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Masturbation Club....some details!

Judging by the private messages and comments I received, I take it there was a lot of interest in the club. I will try and answer your questions..... :)

First off, this was a private setting in someone's home and there was no such as thing as a membership fee. The hosts were very gracious and for newbies like me, they asked us not to drink, however, once we got there some light spirits were served. The hosts were a gay couple, who undoubtedly lived the lifestyle but got pleasure from checking out other guys. Everyone of the guests were selected for some particular reason, so the cock sizes were all in the larger range. I saw very long to very thick, or both. There were shaved and unshaven and cut and uncut. Everyone was In decent to moderately decent shape and well groomed.

Yes, I saw lots of cum! I watched some guys shoot ropes of it over a several foot distance and others just a few dribbles. I guess it depends on how often they ejaculated prior. The jizz came in serious shades of white to yellow....some was thick and others thin and clear. There was great excitement in shooting cum on another guy's cock and balls. During the evening, many walked around stroking themselves with a lubed cock from someone else's jizz. The only thing everyone wore were shoes since the floor was drizzled with wet cum. During this second meeting, I started noticing my senses more...... I could hear the cum splattering on the floor and smell it throughout the room.

Guys were engaged in frottage, or the act of rubbing erect cocks together. Some were standing and others were on the floor humping each other. There was NO ass play or oral whatsoever! In addition to watching each other, the hosts provided several TV's running different types of porn -gay, straight, shemales, etc.

Lots of guys touched me after asking permission and several wanted to get together for private sessions at a later time. I also touched many and we were able to jerk someone off and watch their cocks and balls closely......but no oral of course. I am cut, but the uncut cocks were interesting to me. I watched two uncut guys "dock", or pulling the foreskin over the other guys cock.....essentially fucking the other guys dick.

Finally, yes a bowl was passed around and it collected jizz. Some guys chose to cum into the bowl and would dip their cocks into the mixed cum and then quickly stroke to ejaculation. On average, I would guess that most of us probably came 2 to 3 times that night since there was so much external stimulus. I heard from one of the regulars that the parties are always exciting and new things are tried every month or so. I learned that last year, two guys performed giving blow jobs to each other in order to show the proper way to excite another male. Another time, a guy demonstrated the best ways to use cock rings, anal inserts, semi, etc.

Hope this answers most of your questions.....

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