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OHGIRL: What Happens In Vegas 7.....

The two days of rest did me well. My body was rejuvenated and I had even gone to the hotel gym for a little workout. I had stayed in my room for dinners and avoided all of the very obvious pick up lines when I did go out to shop or explore the strip. The day before the party, I contacted the client who was paying me for the bachelor party and got all of the information that I needed. When I had booked the engagement with my client, we thought it would be more convenient for me to be in the same hotel, so the following evenings entertainment would be held at the Mirage in two combined suites. I was supposed to be one of three girls that they had planned for the evening. The party was going to start at 9pm, so the other two girls and I met our employer in one of the suites. Jonathan was the best man and he had arranged all of the plans. The music was pretty loud in the party suite when we all met and according to Jonathan, the party was underway. He and his other 8 friends were all Firefighters and they were ready for their female entertainment. Our job was to provide nude dancing for the guys and any other type of sexy entertainment that was needed to keep everyone happy. Later that evening we were going to travel with the group to a strip club and then when we returned, according to Jonathan, the party would keep going until everyone passed out.

Jonathan entered the suite and we waited for our introduction. We heard a new set of dance music start to play, then the door to the room opened and Jonathan began the stripper introductions. Each of us three women entered the room nude, as our names were called, Heather, DeeDee and Brandy. I walked in wearing nothing but a pair of black, thigh-high, leather boots and made my way to the middle of the room with the other ladies. Jonathan grabbed the groom and brought him to us for his introduction. His name was Randy and he was now surrounded by three naked ladies and looking for some fun. We pushed him into a chair and each of us worked to get him stripped down to his boxer briefs. His friends were loving it and soon we were grinding in his lap, rubbing his body all over and putting our body parts in his face. His friends took photos as we posed with Randy and after all of our attention, he had a serious erection that was popping out of the bottom of his briefs. Jonathan, Randy and all of the other guys in the room didn’t look to be over 28 years old. From what Jonathan had told us, they all had worked together and they wanted to have one wild time for their bachelor friend Randy. Being the spokesperson, best man and party planner, Jonathan had us ladies finally remove Randy’s underwear. 15 minutes of lap dancing, rubbing and kissing had visibly turned him on, as could be seen from his long, hard white cock. I had my arms around Randy’s neck, DeeDee was holding his hands back and Heather was kneeling between his legs, as he sat naked and captive in the chair. The crowd started chanting and Heather began to suck Randy‘s cock. We each took a turn between his legs and everyone in the room was cheering as Randy got a blow job. Jonathan stopped us after we had all taken a turn and let the guys know that the party had officially started. The rest of the guys were ready for some of their own attention and many were holding large bills in their hands to lure us to them.

Randy grabbed a hold of Heather’s hand and led her to one of the nearby sofas. His penis was standing straight up and he was ready for more than a blow job. He sat down and pulled her onto his lap. After a bit of discussion and some nude grinding, Heather was soon riding the groom’s cock. Three of the guys pulled me to their section of the room and I took turns dancing and rubbing on each of them. I lost track of what was going on in the rest of the room and concentrated on the men who were now touching, kissing and grinding me from behind as the music played. I helped to get their shirts off, as I moved around our small circle, to tease them, unsnapping and unzipping their pants and eventually getting them all down to their underwear, just as we had done with Randy. The alcohol, horniness and overall charged up atmosphere of the party finally caused my little dance circle to collapse and each of the three guys now had me surrounded and pressed between them. Two of them slid off their boxers and I felt their penises bouncing against my legs and buttocks as they danced against me and rubbed on me. The third guy still had his tighty-whiteys on and was kissing my neck and squeezing my breasts from the front. They maneuvered me onto another sofa nearby and I was soon lying on my back as each of them rubbed and touched my entire body.

A finger slid into my pussy and two pair of hands pulled my legs apart. Another pair of hands was squeezing my breasts and a hard cock found it’s way into my mouth. My head was turned to the side and one of the guys was leaning over me and sliding his cock in and out of my mouth. I felt another cock smacking on one of my tits and then my legs were pulled over a pair of shoulders and my ass was lifted off the couch. I was guided up and then slid down onto one of their long poles. Two of the guys took turns fucking my mouth and the other continued to fuck my wet pussy. I scanned the room to see that an orgy had kind of broken out and I wasn’t the only girl getting laid.

After pumping his cock in me for a while, my current party man pulled out and allowed one of his friends to move into his position. He walked away to another part of the room and two more guys took his place. All of the men at the party moved around the room and each one of them had the opportunity to fuck us three girls and to have us suck their cocks. I remembered all of their faces and their pricks as I laid there on my back giving blow jobs and getting pumped with a different hard cock every 5 minutes. It was all such a chaotic flurry of activity. There was a little disturbance in the room and it seemed like one of the other ladies had been offended or something bad had gone wrong. DeeDee had told Jonathan that she was done and was leaving. Everyone had quit what they were doing, as she cursed at a few of the men who were trying to pacify her. I was holding a cock before my lips and one of the guys had his cock stuffed in me, as I watched Jonathan follow her into the other suite and then return shortly afterwards to say that she had quit and left. The room kind of quieted down a bit, but it didn’t stop the guys from now overwhelming me and Heather. I was now on all fours and it made it much easier to fuck and suck each of the guys as they made their rounds. Someone would slide their long dick into me from behind and then slam me for a few minutes before another man stepped up. I continuously had a penis in my mouth and cunt and there didn’t seem to be any relief in sight. It was just Heather and me and we were the center of a 9 man gangbang.

