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Laura's Adventures - part I

Hi, my name is "Laura" and I have a confession to make. I masturbate.

Whew, there I said it. Sort of liberating actually. I always thought I was a
bit odd, a female who loved masturbating, until I ran across a website
devoted to masturbation. There I learned there are a lot of other ladies who
enjoy it as much as I do.

I guess I should give a bit of background, I'm in my early 40's, on the
plump side with long curly black hair. I have a nice big set of DD tits
which I'm proud of, I love to suck on them and wear cleavage revealing
shirts. I am currently single, and horny as hell. So, I masturbate a lot.
And I do mean a lot.

I usually start the morning with a nice cum, either fingering myself in bed,
or using the shower head on pulse setting in the morning bath. I also
started masturbating at work, after I discovered the other ladies do the

At work? Yes, I'm employed in a small flower shop with 4 other gals. It's in
house that has been remodeled into a florist. The bathroom is in the old
master bath, so it's quite spacious. I would sometimes slip in the and have
a quicky sitting on the toilet.

Then one day I was waiting for my turn in the bathroom. I really had to go,
so was standing outside the door when my boss Dana came out. Her skin was
flushed and she was breathing heavy with a big smile on her face that she
tried but couldn't quite hide.

I zipped into the bathroom and while doing my business noticed the sun was
making a spot on the french style chair glisten in the light. Curious I
leaned over and took a closer look and saw it was slick and wet. Breathing
deep over it, I could clearly smell the scent of pussy. It hit me like a ton
of bricks, just moments ago my boss had been sitting in that chair

I then noticed the towel cabinet was slightly open. I knew it had been
closed because I'd gotten out some paper earlier in the day. I stood, and
with my pants still down around my ankles quickly looked through the
cabinet. On the next to the lower shelf behind some towels I found it, a
small pink dildo. It was still warm and moist, and the scent of female
juices still lingered on it.

Without thinking I just sat in the chair, spread my legs, and drove it
inside my own eager cunt. It didn't take many strokes before I was cumming
myself, leaving more juices on the chair. After I came I felt nervous and
self conscious, quickly got dressed and put the dildo back where I found it.
But it wasn't the last time I used it, and I soon figured out that all of
the ladies there were using it at one time or another.

Speaking of work the first time I masturbated in my car was at work. It was
summer, and I was scheduled to open the shop with Dana, my boss and the
owner. I had overslept, so didn't have time for a cum. I fixed my hair then
tossed on a sundress that had a built in bra. I decided to go without
panties, as I did often in the summer.

So I rush off to work, peeling into the parking area to find I'm the first
there. Employee parking was out in what used to be the back yard, inside a 8
foot wood fence where we grew things outdoors. My cell phone rings, and it's
Dana saying she had just woke up and would be there in half an hour sorry to
be late. As I don't have a door key I was just sitting there in my car
looking around when I realized it was very private, that I couldn't be seen.

Horny, I decided to get in that morning session. I pulled my skirt up around
my waist and spread my legs wide. I began fingering myself, working myself
up for a good orgasm. I felt really naughty, being outside like that. When I
got close I even pulled one of my breasts out the top of my dress and began
sucking on it. I came, my hot juices leaking out of me.

I got my boobs back into my top just in time, I heard Dana's car coming
through the gate. I squirmed around in my seat for one last jolt as she
parked beside me, a big goofy grin on my face.

In the evenings I spend a while in front of my computer reading erotic
stories on the net, swapping e-mail and just getting horny. I am always nude
when home, so it's easy to get off when the feeling hits. A few times it's
been at the table, reading a dirty novel while eating. Other times it's at
the computer, while reading stories. And there's my recliner, where I can
lean back and spread my legs while watching the Playboy channel or Sex In
The City.

My favorite spot though is in the bedroom. I have an old couch with a wood
frame and big comfy cushions. It looks sort of like a futon, but doesn't
fold out. By scooting my hips forward my belly and crotch can be almost
flat, while my head and shoulders can be propped up to watch the TV.

Across from the couch I have a TV and VCR on a cart I can slide close. On it
I watch a porn video from my rather large collection. I guess maybe I'm odd
for a female, but I just love watching dirty movies. I get off on watching
people fuck, seeing blowjobs, all those cum shots. I also have a lot of
masturbation vids, both dudes and gals getting themselves off. I like those,
sort of feels like I'm not masturbating alone. I've also gotten some good
tips from them, like my leg slings.

Attached to the upper back of the sofa I have two slings, soft straps of
strong cloth that hook either to my ankles or behind my knees. They support
my legs, letting me keep them very wide without a lot of effort. I can
really get to my pussy then, ramming my fingers in and out and playing with
my clitty then moving them to my mouth. I love the taste of my own juices! A
bottle of wine, a stack of videos, my legs in the slings and I'm ready to go
for the night.

OK, I have another confession to make. I'm really nervous here, but here
goes. You may think this is a bit grody, I know I did at first too, but I
discovered my best cums are when my bladder is really full. When I really
gotta piss, and I diddle my clit, the orgasm is fantastic. Of course I wind
up losing control and peeing all over the place, but it's worth it.

