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My first clinic sex (sounding)

When and how I stumbled on this technique? I simply just browsed the internet and searched for topics on prostate massage. Among the various articles I found sounding technique. Furthermore, I found that this technique can cause bizarre appearance but also that it is also a Tantric or Taoist teachings.

So, what do I know? The technique is based on the insertion of "something" to the urethra and the irritation of prostate directly inside. What next? That "something" can be a catheter, or made directly to the medical instrument. Now I'm wondering where and how to buy it. When I saw the price, I was disappointed. Since I still wanted to try and I did not consider that it will be permanently on the agenda of my sexual games that I started to think like everyone from Czech. How to do it?

A catheter is a tube after all. I did not using catheter for medical examination. I looked on the internet and I see PVC tube for air bubbles in the aquarium will be to close. So let's go to the store, buy a meter, diameter 6 mm.

What next? It is logical that a reasonable person to think ahead. So, the first thing is safety and hygiene. As for hygiene, it is clear that everything I sterilized (boil min. 10 min), followed had saved so that everything comes to me, could be polluted Crumb. About myself I kept maximum cleanliness! Hands and penis properly washed and sanitized even disinfectant intended for minor skin abrasions.
As regards safety, the safety has of different aspects. How to I can make a very hose to injure the mucosa. Second, how to I can ensure the lubricity tubing for the mucous membrane. A final aspect is how not to injure the bladder sphincter closing, respectively hurt itself prostate or bladder.

The first thing is to adjust the tubing, I tried many things, but then I found that the easiest end of the tubing is simply heated and plastic alone does everything by itself. Just end is beautifully rounding.

The second thing is slippery mucous membranes. Here I rely on my body. I did not use any gel lubricant, there were several reasons. What next? I am an avid cook. I know what makes fine potato starch flour in water when heated. That's it! Hooray for that! And it is sterile, water-washable, without any possible side effects. Glasses of water, teaspoon flour, boil 10 minutes and you are done. Yeah, but how does it apply? After all, I just dirty, probably also lost sight of purity. But the starting point is simple; after all it is a tube through which I can internal lubricating urine. So let the lubricant into the syringe (still hot, which is sterilized) and I am wait to lubricant will be coll. By the way, the syringe just gave super fit at the end of the tubing. To do this, add more, I pushed the tubing and syringe all the air, and so the tube was filled syringe.

The third thing is that hurt sphincter in prostate. So here I was not sure. I only just came out of intuition, that it must be more pleasant than unpleasant and not at all painful. I can only confirm that in this respect it should be borne in mind that it may be a little much. In any case, it's nothing dramatic, just tenderness, gentleness and self-control.

Right from the beginning I thought that tube when its surface is too smooth it will not be much in terms of irritation. What to do? Well any modifications tubing simply fail. So I looked into the shop, shelves, I lay patrons to weld gun. I soon discovered that when the cartridge heats water of about 80 ° C will be formable. So let's go for it. I recorded it and after a few attempts I managed to sculpt a sound with the same diameter (6 mm) as hose. Sound had sufficient length of about 30 cm. I have a sound at the end capped waves, ie tapered seats. Overall, I was satisfied with the work, diameter, length, and overall flexibility endings I liked.

So full of theoretical information from the Internet and determined to try something new, I went for it. First, as I said, cleaning, sterilization of all elements (except the sound, it would boil overcook on, I used disinfection specified in medicine), manufacture of starch lubricant.

First, I have to end my penis smeared syringe lubricants, and then gently pushed the tip of the syringe into the tube and the end of the tube urethra I also lightly greased. Added by syringe, put the hose, air is pushed out of the tube. I was so excited that I had a few minutes to delay further action, I just lay there, because I thought that with erecting limb it probably will not just happen. Finally relented a bit of a limb, the end of the tubing I easily slid the tube into the urethra. This is how I went about another 5 cm. I easily pushed the plunger, before to each other by inserting sound. Thus I squeeze the urethra bit my lubricant. Now, however, I discovered that it not only has an effect on reducing friction but that actually supplanted lubricant urethra stretches and that is the introduction of a tube much easier. All excited me, it was interesting, in any case, not unpleasant. It is difficult to estimate how many centimeters after about 40 when I suddenly felt extrusion lubricant already slight tickle in the prostate, respectively. Irritation was completely different, and can be described as if I wanted to piss. So I realized where tubing is about, ahead of the prostate and two sphincters to prevent urine from leaving the bladder. So I added more lubricant gently and pushed the hose. At the same time when inserting the tubing I added lubricant. We can say that without a major inconvenience tube passed both sphincters, but he wakes when it is impossible to describe. No pain, just a very intense irritation and others than through anal stimulation prostate. Note: It is already in the bladder tube, it could be verified that through the tube should be based on urine. But as in the tubing is quite thick lubricants, so it can not be so directly verified. It remains only to squeeze lubricant using a syringe filled with the best previously collected urine. Then it is easy to verify this. Never have you drained urine, it is not only the theory described in this technique, but urine will serve to clear the urethra after this technique.

I very soon, almost immediately showed up again a strong erection, so I again waited a little cool. With Pruning urethral tube through my lubricant I gently tube pulled. That was it! Even the feeling of pulling! Felling was as for ejaculation.

Now I used my sound. Again, I wait until the erection subsides. The end of the sound, I rubbed my lubricant. Sound I lightly and slowly slid into the tube of the urethra. Step by step, with pleasant feelings. Everything went as it should. When the sound came practically for the first sphincter, I proved to be far more intense stimulation, as well as if I wanted piss. Excitation was again completely different. I had a little respite. After a very slight pressure sound been through a very interesting irritation to the bladder. Beyond that there is no need to push! I breathe again. Now, because in the end I have some narrowing of the sound, I trying what it does to me, if I plug in the sound gently pulls. Such a feeling of irritation I had never experienced before. It was a sharp, intense, but not painful, sometimes with a sense of excitement alternated with feeling the urge piss. When feeling when urinating, I pushed myself like I wanted to piss, piss feeling passed in intense irritation. So I was playing with myself and the sound is an estimated 10 minutes. Taking my excitement quickly grew to the current maximum penile my penis.

Since it was the first time a slight fear of mucosal injury urethra and prostate did not allow me the right way to do this, I have added to this the irritation glans penis. It was then quick, I reached orgasm almost immediately. Ejaculated I still embedded coil, so that it goes through the prostate. Orgasm was very intense, sharp, every contraction evoked pump more and more irritation.

In the aftermath of orgasm gently I removed the sound from the urethra. For reasons sphincter irritation when removing the sound but permanent excitement started feeling very intensely to urinate. So I was relieved in a bowl, in which I had previously saved a sound. Urinating again I had very intense feelings of irritation, I would even say that the very intense than an orgasm, despite the fact that much urine came out. By the way, in theoretical articles is just stressed that after this technique, one should rinse the urethra urine, means go to urinate. This condition persisted for about one and a half hours after orgasm, means in cycles with an initial period of about a few minutes, which is further and further extended, attacking me feel the urge to go urinate, and urinating appeared the same feelings as when irritation sound, which I also enjoyed.

So what's in it for me revealed? I loved it, many times I practiced this technique, always try again with better and better feelings when stimulated. In either case, I had no other health problems, nothing that would bother me or unpleasant life! I never for reasons of possible health complications experimented with the fact that I blew the bladder through the tube and filled it with something.

Against those who tried this technique, take my hat off and I hope you enjoyed it too. Those who intend to just try it, I can only recommend sounding technique, provided that they comply with all the principles I mentioned or you can find them in various professional essays on the Internet.

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