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Taboo confessions 3

Thanks for all that messages me or commented

Ok ill admit that I came so hard into my wife after I watched that secret video of my mother in law admitting to being such a super slut. Which to be honest it seems like everyone hates on people that love sex and yet everyone on this website would love to get down and dirty with another person when there horny instead of seeking out a porn website like this.

I knew my wife was always down to fuck but everyone has there secrets there box of porn or even now a file folder or favorite website. We all jerk off or cum to different subjects and if we all were more honest we wouldn't care about taboo subjects but having it marked as taboo is also part of the naughty excitement. I have never seen my parents have sex intact it's a wonder how I was conceived until I heard them as a teenager.

Her parents seemed to like getting caught. And I half wonder if it was because that in itself is taboo or a secret but as xhampster proves parents fuck they get sweaty and cum buckets all over tits asses cocks and pussies. And then they all tape it and post it...annoying it takes so long to post right?

Well as I said people seem to want to get caught so when a good hacker gets curious then look out because when I found my inlaws swinger webpage I needed to see it all. Just to know we're they as dirty as we were or swap. What secrets did my father in law have?

Well it was very eye opening... First the profile was better then a lot of xhampster profiles that don't give any info at all but that you may or may not be on the planet earth but you have an Internet connection. Son after looking at my inlaws holding up a price of paper both topless I found out that they were very much like us... Infact there are so many similar people out there that love there wives and love fun kinky time

"Dad" was first even though he would never admit to this stuff being a well to do republican, there it is plain as day "loves to suck cock and eat ass" which at first I thought well maybe that's just genetics. "Loves dp anal and swallowing" ok... Maybe this is my mother in laws description...
"My wife loves to whisper dirty things as a big cock spreads my ass". O-O

Wow... Dad is a kinky guy but forgetting the being my father in law for a sec... He is just like so many of these people trying to friend me. We all want the same thing, and so does my mother in law... O-O
We all want a extra finger in your ass when you cum or some hot lips pressed to yours as you tongue fuck each others mouth... Sure some of us see a big big double ended dildo going into a chubby asshole as he screams for more and the other end inside a pussy as she slams her as into his and might find I disturbing but also hot. That's why your reading this and that's why I watched like every video... There they are at a glory hole... There they are at a swingers party... But there they are kissing and hugging each other and talking about how much they love each other. Dad might be swallowing a black guys long dick but he is also moaning as his wife sucks his plump cock... Truth and honesty need to be seen in different lights... Yes the truth is that they have been around the block and also in a few homemade porns... But honestly everyone that loves porn loves it because it excites them. They love to see dirtier and dirtier films... Yes some people take it to the extreme but most of us know we're the line is that you don't cross and that's when we whip out an camera and show the world how sexy we are and the world will jerk off to that...

Needing to know more I did create a fake profile just to see what would happen... Little did I know that I'd be bombarded with so many people just like my inlaws and it made me quite hard as they all became my friends and made there own confessions

I asked my father in law a lot of questions... He was always quick to reply... Also quick to send a lot of pictures of his cock... Now I know it's really hot to see a hard dick... Hotter to see a dick from a guy you know that doesn't know that you know him... He really admitted to a lot of bi fantasies as a k** and felt blessed that his wife was very similar and lucky for them they met at a young age and seemed to be those wild hippy c***dren you hear about on the history channel but never see because they all got married and got a job.

He had some wild stories. A lot of them involved his wife and how they met other like minded couples for some hot dirty sex. Now I have to admit I asked him how he kept all that a secret... He said he had been caught many times fucking his wife by his k**s (they just kept fucking and the k**s would let them finish) but that he never let them know how dirty him and his wife could get...

My wife confirmed catching them have sex what they didn't know was that see also saw them many times getting down and dirty with a lot of close friends that came by for a long weekend. He never said that he was turned on by being caught as I'm sure it would have ruined the moment but I wonder why they got caught by my now wife so much...

Ok let me know if you want more confessions?

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