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My brown loverboy

horny dog.watching gay porn gave me a raging hard on,i needed relief.i croused to the gay pub and meet a hot mexican man there.we began to talk about our exploits when he asked me to fuck him,o.k. dude i can do that.we went to my place,when we got in the door he stripped with surprising speed.i pulled my cloths off and my 10 inch cock was at full attention.he droped to his knees and took my monster into his mouth,i used him like the cock whore he was thrusting into his mouth and forcing my dick into his throut as far as i could get it,he grabbed my ass and f***ed me all ihe way in.than he started jackin his dick beggin me to fuck his brown ass.i flipped him on his back so i could lick and kiss him face to face.damn this man was horny and so fuckin hot for dick.i pulled out the lube and greased up my cock.i wanted to give him a good rimming but he was to impatient for that,i lined up on that sweet ass hole and pushed past my dick head into his ass,he groaned with delight.that only made me i grabed his hips and pushed in all the way.the look on his face was so hot i than began to fuck that ass like he eas my cock whore,with avery stroke i delighted in his hot tight man pussy.i fucked him hard and fast enjoying every stroke .i fucked him for 20 minuites until i unloaded a large cum load into that sweet ass.when i began to cum he yelled and cum a bucked load squirt after squirt flew out of that dick and all over us both.than i turned around so he could get my ass.we were both still hard.i lubed up and he gave my ass his cock and fucked me with wild abondone,my ass loved the feal of that dick fuckin me it felt like heaven wh fucked me hard and yelled he was cummim with my hand strokin my hard cock i yelled i was cummin too.we came together exhusted but very satifed.we still get together for our weekly gangbang with our other gay friende,but thats anouther storin

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