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Laura's Adventures 6

I finally did it! I've been saying for a while I wanted to try sex with
another woman. I always sort of imagined it would be someone I knew. Turns
out my first time was with a virtual stranger.

As a single woman, I naturally have to be careful. For example, when I am in
the mood to rent a dirty video, I have to choose when I go. It seems when I
go in the afternoon or evening, I'm hit on by half the guys in the store,
and the other half give me these creepy stares. Ugh. Mornings I usually
work, so that's out. Fortunately the sex store is open 24/7, so I have found
that 4:30 am seems to be the best time.

Yes, it's either really late or early, depending on your point of view. I
found it by accident. I had been at a friends party and helped her clean up
afterward. Thus it was 4 am before I finally left. Horny, I decided to pick
up a flick on the way home and was amazed to find the store totally empty,
except for the clerk. Since then, when I needed some flicks I tried my best
to go around 4:30 in the morning, after the creeps were asl**p but before
everyone else was awake.

This particular weekend was a three day holiday weekend. I decided it would
be ripe for some hot fuck flicks. I went to bed a little early, to give
myself a "nap". When my alarm went off at 4, I stumbled naked into the
living room. Glancing out the window revealed a rainy night. Not real heavy,
just steady. This gave me a particularly wicked notion.

Rummaging through my closet I pulled out my old rain coat. A shiny yellow
plastic, it went to my knees. I tied it around me, slipped on some sandles,
grabbed my keys and a credit card and out the door I went. Yup, naked under
my coat!

My pussy stayed as wet as the road all the way to the sex store. When you
walk in, the register is immediately to the left of the door. Behind it is a
glass door that leads to the office. That night, like usual, I was the only
one in the place. The normally closed glass office door was propped open. I
heard a voice from the back office go "I'll be right with you".

I looked around for a few minutes, picking out a variety of movies. One
plumper sex, one watersports, and one that was mostly anal. When I got to
the register, a young lady was behind it. I had seen her before, believe it
or not I'm still not sure what her name is, but she had always been very
friendly toward me.

She was about five foot nothing, with dirty blonde hair. Like me she was on
the chubby side, although her boobs aren't nearly as big as mine, probably a
C cup. Tonight she was wearing a white tank top that nicely showed off her
braless tits. Her nipples were poking through the fabric quite sexily.

I handed her the movies, and she made a few comments that I would really
enjoy these. I looked up, and happened to catch her reflection in the now
closed glass door. I was shocked, but aroused, to see that she was naked
from the waist down! Her plump ass and bare legs were clearly displayed in
the reflection.

"Looks like I'm not the only one enjoying movies tonight." I replied.

"Um..." she said, acting confused. I pointed to her reflection, which she
looked at. "Oops! Well, you know, it gets lonely here, and all this sex shit
really gets a girl turned on." She ran her eyes up and down my body before
adding "I'll bet you know how it is."

I swear I don't know what possessed me. I didn't think, I just acted. I
stepped back from the counter, undid my rain coat, and opened it wide
revealing my full nudity to the young clerk. "Yes," I heard myself say, "I
know just how it is."

Blondie (as I called her in my mind) smiled. "I think I deserve to take a
break. Would you like to see a little of what I have been watching?" I
managed to nod, not sure what I was getting myself into. She walked to the
door, locked it and put out the "back in twenty minutes" sign. Turning, she
peeled off her top. Totally nude she stepped up and took my by the hand,
then lead me to the back.

The rear of the small office held a desk and chair. In front an old leather
sofa occupied the space. Across from the sofa was a bank of monitors,
viewing the store and video boothes in the back, all of course empty.
Blondie took my rain coat and laid it on the desk, then motioned me to sit
on the sofa. As I sat, now nervous and naked, she turned on a video. I don't
recall much of what it was, mostly big girls fucking I think. My eyes were
rivited on my partner. Her blonde hair was quite a contrast to her dark
brown pubic hair.

Unabashedly she leaned back, spread her legs and started fingering herself.
I did likewise, aroused by the aroma of pussy in the air. Suddenly, without
warning, she moved over and kissed me! I was a bit in shock, so I didn't
react at first. I found myself enjoying it, so I began kissing back. Very
unlike any man I had ever kissed, her lips and skins were extremely soft.
Our tongues danced around each other, warm and wet.

My companion moved down, wrapping her lips around my nipples. She spent a
few minutes sucking on my big tits, getting them fairly wet before she
pushed me back. Moving down she threw my legs apart and practically dove
into my hairy cunt. Oh FUCK she was good.

Her lips and tongue knew just what to do, in no time she had me spasming,
orgasming, and squirting all over the place. It was the most intense pussy
eating I'd ever had. To top it off, at one point she even moved down,
rimming my anus. I never knew that could feel so damn good, I mean I've
played around with anal sex, but never with so much pleasure.

Then it was my turn. When my pussy just couldn't take anymore I pulled her
off. She kissed me, almost savagely, and I returned it with equal f***e,
happily tasting my own fluids. I pushed her back, only momentarily stopping
at her tits. It felt odd having a nipple in my mouth that wasn't mine.

I then moved down to her cute cunt. I took a deep breath, inhaling her
womanly scent. I then dove in, thrusting my tongue deep inside her body. I
can't begin to describe how great she tasted. Warm, sweet, and very very
wet. My whole face was just buried in her vagina, my cheeks and chin getting
slick with pussy juice.

At one point she spread her legs really wide, reaching down she parted her
ass cheeks. I took the hint and moved down. You may think this is yucky, but
it really wasn't. My tongue darted around her anus, returning the favor. It
was sweet with the juices that had leaked out of her twat.

Moving back up I dove in again, shoving my tongue as deep into her cunt as I
could. Suddenly Blondie squealed, shook and a wave of hot juice flowed over
my face and down my throat. Greedily I drank in as much as I could!

I felt myself being pulled up by the hair, and reluctantly left her tasty
twat. We kissed some more, her arms pulling me tight. Our tits and bells
pressed close to each other, our soft skin rubbing against each other.
Finally she broke it off. "You better go" she said, "my break time is way

Somehow I managed to put on my rain coat. Then, still naked, Blondie led me
to the door pausing to drop my videos in a bag. Before unlocking the door,
she undid my coat, opened it, then pulled me tight. We kissed again, our
naked skin pressed against each other. Her tits felt awesome, mashed against
mine, our plump bellies mashed tightly together. Her hands fondled my ass as
I did hers. Our kiss seemed like it went on forever, before it finally

Smiling, Blondie unlocked the door and pushed me out. I walked to my car,
half dazed, not even bothering to close my rain coat. It wasn't until I was
home, masturbating to the memory of what I had just done, when I realized I
didn't even know her name!

Well, that's my story of my first bisexual experience. I really enjoyed it,
and can't wait until I get another chance to lick some pussy. Most of all, I
can't wait to return my videos!


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