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The Last Prayer of Medusa

The Athenian Acropolis (Around 440BC)

" that the sun will not look down upon any land beyond the boundaries of what is ours”


When the Persians came to Athens they found the city empty, Xerxes whose fury was equalled only by his desire for revenge for his father ordered the great city to be destroyed, and thus it came to be that goddess’s temple fell before it was finished. The bravery of the Spartans seemingly in vain.

The Athenians were not deterred and would inflict defeat upon the Persians in the battle of Salamis; they rebuilt their society and the temple again. Athens entered a time that would be known forever as the golden age, though not all would flourish under the eyes of the Gods.

The Parthenon ‒ Iktinus builder of temples

Her temple stood starkly beautiful against the azure sky. Medusa’s eyes never knew the Athena Parthenos as it was known before the Persians burned it; the temple that greeted her now was adorned not only in wondrous colours but with Athenian pride of victory. She stopped for a moment it the heat of the midday sun to regard the holy temple.

Medusa was dimly aware of the many admiring stares from men and women as they busied themselves about their daily routine at the Acropolis, some of them openly saying her name and pointing. This was something she expected for she was renowned for her beauty; for this was certainly the only true thing of Medusa she was indeed beautiful. The temple shone brightly but her beauty shone like a thousand suns in unison. She was a daughter among three, born of ancient marine deities her beauty inherited, a gift to walk among men.

She thought to herself that the temple to Athena the virgin patron of Athens to be unremarkable. If I had been the goddess she mused I would order the Persians back to burn it, and rebuild one that was more fitting. She u*********sly ran her hand through her long black ringleted hair and started off again on her journey to the temple.

The temple was built with twenty two thousand tons of white pentelic marble, in the moonlight it glistened white and gold. It was not the biggest temple though it was perhaps the most beautiful of all Greece’s temples.
The columns were cigar shaped and they bulged slightly as they ascended, like many phalluses caught in permanent mid eruption, eighty six in total.

Medusa made her way to the eastern chamber the Hekatompedon; it housed the great goddess’s statue. As she approached the temple the columns seemed to loom all the more, her eyes began slowly adjusting from the brightness of the midday sun, to the cooler light of the temples shadow, causing spots of light to form behind her pupils like disappearing stars. As she entered she was suddenly surprised, for she nearly walked into someone who was leaving. The sparks behind her eyes dissipated to reveal a feminine figure standing before her.

After a moment she recognised who stood before her, she knew her as Diona (whose name means the goddess), she moved aside from Medusa perceptibly, almost in deference to her superior beauty.
“Dearest Medusa I never knew you prayed to our Athena?” Diona said innocently, her voice echoing gently against the marbled temple.
The response was both swift and curt “Some of us need to pray more than others Diona, perhaps that is why you never saw me in this temple before”

Medusa’s tongue was as renowned as her beauty, she was capable of consuming the very air from around you whenever she spoke, her words could burn like Persian fires, and her disdainful beauty could make the flames burn greater in intensity.
Diona slightly bowed her head, her cheeks were flushed stung by Medusa’s words, she uttered her hurried farewell, glancing inevitably at Medusa’s stoic face against the cloudless sky, and she quietly made her way out of the Parthenon.

Medusa moved on and finally arrived at the Eastern chamber, a long shadow was cast along the floor; it skewed up the contoured sides of several of the inner pillars of the temple. She gazed through the immense open doors; the goddess Athena stood proudly her statue was almost fully complete, it was made from gold silver and ivory. The goddess’s shrouded eyes looked outward from beneath her helmet which was adorned with a Sphinx. It was customary in these times to admire the statues from outside the chambers, paying homage and admiring the ornate friezes through the open doorways of the interior.
Medusa looked slowly upwards at the face of Athena and stared hard looking for something, a sign perhaps? The light reflected off the gold plates around the statues midriff accentuating the great goddess’s physical presence. Medusa pursed her lips and thought to herself that the sculptor should have used her as a study for the goddess.