Jonathan and Randy both ended up in me at the same time during one series of rounds and they were high fiving each other as they pumped me with their hard cocks. It seemed like more of the guys were hovering around me at the moment, since Heather had taken a break to use the restroom. She had requested that all of her partners wear condoms and many of the guys were tired of putting on a condom and then taking it off to fuck me. I had never liked condoms, since they irritated my pussy and sucking a cock, with a condom on it, was no fun. I had always allowed my clients to wear them if they wanted, but not surprisingly, most didn’t, since I’ve found that many men get turned on when they cum in or on a girl. Because of my no condom necessary rule, it seemed that I was now the target for many of the guys in the room. Randy was the first person to cum that evening and he exploded in my mouth. I gulped down his huge load and he let everyone else know that I was a swallower. Soon, most of the guys were making their way over to me and then unloading their cum filled balls into my mouth. The party had gone on around me for nearly two hours and I had sucked off most of the guys in the room. I was now just chatting and hanging out with the guys as the party had calmed down for a short time. Heather and I got to clean up and the guys all put their pants back on and started drinking and talking again.

Heather was amazed at the fact that I had taken and swallowed every cum shot so far that evening. She had told me that she was very particular about not allowing any bodily fluid exchange, but that was always the fun part of sex that I enjoyed. Ever since my first sexual experience, I had been aroused and truly enjoyed feeling and tasting a man as he ejaculated. It had actually become quite addictive, from the first time I had fucked someone for money, and since that time I had been the recipient of quite a bit of warm, sticky sperm. She jokingly thanked me for being the cum bucket that evening and let me know that I had made her job much easier. When we rejoined the party, the guys were all getting ready to go down to the limo to leave for the strip club. Since we were their e****ts to the club that night, we walked down to the lobby with them to make the ride. It was a grope fest in the elevator as we all got in together. Hands were all over both of us as the guys had fun. Once we got in the limo, Jonathan brought me over to give Randy a blow job for the drive to the club. Everyone in the Limo watched as I sucked Randy’s cock and got him hard again. By the time we reached the strip club, everyone was horny and ready to enter, except two of the party goers. A guy named Levi and another named Billy were so horny from watching me suck Randy’s cock, that they wanted to fuck me before we went into the club. The others all slid out of the Limo with Heather in tow and I was left sitting on the long seat between Levi and Billy.

When the door closed, my short, tight black dress, that I had worn, was quickly pulled over my head, leaving me naked with just my thigh high boots on. Levi and Billy didn’t take any time pulling down the front of their pants and soon their hard cocks were exploring my mouth and my wet pussy. They had both fucked me earlier and I remembered each of them cumming in my mouth. Obviously they had gotten worked up again and the thought of stuffing me with their sausages in the back of the limo had overridden their urge to see strippers. It was hard to maneuver as they each tried to get me into a position that satisfied them the best. I was lying on my side sucking Billy’s dick as Levi held my leg up and straddled my thigh, rapidly plunging his hard cock deep into my twat. My boot was banging on the ceiling of the limo each time he slammed his penis into me and Levi had me by the hair, as he jerked my head back and forth, sliding his long dick in my throat. I felt Billy’s shaft begin to throb and he thrust deeper in my mouth, holding onto my head as he sprayed my tonsils with another load of his hot, sticky jizz. I swallowed his load as quickly as I could, while Billy shoved the entire length of his pole into my mouth and held on as he moaned. The door opened and Luis, the only non-white male at the party, stuck his head in to see if his friends were finished. the Limo driver looked over his shoulder to see what was happening and they both stared as Billy pulled his limp cock from my mouth.

“You’re up next buddy.” Billy said to his Hispanic friend. Luis smiled and entered the Limo while Billy was pulling up his pants. “You take this side Lou.” Levi told him, and then he stopped pumping me and moved up toward my head. I tasted my own pussy as I began to suck Levi’s wet prick and I could see Luis pulling out his long, uncircumcised penis and begin to stroke it. After a quick series of rapid pumps, he stuffed his semi-erect cock between my spread labia and began to fuck me. “Come on dude.” Levi blurted over his shoulder. The limo door closed and soon the driver was kneeling on the long seat above my head. He pulled his cock from his pants and Levi allowed him to place it in my mouth as he twisted my head in his direction. I hadn’t agreed to having sex with the driver, but his hard pole made it’s way into my open mouth. Luis’s penis had grown as he fucked my pussy and it felt good as it slid back and forth. I moved my mouth between the driver and Levi’s erection and was rewarded with a blast of cum in my mouth, as Levi let loose another flood of his semen in me. The driver moved over by Luis and they switched positions. Levi was rubbing his limp cock on my face as Luis held his penis in front of me. The foreskin was stretched back over his bulbous head and he soon had it deep in my mouth. Levi told him that he would meet us in the club when we finished and he dashed from the limo.

