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Public Slut

My then wife came to me and said she wanted to go out and really have some fun I said ok lets do it. She went to get dressed while I waited. Soon she walked into the room in 6" heels, black stockins and a garter belt. Her red hair was fixed up and her makeup was perfect. She said she was ready and grabbed her long leather coat and put it on. We went to the car and she got in and I said where too and she named a couple of strip joints and Off we went.

As we are driving she opened her coat and her 36C tits and her trimmed cunt was on display. She was really wet and having fun. I asked her if we were going in the clubs and she just smiled as she played with her clit. I pulled the car into the lot and she said let's just cruise the lot and see who we can find. We saw a couple of guys talking and she giggled and said for me to pull up to them.

As I pulled up she opened her window and waved them over. As they walked over she put her nice legs up on the dash. When they got to the window she started talking and fingered her wet pussy. The guys just stared. She asked them if they liked what they saw, both siad yes and she offered her bare tits to them.

Four hands reached in and started stroking her firm tits. Her nipples got harder then I have ever seen them. She was stroking her clit and the youngest asked if he could help, she grinned and said no just pinch my nipples. Soon two fingers were into her cunt and she was moaning.. She came as the older of the two sucked her tit into his mouth. She laughed thanked the guys and told me to take off.

We drove down the street and she said find a busy bar. I did and the lot was full as I pulled in she pointed to a space with a youg stud getting out of his car and we pulled in.. She got out with her coat open and walked up to ths guy.
She asked him if he wanted anything and he looked and soon was sucking her left nipple. She was rubbing his cock and soon had it in her hand. He was hard in seconds and she took off her coat and bent over the car hoof. He bent over and was licking her cunt. After a minute or so she started to tell him fuck me fuck me now. He drove his cock into her hard and was fucking her like a slut. She was pushing back and fucking him harder. Her ass looked grat as he fucked her. Soon she was cumming and telling him to ram her deep. He came in that hot wet cunt and he still fucked her for about 3 minutes. She licked his cock clean and got back into the car.

As we drove home she took my cock out and licked it and sucked it deep forcing my cum down her throat. She looked up at me and smiled and told me should wanted to this again.

Damn what a fucking slut but wow.

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