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Driving home with my nephew...

My nephew and I had returned home from our 3-day rendezvous, and things had obviously changed. No longer were we merely Uncle and nephew. How could we be? Over the course of 3 days, we had fucked and sucked each other with abandon; in our cabin, while hiking in the woods, in the car… Nearly getting caught a few times, I might add. And now, it was hard to look at each other without…getting hard. For when I looked at him now, I saw an ass that my cock sought a welcome home in, a mouth ever-so-willing to embrace my throbbing cock and swallow my waves of cum… And how could he look at me as an uncle anymore, especially one whose mouth he’d cum into countless times, whose ass he’d plowed and fingered… The ride home saw us pulling over at least 3 times; we’d suck each others cocks and, almost as soon as we’d finish, I’d be hard again at the memory. The sex was beyond amazing and I now resigned myself that things could never go back to what they were before, but we’d have to keep up a certain façade in front of others; particularly his father (my b*****r). When we arrived back in town, his father had left many messages for both of us. When my nephew finally called him back, he simply said that we had bad reception where we were, even if the reality was that the reception was fine; it’d just be hard to talk if one of us had a cock in our mouths. Literally, every moment in between us where we weren’t sucking each other off or fucking was now filled with thoughts of doing just that. I couldn’t even have a meal with my nephew now without imagining my hard cock in his mouth.

We intentionally stopped about a block from his house, where I was going to drop him off at his dad’s. We instantly jammed our tongues down each other’s mouth, and soon the possibilities came in a wave; oh, how I could so easily fuck him right on this quiet neighborhood street. How desperately I wanted to do that. I didn’t know how soon we’d see each other, perhaps a week from now, so I didn’t know how much whacking off I was going to do in between at the hot memories. His hand went down my pants, already soaked with pre-cum, and just as I was about to unzip, he caught his father walking the dog about a block away. We realize it was just too close a call so, much to our dismay, had to restrain our sexual urges to suck and fuck each other right then and there. He hopped out of the car, with mock innocence, said “Goodbye, uncle” like a dutiful nephew, and went on his way.

As I drove back home, I realized that I simply could not drive with such pent-up horniness and once again pulled over; I pulled out my wet, hard, throbbing cock…and began to blissfully stroke myself intensely… “Oh, my sweet nephew…this is for you…”

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