She did not come here to pray to Athena, she was here because of a recurring dream that haunted her. It was a trance like journey that bore her here without her cognisance. Her eyes roved around the colonnaded chamber the cool marble glinted with flecks of silver. The dream haunted her now; the details playing in her mind caused a slight shiver to travel from shoulders down through her spine. It was the peculiar desire to recall and forget in perfect balance.
The dream was the same every night, she dreamt she was standing in the Parthenon in front of the statue praying, a figure would ascend from below the temple floor rising up to stand before her.
The face would remain shadowed in her dream, but the voice would command her to undress which she did without hesitating her body seemingly not her own anymore. The figure would push her to the floor and lie on top of her. The monumental sense of terror was choking her as she struggled to draw her breath Suddenly she would wake up confused and unable to remember anymore of the dream, always she found her night sheet would be damp with the intensity of her dream. Her skin felt on fire after awakening and the nape of her neck would be wet with perspiration. After the dream she would touch herself, her heightened arousal undoing her resistance, her finger sliding inside her and lingering around the wet patch between her legs.

Sometimes she would imagine herself being taken by one of the burly temple guards, fantasizing she would ardently begin to finger herself shutting her eyes she could almost make it real. She masturbated while the fingers of her other hand played with her hard dark nipples, gently squeezing her breasts until she shuddered her climax. She laid on her cot silently in the dark grasping the sheet as she arched her head back, a slight breath slowly escaping her perfectly formed soft red lips.

I have written my work, not as an essaywhich is to win the applause of the moment, but as a possession for all time"


Poseidon ‒ mover of the earth and the barren sea

He stood on the steps of his temple gazing out at the placid Aegean Sea, the home of his true temple. The sea would be keeper of King Aegeus who would one day rule Athens his eyes would know this very same view. No black flags would fly this day to take a soul in grief, and no King to jump to his death. The god of sea turned his cold grey watery eyes towards Athens and from Cape Sounion in Attica, his mind’s eye turning yet again to her.

Medusa stood alone in the great temples shadow trying to understand exactly why she was before Athena’s statue. It’s just a dream nothing more she thought, maybe the goddess of wisdom could help she thought ruefully? Outside the temple the heat was immense a trickle of perspiration starting to flow slowly down Medusa’s side, causing her to shiver from the sensation as it lightly tickled her side.
She began a prayer to the goddess, for her mind wished for a distraction as in continued on its quest for meaning. A moment’s reprieve granted by the mundane repetition of her last prayer, her lips moving without any sound.
As she neared the end of her prayer she felt a slight tremor travel through the floor, it ever so slightly unbalanced her, the prayer halting on her lips unfinished. The great temple shuddered for a moment and the shadows seemed to become suddenly translucent becoming brighter and brighter by the second, eventually causing her to squeeze her eyes shut.

The dry air changed and became heavy and salty, the stark light dulling and softening to a glow. Medusa opened her eyes gradually; they were greeted with an impressive view.

A man stood before her his wondrous stature seemed to fill the chamber even though the great goddess stood over him. As her eyes fully adjusted she took in the being that now occupied her vision. He was clearly more than man. She recognised the god of the sea Poseidon, he was directing his three pronged trident in her direction.

Medusa eyed his dark skin and his bristling muscles with painful anticipation. Time seemed to move in slow motion in his godly presence. His grey eyes drew her in to him; she unknowingly began walking toward him into the hallowed chamber. The great sea god called her name his lips did not move. He was barely clothed except for a loosely d****d cape fastened with clasp of gold adorned with a representation of a stallion. His chest was broad and strong, his muscles clearly defined, no statue man could create could truly capture this god’s physical essence.

Poseidon was like a statue in the golden light. That is until Medusa looked at his beard something catching her eye. The hairs upon his beard were forming horse like shapes riding upon waves, with sea serpents twisting and entwining their bodies. It was an ever changing entity that reformed new scenes continuously morphing. She was mesmerised by the dark flowing movements on his beard that she barely realised he had spoken.

“Undress” again his lips appeared not to move. She knew now the answer to her dream stood before her, she believed this was her destiny and after all she was as beautiful as any goddess so why wouldn’t the god of the sea desire her womanhood? She would be a goddess to rival Athena though she was mortal.
Medusa slowly disrobed in front of the god she stared intently at his manhood it was stiff and thick, the domed helmet glistened its one eye silky, a slight trickle of seminal fluid showing his eagerness. She lightly licked her lips for her throat had become dry and she was already flushed with excitement for what was about to happen. Removing her zoster belt she dropped it to the floor. Her white ankle length linen chiton loosened, and she slipped the now hanging robe off her shoulders to the floor and stood out of her garment. Poseidon’s eyes narrowed as he regarded her form. The beauty of the world he idly thought to himself.

