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My Son brings me another Part 4

Now that Nicky had joined 'The Horny Mother's club' and summer had really kicked in the get together's happened most nights and Susey and I saw the change in Nicky. She had stopped taking the pills and was smiling more. Happy.
Especially when she was enjoying her favourite pastime. A DP with Jorden and Toby. Debbie was also very happy. She just loved either Susey or myself dressing her up as a girl. Giggling like a little girl when we tried to hide her cock in a thong or pulling on her breasts to make them bigger. She made a game out of cleaning her 'b*****r's' cocks when her mother had finished while Susey and I cleaned Nicky. And there wasn't a wash cloth in sight. If you know what I mean.

And of course we talked. There was an unspoken reason. Were there any others, other now single women in the same position. Others that may want to join our club?

This time I wasn't as sure as with Nicky but, there was this young boy. He stood out because he was the only quiet person on the school bus. He also stood out because he was of mixed heritage, Asian, and didn't have any friends. He was also the youngest. I thought this would be a good time for Jorden and Toby, secure in their place, to make a new friend. I completely forgot about Debbie.

After I had told Nicky and Susey I asked Jorden about him, did he know the boy that got on at the next stop. Debbie giggled, "That's James, he's new and walked into the girls restroom the first day at school. I was just getting my panties back up and thought I had used the wrong restroom. He was already to pull his cock out, it was so funny to see his face, he didn't even notice anything wrong with me, you know, he just turned and ran. I was so scared he had seen my cock and was going to report me. Later on he came up and apologized. He's cute. Would you like to suck his cock Susey? I know mommy would."

The way Susey squirmed I thought she could already taste his cock. I could but, Damn, Nicky was licking her lips, her eyes closed. I had to put the brake's on this run-away idea.
"Just see if he wants to be friends first you horny little devil, and Jorden,Toby, he might respond to an older b*****r type. He is very young."

But the seed had been planted. In very fertile minds.

Nicky started, her eyes still closed. "How young?"

Susey was just about panting. "Very young."

Jorden and Toby were just looking at each other. Then looked at me. Who died and elected me leader. WTF. I pointed Toby at Nicky, Jorden at Susey and pulled Debbie into my lap. "Lets Fuck!"

It was later that night, Susey and Toby had already left, Nicky and I had just kissed goodnight, what a kiss, when she whispered in my ear. "Why don't you help as well, sit with him on the bus and show him a bit of leg. I'm going after the mother."

'Horny Mother's club', what had I started. "Get out of here now or stay the night. I need a good fucking. I just hope you haven't worn my son out, he's got a neat way of waking me up as well."

"That's all the thanks I get, fine and I can take the hint. Jorden comes home with me on Friday night. Debbie's got a neat way of welcoming the morning as well."

I couldn't help it, I laughed as Nicky hugged me. Again I felt something special, a big safe happy f****y group, just like I felt with Susey. I realized I hadn't said it to Susey but I would make it up to her later so Nicky got it first. "I love you Nicky."

At first I thought I had silenced the Master Sergeant, then, with another hug. "Love you too Diane, all of you. You've helped me so much.... Fuck it, I just wish Stan could have meet you lot as well."

This time it was me that was silent as I hugged Nicky tight. I didn't, couldn't think of anything to say. As we broke the hug it came to me. "I'll make sure Jorden is ready for Saturday morning." That got me a pat on the ass and a smile.

"I'll bring him back after he's worn me out. Should be some time on Sunday. Bye now and take care not to wear any panties when you sit with James."

I watched as they walked down the path. I closed the door and leaned on it. Of all the things Nicky could have said. "Jorden... mommy needs you.... NOW....."

It took another two weeks but the 'Horny Mother's club' was in session again. We had set up rules. Get naked, had an agenda. Get fucked. Even elected officers. Cock queens. You had to love the Army and you know what. I did. It helped to put order back into our shattered life. I had told Susey how I felt about her, and Toby. Susey had cried and told me she loved me as well. Jorden and Toby handled it well.

They fucked the shit out of us and gave Nicky what she wanted. Toby was really getting to be a big ass fan. Nicky just loved it. Didn't matter whose cock she had as long as one of them was in her ass at some point. Including Debbie, even now she was welding her small cock as a major weapon. I couldn't get enough of it.

