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An Evening at Ms. Clarks part 2

After having finished with Ms.Clark, I went downstairs to visit with the guys about what went down and to get assurances from them that this wouldn't get around school that I had fucked Ms. Clark in her d***ken state.
All I got was a couple of jabs in the arm and everyone was telling me how super hot it was to watch.
We had a couple more beers and then one by one we all drifted off to the couches or floor to sl**p.
I was awakened around 6 a.m. by Ms. Clark, who asked me to come into the kitchen to talk. She poured herself a cup of coffee, and offered me one, I accepted and we sat down at the table. I noticed that she was wearing a sheer robe over her baby doll that I had seen last night, it really did make her sexier looking.
She was the first to speak "I want to know how you feel you could just come in and take advantage of me when I was in weakened state!" she scowled at me. I had thought I was gonna get reported to the cops for **** or something. but then she stopped and looked at me, a smile crept to her face and she said "It was pretty exciting wasn't it?" she said, then she continued, "I have never had anyone go down on me after I had had sex before". I just smiled and said "It was my pleasure" We sat and talked about school and my dreams and what my plans were for after high school. Then she stood up took the cups, placed them in the sink, and asked me "Is there something you'd like to clean up before I have to shower?" I remembered I had blown a load into her just a couple hours before and it had been simmering in her pussy. I said "sure" she led me through the living room around the guys that were still asl**p on the floor and the couches back to her bedroom. She closed the door, and this time flipped the lock, she dropped her robe and peeled off her babydoll and gawd what a sight she was. I looked at her tits and her shaven belly and I saw a slight trickle of cum just running down her thigh, she smiled at me and laid back on her bed and spread her legs and said "EAT ME!" I felt compelled to do just that, and after eating her pussy till she screamed out her orgasm and shot out what remained of the sperm that I, and the unknown man, had deposited it her the night before, I slurped it all up, and had the look of a glazed donut on my face as I looked up.
She was smiling wide as she motioned me to come up and she licked and kissed my face clean, then she dropped down and engulfed my cock with her mouth, I had had women and girls suck my cock before but this little lady knew how to deep throat it, and she had her nose buried in my pubes before I even knew what was happening and oh gawd did it feel so good!
She sucked me for about 5 minutes, deep, then shallow, then deep again, till I had reached the point of no return, when I shouted "I AM GONNA CUM, MS.CLARK!"
She just went all the way down and swallowed and that pushed me over the edge and I felt my cum rushing directly down her throat she didn't release my cock till it was limp. She gave it a gentle kiss on the tip and asked me "You want to shower with me?".
We walked to the bathroom nude and she started the water for us and stepped in, I was taking a piss, when in walked her son Jake.He said "Oh, I'm sorry, but I have to piss real bad" As he was pissing he looked at me and grinned and said "you sure gave it to mom last night!" I wanted to tell him that had we not been so d***k, this never would have happened. He just shrugged and said "Well I know I got pretty damn hard looking at her pussy being so royally fucked by you, and I never knew she shaved her pussy either"
After he was done pissing he absentmindedly flushed the toilet, and all of a sudden we heard a shriek from in the shower, he whipped back the curtain and there was his mother all naked and cowering from the change of water temprature.
"MOM!, What are you doing in here?" he asked of her. I was watching Jake, and his eyes went from her face to her tits to her crotch then back to her tits and finally back to her face, and then he looked at me and all I could do was shrug my shoulders. I didn't know what to say. When Ms. Clark finally regained some sense and said to him "Jake, why don't you go to your room while we finish showering, and then I will come talk to you about all of this".
Jake left with a bewildered look on his face and Ms.Clark said "We are running out of hot water, you had better get in now, or your shower will be damn cold!"
I stepped into the shower and took a washcloth from her and washed her back for her then she turned around and I soaped up her tits and washed her belly and pussy for her, then I crouched down and washed her legs and feet for her then, she did the same for me, just as the water started to get cool, we turned it off and got out. I dried her back and legs and her tits and especially her pussy, I even kissed her mound for her. She dried me and sucked my cock for a couple seconds, just enough to get it starting to rise, then stopped and smiled. "We will have more time later" she said. We wrapped towels around us and walked out of the bathroom back to her room. She asked me "Will you do me a favor?" I said "Sure" "Here's $20, please go to the store and get some eggs and milk for breakfast, while I talk to Jake" she said. I dressed weaved my way around the bodies still sl**ping in the living room, got into my car and drove off to the store. Upon my return I didn't see Ms. Clark in the kitchen, so I went upstairs to see if she was back in her room. When she wasn't there, I looked toward Jake's room, the door was closed and I wondered.....

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