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#9 on my Fantasy Bucket List for my wife

As I explained on my list, #9 is to wake my wife with a facial spray of cum one day. She was a bit hesitant with the facial thing first thing in morning, so she suggested we start with a cum shower on her tits maybe to start with.

So the scene was set, recently she had a big night out with the girls and was due for a bit of a sl**p in ....perfect for my little scheme! I got up around 7 a.m and let her sl**p awhile. I was so fucking horny from the moment I woke up, I couldn`t wait! But wait I did for another hour and a balls told me it was time.

I eventually snuck back into our bedroom and found her naked lying on her back...Perfect! I tip-toed around to her side of the bed and just looked at her for a awhile just to make sure she was definately sl**ping. When I was satisfied she was, I went to work on my bursting (A weeks worth of cum was stored in the tanks!) cock. I was pretty sure That it wasn`t going to take long :)

My cock was dribbling out a lot of pre-cum to help with the masturbation. I SO badly wanted to drizzle some on her lips and it made me even closer to cumming just thinking about it. My heart was racing with excitement and as I said, I didn`t think it would take long. I jerked faster and faster until spurt after spurt of my thick cum started to cover her gorgeous tits and neck. She woke with an approving sort of moan and stretch and then started to rub my cum all over her like moisturiser. I was still jerking it like crazy enjoying every minute of it. When I was finished she reached over and ever so gently licked and sucked any remains of my cum from my hand and cock. `Good morning Babe?` she cheekily murmured.

She has yet to decide if she`ll allow me fully play out #9 yet with a full facial....but I`m working on it!
Meanwhile, Back to my list to see what`s next :)

Any suggestions, additions or advise for my List would be greatly apprieciated. Hope to hear from you soon.

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