Back to the possibility of James, of his involvement, with or without his mother. As Debbie said, he was cute. He was so polite it was painful to try and talk to him. The Army school kept going through the summer, offering extra course's to all the c***dren and I didn't complain. Not only was it good for the k**s, those girls in their summer skirts turned me on even more than the young boys. Every one reminded me of Debbie and her cock.

Mind you Jorden didn't complain, it meant more sex than he had ever imagined. My sweet young son was becoming a man. With a man's cock. Damn it was getting big.... and I loved it. Poor Toby, he hadn't hit his growth spurt yet. Mind you I didn't complain, neither did Susey. There was something about a boy's small cock we all loved. Nicky didn't complain either. It became a regular feature that Jorden or Toby would go home with Nicky on Friday night while Susey or I would share Debbie on Saturday mornings. Her long tongue was something special to wake up to. It was hard to keep a straight face as I told Susey and Nicky my story. It was a story and I told it in the 'first person'.

It happened, so quickly that at first I missed it. I had turned to say something to a girl behind me, sort of squashed James, when I felt his hand on my thigh. James was touching my leg. Oh my god. It took every ounce of my mind to keep talking to her as I felt the pressure of his hand, it was so high on my thigh his finger could have slipped into my pussy. Shit, I wanted that to happen. I stayed, twisted in my seat, my legs open as the heat from his hand had me turning cartwheels. Nobody could see where James had his hand but I wanted to yell, I wanted everybody on the bus to know. Janes was feeling me. Going for third base.

In the end I turned back, my legs still open. And smiled at James. OMG, he smiled... then squeezed my thigh harder.

Nobody else existed in the world. James squeezed and I, I put my hand on his and lifted it higher. Under my skirt. I had taken Nicky's advice and wasn't wearing panties. You should have seen his face as his fingers touched my bald slit. I was in love all over again. Or was it lust. James was about to speak but I put a finger on his lips. I pushed harder on his hand, so close, oh so close to my clit. God I wanted to cum and James knew what he was doing.

All of a sudden the 'Horny Mother's club' came back to me, I had a shot in the dark and I took it. "Do you play with your mommy? Would you like to fuck your mommy.... fuck me?"

This time I f***ed his hand against my clit. Oh my. This little boy knew what to do and didn't hesitate. I felt a finger probe my slit.... then enter. He grinned. My heart pounded.

James was still smiling at me. His Asian features made him look even younger as his finger worked it's magic. "I play with mommy's pussy a lot, just like this. She likes it a lot. Do you like it? Then I suck mommy's nipples. Do you want me to suck your nipples?" It was just a whisper but I heard every word clearly. The 'Horny Mother's club' had another member.... and one very frustrated member. The bus pulled up at school.

"Hot Damn Diane, you should write this all down, I could believe it, I felt like I was right there with you and I thought Namoi was straight when I talked to her. Do you think James was making it up, you know, coping a quick feel of a teacher?" Nicky smiled as Toby did cop a feel of her breast.

Debbie followed suit with mine. "Did you mommy, did you let him suck your nipples? Was that why he was smiling all day today."

Jorden snickered. "I don't think so. Mom was dripping so bad we did it leaning against the door as soon as we got home."

I poked my tongue at my son. "You didn't complain. No honey. He's not in any of my classes and I couldn't find a reason to get him into my class room. I had to wait until we were on the bus again and no, Nicky. I don't think he was making it up. In fact I fell for the oldest trick in the book when I sat down next to him coming home. He was looking out the window as I pulled my dress up to sit. I wanted James to have a free shot at my pussy again and as I sat he shot his hand under my bum. He fingered me all the way home. That's why I was so ready Jorden. You should thank James tomorrow. How about you Toby? Any luck with the big b*****r approach?"
Toby let go Nicky's breast and smiled as she played with his balls. "I'm not sure. He's smart. They're holding him back until next term but he thinks he'll jump a class, you may be teaching him then. I'm sure you can help him in Sex Ed as well as you helped me."

Susey was next to report and she had Nothing to report. We all looked at Nicky.

