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The Price of admission (to my wife's pussy)

We brought a guy back from the bar a few weekends ago that wanted to fuck my wife. He thought we would just finger-cuff her, but if you want to get into my wife's tight, white pussy, you have to pay a toll.

He followed us back to a hotel we frequent and after a few strong drinks and some sexy teasing from my wife, he was so turned on that he was willing to jerk me off just so that she would blow him. Once she was naked and the two of us were naked, hard and on the couch, he reluctantly began to jerk me off.

After a few minutes and little sexy show by her, she asked if he would suck my cock. He immediately said no and pulled his hands away from me. So, she crawled towards him on all fours as she started playing with herself. Arriving at the couch, she began to roll her head around brushing and dr****g her long blond hair over his lap and his throbbing dick. Stopping and looking up at him, she said "What if I let you fuck my tight little pussy?", in a pretty-please school girl voice. By this time, she was visibly wet and fingering herself. He thought about it for a few seconds and gave a reluctant nod. With no hesitation, she placed her hand behind his head and slowly, but f***efully pushed it into my lap where he unenthusiastically began to suck my dick. He dropped his open hostility to the act after a minute or so and actually started to do a decent job. He was even licking my engorged head when he would move up my shaft and attempting to put as much of me in his mouth when he would move back down it.
Although he had been adamant about me not cumming in his mouth, when I got close to orgasm my wife pushed his head down against me and I came. As I strained my hips and filled his mouth wife a thick load, it took him a a few seconds to realize what had happened. When he did, he jerked his head back up (dripping cum down his chin) and looked at me wide-eyed. He was a bit shaken and looked as though he would protest, but he was obviously feeling the full effect of the vodka tonics he'd been drinking. Before he could focus, his attention was drawn to my wife.

She was still right next to us, but now on her knees moving her two fingers in and out of her wet snatch with one hand. She had the other on his semi-erect penis, massaging it into shape. "That was real hot, stud. Why don't you eat my pussy since you made me so wet?"

"Wait, what about the fucking," he said slurring his words, "You said I could fuck you."

"You will. I just need you to take care of this wet pussy first", she said as she sat on the couch next to him and spread her legs, exposing her glistening, shaved, pink pussy.

Without a word, he jumped off the couch, dropped to his knees and buried his face in her cunt. While he was busy, I went to the bathroom and grabbed the ever handy anal lube from our overnight bag. I went back into the room. I moved around behind him and started rubbing his cock. His whole body stiffened at first but then continued on with his tongue-lashing of my wife's cunt. When he was rock hard and obviously enjoying the attention, I squeezed some gel onto his ass and began to massage his asshole with my finger until it opened enough for me to fit it inside. At this, he tried to pull his head up, but my wife, just moaned and wrapped her legs tight around his head. After 5 seconds of battling against the liquor, his hard cock, the pleasurable feel of a finger in his ass and her legs, he dropped his resistance. After a little more massaging, and two fingers inside, he was ready.

Seeing him ravenously eat my wife's wet hole and me finger fucking his asshole, I was hard as steel rod. I grabbed him by the hips, smiled devilishly at my wife and penetrated his asshole. His ass was tight, warm and welcoming. Although he put up some initial resistance, it was much less than before and lasted only a a second or two before he relaxed. He loosened and I began pumping away. Obviously not used to this feeling, he would tighten every 15 seconds or so and then loosen up. This just intensified the feel of stretched, warm muscle squeezing my cock. He must have started to enjoy it after a while as he began to rock against my pounding cock in rhythm with me. He fingered and licked her pussy, I fucked his ass. This wonderful and filthy dance continued for what felt like hours.

At some point, I noticed that his cock was fully aroused and he was stroking it. Still grinding her puss in his face, she saw this too and tensed. Watching me, feeling his tongue and seeing him jerk-off was moving her to the edge. As I watched, she began to climax, in absolute ecstasy. She came and he did too with a long tight clasping squeeze of his asshole that almost caused me to blow.

They both relaxed for the next few minutes in contentment, but I was still pumping away, sliding my stiff cock in and out of his tight ass(it always takes considerably longer for me to come the second time). This lasted another 15-20 minutes and he was beginning to moan and press back harder so that I kept going in very deep. My wife, tying her long blond hair back, slipped behind me, laid on her back and wiggled herself so that her head was directly under the point of impact. She started to tickle and lick my swaying balls. Before long, she spread my ass apart and started licking my asshole! She knows that this always makes me cum hard. The feeling of her warm and wet probing tongue as she moved it around my asshole and then in and out was something otherworldy. This was too much and I exploded with a hot sticky load in his contracting ass. As I pulled out with a spout of cum, we heard him slur and mutter something about not cumming in his ass. Ignoring him, she moved from my asshole over to my cum covered manhood and began cleaning me off. He turned over and plopped down on his back and subsequently passed out on the floor.

She continued to swallow my cock which had gone from hard to soft to semi hard again. Down on all fours she moved a hand to her pussy and then slipped a finger in her ass, becoming visibly aroused. Her sucking and licking of my cock and her kinky way of playing with herself why she did it got us all worked up again in no time.

We thought it would be funny for me to assfuck her right over his face - so we did! He was so out of it that he didn't even feel my balls rubbing and sliding across his face as I fucked my second ass that night. When it was time, I just had to pull out of her gaping ass and spray my load on his sl**ping face (it was my third, so not powerful, but sufficient). He twitched, but didn't wake up. We went to our bed satisfied, sticky and smelling of pussy and cum.

We left him on the floor and I thought he might open up in the morning and admit it was a hot encounter. Thought we could maybe even have another go, with him an enthusiastic participant. But, the next morning, he just woke up, got dressed, didn't say a word and left. My wife had even decided to let him fuck her that next morning. Oh well. My only regret is that I didn't videotape it.

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