was pulled and tossed into a warmer.

As Simon danced to a playing Stereo there was a knock at the door.

"Ahh just it time, I hope you like Italian." he said to his visitor.

"Like it, I love it. I smelled it coming down the Hall. The Aroma's intoxicating."

As Amber entered Simon closed the door behind her.

"Can I take your coat?" Simon asked.

"Yes please." Amber said slipping it off.

Simon nearly fainted at the sight of her form hugging little black dress.

"That dress looks Amazing on you!" He said.

"It'll look even better on the floor next to the bed." she said.

"Dinner first my love, then Desert."

Amber and Simon had been going out secretly for two months. Before that she shared her co-workers opinions about him. That was until the day she saw another side to him.

Amber was visiting her Grandfather in the Hospital and found herself drawn to the c***dren's Ward by the sound of laughter. After seeing her ailing Grandpa she could use some happiness. As she rounded a corner she caught a glimpse of a group of k**s collected around a chair, the man in the chair was reading a story from a book of Fairy Tales and using different voices for comedic effect.

As she moved closer Amber was shocked to see her grouchy co-worker Simon was reading the stories, he was dressed head to toe in an amusing costume but she could tell it was him.

As the tale ended to uproarious applause Simon noticed Amber standing there.

"Hello Simon." she said with a grin.

"Ms. long were you..?"

"Since 'Not by the hair on my chinie chin chin."

"You're probably wondering why I do this." he said.

As he was packing a little girl, about Eight or Ten years old ran over and hugged his lower waist.
"You gonna tuck me in before leaving Uncle Simon?" she asked.

"Of course my little Zoe Bell, just give me a minute tp finish packing."

"Who's that?" Zoe asked.

"That's Ms. Jacobson Love, we work together."

"Hi I'm Amber." she said holding out her hand."

"You work with my Uncle Simon?" Zoe asked.

"Yes, yes I do." Amber said.

"Come along k**do, to bed with you Monkey." Simon said.

Simon carried his Nieces into her Bed and pulled the covers up to her neck.

"You know the drill k**do, you got your water and your Teddy Grahams, the blue button calls Nurse Pam and if you need to talk to me for any reason Day or Night just push this button and tell Siri to call Uncle Simon."

Beth watched as Simon gently pulled off the Girl's blonde wig, pinned it to a styrofoam head and after a kiss to her forehead turned off her light and closed the door.

"And no Jimmy Fallon, you got it k**do!" he said playfully.

Simon grabbed his bag and noticed Amber was still there with tears in her eyes.

"She was diagnosed with Leukemia about a year ago. My b*****r, her father died in Iraq and after she got sick her mother up and left."

"Is she ok?" Amber asked.

"The Cemo took her hair but it's working, that and the Bone Marrow I donate."

"How long have you been doing the stories?" Amber asked.

"It started by accident. The Storytime reader couldn't make it and since I'm here every night I decided to give it a shot. Plus the k**s really enjoy it."

Amber looked at Simon in a whole new light. The mean grouch who yelled at the drop of a hat was really a caring man taking care of his sick Niece.

"Would you like a cup of Tea?" Amber asked.

"Ummm, sure."

Simon went on to explain that his Anger at the Office came from Grief. First at the Death of his b*****r in Iraq, then when Zoe got sick and that it only got worse when her Mother walked out.

The pair spent half the night talking about their lives. Amber found herself opening up to Simon things she never told anyone. By the time they parted ways Amber could tell she was in love.

A few days later they were back at work Amber pulled him aside and they shared a kiss. When it was over he asked her out on a Date.

They never got around to the Date, instead spending the entire evening in bed.

"Oh my god...that was...Wow!" Amber said between breaths.

"I know!" Simon said.

"I'm still shaking." Amber said laying her head on Simon's chest.

"The others at work are starting to notice your change in demeanor."

"Oh?" Simon asked.

"Yeah Ray has been practically stalking you. And Hector heard you singing Michael Bublé."

"It's your fault, you turned me on to his music."

"I wanna tell them Simon, I want them to know how much I love you." Amber said.

"There's nothing in the Company's Rules that says Co-Workers can't date. If you really want to come clean I'll be there by your side."

The Next day

Amber walked into the Office and sat at her desk. As she did, Beth, Hector, Colton and Ray hurried over to her.

"Hey Amber Ray has a theory, listen to this." Beth said.

"Instead of guessing maybe you should ask him?" Amber said.

"Hey guys, you have a question for me?" Simon asked. suddenly popping up.

"Yeah, yeah I do. Why are you so chipper all of the sudden?" Ray asked.

"Well Raymond, for a long time I was angry. My b*****r died, my niece was diagnosed with Cancer and my s****r in Law abandoned her soon after. Then I met someone who taught me to love."

"Who is it?" Hector asked.

"It's Gina from Accounts Payable right?" Ray asked.

"It's me you idiots!" Amber said standing up.

As she walked over a hush fell over the office.

"Really!?" Ray said.

"Yes we've been dating for about two Months now." Simon said.

"And by dating do you mean..."

"sl**ping together, yes Ray." Amber said.

"How's that going for you?" Beth asked.

"Mind blowingly intense orgasms!" Amber said. "And he's hung like a Horse!" she added.

Amber grabbed Simon's hand and he could feel her shaking. It was at that moment he realised just how much she really loved him, enough to endure that fear to Prove her love. Which made what he was about to do, all the better.

"Amber, before I met you I was Angry. The only bright spot was Zoe, then by chance or fate your Grandfather was admitted into the same Hospital. You showed me that there was more to life than Anger and I thank you."

Amber gasped as Simon dropped to one Knee and held up a small black box he pulled from his jacket pocket.

"Will you do me the extreme Honor of marrying me?"

Amber looked down at him through tearful eyes and nodded. "Yes." passing quietly from her lips.

As Simon slipped the ring on her finger their Co-Workers started to clap.

"Congratulations, now can we all get back to Work?" The Boss asked.

"Sorry Mr. at my place after work!" Simon shouted.

Simon was the Office crank, a real douche, a stick in the mud. But as is often the case, there's a story of pain and loss behind every hard case. For Simon it took the love of a Good Woman to pull him out of his funk.

If you know someone full of Anger, take some time to get to know them.

You'll be glad you did.

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