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Laura's Adventures 3

I was really turned on by bhan's story, so much so I decided to do some of
what she described. I waited until the day before my day off, then before
leaving work I made sure to drink, and drink a lot. When I got into the car,
I slipped my bra off so I could easily reach under my shirt and play with my
big DD cups.

I squirmed inside my faded blue jeans the whole way home, but knew I wanted
to save it. I got to my apartment and dashed up the three flights of stairs
to the top story. On that level there are only two apartments, mine and the
one across from me. I had seen my neighbor Steve that morning, and he
mentioned he was going off with his lover for the weekend (he's gay, not
that it makes any diff to this story).

Anyway, I opened my door and kicked my shoes into the apartment. I stood
there looking around, in desperate need of a good piss. Not seeing anyone, I
finally relaxed and let go. Warm fluid darkened my pants and flowed down my
legs. It just kept coming and coming, flowing down my legs and puddling
around my bare feet.

I almost came from the intensity. Finally spent, I stepped inside and closed
my apartment door tossing my shirt aside. I undid the button and zipper on
my blue jeans and slipped my hand inside, leaning back on the door. I
quickly frigged my clitty to a great cum.

But I wasn't done yet, not by far. I made myself a light dinner, and
consumed several wine coolers plus a lot of water over the next two hours.
While eating and checking e-mail I watched on one of my water sports videos,
to enhance the erotic mood I was in. The whole time I still had on my piss
soaked undies and blue jeans.

My bladder was really full by this point, so I decided to have more fun. I
went to the bedroom and stepped into the closet where there was a big
mirror, ceiling to floor. I pulled off my jeans but left on my wet, white
panties. Falling to my knees, I slid a glass bowl I'd brought along under
me, to catch the liquid that I knew would flow out.

I slid a hand down the front of my panties, right into my wet cunt. I
watched myself in the mirror, getting turned on by the site of my chubby bod
and wet panties. Like bhan, I like talking to myself in dirty terms. "Oh
fuck yes" I moaned "rub that wet pussy. Shit that feels good. Look how big
your nipples are. Oh yeah..."

I rubbed and squirmed, and carefully, oh so carefully let out just a little
blast of pee. My fingers continued to diddle me, and all of a sudden I had a
massive orgasm. My body shook as my cum ripped through me. Naturally I lost
all control and let out a huge flood of piss. I pulled my hand out and
sucked my fingers. As I watched in the mirror as my golden liquid flooded my
panties then began leaking out. I could feel it seeping up my ass and
flowing down my legs. A lot of it though wound up in the bowl under me.

I couldn't help it but to put my hand back in my panties and begin fingering
myself again. It was warm wet and wonderful. My other hand reached in back
and began rubbing my wet ass. While I don't like having anything big up my
backside, something small like a tongue or finger is OK. That night I simply
ran a finger in a circular motion on the edge of my asshole, massaging it.
With the dual stimulation I had one hellacious orgasm!

I felt good, but somehow not yet fully satisfied. I returned to the living
room to watch more of my video, did some naughty e-mails, and of course
drank a lot all while still wearing my wet panties. Eventually I moved into
the bedroom and got into my favorite couch, watching more of my golden
shower videos. By this point about 3 hours had gone by. I was a little
d***k, horny as hell and ready for anything.

After watching several guys and gals wetting themselves then masturbating, I
decided I wanted more of that. I reread bhan's story one last time from the
paper I'd printed it out on, then went into the bathroom. Along the way I
picked up the bowl of pee I'd let out earlier.

One of the things that attracted me to this apartment was the large garden
tub. Being a big gal your standard tub isn't very comfortable, but this one
had lots of room to soak and spread out in.

I stood in front of the mirror, talking to my self. Out loud I said "OK you
sexy slut. You know what you fucking want, so just fucking do it. It's 3 in
the morning, no one know how nasty you get. And nasty is what you want to
get, hot fucking kinky nasty."

