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Apade pt2

Daring Escapade (pt 2)
Ok, so now that it was too late to turn back, what do I do? There is no doubt in my mind that I have created a monster in my tw***e year old Daughter whom I could hear humming to herself in the shower upstairs. Her name is Angilee by the way. Other than that amazing body of hers, she is beautiful, long deep red hair, wide sparkling green eyes, full mouth...listen to's created her own b**st as well. How are we ever going to keep this secret?. All I want to do is touch, fondle and fuck her. And I belive after that incident by the couch with her mother sitting there, anything goes....and I'm more than ready.
I heard my Daughter come out of the shower and call down, " Come up and tuck me in Daddy". "I'll be right there baby," I call back and climb the stairs to her room.
She's lying on the top of her bed when I enter her room, completly naked and glowing warmly from the hot shower. My heart melted as I looked at her lying there with her eyes closed in the soft glow of a nite-light. Man I loved her so much. I walk over and sit next to her on her bed and stroke her hair and face. she grabs my hand and holds it to her cheek, " Lie with me Daddy"...I lay next to her on the bed and she turns toward me, tucks her head into my shoulder and falls asl**p in my arms. The rash of emotions running through me at that moment could power a small city.
I look down at her and I softly caress her back all the way down to her beautiful round ass and then caress it too. I am rock hard; but I really don't want to wake her so i just caress her lightly. I let my hand stray a little farther down and run my fingers across her soft prominent pussy . My finger came away smeared with her wetness. I can't believe how wet this girl is all the time. I did it again only this time slipped my finger up inside her about a quarter of the way. She moaned then quietly; but slept on. I moved my finger in and out very slowly and softly, about a half of it inside her now. God I wanted nothing more than to put my cock inside her. It lay against her stomach as she slept against me. She was in a deep sl**p so I moved down some and lay her on top of me still deep asl**p. My hard cock was now touching her soaked entrance and I pushed forward just enough to put it in between her thick pussy lips. I almost came right then so I lie still. I started to softly and slowly fuck her while she slept, the feeling was incredibly exciting. She was so tight it was hard not to shake her. Even asl**p her breathing quickened as I fucked in and out of her dripping wet pussy. I fucked her like this as long as I could; but I couldn't last much longer and felt the liquid senasation rise up through my hard cock and blast into her , filling her once again with my hot sperm. I lie there and shook quietly for eternity untill I finally, slowly came to my senses.
Damn! I wan't planning on fucking her again tonight....have I no self control? I gently slip her off me onto the bed cover. I get off the bed, manage to get her inside it without waking her and go off to the shower.
After my shower I go into the bedroom and my wife is sprawled all over the bed snoring loudly, a half bottle of wine next to her. For the first time in our marraige I'm actually disgusted by her and leave the room. Switching on the tv I find some show and lie down on the couch pretending to watch it; but in reality thinking about that wonderful creature in the upstiars bedroom. I have a strong burning desire to up to her room and get back in bed with her; but manage to stay where I am. Down boy, I think to myself as I stroke my hardness through my shorts...we have to be careful about this , I don't want my wife to catch us. I fell asl**p thinking of Angie's nipples and how sweet they were.
I was awakened the next morning by the clatter of the kitchen as my wife made coffee. I lay there half awake and again thought about was all I could think about, it absolutely consumed me. So I dragged myself into a sitting position, yawned, rubbed the sl**p out of my eyes and got up to grab a cup of coffee.
I got my coffee and sat at the large kitchen table across from my wife. She had her face in the Times and ignored me as usual. My young daughter came into the kitchen wearing an almost sheer short nightgown that ended about 2" below her butt. I could tell she wore nothing underneath it. Oh shit I thought as I felt the familiar rise in my crotch.
"Mornin ," she said sl**pily. Her mom grunted back. "Mornin baby," I said..."How did you sl**p?" "Wonderfull," she said as she poured herself a glass of orange juice. I stared at her and could see her breasts plainly through the gown..those nipples once again hard and sticking out, making me harder and making me sweat as well. She looked me in the eye and mouthed "I love you Daddy," behind her Mom's back.
Picking up her glass she came over to the kitchen table and sat on my lap with her legs spread to either side of mine. Her gown rose around her waist as she sat directly on top of my hard cock. My wife looked up and gave us one of those disgusted looks and went back to reading her paper. " A little old for lap sitting aren't you?" she half asked. " Nope ," my daughter repled, "never too old to sit on my Daddy's lap." My wife shook her head and buried herself deper in to the finance section.
Angilee rested the back of her head against my chest as she sat there. "Wanna go see a movie today Daddy?' she asked and started rubbing her ass along the length of me. "Sounds good, what would you like to see?"....I placed my right hand between her legs and rubbed slowly between her puffy lips. I'll go and do anything this wonderfull young girl wanted me to. "We'll have to look online and see whats playing," she said and sat forward , leaned on the kitchen table and pushed her ass back so her pussy was against my hardness. Uh oh I thought as I felt her hand reach back and slide my hard cock from under my shorts. She raised herslf up a bit and pushed back impaling herself about halfway on to me.
I grabbed the sides of her hips and kept her there for a bit 'cause I thought I was going to explode into her immediately. When I had calmed, I started pulling her back untill she was all the way on my hard cock, with her mother again a short way away. Angie started slowly raising and lowering hersef on to me. Wet as a river, tight as a glove we sat there and fucked slowly at the kitchen table. She raised herself almost totally off me and lowered herself with exqusite slowness.
"Are you going to the movie with us Mom?" she asked slightly winded. " Can't," her Mom replied, "have to go to the office in a bit." I believe that answer was just what my daughter wanted to hear.
Once again we were soaked under her bottom as she lowered herself all the way and sat there grinding on my cock with me deep in her. I felt her hips tense first and I knew what was comming as she starting shaking and grunting quietly. I held her hips down tightly so it wouldn't be quite as obvious she was cumming hard when all of a sudden I let was like a rocket blasting out of me and she gave one mighty jerk when she felt it hit. I held on to her tighter as I tried to act like I wasn't cumming bucketloads inside my 12 year old daughter and she and I were just sharing a Father and Dughter moment. She gave another big jerk as I continued to come inside her, all I could do was ride it out and what a ride it was.
"I'll go see what's playing Daddy," she said a little breathless. "Ok sweetie." and she moved forward so I dislodged from her pussy, spilling my seed everywhere and especially all over my lap. She looked me in the eye and grinned. "Whoops," she whispered in my ear bounded up and ran off, the gown flashing above her round butt as she did. Oh my God am I in trouble I thought to myself and reached for the napkins to clean myself up.

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