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The Teacher's Pet 2.

The Teacher’s Pet 2

I sat at my desk in the front of the class. Naomi sat at the desk in-front of mine.
“Don’t you have a class?” I asked while placing papers in an order and going through them.
“I feel as if I owe you something.” She bit her lip and watched me.
“You don’t owe me anything.”
“But Sir, everyone is in lesson and I’m still very wet.”
Give me a break. “I’m busy, Naomi.”
Naomi pouted in her chair. She stood up and then came over to my desk and straddled herself over me, on my chair.
“But Sir, all you do is work and work.”
Why is this working? I felt my cock slowly push up against my trousers. Shit.
Naomi smiled at me and bit her lip, gazing into my eyes. She knows. She can feel my cock through her skirt. Naomi began to move her hips, pushing her lower anatomy against mine. I pulled her in by her neck and closely kissed her lips, closing my eyes briefly and then opening them.
“Naomi, you have a lesson and I have work. Later, in detention,” I smiled at her, trying to make her leave. What if I get in trouble? I just fucked my student! What the fuck is wrong with me?
Naomi let out a long sigh and stops grinding against my cock. “I’m just so bored and tired. I don’t even like my other classes.” She rested her head on my shoulder.
Sigh. “Fine then, you can stay but I need to do these papers.”
Naomi looked ecstatic with joy. “Thank you, Sir!” As she slowly sat down on the floor, kneeling.
“What’re you doing?” I asked.

She looked up into my eyes “I’m your pet, remember?” Naomi smirked, biting her lip. “I promise I won’t disrupt you from your work.” She giggled, slowly crawling backwards into the leg space of the desk. She pulled my chair under with her and began to undo my trousers again. My cock immediately sprung out of the entrance of my boxers. Naomi gasped slightly and giggled. She slowly started to rub up and down the length of my cock. I felt relaxed and more motivated to work. I started to slowly mark through the papers before I felt a sudden jolt. I bit my lip hard not to moan and closed my eyes momentarily. Naomi had completely swallowed me and pushed it down to the back of her throat.
“Fuck,” I sighed.
Naomi giggled. She slowly started to get faster, taking my cock further and further into her throat. I dropped the pen and held her hair back and held the back of the head with my other hand.
“Faster, faster,” I said hastily under my breath.
I heard Naomi gag on my cock as I pulled her down onto the bottom of my cock, deep inside her throat.

She pulled back and sucked on the head of my cock as she rubbed up and down the neck. I sighed, breathing heavily.
“I’m gonna cum.” I said under my breath.
Naomi started to lick the top of my cock and twirl her tongue around it. I bit my lip hand and placed my forehead into the palm of my hand as I came. I sighed with relief. Naomi slowly pushed the chair back out and looked at me, her eyes glowing with complete satisfaction. She looked up at me with my cum on her face, in her mouth, dripping off her tongue slowly running down her shirt.

She looked up at me as she swallowed my cum, using her fingers to wipe the cum off her face and then sucking it off her fingers. She looked up at me as I watched her. I smiled and stroked her hair gently.
“Good girl, Naomi… Good girl.”

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