"It was off the cuff. I saw her in the PX and followed her doing my shopping. When we both ended up at the same checkout I started talking, you know, the usual stuff and invited her to join me for a coffee. She was in the service and meet her husband, I didn't get his name, on the base at Okinawa. Her mother was from Narita, Japan and her father was from Ohio. She's an Army brat from all over and was in San Diego when he died. She heard about this base and asked for a transfer. Not much more to add, one c***d, she quit the service when she got pregnant and her parents have both died. I didn't want to push any harder, she's friendly but I think the answer lies with the k**s. You seem to have a head start with James, want to push a little harder."

I did. The thing on the bus was just so naughty, the possibility of getting caught pushed the boundaries even I had set with my own son but James didn't seem shy the way he had fingered me and his request to suck his nipples blew me away. Yes, James was the key. The key to the future. Right now Debbie had her key ready to unlock my pussy. I watched her cock slide in, loving every inch. It may have been small but it was everything I needed.

Toby was giving Nicky everything she needed as well by the sounds of it. I really thought I needed to talk to her about how loud she was getting, it was bad enough with our sons changing houses all the time. Girls had sl**povers, how could we explain our sons action.

I didn't want to spoil Nicky's fun. She had needed this to help her and I felt glad that we had helped her smile again. She also had a real kinky side. One time she had Susey 69 me across Jordens single bed, then, like a Master Sergeant on the parade ground told the boys what to do. Jorden had to stand at my head, his cock ready for Susey while Toby was on the other side. His cock ready for me. Debbie was in charge of placing their cocks were ever Nicky said. A mouth, pussy or ass but they weren't allowed to cum. We were allowed and boy did we.

Debbie was flat out following her mom's orders until Nicky called a halt. It was time for Jorden and Toby to DP her. Debbie was still in charge of their cocks while Susey and I supported each others sons Just like scions, grafted to Nicky, they stood as she fucked herself on their cocks and they finger fucked us. Debbie got six nipples to play with.

As it was school night each son was going to be with his own mother but before anyone left we had one more 'order of the day'. Again it had been Nicky's idea although we didn't mind. Before dressing our boys had to stand in line and we mother's had to give each cock a kiss, we weren't allowed to suck and then we changed places. Our sons had to give each pussy a kiss goodnight. No tongues allowed.

And I was in a hurry. Even though Jorden and I had fucked as soon as I had the door closed I was horny. The thought of James playing with my pussy in the morning was giving me butterflies in my stomach and my pussy was dripping. Again.
Nicky must have guessed. She put her hand on my mound, a finger slipped inside my wet hole. "Make sure you get to feel his cock. If it's nice and small Debbie will feel better. Jorden and Toby are getting bigger. Not that I'm complaining."

I smiled at Nicky before closing the door, grabbed Jorden by the arm and ran to my bedroom. Jorden took the game to a new level, lifted me off my feet, swung me around and flipped me onto the bed. Not only was his cock growing he was getting stronger. I loved the sense of power he was showing and when he jumped my body, his cock sliding home with some f***e, I loved him even more. I don't think he thought it was love as I bit his shoulder to stop screaming as a shuddering, nerve pulsing orgasm ran through me. I had to get this out of my system before tomorrow. Before the bus ride with James.

And the bus ride did have a surprise. Not the one I had worried about. I wasn't going to scream in pleasure. I nearly screamed in surprise, shock... horror. James sat there. Looking freshly scrubbed and ready to eat.... but he wasn't smiling.

"Mommy told me off..."

SHIT. Shit big time. Had I overstepped the mark. Had my lust lead me to prison time. The butterflies turned to lead weights..... Then James smiled. "Mommy said I should have asked first. It.. I wasn't polite. I'm sorry."

I was so relieved I nearly cried, as it was my eyes did blur. James looked even smaller. What was that saying 'Inscrutable Japanese'. OMG, he had talked to his mother.... what the fuck had he said. How would a young boy explain what had happened. After all he had touched me first. I didn't have time to think. I lifted the side of my skirt, an invitation and whispered in his ear.

"Anytime you want to James, you don't have to be sorry and I do want you to suck my nipples. In fact I want you to suck my breasts as well. And if you want to..... I would like you to suck my pussy 'cause I want to suck your cock. Does your mommy let you do that?"

