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Muscle man

Me and my hubby have been looking for another guy to join us for a while, when we had a message on a different site asking if we would like to meet socially, well that's what we wanted the first time so I agreed. About half hour later, there was a knock at the door when I opened it I almost squealed with delight, as there, standing in front of me was this gorgeous guy, we sat on the sofa and talked for a bit while drinking a bottle of wine he brought with him, and the more we talked the wetter I was getting, I wasn't long before he took his jumper off, and just left a tight t-shirt on showing off his muscles. My hubby suggested he get some more wine as we had gone through that on in minutes, so he went to Tesco to get some more, the second he shut the door my muscle man turned to me and kissed me, I just melted on the spot, his hards all over me, I moved one leg and he slid his hand straight into my knickers, I moaned with pleasure as I could already feel my first orgasm building, I undid my jeans and he slid a finger into me and fucked me with it I soon came, the next thing I knew I was sucking his cock and he was moaning and telling me he wanted to fuck my tight pussy right there. I sat up and pulled my jeans off, then sat on his bulging cock. It felt so big, it was seconds before I came again, then to my surprise he get up expertly taking me with him, and walked across the room and upto the wall where I was now pressed against, he started fucking me again, slowly at first then fast and hard I must have cum about 3 times, his cock was dripping with my cum, he put my down and turned me around I bent over and held the radiator, and he slid into me from behind, and it felt amazing I couldny take any more and with one big squeal I had the biggest orgasm that night and almost collapsed on the floor.
I managed to get my clothes back on and sit back down and as I dif we heard the keys in th he door, it was my hubby with 3 bottles of wine, we drank those too, then went upstairs and started again.
Maybe I'll tell you about what happened that night and 2 night later, leave some comments on my pics and rate them and we'll see what happens xxx

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