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Caught by my step mom

My dad had remarried a sey lady and I lived with them Now dad and I had been having sex for almost eight years. That was when he and my mom split. He came to my bed one night and got in naked. He pulled my nightie off and began to feel up my body. I really liked his hands over me and let him do any thing he wanted. I loved him licking my pussy and my ass. But when he began to fuck me, i was hooked. I wanted it all the time. Not only did we fuck every night but also during the day. Dad worked at home and had the time to mount me several times.

Then he met a slut at work and decided to get married. This changed things for us and he could only fuck me when she was out of the house. She soon went to work and I had dad all day long. We would fuck several times and sometimes it would go for hours.

The slut was having her period so one night dad came into my room for a piece of ass. He fucked me for over two hours before returning to their bed. I wore his cock out riding him hard. He loved my young tight cunt and missed fucking me nightly.

The next day dad had to go to a meeting out of town so I was home with the slut all day. I feel asl**p on my bed and awoke to her binding me to the bed. "So you like to fuck my husband. Well I am going to make you my fuck slut. You will not tell or I will tell that your daddy fucks you." She got naked and began to suck my tits. "You have nice tits sweet slut." she told me. i did not want to enjoy her mouth but I did. She sucked and pulled on the nipples which were responding to her sucking motion.

"Now lets see this cunt your daddy likes so well." She then began to finger and play with my cunt and clit. She rubbed my clit so long I cam several times. "Yes, you like me to rub the clit." "Now enjoy as I lick your pussy till you cum." Her tongue really went to work licking my pussy and then her tongue found my fuck hole and began to tongue fuck which put me into a climaxing slut. "Now lets see how much that pussy of yours can take." She then pushed two fingers in my hole. I liked it.She added another finger and kept fucking me. With the fourth finger i was really being stretched. "Now hold your breath while I fist your sweet cunt." And then she began to push her fist inside my cunt hole. With her fist in me up past her wrist she then started to twist it back and forth. First the pain was bad then it got so good and made me cum all over her hand. She kept fisting me liking that i was cumming faster and faster. "I knew you was a fuck slut. And you are a lesbian too." she told me.

My step mom then decided to invade my hot ass. She took her other hand and began to finger my ass. With her fist twisting and turning in my cunt she rammed two fingers up my asshole. She worked three fingers up my ass and I felt it was going to split open. she was fucking my ass and fisting my cunt as she bent over and took my clit between her teeth and began to bite and chew my enlarged pussy. My body betrayed me and started cumming so fast I could hardly breathe. Over an hour she used my body. When she finally removed her fist and fingers, she told me. "Since you like the female body my little gay slut you get to suck my pussy. You better do a good job or i will punish you more." She then sat on my face with his cunt over my mouth.

"Now lick and suck me. Make me cum in your mouth like a good slut." I then licked and sucked her tasting her cum run down my throat. I rammed my tongue up her cunt and she screamed and came hard. "You suck pussy better than your dad. I am going to make you my fuck slut and let you fuck me every day. I will pretend I don't hear daddy go to your room at night and then I will fuck you daily."

For the next five years the young daughter would fuck her dad at night then her step mom would abuse her body during the day. The step mom taught her to fuck with a strap on and eat pussy and ass. She had many toys she used on the young girl.

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