It was like there were two people sitting next to me. The sad little boy disappeared and a sexy one appeared. I liked this one better. His hand settled on my thigh again and again I opened my legs. I didn't have to direct him, his finger went straight to my clit. Again I twisted in my seat to look back down the bus and hide what James was doing and this time I held my blouse open so he could see my tit. I knew he liked the view, his finger worked faster. Now I worried about screaming as the climax built. I also worried about what the young girl in the seat behind me thought. I had closed my eyes as the feeling built.

I turned back and the extra pressure took me over the top. I bit my lip. Hard. James had given me a climax, in a bus full of school c***dren. I put my hand on the bump in his pants that I knew was his cock. And squeezed gently. Shit, we were there.

And there was another surprise waiting. I stood aside as the bus emptied until there was only one girl left. The girl that was sitting behind me. She leaned forward, looking directly into my eyes. She was going to ask a question, one that I didn't think the driver need to hear so I sat and waited. Sure enough, in a quiet voice. "Could James make me feel good as well."
She didn't wait for an answer. She stood and skipped down the steps and was gone.

It took me several minutes to get my heart beat to something near normal. What the fuck had I started.... and where would it end? I realized I was sitting on a wet seat when I stood to get off this traveling sex machine. I hoped the driver didn't check. It should be dry when the time came to ride it home. I smiled as I walked to the staff room thinking, then it'll be wet again. I had to call Nicky. It was time for her to have another coffee with Namoi. With a side of sexy sweet talking. We had a new member if James was anything to go by.

The day passed as a blur. I did teach but my mind was on another level. Waiting for the ride home, thinking about what James and I could do. Could I see his cock. I was still thinking about James when the last bell sounded. I cleaned my room and did all the usual, the bus would wait for me as it usually did. I thought there may be some questions if I was waiting for the bus instead of the other way round. And when I did get to the bus I had to hide my disappointment. That sweet young girl was in my seat. The seat beside James.

I smiled at them and they smiled back. The smile of young c***dren with a secret. We hadn't even passed through the school gates when she turned back to face me and asked if I was going to be teaching Sex Ed next year. At first the question surprised me, then. I watched her face and knew what was going on, and it involved James. I leaned forward to answer but stopped. I knew she really didn't want or even need an answer, her eyes glazed just a bit.

I thought I could help and leaned forward again, whispering. "Has James got his finger near your pussy, is he touching you in a naughty way?" the poor girl couldn't even answer, just nodded her head. I got closer. "Do you like it? is James making you feel good?" Again the nod, this time she closed her eyes. "Has he got his finger in your pussy?"

This time she did answer me. Not what I expected. "No, but I want him to, ohhhh."

It was all to much for me. "Tell him, tell James what you want. Tell him to play with your clit, he does it so good."

Shit. She turned and sat. I could see their heads close together. Damn I was frustrated. I was supposed to be sitting there. It was my pussy he should have been playing with. I sat back and waited, squeezing my thighs together. All of a sudden I wanted my stop, I wanted my son to fuck the living daylights out of me. I wanted it hard and fast. Thank god Jorden sat at the back of the bus with Toby and it hit me. All of a sudden I knew why Nicky loved DP's. Today, the boys were going to fuck me, both of them. I couldn't wait.

I think that was why what happened next left me speechless. The girl sat on my lap and whispered. "Thank you, it was nice."

Nice, nice. I had a burning need to teach this girl NICE. You didn't talk about what James could do with words like 'nice'. He was fucking fantastic. I set my sights on showing her what a young boy could do and for some reason I knew Debbie was the boy of choice. I was going to make her scream, beg for a good fucking. She needed to know what a cock could do for her. What about her mother, was there another waiting in the wings for our club? I swallowed hard, how many could we have.
And then it was our stop. I stood and waited for Jorden and Toby, and my heart stopped. James stood and followed Toby off the bus. I had one last look at the girl who had taken my place. OMG, the smile she gave me, and the wink, the over the top words I could lip read. Fuck him.

Was I ever. Jorden and Toby hadn't heard that silent plea, they were just being themselves while including James. We laughed at silly jokes as we headed for home but there was a problem. Just a small problem. Fuck I was leaking. To be honest I wanted to **** this young boy I was so horny. Where was Nicky, had she worked her magic on Namoi, could we go to the next level. I couldn't wait to get home. James was so comfortable walking home with us, a part of our f****y. His cock.... I still hadn't seen his cock. I was dying here.

