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When I get the house to myself

In the rare times I get the house to myself, I drag out my box of pretty things. I have a nice collection of teddies, corsets, panties and a couple pair of black 5" pumps. I'm a closet crossdresser. My wife approves and will encourage and dress me sometimes, but she's not a fan a me sharing, which I will do from time to time on cam.

My favorite outfit starts with a pretty black lace garter belt. I like to watch myself in the full length mirror as I step into it and wiggle it up into position. I sit on the bed and roll up one stocking at time, sliding them onto my legs. I love the feel of the nylons against my skin. I attach the garters to the stockings and adjust the tension on the hooks. Next on is a tiny lacy thong which make my cock feel wonderful. The thong's back sliding into my ass-crack is an added bonus.

I then put on a slinky black jersey mini-dress, which allows a peek at the white skin at the top of my stockings. I put on my brunette wig with the little flip at the bottom and some great bangs. I clip on some long earrings.

Sitting at the wife's vanity, I apply a red lipstick and gloss to my lips. I make up my eyes with some flattering shadow and add just a little color to my cheeks. I put on some nails, also red. Watching the Mrs. all these years has paid off.

For good measure, I "borrow" some of her bracelets and a nice necklace.

Finally, sitting back on the bed, I slip on my pumps. The transformation to Frankie is complete.

I walk around the poster bed, getting my balance down. I make my way back to mirror and start to pose and caress myself. I'm pretty proud of my look.

I open our bag of toys and select a small vibrator and a 6" dildo. It's showtime.

I power up the PC and go to one of my favorite sites. I start up the camera, and then sit on the bed next to the computer. Seeing someone check out my channel, I don't say a word. I start to dance by myself, rubbing myself up and down. He's commenting on my look, but I just keep on going.

I lay down on the bed, with my legs up in the air, showing off my heels and legs. My hand makes it down to my thong and I slide a hand inside.

Other folks have tuned in and this just gets my cock a little harder. I stand up and slide the panties off slowly but not all the way - leaving them just above my knees. Turning around, I start fingering my asshole. I lube it up with some Liquid Silk, then put a couple fingers back in. I bend over the bed and after lubing up the dildo, slide that into my ass. That feeling is tremendous. I wedge it in and out, shoving it in as far as it will go.

Squeezing the dildo in my ass, I turn around and lay down on bed again with my filled hole facing the camera. With my legs in the air, I use the small vibrator to further help my cock grow larger.

There's quite a crowd now, all firing off encouraging comments, which I adore. Taking some more of the lube, I start wanking on my shaved cock and balls. I'm taking my time - there's no hurry.

When I get close to cumming, I stand up from the bed and bring my cock closer to the camera. The audience can hear my moans and heavy breathing. Finally, I shoot all over my hands and desk. I caress and spread the cum around my cock and the top of my legs. I bring my hand up to my red lips and lick up the cum from my fingers.

After relaxing, I dance slowly a little more, wave thank you(!) to those who shared my experience and log off. I lay down on the bed caressing myself and after a little time, try to fire another one off.

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