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Maria: Training a Slut Pt. 1

We are leaving for the beach on the Friday of Labor Day weekend. Maria can’t get off of work early, which kind of pisses me off since we have to leave late… but it also works perfectly for what I have planned for the trip down. And since we’re off Monday, we’re not really losing that much beach time.

I tell her that I‘ll pick her up at 7:00. She is to wear my favorite little black dress with no bra or panties. It clings to her trim body and shows off her long legs and round ass. Her nipples get quite pokey when she’s aroused, so I know that it will be easy to see them through the thin material. She also has to wear my favorite pumps with the stiletto heels… these shoes make her butt pop even more, and really make my usually shy and demure woman look slutty.

When I get there I find that she has left her front door unlocked as I instructed. I walk back into the bedroom and find she is in the exact position I commanded… bent over at the waist with her legs about shoulder width apart. Her hands are placed on the antique steamer trunk at the foot of her bed, and her ass is pointed towards the door. She knows she must stand perfectly still, and is not permitted to turn around or speak.

I walk behind her without saying a word, and place my small black implement bag on the floor. Then I slowly lift the hem of her dress until it is around her waist. The way the creamy skin of her naked ass contrasts the black dress really turns me on. As I look lower, I can also see her tiny, puckered asshole and blatantly exposed pussy, which is already gaping slightly and shining with her juices.

I cup her soft, smooth ass cheek with my palm, and then I turn my fingers downward and slip them between her legs. As I brush them against her swollen labia, I can feel the heat and the moisture coming from inside her. I also feel her body flinch, and she softly groans, “Ohhh yes,” as my fingers begin to explore her slick gash.

As soon as I hear her words, I take my fingers away from her hot cunt, raise my hand and bring it down twice on her right ass cheek. As the loud smacking of flesh meeting flesh in violent contact echoes off the walls, I growl, “Did I say you could speak, slut?”

She’s afraid to answer, so I raise my hand again, and this time it lands twice more, with equal sound and punishing fury on her left ass cheek. Almost immediately the alabaster skin where my hands have struck turns a bright red. Then in a louder voice I say, “I asked you a question… did I say that you could speak, slut?”

“No sir,” she answers meekly, her ass now turning a bright red.

“Good girl,” I answer smugly, then I say, “But I think you have a problem with listening to me.” With that I reach into my bag and pull out a brand new collar with a teardrop ring… which will come in handy later. I put the collar around her smooth neck and fasten it tight enough to where it is snug, but not quite choking her. Then I reach back into the bag and pull out my small leather paddle.

I step behind her and swing the paddle, striking her ass cheek with two sharp blows. As I hear the gasp of surprise and painful pleasure escape from her mouth, I say, “This is what will happen if you disobey me again.”

Now her firm round cheeks have turned from bright red to a dark crimson, and as my hand caresses the bruised globes of tender flesh, I feel them radiating warmth from her spanking. Once again my hand slips between her legs, and my fingers find her puffy cunt lips, but this time I rudely push two digits deep inside her. Now Maria only grunts, for fear of another paddling if she speaks, but she still pushes her hips back, driving my fingers deep inside herself.

She is literally sopping wet with excitement, and my fingers make squishing noises as I roughly finger fuck her. She is tensing to meet my thrusts as first two, and then three fingers explore deep inside her sucking cunt. I can feel the walls of her vagina hugging my fingers as I fuck them in and out of her. She’s trying to remain quiet, but I can hear the soft groans emanating from deep in her throat.

After a few minutes of tormenting her overheated cunt with deep finger thrusts, I feel the muscles inside her starting to contract, which I know happens when she is about to cum. So I pull my fingers from her slick gash, and using her pussy juice, I lubricate her asshole. Then I slowly push my middle finger inside the tight ring until I reach the third knuckle. Then I begin to finger fuck her ass, as my free hand finds her clit and begins stroking it.

She’s obeying me by keeping her hands flat on the trunk and sticking her ass in the air, but she is starting to gyrate her hips, and I can tell she’s going to cum soon. But I haven’t given her permission to orgasm, so I extract my fingers from her both of her holes. I hear her exhale and then groan in frustration and disappointment, so just to remind he she has no say in this power play, I give her a quick, sharp slap on each hip, just above her ass cheek, creating a new area of stinging pain, and quieting her once again.