I opened the front door and stopped dead..... Nicky I could accept naked. Namoi, oh shit. Jorden banged into me and Toby smacked into both of us. James just slid to the side. "Hi mom."

I couldn't believe it, in my own home. Nicky smiled. "Get naked girl and you boys get ready, there's going to a good old fucking here tonight. There's fresh pussy and she hot to trot."

Namoi bobbed her head, a bow of sorts. "I believe my son has taken advantage of you. I am so sorry if he has offended you. Please allow me to make things right. Nicky has told me about your club and I'm ready to join. If you will allow me... us."

I did know some of the old Japanese culture. "Namoi san, please ask your son to remove his clothes." and bowed.

There were some words in Japanese then James bowed to his mother, bowed to me.... and dropped his pants. I was so amused at this show of obedience I missed what was going on behind me. Namoi's face gave the game away. Jorden and Toby had followed James lead even though they didn't understand Japanese, their jeans fell to the floor. They also followed Nicky's orders without hesitation.

"Boys, I want you to welcome Namoi into the club. Diane it's your job, no matter how hard, to welcome James. I will keep my eye open for any slacking until Debbie and Susey get here. Move it people."

I had my top off in a flash, my breasts in my hands as James walked towards me. Offering my tits to him but my eyes were on his cock. His small cock. It took me back years, back to when Jorden was the same size. Back to when I sucked my cousins. I fell to my knees, oblivious of everything else and opened my mouth. James was the same size as Debbie, all three inches. I had another shot at heaven.

And if Nicky was loud having sex, Namoi was worse. It even drew my eyes from James. She was on her hands and knees as Jorden filled her pussy while she had a mouthful of Toby's cock. It was James who grounded me. "Wait 'till Jorden gets his cock in Mom's ass, then she'll scream."

As much as I wanted to taste James cum his words fired up my lust. "Fuck my ass James, stick your cock in my ass and fuck me hard. NOW."

And just like that Nicky was kneeling beside me. "Diane wants your cock in her ass soldier, do it and do it NOW."

I think it was Nicky's hand holding his balls. Either way I was on my knees and she had his cock, his hard cock rubbing the back door. I relaxed the muscles and he slid in. Once again I remembered why I liked young small boys. It was so thrilling when he entered me. His cock was just right, big enough to open the backdoor but not to big to hurt. I felt the head enter and squeezed his cock. I could give pleasure as well as receive. James moaned... then he squeaked. I knew what Nicky had done.

Then she confirmed it. "Keep it going James, as soon as you are hard again you're going to fuck my ass. Then we're going to watch you fuck your mommy after I've sucked Jordens cum. Now keep going while I find out which hole he's filling."

James had already given me my first climax but Nicky's words had started me on the road to an orgasm. It didn't need much. I was already turned on thinking about the young girl on the bus. I had to ask. "Did you finger fuck her on the bus? did she show you her tits?" Another dirty thought popped into my mind. "Give me the finger you had in her pussy. I want to suck it."

I think that did it for poor James. He cried out as he slammed his small cock as deep as he could into my ass. I felt that wonderful warm bath of boy cum flood my back passage. And he kept shooting more and more. He outdid my son by at least two shots. I was full so I did what any club member would. I yelled for Nicky. She loved a cream pie.

Trouble was Nicky had two cream pies to take care of. I saw Jorden lean back, smiling the same smile when he unloaded in me. Then I took a second look... and felt something special. My son, my beautiful boy had just fucked another woman and I felt my heart filling with pride. Namoi was smiling. I wasn't jealous, I was happy. Happy for Jorden, happy for Namoi, even happy for myself. Suddenly I knew, from small beginnings, our 'Horny Mother's club' was a great thing. The boys would become better 'men' because of all this fucking. I felt all warm and fuzzy inside.

Then it got even better. Susey and Debbie arrived, took one look at us and started stripping. I watched Namoi as Debbie removed her skirt, with no panties her cock stood out straight. Susey was moving towards her son but Debbie had locked eyes with Namoi. Neither of them moved, even Nicky watched, silently. Waiting.

