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Laura's Adventures 4

Laura's Story:

Wow Plump, what a hot story [Other Peoples Houses 1]. I really got off on
reading about you two fucking in the house. I wound up playing with my
pussy, right there at the computer.

What really got me hot though was using the story for inspiration. See, I've
been kinda bored lately. Wanting some new way to get off, take it to a new
edge. Your hot story gave me a grand thought.

The day after I got your story, I went riding around when I got off work.
Not too far from my apartment I found a new housing area that was perfect.
The houses were set far apart, and in heavily wooded lots. Further, only the
first few houses on the road were occupied, the ones at the back were still

I got off work Saturday evening and headed home. I resisted the urge to
masturbate, in order to make the next day all the edgier. I got up early
Sunday morning, so as to have the best chance of not getting caught. (OK, I
admit it, I'm a chicken-shit.)

Just like in your story, I wore a tank top, only mine had no built in bra so
my tits swung freely underneath. I pulled on an old pair of jeans, no
panties. I stuffed my small pink vibrator in my pocket, and slid on some old
sandals. I stepped outside, only to discover a light rain was falling. I was
so horny though, I decided not to let it stop me.

I drove to the house I'd picked. It was at the end of the backmost road, so
I was pretty sure I wouldn't have any company. I looked around carefully,
just to be sure, then made my way to the front door. I slipped and slid
around in the mud, my feet getting pretty dirty in the process. Eventually I
made it to the entry and climbed inside, moderately wet.

I looked around the house, taking it all in. It was two stories with a
basement. The basement had a door which led out into the backyard. I
realized who ever was going to get the house was lucky, because at that area
you could not see the houses to either side. Behind the house was all woods,
so totally privacy that way too. It was pretty muddy there right now, but I
figured at some point it would be a nice garden area.

I climbed back to the top story, looking around the bedrooms. I could feel
myself getting hornier and hornier, as the anticipation of what I'd come to
do grew. My nipples were stiff as my boobs flopped around under my shirt. I
picked a spacious room on the front of the house, so I could hear any cars
coming, although the way the rain had picked up I doubted I'd be

I dragged a paint tarp over and laid it on the wood floor. I dug my vibrator
out and laid it down. Out of my other pocket I fished out a couple of pieces
of paper. On it I'd printed out the story you'd sent. I read it through
twice, getting very hot and horny. I could feel my pussy getting wet as I
rubbed it through my jeans, and my nipples were so stiff they ached.

I stood and slowly, seductively stripped off my tank top. I let it fall to
the floor, exposing my breasts to the room. I took my time, rubbing and
caressing each one. I then picked the left one up and began sucking it. My
right tit begged for some attention, so I dropped the left to suck on it's

I stopped, and as sensually as I could slid down my zipper. Unbuttoning my
jeans, I then slowly, sexily slid my jeans down. Kicking off my muddy
sandals, I finished undressing. There. I was now naked as a jaybird.

My pussy was begging to be touched, but I wanted to resist just a minute
longer. I walked from room to room, flaunting my plump body. I was so horny
I just couldn't take much of that, and quickly made it back to the room. I
got down on the tarp. Laying back, I spread my legs and began touching my
pussy. Oh that was nice.

My finger slid up and down my clitty easily. I rubbed for several minutes,
stimulating myself. I dipped one, then two fingers inside my love hole.
Bringing my fingers up to my mouth, I sucked off all the tasty juices. Damn
I taste good!

My hands returned to my furry cunny, one on my clit the other pumping in and
out of my wet hole. I was moaning and groaning, thrashing around on the
floor. Soon I came, my legs clamped around my moving hand and my ass came up
off the ground. I sank back down as my orgasm subsided.

Pulling my fingers out, I greedily licked off all my cunt juice. Yummy! I
laid there for a moment, but wanted more. Yeah, I know, I'm a greedy bitch
sometimes. Anyway, I picked up my vibe, turned it on high and slammed it
home. I gasped sharply as it penetrated my pussy. Aw fuck that felt good.

I began pumping the buzzing toy in and out. I stopped sometimes, holding it
in as deep as it would go, then swirling it around. Ohhhhh that was sweet. I
fucked myself good, really slamming it into my cunt. I probably would have
made a lot of noise, but my mouth was full of tit as I sucked my stiff nips.

When I came it was a mind blower. "Fuck yessss!!!" I yelled as my body shook
with pleasure. When my body finally unclenched I let the vibrator slide from
my twat. Not thinking, I moved it to my mouth and licked it clean, as I
often do.

I laid there for a while, enjoying the afterglow, and listening to the rain.
It was really coming down now. Getting up, I looked around the house some.
Even though I was pretty sure I wouldn't be interrupted, I carried my
clothes with me although didn't bother to put them on. After a bit I began
to get, well lets call it uncomfortable. I realized I needed to go potty,
and badly. Not just pee either, that I would have let go pretty much
anywhere. But the other stuff?

I looked around, but of course there were no toilets installed yet. I looked
around the basement, but... well didn't want to leave a pile laying around.
Looking out the back basement door, I knew what I'd have to do. To the side
I saw a hose hooked up, near a small cement mixer. Sighing, I stepped out
into the rain.

Rain and mud. My feet sank clear up to my ankles in the slick stuff. I
slogged my way out about fifteen or twenty feet and well... I'll skip over
that part. Feeling relieved I made my way back, slipping and sliding.
Several times I slipped to a knee, my hands also got muddy. I was grumbling
pretty good, but it was nothing compared to the cussin' I was doing a minute

There was a slight incline leading back down to the basement door. I
slipped, and went ass over tea kettle. Splat! Flat on my back. OK, I know
you're laughing your ass off now, but it sort of pissed me at the time. I
cussed for a few minutes, laying there in the mud.

After a bit of reflection though, I couldn't help but let out a laugh. There
I was, naked and lying in the mud of a strange house. I rolled over, the mud
was cool on my body. Already muddy, I rolled around in it, getting good and
messy and giggling like a little k**. I rubbed the brown goo around on my
tits and tummy, and admit to getting a little horny.

I finally managed to make my way back to the concrete edge by the back door.
Grabbing the hose, I turned it on and let it blast the mud off my bod. Shit
that was cold! Eventually I got used to the temperature, and hosed the mud
off me. I wondered if it would...

I held the hose to my pussy, letting it blast my clitty. I groaned with
pleasure. Oh hun that was nice. I leaned back against the wall and spread my
legs wide. I'm glad no one was nearby, as they would have heard my cry for
sure when I orgasmed.

Finally clean, I went back inside. To make a long story short, I let myself
air dry some, then got dressed again and returned home. Once there I took a
long hot bath, then had to sit down and tell you all about it.

Thanks for a hot tale,


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