Both guys shifted me around and the driver was soon fucking me from behind as Luis sat on the seat and I was on all fours between his legs. I was pumping his cock in my fist and sucking him as the driver pounded me from behind. “Oh yeah baby! Here comes another load for you!” Luis shouted as he threw his head back and moaned. I kept stroking him as each spurt of cum filled my mouth and ran down his shaft. I leaned my head down to lick up the stream of cum, that had escaped my lips and ran onto his scrotum, when the driver sunk his iron hard pole deep into my pussy and filled me with his hot seed. His cock ejected one squirt after another into me and I felt each blast shoot deep within my well used cunt. He must not have cum in weeks and soon his semen was pouring down my leg and onto the limo floor. I kept playing with Luis’s big, limp cock and watching the skin slide back and forth over his purple head. He was smacking it against my face as I licked it and the driver was still stroking his cock in me, making more of a mess. Luis told me he had to go and pulled his pants back up. He exited the rear door and that left me with the driver laying on my back as I fell across the seat. I slid out from under him and sat on the seat looking at my cum soaked twat. “I need to get cleaned up and dressed so that I can get into the club.” I told him. “We’ve all been out here for nearly an hour.” I said. “They won’t miss you to much.” the driver said jokingly as he pulled my legs apart and slid me onto my back.

The driver’s cock was still hard as he quickly pushed it back into my gaping, cum filled hole. I tried to push him off but he held my arms to the side. He laid on top of me, using his full weight to hold me down as he fucked me for a second time. He pulled my hands up over my head and he drove his cock in and out of my slippery vagina. I was grunting loudly as his pelvis pounded against mine and his prick plowed my pussy. Cum was running down my ass crack and onto the leather seats. We were sliding back and forth as his legs leveraged against the opposite seat to push him deeper and harder into my cunt. He pulled out at far as he could and his cock slipped from my wide twat. Holding both of my wrists in his hand above my head, he gripped his hard dick and aimed it for my ass. He pressed his swollen head against my cum covered sphincter and slid into my tight ass. “Now that is much tighter.” he whispered in my ear as he started to pump his stiff cock in my ass. My legs wrapped around him as his weight pushed into me and his dick slid deeper into my ass with each hard stroke. I was groaning as he rotated his hips, grinding into me and then I felt him explode for a second time, this one deep in my behind.

I was trapped under the driver panting and sweating as he kept his cock stuffed in my ass and just laid there on me. I could still feel his penis throbbing in me as he filled me with another huge load of cum. His limp cock slipped out of my ass and a flood of sticky goo poured out of me and onto the seat. “It’s been a long time since I got to fuck one of the whores during these gigs.” he said matter of factly. The driver got off of me and sat back in the opposite seat and struggled to pull up his pants over his sticky, wet cock. I continued to lay there, my pussy and ass both still oozing cum. I sat up as the driver opened the door to get out and pulled my dress back on without getting cum on it. I would have to get into the club and clean up before I joined the party. As I got ready to exit the door, it opened up again and I was stopped by Michael, one of the other party members. He told me that he had just finished his fourth lap dance and was horny as hell. He was pretty d***k and I fell back into the Limo as he pushed me back onto the seat.

I don’t think that he even noticed the cum on the seat or covering my pussy as he pulled up my dress and slid down the front of his pants. He was between my legs and rapidly thrusting his cock into me as I laid scrunched up on the seat. He yanked the top of my dress down and pulled out my one boob and started to suck and bite on my nipple while he pumped me. He wasn’t in me too long before he added to the cum in my wet cunt. His cock slid out and more spunk poured from me. It was all over my dress and I knew it was going to be noticeable once I entered the club. “That felt so good.” he mumbled as he moved farther down the seat and curled up to sl**p. He said he needed to rest and I let him nod off as I once again tried to get out of the Limo. This time I made it into the club and was able to clean up in the ladies room. I still had a couple of cum spots on my dress, but there wasn’t anything I could do about it. I joined the guys and I spent the rest of the time in the club teasing the groom and best man. A few hours later we all piled back into the limo and I sucked off Randy as Heather fucked Jonathan on the ride back to the hotel.

The party did go on until the early morning and I ended up fucking Stuart, one of the other firefighters, and giving a few repeat blow jobs to the other guys. Jonathan loved the work that Heather and I had provided and said that he would definitely recommend us to all of his friends and maybe use us for a future Vegas party. I fell asl**p in a bed between three of the guys that wanted to play early that morning, but whom all fell asl**p as I licked and sucked their d***k, limp cocks. I was woken up quietly by Jonathan, who led me to the other suite and fucked me one last time before I decided it was time for me to leave. He came in my pussy and thanked me again, handing me an envelope with an added bonus for my work. I had one more full day to rest in Vegas before I returned home and went back to work. I had made a lot of money and connections that weekend and my outlook would never be the same. My days of being a stripper were slowly fading and it looked like my professional e****t career was taking off. My boyfriend and manager Bill wasn’t going to be too happy, but I wasn’t going to tell him the bad news anytime soon.

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