It was Namoi who broke the deadlock. On hands and knees she moved to Debbie. Debbie was like a mouse in front of a snake. I could see her eyes take in the room and all the players, I even saw her eyes widen as she saw James cock, then smile. Then it was to late to move. Namoi sucked Debbie's cock into her mouth, moaning as she did so. It was like a switch had been thrown and we let out a collective sigh. We had a new member and she had been accepted. So had her son.

This time it was Toby who surprised me, in fact he surprised everybody I think. He walked over to James and hugged him, then dropped to his knees and kissed his cock. OMG. I had never thought about the boys thinking sexually about each other, to much pussy about. Come to think about it, they had watched us girls sucking each other. Why the hell not.

Next it was Jorden. It was as if the flood gates had opened. He joined Namoi kissing, even sucking Debbies cock as Susey dropped beside her son and sucked James. Then it was a free for all. People pushing others out of the way to get to somebody's sex. Finally it was Nicky, the Master Sergeant. "Food, then we'll start round two. And we need a list, who fucked or sucked who and when. Pizza or chicken?"

Namoi and I were eating a slice of pizza and talking. I suppose it was funny, in a certain way, four naked mothers and four naked c***dren, and nobody cared. Our own little nudest club.
Namoi was telling me about James and how it started. Namoi had been lying on her futon when he tripped and tumbled on to her. They were in San Diego and it was hot. She had only her panties on and James had fallen between her legs, his face between her breasts. Namoi had sensitive nipples and they stood out when James put his hand on one. It had gone on from there. And I went on from there, Namoi had large soft breasts. I held one and Namoi fed me her nipple and as it hardened I thought about her pussy. She was a full member after all and Nicky wasn't the only one to love a cream pie.

Susey had been listening and told her story. How Toby had had a bad dream one night and had crawled into her bed. Of course she had cuddled him and when she felt his erection, well, what else should a mother do to help him sl**p. She had sucked his cock. I of course just laughed and told everyone I was horny and wanted to fuck Jorden. Nicky told us how Debbie had got upset with her small cock and had started dressing 'her' as a girl.

This time it was James who surprised us. "I like Debbie, she didn't yell at me when I went to use the wrong bathroom at school. And all the others laugh at me because I'm so small."

I had a quiet thought, we should rename our club the Misfits. It was kinda nice that we all fitted together. That reminded me. "James, tell us what you did on the bus this afternoon."

The sex mad boy was gone and the shy boy was back. "I asked if I could Mother, she said it was okay. She wanted me to make her feel good, just like I did for Diane. And I told Diane I was sorry Mother. I just did what you taught me to do, made her feel good. She has a really tight pussy but my finger slid in easily. She was really wet."

Susey had no idea what we were talking about and I thought this was a good starting point for round two. "Show Susey what you did to that little girl James."

That was it. We had more fun than anyone had at the 'Playboy Mansion'. Each mother had at least three other son's fuck them except for Nicky. She topped her record with a DP while sucking Debbie and James at the same time. And Namoi's smile when we swapped son's for the night. Priceless. Namoi went home with Toby, Nicky and Jorden, Susey had James while Debbie snuggled into my arms. We all promised to meet for lunch the next day.

Debbie had managed to do a three hole morning wake up before we had our shower. Her cock in my ass, her tongue sent me to heaven licking my slit and sucking my clit and finally, sucking her cum straight from the source and down my throat. It was just after eleven and it was going to be hot today so neither of us had dressed and I was making a new pot of coffee when Susey and James walked in the back door. I was sure Susey would be wearing that smile for the rest of the week.

I had time for a 'morning love' before I heard the front door. In walked Jorden and Nicky followed by Namoi and Toby. I took another look around and burst out laughing. It took a minute to calm down as they either laughed or giggled with me. "Do I have the same silly grin you're all wearing. Was it really good for everybody this morning?"

Nothing had been planned before so it was a bit of a shock when the boys kicked us outside to have our coffee while they got lunch ready.

Outside, I explained how I felt about the boys were becoming better men because of our club and every one agreed. Nicky of course had a bit of a problem so we put our heads together to come up with a plan for Debbie. The main thing to remember was Debbie liked being a girl. Namoi told us about the girl boys in Asia, how they were accepted as part of the mainstream. She had even thought about dressing James as a girl because he was so small.

Nicky was quiet... then. "James, front and center!"

