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Maria: Training a Slut Pt. 2

It’s after eight o’clock and we’re finally on the road to the beach. Maria is sitting next to me, with her short black dress showing me a ton of milky white thigh. I can see she is trying to lean a little, the butt plug still wedged firmly in her ass. The trip is about three and a half hours, but it won’t be in her that long, because we are going to make a stop on the way… a stop about which she has no idea.

The first part of the trip is pretty quiet. She can sense this isn’t going to be an ordinary drive to the beach. After about an hour she puts her hand on my thigh and says, “Would my master like me to finish what I started earlier.”

Now normally I would never turn down road head, especially since I am so horny from the near ball-draining blowjob she had started giving me earlier. Plus, she almost always goes down on me when we drive to the beach… it’s become almost a tradition. But since I had jerked off earlier, I want to keep my edge, and I want my next orgasm to be as intense as possible for a reason, so I just take her hand from my thigh.

This takes her a little by surprise, but then I say, “I want you to touch yourself.”

We’re on a country road that runs through the sand hills of South Carolina towards the beach, and it’s pitch dark outside, but in the light of the dashboard I can see her pull he skirt up around her waist, recline the seat, and then slip her hand between her legs.

I’m watching the road, but from the corner of my eye I can see her hand moving in a rotary motion as she massages her clit. She is still wet from her earlier abuse, and only being allowed to cum once… and the butt plug pressing deep in her ass is giving her added stimulation, so she’s quickly bringing herself to the brink.

Her eyes are shut tight, and I can hear her breathing becoming shallow. Then I hear the unmistakable sound of her approaching orgasm as she starts to groan, “Oh yessss.”

When I know she is right on the brink I say, “Stop!”

“Ohhh God Master, I’m so close… please let me cum” she moans as her hand freezes in place.

Instead, my open hand lands with a sharp slap on her inner thigh as I say, “You will only cum when I say you may cum… do you understand, slut?

“Yes sir,” she answers sheepishly.

Then I say, “Now play with your cunt, but do not cum, understand?”

Once again she quietly says, “Yes sir,” and then I watch her hand begin to move again.

For the next thirty minutes or so, Maria masturbates, alternating between rubbing her cit and finger fucking herself… keeping her on the very edge of the cliff, but not going over. She is in such a frenzied state that I can hear squishing noises as she fingers her wet pussy. My cock is so hard it’s threatening to burst from my shorts, but I don’t care because I know the real fun is just about to start.

We’ve now reached a small South Carolina town near I-95 that is a popular stop for truckers. There isn’t much there but a few gas stations and fast food restaurants, and a little country bar. There is one other thing… an adult video and novelty store called that the truckers love.

As we pull off the road and into the parking lot, I see there are a few cars and trucks parked in front. I tell Maria to stop playing with herself and sit up. I can see her eyes are open wide as she realizes where we are. She sits back up and fixes her skirt as we pull around the building to a secluded area of the empty back parking lot.

Once we’re parked in a dark corner behind the building, I tell her to stay seated and I get out of my SUV. I open the back door and take out my leather bag, and then I move around to the passenger side and open her door. As Maria watches I reach into the bag and pull out the leash, and clip it to her collar. Then I pull her out of the car.

Her door is still open, and I tell her “Turn around and put your hands on the seat.”

As she does, I look around to make sure nobody can see us, and then I reach into the bag for my next implement of torment. Maria is looking straight ahead, not daring to look back at me as I lift the hem of her dress to her waist again. Then the air fills with a resounding ‘CRAAACK’ as my leather paddle lands squarely on her right ass cheek. The pain quickly spreads through the stinging flesh, and just as she’s crying out, an equally hard blow strikes her other ass cheek.

Her ass, which had returned to its beautiful milky white color, once again glows bright red. My hand slides over her cheeks, feeling the heat they are radiating. As I slip my hand under her ass, with my middle finger invading her dripping pussy and my thumb pressing on the base of the butt plug, I say, “You are not to speak while we are inside… do you understand.”

“Yes sir,” she groans as I briefly finger her smoldering cunt. I know I can make her cum right there, but we have more to do. So I pull my finger from her, causing a slight groan of disappointment to escape from her lips. I tuck the paddle in the back of my shorts and pull my shirt tail over it to conceal it.

Then I reach back in the bag, and pull out the nipple clamps. I turn her to face me and then have her lift her dress until it is bunched under her arms. Her nipples are already hard, so I easily clip the two clamps on the erect buds. Once they’re in place, I give them a tug, and then I pull her dress back down.

As I put the bag back in my car, I look at her standing quietly, and she has a look on her face that seems to be one of both despair and excitement. Her breathing is rapid and shallow, and her hands are clasped in front of her, looking almost like a schoolgirl who has been caught doing something naughty. The nipple clamps are clearly visible through the thin material of her dress, and the shining chrome finish on the leash shows bright next to her black dress. Without saying another word, I lock the door, take the leash, and begin to lead her around the building to the entrance of the store.

