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Strap on gang bang....

Well hello boi's and gurl's,
Just had a evening of bliss and really wanted to tell the world...
I am tall, slim, sexy CD. Have been X dressing now for over a year.
Never new it but after attending a Halloween Wedding as a female I
was hooked...

I have had sexual experience with male's and couple's in my past,
and am very kinky too...
I also tend to be more submissive when dressed up.
Love to please others before myself type...

So I had set up a meeting with a very nice member of the military and
his wife.He was bi BBC, She was white and very dominant. Both where very sexy, and Pleasing to be looking up at...

We met over a well known website, e mailed a bit, then they invited me
to meet them at a very nice motel in my area. The plan was to meet them
all dressed up at the room. I do go out in public X dressed so no biggie.
At the last minute they told another couple was interested in joining too.
So 3 turned into 5...

Well I get all gurled up. Dressed to kill, ready to get into sub slut mode.
I have on my corset, thigh highs, g string with panties over them, My fuck
the shit out of me short skirt on. 5 inch fuck me heels, and a leopard print top, all are purple...

Had a female friend of mine do my make up, and was as close to passable as I
have ever been. I get to the Place, and the rooms each have a entrance. I am met at the door by his wife in a robe. I enter, she tells me to drop to my knees and obey her! Now after recovering from the bulge in my pants,I knelt down and lowered my head.

She removed the robe,and was very stunning. Dressed in a very sexy outfit, and
was wearing a 10 inch strap on!!!
She then moved me to the table in the room. Her man was on the bed, hog tied...
She asked me if I like to be bound, I said " Yes Ma'am ". She bent me over the table in the room and tied me too it.

She told me the other couple was in the next room, and she texted them to join us. The door open, then closed. I could not see it from the table I was bound to. Then she walked them into the room. IT was a Bi Female Couple....
they where also dressed very sexy, and sporting strap on's !!!

Well I think you can guess like I did where this was going. First off they
untied her hubby, He was in very good shape, six pack and all. His wife told on
of the other females to get him excited. She started sucking him very hard and deep. He was about 9+ inches when all worked up. At the same time the wife was spanking my butt a little.

She bent over, and in my ear told me he was going to fuck my hole now. She pulled down my panties, and g string. Lubed me up a little, and put a condom on him. I love big cock, And when he started to enter me I wanted to shoot a load right there.

Ma'am's BBC sub was a fucking machine. I have no idea just how big he was, but at least 9 inches by about 6 or more around. I totally forgot i was even bound to the table. Ma'am's sub hit all the spots, made be beg for it to be harder and deeper.

HE did me for what seems like days, but really about 45 mins straight.
Ma'am told him to stop, removed his condom, then ordered him to fuck my mouth like he did my ass. He got in front of me, and shoved that massive cock right down my throat. he started fucking my mouth like a pussy, slow and deep.
Ma'am had got in behind me while my mouth was being fucked to new depths.
One of the other females ho joined us got in behind the stud fucking my mouth.
Then it happened. we both got our asses filled with big thick 10 inch strap on dildo's.......
Stay tuned for part 2, and the strap on love to cum!!!!

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