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Laura's Adventures 5

Laura's Story:

I've had some really hot experiences lately, let me tell you about one
that's making me horny right now. I think I mentioned before my neighbor
Steve, the gay guy. Steve is in his late 40's, about 5 foot nine, clean
shaven, gray hair, pretty big belly (too many keg parties in his youth he
says) and dreamy blue eyes. He's pretty far from the stereotypical gay
person you see on some TV shows, not at all feminine. Well, he does work in
a hair salon, but even that's not real typical as he actually OWNS the
place, pretty swank joint too in the rich part of town (way out of my price

I'll go ahead and describe his boyfriend Marc, even though he doesn't get
involved in my story until later. Marc's in his 40's, his black hair is
balding, but he has a nice goatee. He's pretty average, not unattractive,
but not a model stud or anything. He's a bit overweight, although not nearly
as big as Steve or I (wink). Like Steve, Marc doesn't fit the stereotype
either, owning his own landscape business.

Anyways, Steve and I have become buddies. It started one evening when he
knocked on my door, he had a lasagna prepared, but his oven had gone out. If
I let him cook it, he offered to split it. I supplied the wine, and we wound
up having a great time. He's fun to talk with, in no time we were exchanging
life stories.

A little time went by, then one day his washer died. The boy just has no
luck with appliances. For a week I let him use mine while he waited for his
new one to be delivered. After it arrived, he was grateful to me and offered
to give me a complete hair-do. Hey, a girl loves to get her hair done, so he
came to my place one evening.

Since he was going to wash my hair, he suggested I might want to remove my
top so it didn't get wet, as when he washed water tended to run everywhere.
Knowing his sexual preferences, I didn't think much about it. I was wearing
a sundress at the time (no bra, only panties under it) and told him if he
didn't mind seeing me in my drawers I didn't. He didn't have a problem, and
took me to the bathroom to start washing my hair. I could tell it was going
to indeed be wet, so I told him it was OK with me if he wanted to save his
clothes and be in his briefs. OK, I admit I was really just getting a bit
self conscious, him dressed and me not, and just wanted to even things up.

Turns out he's a boxers guy, and also cuts hair wonderfully! He washed, cut,
washed, dried and styled, and honey I have never looked so good! OH!

Sorry, anyway we didn't do anything sexual that night, but it did make us
comfortable being in our undies around each other. After that if he was
knocking at the door, I didn't worry about putting on much besides my
panties, and more than once I found him in his boxers.

After a while, things went to the next step. We had gone to the complex pool
together, and came back to my place when it got dark out. We were sitting on
my couch, still in our suits, enjoying a couple of wine coolers and talking.
I had been curious about what he and Marc did together, and finally flat out
asked him.

He was a bit surprised, but open and we soon got into very intimate details,
not only about what they did but about some of my past and current sexual
activities. When I admitted to enjoying dirty movies, Steve admitted to
having quite a collection that he and Marc often jerked off together to. I
said I'd like to see one, so he ran across the hall and was soon back with a
couple of tapes.

He popped one in, naturally it was a gay video. We watched for a while, not
saying much but I could feel the sexual tension building. "You're getting
turned on, aren't you?" I asked.

"Yeah." He nodded, his breathing a little heavy. "This is one of my

"Well, I'm turned on too. So turned on I'd like to masturbate. I'm not
saying I want to do anything with you, just masturbate, but if want to get
off too, it's OK with me, or if you want to leave, go ahead." He just sort
of nodded, without saying anything, so I took that for his OK.

I stood, and removed my one piece suit. Naked, I sat back down, spread my
legs, and began playing with my pussy. Steve began stroking his boner
through his suit, then apparently decided what the hell and slipped his suit
off. He had a nice cock, probably 8 inches and very thick. He began pumping,
and I took turns watching him and the movie.

It didn't take me long to orgasm, I was pretty turned on. My fingers rubbed
my clitty while I sucked my titty. I let out a squeal of delight and came
all over my hand. I moved it to my mouth, licking my own tasty fluids.

"You like your own juices?" Steve asked.

"Uh huh." I said, trying to sound sexy. "Don't you?" He just grinned, and
began pumping really hard. I could tell he was getting close, and leaned in
for a good look. He grunted, then leaned over a little, pointing his prick
right at his face. Cum literally erupted from his cock, blasting him right
in the face! I've never seen cum shoot so hard. As his orgasm subsided he
leaned back, licking the spunk off his lips.

I found myself sucking more of my own juices off my fingers while I watched
his sexy performance. His hand, coated thickly with spunk, let go of his
pecker and moved to his mouth where he licked it up. He finally collapsed
back on my couch, spent. He looked over at me and asked "Does that answer
your question?"