James walked out, a puzzled look on his face. This wasn't the shy boy of two days ago but still. Nicky beckoned him closer. "Yesterday you said you liked Debb's, would you like to do something for her?"

I'm sure James thought it was something involving sex and nodded his head. Yes.

We didn't know what Nicky was up to and her next words caught as all by surprise. "Be back in ten. Come on James."

The boys had the table set and lunch ready when Nicky walked back in with a bigger smile.
"Ladies and Gentlemen of the 'Horny Mother's Club', I would like to present Jane....."
There was a collective sigh as a little girl slowly entered. I remember my talk with Susey about dressing Toby as a girl.... OMG. This 'girl' had fucked my ass and I had trouble 'seeing' James. I 'saw' Jane. So did Debbie. She squealed a little girl squeal and ran to Jane, hugged her and then.... they both danced around, still hugging with quite a few kisses. Just like a pair of young girls who had been apart for awhile. It was incredible.

A quick glance at Namoi.... Oh Shit... the smile, the happy smile. Something told me Namoi liked the new version of her son. A lot. Jane and Debbie put their heads together and whispered something and darted out. A few minutes later they were back, grinning from ear to ear and stood side by side. Then we all started laughing and I do mean all. I think Jorden was the loudest. Debbie and Jane stood together and lifted their dresses. They were wearing identical thongs. Just big enough in the front to hold their cocks.

And Nicky. I saw the proudest 'new mom' ever. Her 'daughter' wasn't alone anymore.

I closed my eyes and saw 'her', the little girl from the bus. Our newest member. Why not?

Monday's bus ride brought another surprise. The little girl was in my seat again and without thinking about it, well not much. Yeah right. I nudged James into the open space, and stopped. How the hell did she do that? She looked like a little girl in church, her sun dress was tucked under her legs with her hands by her side. What happened next had me nearly doubled over, my laugh covered with a coughing fit. As James went to sit her hand shot under his bum. You should have seen the look on his face.

This time it was James who looked back over the seat, innocently asking if he could join Jorden and Toby swimming that afternoon just before his eyes closed. Then he dropped back onto his seat. Riding the bus to school was taking on a whole new meaning.

And my surprises' weren't finished. Just after the lunch break bell she popped her head around my door, a quick look to make sure we were alone and walked in. She stopped just inside the door and used her bum to close it. I heard the sound of the lock. She didn't say anything, just walked to my desk and put a photo down. I turned it right way up......


"That's me and my mom and granddad and we were looking at a picture of a young girl sucking her young b*****r and granddad has lots of them. Mommy said I should show you."

I was still getting over the shock when I had a closer look. At first I thought this could get them thrown in jail, now. You couldn't see the young girl sucking her b*****r on the computer, just the back of his head and nudity wasn't a crime, well. But what she had said.... I knew there was more and waited.

"Mommy and granddad let me watch when they have sex but granddad said I should find a young boy for my first time. When I told mommy about you and James she said to show you this. I like James, specially when he touched my pussy. Did he touch you too?"

It had all started out so simple, just Jorden and I. Now it had snowballed and I had a cartoon picture of that snowball starting an avalanche. Arms and legs everywhere. This picture certainly didn't belong at school, even what we were doing on the bus was over the top. Now, throw in a granddad fucking his daughter while his granddaughter watched. Shit, big time. My pussy was getting wet. I, we, needed a full meeting of the 'Horny Mother's Club'.

I had a reality check. I didn't even know her name but I was feeling horny. "Well, your mommy's got nice tits, how big is your granddad's cock?"

"Granddad said it not very big and I haven't seen any others but mom likes sucking it. He likes me playing with when it's soft, I just use my thumb and one finger. It's fun making him get hard, I get the same feeling in my pussy as when James tickled my pussy. Did he make you feel good?"

"Very good but, we have a few things to sort out first. Number one, I don't know your name and this photo shouldn't be at school. I take it your mom told you this is a secret, nobody else should see it and you can't tell others about what you do at home."

"I know all that stuff and mommy asked if you could stop by home sometime, if you wanted. I really wanted to show James the picture, I like him. Would it be okay if he fucked me? And my name is Amy, mommy's Beth and granddad's just granddad."