There is a bell attached to the door that calls immediate attention to us as I lead her in. The first person that sees us is the clerk. She is an attractive thirty-something woman, looking both a little butch and a little Goth with short, jet-black hair. She has her nose pierced, and also has a lot of ear hardware. And the black wifebeater she is wearing shows off her ink. As I lead Maria past the counter, I smile at her and she just smiles back. Maria remains stoic, not making any eye contact with her, as a good submissive should.

There are three men looking through the huge collection of videos and merchandise, and as we walk deeper into the store, all eyes are on Maria being led by the leash. The black dress is clinging to her body, and the visible nipple clamps and lack of any panty line at all make it evident that she is naked underneath. The shortness of the dress and the stiletto heels, meant for my eyes, complete her look… the look of a complete slut.

First I lead her over to the videos. I look through dozens before I find one with a sub on the cover who bears a resemblance to Maria. I show her the cover, and I allow her to give me a brief smile of approval. Then I lead her over to the toys and aids, displayed on a huge wall that runs the entire length of the store.

As I look at the vibrators, one of the men moves over to the wall, about ten feet from us. He looks at Maria, and then at me with an expression that is almost asking if she is available for play. I merely glare at him and shake my head slightly, making it clear that my slut is not for sharing… at least not here with any of them. He gets the message and quickly walks away, and as I glance at Maria, she now has a look of both relief and gratitude on her face. But I do not smile at her, because her training as a slut is still ongoing.

I pick a slim clitoral vibrator, and take it and the video to the counter, leading Maria by her leash. The clerk comes over, and I can see she’s checking Maria out. For a moment I think, ‘now with her I might share’, but instead I place the video and vibrator on the counter and say, “We’d like a video booth, and do you have batteries for this.”

“I sure do honey,” she says in a deep Southern accent. As she starts taking the molded plastic packing off the vibrator, I check out her ink. On one arm is an armband with roses and thorns, and the thorns are piercing her skin, with bl**d dripping from the wounds. On the other shoulder is a heart being pierced by a sword that is smeared with bl**d, and the words ‘What Love Is’. And at the top of her right breast is a skull with a broken heart in the forehead. She has obviously been damaged… I like her.

She puts the batteries in the vibrator and turns it on, and it emits a low buzz. Then she looks at Maria and says, “Would you like some lube for this honey?”

Maria only looks down, knowing she shouldn’t speak, and I answer, “No thanks, this will be fine.” So she hands me the vibrator and a small packet of moist towelettes… and I like her even more, she knows the importance of a clean toy. After paying for the vibrator, she takes the video says, “Booth three… you guys enjoy your evening.”

There are now more men in the dimly lit store, and as we I lead Maria back to the video booths, they are all watching us. I look over my shoulder to see eyes planted firmly on her round ass, which looks even more round and firm thanks to the heels. I have no doubt that all four of them have erections… in fact, with one it’s very obvious… the guy is huge.

The door leading into the hall where the video booths are is adorned with signs saying ’18 or Older Only’ and ‘No Admittance Prior to Checking in at the Counter’ and ‘i*****l or Improper Conduct Will Be Tolerated’. Of course, in a place like this, these signs are more for show than go.

Dull noise is emanating from a couple of the booths as we enter Booth 3. There is a small chair, and a box of Kleenex on a shelf, and once again I think, ‘These people really are clean’. I quickly look around to make sure there are no glory holes, because my slave is here to serve me… and me alone. The only thing I find is a sign that says, ‘Employees Must Wash Hands Before Returning to Work.’ These people aren’t only clean… they have a sense of humor. I like them even more.

Once I make sure there are no holes, I close the door and set the latch. Then I pull out a ten dollar bill and insert it into the video machine. The overhead light automatically goes off as the screen comes to life. I scroll through the channels until I come to our video. The Maria look-alike is tied in the doggie position, a ball gag being inserted into her mouth. Her mascara is already streaked with tears.

As the video plays, I tell Maria, “Bend over and put your hands on the wall.”

She bends at the waist and places her hands on either side of the small video screen, her eyes focused on the screen as a butt plug is being inserted into the slut being abused on the screen. At the same time I move behind her and lift her dress until it is bunched under her arm pits.

As Maria watches the movie, I say “Play with you clit.” Her right hand snakes under her body and between her legs, and she lets out a moan as she begins stroking her clit. At the same time I pull the paddle from my belt, and give her four swift cracks… two on each cheek, causing her to gasp with stinging pain. But her finger never leaves her clit as she gets more aroused.

I lean over and whisper in her ear, “You’re a dirty little slut aren’t you… fingering yourself while strange men are just outside the door.”

“Yes sir,” she answers with her voice trembling.

“But who’s slut are you,” I ask as I give her two slaps with the paddle.

“I’m your slut master,” she groans softly.

With that I set the paddle on the small chair and pull down my zipper, releasing my cock… which is almost bursting through my skin it’s so hard. Then as I press the swollen head against her pussy, I pull her hand from her pussy and hand her the new vibrator and say, “Use this.”