Her golden skin ached beauty from every pore. Her breasts were full and round and screamed womanhood, her dark aureoles centred by hard erect nipples begging to be sucked. Her mound was dark and silken in the shimmering light, seemingly inviting and demanding kisses. Her face.
The god searched her face, her brown olive skin glistened and dark brown eyes stared at him in desire. She was beautiful. He would have her now. He moved the last few steps to her; a smile forming on Medusa lips, a single thought entered her mind, “Even gods can’t resist my temple”
Poseidon was fully naked the trident gone now and it was replaced by a one pronged throbbing penis, its circumcised tip crimson red and glistening.

The god reached for her and grasped her by the hips his hands rough and cold on her skin, suddenly Medusa was transported upwards to the roof of the great temple, she gasped as she was suspended it the air directly above his head. She felt no fear she was nearly overwhelmed with desire as she hovered above the god of the sea, her lips wet and hungry for penetration her heart beating fast. Looking upward he gazed at her for a moment admiring what he saw, and then slowly Medusa began to descend on his face. He lapped at her like a dog would at water on a hot day licking her mound lasciviously for a time. Gradually Medusa lay back and was now suspended parallel to the floor at head height to Poseidon’s face; her wet mound faced his now slickened face as she spread her legs wider for him. His tongue entered her, darting at first until suddenly she felt his tongue expand inside her, pushing at her walls going deeper than she ever imagined, her brown eyes widened in surprise.
She screamed out her desire her voice bouncing off the great phallic columns her groans unheard only by the statues. She was filled with writhing tongues hundreds perhaps thousands of tongues licked her clitoris and vulva, each sensation different from the last never knowing what the next surge of ecstasy would bring. She pushed her pelvis onto him and grasped his head her fingers buried in his thick black mane, she grunted short exclamations every time she climaxed thrusting herself hard almost a****listic onto his tongue and face.
Her pleasure was newfound.

When the god had his fill of her orally she was gently transported to the floor almost u*********s she laid on the cold hard floor beneath Athena her sides gently rising with each breath, she was exhausted. Poseidon’s member stood erect as he loomed over her, he looked at the statue of Athena then back to Medusa something dark crossing his mind, his facial features contorting in vexation of some dire thoughts. But his desire was insatiable for women he had many conquests, and he knew Amphrite ‒ the ancient sea goddess and his consort was now watching him from outside the chamber. He beckoned her forth and she duly obeyed him emerging from the cover of shadow.

As she walked toward him she began to disrobe her clothes fell to the floor alongside Medusa’s. When she drew level to Medusa, Diona (Amphrite) looked down at her, amused at her prone state. Amphrite was accustomed to her husband’s ways her amused smile would have been replaced with one of contempt had he not stood in the same room. Medusa gaped confusedly at Diona, but her mind was in shock and was unable to understand what she was witnessing. Medusa was known to Amphrite for a long time as she walked among the mortals regularly using Diona as her guise. She was aware that Poseidon was watching Medusa’s every move, her beauty a prize he wished to posses and Amphrite knew his desire would have to be satiated. The insatiable greed of gods is well known to man and woman.
For years Amphrite would watch Medusa, her jealousy ruling her actions. Poseidon beckoned her to her knees; she bent down to him and began to stroke his thick member with both hands grasping its girth firmly, she quickened her pace for several strokes then slowing it again to heighten his desire. Poseidon began to thrust his member forward in time to her strokes.

Her small delicate hands lightly squeezed the tip of his aroused member and a little trail of precum dripped from it as he watched her closely as she moved in closer to him. She felt the hard floor upon her knees but ignored the discomfort and leaned in to his member, her mouth enveloped the divine pole and she sucked slowly taking time to lick his member up and down. Poseidon watched his consort and began to knead her breasts which were pale and soft; he caressed them for some time while she focused on the tip of his penis, he pinched her nipples tugging them occasionally until they were stiff. Medusa watched longingly from the side.

