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First Gay Summer part 1

Billy and I met in our first class freshman year in college. We were both eighteen, about six feet tall, and average build. Billy and I bonded immediately when we met after we learned that we were both very interested in joining the local christian youth organization on campus, and our friendship grew as we met week after week for group meeting, sharing meals together, and late night discussing our beliefs. I knew him to be an intelligent guy, sensitive for sure, and quite funny. When our freshman year ended, we both knew that we would be attending the christian group summer trip together. The trip, lasting six weeks, took place in a secluded area of the woods set aside for retreats during the non-summer months. Billy and I filled out our applications and were overjoyed to learn that we would be sharing a cabin together all summer!

Each camp cabin housed two students. The cabin was arranged in the sign of a cross, with a long central hall and two beds on either side. The beds were arranged in such a way that if each person lay with their heads to the wall, their feet would be directly facing each other separated by the aisle in between. Before this trip, our friendship had been strictly plutonic. We had discussed girls and both admitted to little luck. I didn't feel interested in boys and, as far as I knew, neither did he.

We arrived late the first night and immediately went into our cabins to settle in for the night. We had seen each other naked before, but it seemed strange to undress alone in the room with him. We both stayed on our sides of the room and quickly changed into our sl**ping clothes. I wore boxers and a tee shirt, and he wore just a pair of tighty whiteys. We said goodnight awkwardly and turned off the light. Soon I heard his slow, rhythmic sl**ping breaths.

I don't know what time I awoke, but it was some time in the middle of the night. I could hear Billy breathing hard and I knew immediately what he was up to. He must have noticed my stirring, because I heard the steady creak of his mattress stop and his breath suddenly come to a halt. I pretended to sl**p, not wanting to disturb him, and I soon heard his breathing become harder. I heard the mattress squeak grow from a slight whisper to a steady, rhythmic squeal. I couldn't help feeling aroused as I listened to him coming closer and closer to completion. My cock grew hard in my underpants as I heard him gasp to himself. I was lying on my stomach and could turn my head just enough to see the shadow of his arm thrusting up and down. I could see his legs spread wide and his feet coming together, touching at the toes. I heard him moan in such a gutteral, a****l way that I involuntarily ground my hard cock against the bed. I desperately wanted to see his cock, to watch him cum, but my angle was all wrong and I didn't want to spoil things. I began slowly grinding my cock into the mattress in time to his slow, deliberate strokes.

Soon I heard him gasp loudly, then his breathing stopped, then he let out a huge breathe like a sigh and a moan and I knew he was exploding just a few feet away. As he came I heard ropes of cum landing on his mattress in delayed trails. He must have spasmed six time, each spasm producing another hot rope. My own efforts, while not bringing me to orgasm, left my cock twitching and throbbing and aching for release. Then, as suddenly as he started, he stopped. I heard a satisfied sigh from him and soon heard his breathing return to the slow, steady sl**ping breaths.

After several minutes I figured he was truly asl**p, so I turned over on my bed to get a better look. The light through the windows made the room quite visible. I could see him now, sprawled naked and spent on his bed, completely uncovered. I saw his cock, about five inches long and cut, lying beautifully across his balls, all of his crotch swimming in his fresh, white cum. That night I watched his cock intently, watched his balls rise and fall slightly with his sl**ping breaths. I watched the cum run down his scrotum and drop off in a drop between his bottom cheeks. Quietly I stroked my own six inched cut cock, and I came stealthily so as not to wake him. I wanted to badly to cum for him...


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