Her pussy looks irritated and excited as it gapes open in front of my eyes, shining with her clear fluid, and that tells me she’s ready. I reach into the bag and pull out a brand new butt plug... a special gift for my obedient whore. It’s larger than her first one, and will stretch her ass and fill her rectum even more. Then, after retrieving some extra lube, I close the bag… saving the other implements of discipline still inside for what I have planned later.

I take the plug and press it against her pussy lips first, rubbing it up and down her slit to lubricate tip, and to tease her clit. My manipulation of the swollen nub causes her body to shiver again... and that’s when I begin to push it inside her. Once again she tries to suppress a groan of pleasure deep in her throat as the toy begins to penetrate her engorged cunt lips… and once again she fails. But I don’t spank her this time, because I am in complete control of her pleasure, and to what degree I will allow her to receive it. She is my slave, and I am her master… and she knows this without question.

Her back begins to arch even more as the thick middle of the butt plug stretches her cunt open. I watch as the smooth black silicone disappears slowly between the glistening pink labia and into her drooling pussy, filling her until only the base is visible. Now her womanhood is stuffed with the new toy, both to torment her aching quim, and to help lubricate it for its final destination... her tight, puckered asshole.

After fucking the plug in and out of her, I slowly remove it, watching carefully as her labia clings to the toy, almost trying to suck it back into her hungry cunt. Once again I can sense her body going limp with disappointment, but this only lasts for a moment as she feels me applying some lube to her asshole. Normally I might only use pussy juice as a natural lubricant, but since this plug is a little bigger, and unbeknownst to her will be inside her longer than normal, I add some extra lube. After all, I am her master, her abuser, her tormentor… but I am also a gentleman.

I slowly spread some of the lube on the outer edge of her tight anus, teasing the nerve endings and causing her to squirm. And then I begin to push my finger inside her again. At first I feel her asshole pucker tightly against my finger, but she has learned the importance of not resisting, so she quickly relaxes the tight ring of muscles and accepts my invading digit. Then I begin finger fucking her tight hole to spread the extra lube, and to stimulate the sensitive area.

I know her body well enough to sense she is on sexual overload, so I pull my finger from deep in her ass. Then I add some lube to the natural pussy secretions that already coat the new butt plug. Once it’s lubricated, I press the tip against her asshole, which is gaping slightly from my digital manipulations. As I begin to press the plug into her ass, the fingers of my free hand find her hard clit again, and as I slowly push more of the new toy into her, my finger begins to circle her nerve-filled love button.

Without thinking, she groans “Oh God it’s big,” in her beautiful Irish accent, as the plug stretches her asshole wider than it’s ever been stretched. But her speaking immediately brings two swift, stinging smacks of my hand on her soft ass cheeks, which turn even deeper in color.

“You will only express your pleasure when I tell you that you may… do you understand,” I say as I continue to press the plug inside her.

“Yes sir,” she answers again, her voice trembling from a combination of stinging pain and pleasure.

I watch as the thickest part of the butt plug passes through her asshole, and Maria lets out a gasp the tight ring of tissue sucks the remainder of the toy deep inside her, with only the wide base keeping it from disappearing completely.

Her body is squirming as the new plug fills her rectum, stimulating every nerve ending in and around the sensitive area. I can sense she’s on the edge of control, so I reach behind her neck, hook my finger under her tight collar and pull her head back until she’s standing. Then I grab the bottom of her dress which is still around her hips and lift it up and over her head and arms and cast it aside, leaving her naked except for her black heels and the butt plug wedged firmly in her ass.

Now she stands naked and silent, her skin a milky white except for her spanked and violated ass, which still glows a deep red. I reach into the bag and pull out the leash, which I hook to her new collar. Then I stand behind her and reach around to her tits, kneading them with my hands before pinching her erect nipples… first gently, and then harder, causing her to wince and her body to shudder. At the same time I press my hard cock, still in my pants, against the base of the butt plug, grinding it into her ass.

I can feel her chest heaving and her breathing quicken as I dry fuck against her while I play with her hard nipples. Then I pull away and reach back into the bag and pull out the nipple clamps. I clip then roughly to her nipples and then tug on the chain that connects them, causing Maria to flinch again. And then I pull her back down by the leash until once again she is bent over with her hands on the trunk.

My cock is so hard it’s ready to rip from my pants as I begin to pull my zipper. At the same time I use my other hand to push down on Maria’s back until her tits press against the trunk, forcing the clamps tighter on her nipples. Then after I undo my pants and let them fall to the floor, I quickly press the head of my cock against her wet pussy lips, and without warning drive it deep into her aching cunt.