Poseidon stopped her with his hand on her head and after she finished licking at his hairless sac he moved back to Medusa. She was sitting up leaning on her elbow and was watching them while she was touching her clit. He slowly leaned over, his shadow darkening her prone figure as he lay on top of her. His thick finger slid inside her almost simultaneously and she gasped loudly her juices making lapping sounds as it went in an out. Poseidon kissed her neck hard, working down he sucked her nipples whilst kissing her full breasts. Suddenly he removed his finger and penetrated her hard with his pole, he pushed his thick long pulsing member inside her; she felt her heart racing faster her breasts heaving as she gasped with effort, the bl**d in her veins began to course like a river in flood.
He began to fuck Medusa, his cock like a piston rhythmically pushing her backwards along the floor her ass sliding a couple of inches along the marble. As Medusas full round ass was sliding over the heroically depicted scenes she felt the mosaic grooves beneath her distantly, as she shuddered from his thrusts. She groaned continuously now each thrust eliciting louder replies. Amphrite came forward for a better view and stood watching Medusa’s face contorting almost between ecstasy and pain. Poseidon thrust himself deeper and suddenly grasping hard on her thighs he gradually began steadying his rhythm, he soon felt his semen rising like a wave, it came crashing into Medusa.

He released himself; a torrent of hot god seed gushed fort from his member and filled her void, in panic she tried to remove him she tried to shuffle her ass backward along the hard cold floor. But she was unable to, his strength and seed overcoming her, she feared for her life as all around her had become the deep sea and she was sinking down rapidly. Wave after wave engulfed her, the seed hot inside her overflowing down her thighs, thrusting her beneath the waves. As she struggled for her breath she squeezed hard on his thick arms in desperation. Amphrite moved onto her knees she gazed at her husband and as Poseidon removed his still spurting member from Medusa she opened her soft mouth and he delivered the remaining seed on her rough red tongue.
Grasping his member he stroked himself until no more seed would come from his one eye, Amphrite tugged lightly on his sac squeezing his balls as the last drops fell to her tongue. She closed her eyes and mouth and swallowed his cum its warm salty heat flowed down her throat. Poseidon felt the waves lap at his feet his cold eyes watched Medusa’s head roll from side to side her breaths coming in short gasps.

Medusa passed out from exhaustion the love of the god proving too great for a mortal. The temple glowed; the three figures appeared like shadows in the darkening light from outside. Poseidon watched Amphrite licking the last of his seed from his semi erect member, and then she cupped his softening sack in her warm soft hands. Poseidon spoke to Amphrite and after a pause she bent down to Medusa’s mons pubis. Amphrite began to lick her clean paying loving attention to her labia slowly working her way inside to her clitoris; her tongue flicked her clit and Medusa groaned u*********sly. Gradually she worked her way up to her nipples and she sucked hard on them they stiffened again in response. Then she kissed Medusa on the mouth her tongue pushed its way into hers; the god seed from Amphrite’s mouth smeared her still lips. She stared at her unmoving face; Medusa’s eyes remained closed. Amphrite smiled a knowing smile.

Then slowly leaning forward she softly whispered in Medusa’s ear,
“No prayers to any of the gods will save you now. You defile this holy temple and Athena comes, both your beauty and vanity will be taken”
Poseidon stood over them his member limp and sensing the goddesses approach he removed himself and Amphrite to his temple to await her fury.

Athena ‒ making a world through a word

Goddess Athena daughter of Zeus regarded the prostrate figure of Medusa on the temple floor. Her long flowing robe brushed the marble floor in front of Medusa’s face stirring her from her delirium. Medusa looked up and saw the beautiful goddess’s angry face staring down at her and knew her fate, yet she begged forgiveness though her hopeless fate stretched out before her.

The goddess of wisdom spoke her vengeance with no pity; for there is no pity in the virgin goddess’s mind that night. The betrayal of Medusa with Poseidon on her holy ground demanded the curse of the Gorgon as her punishment.

“Your vanity has undone your existence as it was daughter of Gaia; you leave your beauty to me now.” A piercing white light consumed Medusa and Athena no longer stood before her as a goddess, only her statue remained as observer of her bidding.

Medusa’s beauty lay condemned like her body, for she could no longer regard herself in a mirror nor could the eyes of humans gaze upon her lest they turn to stone. Her curse turning her heart cold and her bl**d to ice the last vestiges of her vanity disintegrated as she howled her dark despair.

The red evening sun descended below the horizon and finally in the darkened light the lone figure of what once was Medusa the beautiful, slithered her way from the sacred ground of the Parthenon, the night air punctured by the hissing of snakes.

Never shall she pray again.

As the sculptor stood back to view the new addition to great statue of Athena he stood transfixed like stone. He was highly impressed with the detail of the new ivory placement on her breast. The Gorgon was indeed a fitting addition to the goddess’s attire he thought, her snake covered head and malevolent eyes stared out like the eyes of the dead.




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