It all got started by accident. It was in the late fall, and I was headed
home from work one night. I was my usual horny self, thinking about the fun
I was going to have. Suddenly I ran up on a traffic jam. An accident ahead
had the road closed and I was stuck there, but good. Not too worried at the
time, I pulled the hem of my jeans tight against my crotch and began rocking
back and forth. The tension on my clit was sweet as I squirmed in my seat.

Half an hour later though I was in some distress. I was really close to
cumming, really really had to go pee, and was still stuck at the accident. I
was hoping that if I came it might relive the piss urge, so I rocked back
and forth. My orgasm hit like a freight train, at the same moment I lost
control of my bladder and pissed in my pants and panties. I literally
screamed so intense was my orgasm!

I opened my eyes and looked around, mortified. Fortunately in the dark no
one had noticed, or if they did no one was coming toward the car. My pants
and seat were soaked. Fortunately I didn't have to wait much longer before
traffic broke up and I could start moving. Before I could get home I
realized I still had to pee. What the hell, I was already soaked so I just
let it go. It felt wild, as it gushed into my pants making me even wetter.

I got home, fortunately there was no one around and I was able to slip into
my apartment without being seen. I pulled off my shirt and bra and dropped
them on the bedroom floor as I went into the bathroom. I peeled out of my
wet jeans and stood there looking at my soaked panties in the mirror. They
were clinging to my crotch and I couldn't resist touching myself. I was very
turned on, and to make a long story short wound up cumming again.

A couple of nights later I was drinking some wine and doing some research
online. I discovered there's a whole fetish called "water sports" or "golden
showers" that deals with pee play. I wondered about it, thinking back on my
experiences earlier in the week. Deciding to repeat, to see if I could
reproduce, I proceed to polish off the wine.

By that time I had quite a nice buzz on, plus had to go. I put down a few
towels and got into my couch, a dirty movie going. Soon I had a real rhythm
going with fingers of one hand pumping in and out while the other hand
worked over my clitty.

When I came, it was intense. As before, when I orgasmed I lost control and
my piss came gushing out along with my cum. It flooded over my hands and
crotch as I squealed in delight. I was out of control and almost blacked out
from the intense pleasure.

I came to a few minutes later. I laid there breathing heavy and watching my
video when I realized I still had some pee left. Gently rubbing my clitty
with my whole hand, I relaxed and let my golden stream flow out. It felt
wild, splashing over my privates as my hand rubbed it in. When I was about
empty I rubbed really fast and came yet again. I was soaked, tired, and
totally happy.

Since then when I am really horny and have some time I add a little pee play
to my masturbation sessions. No, not every time, maybe once or twice a month
as a special treat. I know, I know, you're probably thinking "ewww gross".
But baby, don't knock it until you've tried it.

In the months since I discovered this new activity I've ordered several
golden shower videos which I enjoy watching while having my fun time. One
night I had gone out with the girls, going to bars and watching the guys so
it was quite late when I got home, well after midnight. In my mailbox was a
new video I had ordered, a golden shower flick.

I stripped down, and decided to enjoy the movie before turning in. I grabbed
a few wine coolers and sipped while watching the movie, building up my
bladder for a powerful cum.

Towards the end of the video it was getting really kinky, and for some
reason when it gets really late at night I start losing my inhibitions even
more. Or maybe it was the wine, who knows?

Anyway, this one scene of a girl masturbating really got me off. I couldn't
believe what she did, and watched again just to be sure. Turned on, I knew I
had to masturbate just like she was. I rewound the video for the third time
then got into the same position she was in. My hips were high up on the
couch, my neck and shoulders down on the floor. Like this my pussy was high
in the air above me, my legs spread wide.

I watched the girl on the video do it, then, just like her, I relaxed my
control and let my piss go. A hot stream arced in the air, then landed back
on my body. First on my tummy, then as the stream intensified on my tits. I
pushed down and the stream got stronger. Just like the girl on the video it
was landing on my face. Reflexively, I opened wide tasting my own pee. I
couldn't believe what I was doing but I was so horny I no longer gave a

To be honest, it didn't have much taste, just sort of warm and wet and just
a hint of salt. While I was still pissing I rapidly rubbed my cunt and was
immediately rewarded with an ultra powerful orgasm. When I finally quit
cumming I just laid there for a while watching the video. Eventually I slid
down and ran my hands all over my body smearing cum and pee around my flesh.
My hands slowly slid from my mouth to my pussy, bringing tasty fingers to my

I fell asl**p lying there, and sometime later I guess I moved onto the bed
although I don't recall it, I just woke up the next day in the bed. In the
light of day I was a bit horrified at the memory, I could not believe what I
had done. Some time went by before I could bring myself to watch my pee
videos again, although I did keep masturbating.

Eventually though I came to terms with my fetish, and repeat it every month
or two when I'm really kinky. I still feel a little embarrassed to admit all
this, since I've not seen any stories by other women with a similar like.
I'm hoping though that others might tell their stories so I won't feel quite
so weird.

Well, that's my story, I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know what you think...


-- Laura

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