We had a good laugh, talked quite a bit more, then he finally went home. We
repeated the mutual session one more time. The next time I suggested it, he
said "Look, I'm having a lot of fun, but I feel a bit odd too, sort of like,
well like I'm cheating on Marc. I know we're not, but it kinda feels like it
without him here too."

Without thinking I blurted out "Well bring him along."

He looked surprised, I know I was! "Are you serious?" he asked.

I thought for a moment, then said "Well... sure. I mean, I like looking at
one cock while I play with myself, two would be even better. And if you and
he... you know... do something, well it's OK with me." Frankly I was hoping
they would, I was turned on at the thought of watching them, but I didn't
want to make it sound like I wanted them to put on a sex show for me.

Steve looked thoughtful, then said "OK, I'll talk to him about it."

He called me a few days later, and we set something up for Sunday afternoon.
The three of us went for a swim in the pool, then returned to my apartment
where I had some spaghetti cooking. We relaxed with some wine Steve had
brought along, and I made special effort to make them comfortable, and treat
them like a couple. After dinner we sat in my living room, chatting. Steven
and Marc sat on my sofa while I kicked back in my comfy recliner.

Several hours went by, finally Steve suggested a movie. Looking at Marc he
said "Maybe one from our special collection?"

Marc looked thoughtful for a minute, then slowly nodded his head. "Yeah." he
said quietly. "I think I'd enjoy that."

"Great!" Steve said. Saying he'd be right back, he left to grab a movie.
While he was gone, Marc thanked me for making them so comfortable. He said
it was really great to just let it all hang out and be themselves.

I told him as long as they were happy what did it matter, and anything they
did was fine with me. Anything at all. Yeah, I probably sounded obvious, but
I wasn't real sure what else to say. Fortunately Steve returned at that
moment, saving me. He popped a tape in, an amateur gay porn of some kind,
and started it up.

We watched in silence for a while, eventually I touched myself through my
swimsuit. I didn't try to hide it either, and I could see their pricks
straining at their swim trunks. I finally decided to move things along.

"Those shorts look awful tight on you boys. If you want to get comfy and
slip them off, it's OK with me. And if you don't mind..." I stood up and
hooked my thumbs under the top edge of my suit, "I'd like to slip this off
and get comfy too." I looked at them questioningly.

"Sure!" Steve said enthusiastically.

"Yeah, OK!" Marc said. I quickly slid my suit off, and sat my naked body
back in my chair. I spread my legs wide, not only giving them a nice view
but giving me good access to my juicy twat. Grinning, Steve stood and
slipped his suit off, than sat back down. Turning, he grabbed Marc's trunks
and helped him get nude too.

They sat back and resumed their stroking. I watched the movie for a few
minutes, and when I looked back they were jacking each other off! Steve was
stroking Marc's thick cock, while Marc was giving Steve's pecker a good
working. I gave them a big smile, letting them know I was enjoying the show.

Suddenly Marc leaned over and wrapped his lips around Steve's prick. Damn
that boy could suck cock! His head bobbed up and down, saliva was flowing
down Steve's dick. Marc kept going, until he was deep throating his lover's
cock. I was almost jealous!

Steve shifted his position, lying down on the couch. Marc got on top in a
sixty nine position. The two had apparently forgotten me and the movie, and
were going at each other's dicks. I kept on masturbating, shoving three
fingers in my wet pussy. My other hand was rubbing furiously at my clitty,
giving me one cum after another.

I heard them grunt, then each pull back and aim his lovers prick at his own
open mouth. I got to see each shoot a big load of cum all over the other's
face. Fuck it was sexy! I had a major orgasm of my own, creaming cunt juice
all over my fingers.

As I watched them slowly lick each other clean, I couldn't help but lick my
own juices off my wet hand. They eventually sat up, watching me. I couldn't
resist, and fingered myself one more time, giving myself a squishy, wet,
noisy cum. I felt like such a hussy, showing off like that. But I enjoyed
the hell out of it.

We've gotten together several times since then, usually for the same sort of
show. One time was pretty hot for me, it's the only time we've crossed over
from watching to actually letting me join in. They stood on either side of
my chair, stroking their hefty penises while I laid back in the recliner,
legs spread and fucking myself with a dildo. At one point they even let me
reach up and stroke their dicks. It was really wild, having a big cock in
each hand, if only for a few minutes.

The pumped until they ejaculated, shooting hot spunk all over my tits and
belly. The boys swapped sides, then got down and began licking their cum off
my body. Fuck it was erotic, feeling their tongues licking all that gooey
cock juice off my body! I kept cumming and cumming, the dildo in my twat,
their tongues on my tits!

Hope you enjoyed it, I have to go ram a dildo up my cunt now!

Hugs and kisses,


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