As sexily as I could I slid my wet panties off. Holding them to my nose I
inhaled deeply, then rubbed them all over my face. I then slid them down,
over my tits and tummy. I turned and tossed them into the tub then climbed
in with them. I laid down, then scooted my big ass up the tub until my butt
was resting on the top wall of the tub, my head and shoulders low at the
bottom. I slid the panties under my head as a pillow.

Fumbling, I found the bowl of pee from earlier and poured some of it on my
spread pussy lips. It felt cold and wild as it rolled down my ass crack and
forward over my tummy. I then pulled one of my tits to my face and began
sucking my nipple. Hard. Emboldened, horny, and I suspect a little d***k I
stopped sucking and just licked my nipple. At the same time I poured the
remaining liquid in the bowl onto me, right where my tongue met my nip.

I was so turned on at this point I just can't describe it. My pussy was
screaming for an orgasm. I didn't touch it quite yet. Instead I reached down
and began stimulating my anus again. This time though I slipped in a finger,
wiggling it inside me for several minutes.

I simply couldn't hold back anymore. I reached down and began finger fucking
myself. I had three fingers pounding away at my wide open cunt. I came
almost instantly, and when I did I literally exploded. Hot piss came
shooting out of me, showering my face, hair, tits, everything with wonderful
wetness. Before I had even gotten done I was slamming my fingers back into
my cunt, cumming again and again.

Four huge orgasms is what I had, with my cunt high in the air like that,
sucking on my piss soaked titties. Finally satisfied I collapsed, sliding
down in the tub. My back was a bit sore so I rolled over onto my tummy,
lying there in my still warm liquid. After a few minutes I felt the urge, I
could not believe it but there it was, I had to go again.

Relaxed, I just let it go. It dripped out of my pussy then rolled down the
tub, around my belly, big tits, and finally pooling up where I'd closed the
drain. I half thought about just sl**ping there, but knew it wasn't really
practical. So I rinsed off, toweled dry, and stumbled into bed.

I had one more session, the next day. I was off that day, which explains why
I was willing to stay up all night playing with myself. I'd eaten some
breakfast (or more like lunch by this time), puttered around the apartment,
and checked some e-mails which got me feeling a bit naughty. Outside the
temp had climbed to 80, unusually warm for this time of year. I decided a
little sunbathing would be nice.

My balcony is solid wood from ground to about waist high, open after that. I
can, and have sunbathed out there naked, although it requires me to have on
a towel or something then slip it off once I'm in my chair. That day though
I decided on a bathing suit, for convenience.

I have a white suit that I find sexy. To be honest, it's not really made for
my body style (remember, I said I was on the chubby side). Still, I liked
the slick nylon against my skin, how it was very low cut in back, high cut
on the sides, and exposed a lot of tit. I grabbed some wine coolers then
headed to my recliner on the balcony.

I sipped and drank for a couple of hours, dozing sometimes, just enjoying
the warm sun on my body. After a bit I realized I needed to go. However, I
was warm and lazy, and really did not want to move. I tried to ignore it,
and began thinking back on last night's fun. Finally I just could not take
it any more, and without really intending to started to pee.

It soaked my lower suit and ass. I couldn't help it, my hands just plunged
down there and started rubbing my clit through the sheer wet fabric. I gave
myself a small but nice cum, but wanted another. I reached down and grabbed
one of my empty wine cooler bottles. Pulling my suit crotch aside I rammed
it right in my wet pussy. It was still cold, and gave me quite a rush as
it's thickness opened up my cunt. It felt good to be fucked by something big
and hard, and fuck myself I did.

By this point my tits were free of my suit top, and I sucked those big
monsters while pounding the bottle in and out of me. I had an awesome cum,
out in the open like that. I fell back in my chair and let the bottle slide
out, rolling to the ground.

When I woke up it was getting dark, and a bit chilly. I went back inside,
and peeled off my cold wet suit. A nice long bubble bath further relaxed me.
I ate a leisurely dinner, and am now sitting here in front of the computer,
naked, and writing this story. I think I'll go relax in my easy chair, where
I can spread my legs real wide while watching some hot and nasty fuck films.
Then, who knows?

Thanks again to bhan for her great story,


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