I hear the buzz from the new vibe, and then it becomes suddenly muffled as she presses it against her clit. “Ooooohhhh,” she groans as it irritates her swollen bud of nerves. At the same time I’m rubbing the spongy head of my cock up and down her inflamed pussy lips… her thick juice coating the tip. Then, with one unannounced thrust, I grip her hips and drive my cock deep inside her cunt.

“UNNNGGGHHHH,” she grunts as I bury myself in her until my pubic bone mashes against the base of the butt plug, driving it even deeper into her rectum. Then I begin fucking her… hard, violently, mercilessly. My first thrust almost drives her head into the TV screen, but now she is pushing back, forcing my cock deeper and deeper inside her pussy.

I hear the door of the next booth close, and I have no doubt that one of the guys is in there with his cock in his hand and his ear pressed to the wall… and I don’t care. Maria’s ass is shaking as my hips bang into it, and I’m hitting her so hard and deep that my balls are bumping the vibrator as she presses it against her clit. At the same time, I can feel the walls of Maria’s cunt getting tighter around me. She has amazing pussy control, but I can tell this is involuntary, and that she is going to cum soon.

“Uhhh… uhhh… uhhh…” she’s grunting with each thrust, not caring who hears her. The video is now showing her counterpart’s ass being violated by her master’s cock. At the same time I press my thumb against the butt plug and begin rotating it, and pull the chain of her nipple clamps, and that’s when I feel the velvety walls of her cunt clamp down on my cock and hear her say, “Oh dear Christ… I’m fucking cumming.”

“Aaaahhh… Aaaahhh… Aaaahhh,” she groans with each rhythmic muscle spasm, as her orgasm races from deep in her groin, through her spine and out to each pleasure center in her body. Her pussy feels like a milking machine on my cock as she keeps the vibrator pressed against her clit… prolonging her pleasure.

Her orgasm, and the magic her cunt is working on my cock, is bringing me closer to my own peak. The base of my cock feels like an overstretched rubber band as the tine muscles get ready to pump my load from my balls. At the same time, I feel pull the vibrator from her clit… but she’s not done yet. I will decide when she’s done.

As I continue to fuck her tight cunt I slap her hard on the ass with my hand and say, “I didn’t tell you that you could take that vibrator away.”

Now I’m about to cum, and fortunately Maria is still overheated. That’s when I pull the leash back, pressing it against her windpipe, causing her to gasp for air, and in just a moments her cunt has a second meltdown.

I ease my grip on the leash, and she inhales deeply and then exhales with a loud, “Aggghhh,” as she cums. Once again I feel her vaginal walls clamp down on me, squeezing me like a soft, wet hand, and that’s all I can take. As Maria’s second orgasm is still raking her body, I pull her around and down to her knees in front of me, and then jam my bloated cock into her mouth.

She’s still moaning from her own orgasm as her lips lock around my prick, her tongue cleaning the thick coating of pussy juice from my shaft. But I’m only in her mouth for a few seconds when I feel the muscles deep in my ass and behind my balls tighten into a knot and then release.

Just as I feel the first hard contraction in my groin, I pull my cock from between Maria’s lips and aim it at her face. Denying my own orgasm has worked, and the spasm at the base of my prick is so strong that the first rope of cum explodes from the tip and splatters against her lips and chin. “Oh Fuuuucccckkk,” I groan in a strangled voice as the second spurt of thick opaque fluid fires from my prick at high velocity, and strikes her cheek.

I quickly push my hips forward, burying my spewing cock back into her mouth… and the remaining spasms pump the rest of my load down Maria’s throat. Her soft, wet mouth gently milks my twitching penis until the last of my semen leaks from the tip and coats her tongue. And then she releases my spent member from between her lips, and swallows the rest of my gooey discharge with one gulp.

My orgasm was so intense that I need to take a moment to get my bearings. As I tuck my deflated cock, completely cleaned by Maria’s expert cock sucking, back into my pants, I lift her up by the leash until she’s standing in front of me. Her legs are also a little shaky as she balances herself on her high heels after being ripped by two orgasms.

Her face is still covered with the remnants of my orgasm. The thick, milky white fluid that splattered on her cheek is now clinging to her skin. And as she begins to reach for the Kleenex I grab her hand as say, “You do not have permission to clean yourself.” Then I put my paddle back in my belt, put the vibrator in my pocket, and open the door.

As I lead Maria out by the leash, there are two men in the hall. Both of them look at her, and as she blushes a deep red, the creamy white spunk shows even brighter on her skin. I have a feeling that they were listening, but we say nothing as we walk past them.

Then we walk through the outer store, and past five more men who watch as I lead my slave, her face covered in cum, towards the door. And as we pass the counter, I look at the woman and say, “My whore really likes the vibrator. She looks at Maria’s cum-splattered face and says, “Well I’m glad you folks had a nice time.” And Maria’s torment and humiliation was complete.

When we get to the car, I pull some lube out of the bag and used my finger to spread it around her asshole before gently extracting the butt plug. Then I take off the nipple clamps, and finally the collar. I retrieve some gentle Handi-Wipes from the glove box and clean the drying cum from her face, and then I cup her chin and say, “Whose slut are you?”

“Yours sir,” she answers, and this time she smiles.

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