“Ahhhhhh,” she cries out as I bury myself into her until my hips are pressed against her ass and my balls rest against her clit. Then as I grab the leash in one hand and the chain connecting her nipple clamps in the other I begin fucking her in long deep strokes.

“Ugh… ugh… ugh…” she grunts as each thrust drives my prick deep into her smoldering gash. I can feel the muscles in the walls of her pussy contracting around me as Maria’s first orgasm of the night gets closer. At the same time I feel a tightness forming at the base of my hard cock, but I’m not close to cumming yet.

Maria is almost whimpering now as my bloated cock plows in and out of her, harder and harder. I can feel her pressing back against me with each thrust, and that’s when I say, “Do you want me to let you cum, slut?”
“Oh yes… oh please dear lord yes,” she begs.

With that I begin driving into her harder and faster. My cock is like a piston as it fucks in and out of her tight cunt. At the same time I say, “Play with your clit,” in a commanding tone.

I watch as her right hand leaves the trunk and disappears under her body, and then she lets out a groan as she starts frigging her clit. At the same time I press on the base of the butt plug, forcing it deeper into her rectum.

My hips are slapping against her ass as I fuck her harder and faster, and I can feel her finger rubbing her clit faster, and then I say, “If you admit you’re a whore, you may cum.”

“I’m a whore… I’m your whore,” she says in a trembling voice as my cock slams in and out of her.

I can actually feel her vaginal walls tightening around me as she gets closer, and as I drive myself as deep inside her as I can, pressing the butt plug deeper into her ass at the same time, she cries out, “Oh fuck Master… I’m fucking cummmmiiinnnggg!”

I can feel her cunt clutching at my cock as her orgasm crashes down on her. Her finger is bumping against my balls as she massages her clit, and I can see the muscles in her ass tighten as they squeeze the butt plug, intensifying her climax. She’s groaning completely out of control as involuntary muscle spasms rip through her groin, threatening to tear my prick from her body.

She is literally wailing as one of the longest orgasms she’s ever had with me ripples through her body. As it finally subsides, I grab her leash and pull her around, pulling my cock from her. Then I drag her to her knees in front of me. My hard cock is coated with her syrupy pussy juice as I say, “Suck me slut,”

Without hesitation, she takes me into her mouth. As she begins to suck me I growl, “You have five minutes to make me cum, or there will be consequences.”

Maria is an incredible cocksucker, and she begins to put her best skills to work. But what she doesn’t realize is she has no chance. I purposely jerked off earlier in the day to take the edge off, so while she is taking me to the very brink, I’m able to control myself. It’s all part of my plan for what is to come later.

This does not stop her from trying though. Her soft lips and wet tongue are doing their best to make me explode in her mouth. As she massages the underside with her tongue, her hand wraps around the exposed shaft and begins stroking me in the same rhythm as her bobbing head. I’m glad I didn’t give her ten minutes because the feeling is so exquisite that one extra minute would have me releasing torrents of warm spunk into her eager mouth. But I manage to hold back, knowing that when I do cum later, my orgasm will be more copious and intense… and there’s a reason I want that.

After the five minutes pass, I pull my cock from her mouth, and slap it hard against her face, leaving a trail of her saliva on her cheeks. Then I say, “You’ve failed slut… you know you have to pay.”

“I know sir… but may I still finish you,” she says quietly, still wanting to please me.

“You’ll do more than that soon,” I say as I pull her to her feet using the leash. Then I remove it from her collar and take off the nipple clamps, and put them along with the paddle back in the bag… leaving the collar around her neck. Then I tell her to put her dress back on. She looks a little surprised since we usually dress pretty casually for the trip to the beach, but she doesn’t dare question me.

She pulls the dress over her head, and then stretches the tight fitting material over the swell of her soft tits… her hard nipples still poking out the front. Then as she begins to pull the material around her hips she says, “Should I remove the plug sir?”

I give her a swift and hard smack on one of her bare ass cheeks and firmly say, “You should not… it stays in you until we reach our destination, this is part of your punishment for not making me cum.”

I can see her face flush as she pulls the hem down to about mid-thigh. I can see she is still very turned on, since she usually enjoys and almost requires more than one orgasm… plus she has no idea what I have in store for us.

But soon my obedient slut will find out just how pleasurable discipline and humiliation can be.

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