"I'm sure James would like to fuck you but, we have to talk to his mother first don't you think. It's a big step after all, having your first cock in your little pussy. Will your mommy be home this afternoon?"

"Yeah, when I told her I was going to play with James on the bus today she told me to be careful and show you this picture. She wants to meet you and James, she said she was going to look at lots of pictures with granddad today. I think they'll be fucking all day..... Did James fuck you, you know, the other day? I don't mind."

I was about to tell her it was not for discussion when she stopped me in my tracks. Sweet little Amy lifted the hem of her pretty sun dress and opened her legs. No panties and she had the cutest camel toe. Ever.
Would James want to fuck her, hell yes. And so did I. I wondered how kinky Beth was and thought she and Nicky would be great together. I had another look at the photo. Would that landing strip last long? Another thing caught my eye. Amy's eyes. Beth looked very comfortable being nude with her f****y but Amy, boy was she looking at the screen. Her right hand had covered her mothers but what was her left doing?

I couldn't help myself. I swung my seat, lifted my dress and opened my legs. I wasn't wearing panties either and Amy gasped. "You shave. Neat. Can I kiss you. Granddad likes mommy's pussy hair but I don't."

In an instant Amy was on her knees, her tongue dragging across on clit. I hadn't realized how turned on I was and when she sucked my clit my climax hit. Just like that. OMG.

Jesus, I need to get a grip on myself. Instead I grabbed her hair. I think it was one of the hardest things I had ever done, pulling Amy off my dripping cunt. I softened the blow by kissing her. That was a mistake as well. Amy could french with the best of them.

My right hand belonged to someone else and that someone was sending it between Amy's spread legs. Fuck was she wet and my finger disappeared to the second knuckle. This girl was ready to fuck. Right fucking now.

School, I was at school. If the bus was bad this was worse. If we got caught..... then it didn't matter if the whole school was watching. Amy shuddered and cried out in my mouth as her legs locked my hand. She too had climaxed and by her panting for breath it was a good cum.

Next minute I was locked in a tight hug. "OOOH that was sooo good, will I feel like that when James fucks me?"

"I hope so Amy but.... remember we have to talk to his mother, and your mommy. Do you think you can wait?"

"No, but I have to don't I.... ummm, could we do that again? I liked it."

"Sure we can. How about when I talk to your mommy. Granddad might want to watch as well." I was setting myself up for a class one bitch of an afternoon. Forget about Amy, could I hold out until after school. Then I made it worse. With Amy watching I licked my sticky finger. "And I definitely want to suck your sweet pussy. I don't like pussy hair either."

The little girl was back. She giggled and unlocked the door. "You should like granddad then, mommy shaves his cock."

That was the last thing I needed to hear. A granddad with a small shaved cock. I closed my legs, tightly. How was I going to be able to stand for lessons this afternoon.

As it turned out I couldn't remember the afternoon classes. I did remember not to run to the bus. That really would have looked strange.

And even then, as I boarded, things had changed. James was with the boys and I had Amy. The bus trip seemed longer today and Amy kept her hot little hand on my bare thigh all the way to my stop. When we got there she squeezed a little harder as first James, then Toby walked past. When Jorden stopped beside me I told him I was going to see Amy's mother. That got me a wink and a smile. "See you soon."

All so normal, just a teacher talking to a students mother. If they only knew. All of a sudden I was nervous. The 'what if's' had started. As more c***dren got off Amy got bolder and I felt a finger stroke my clit. I was on another planet and I needed to focus.... that made it worse. A small cock filled my vision.... then Amy poked me. We were there.

Their house was the same as ours, a two bedroom, one and a half bath. This was going to be interesting. The door was open and Amy took my hand, leading in into the lounge.

Granddad and Beth were sitting on the couch, waiting. I think hoping that things had turned out okay. Three things happened at the same time. I said hello, Beth stood and said hello and Amy lifted her dress over her head. She was naked. Granddad didn't say a word. Just looked, first at Amy, then his daughter, then me. What the hell. I dropped my dress.

If Beth was okay being naked, my bra followed my dress and Beth followed my lead. Off came her T shirt and down went her pants. Poor old granddad, he just sat there, his head bobbing back and forward. It was Amy who got him moving. "Come on granddad, Mrs 'D' wants to see your cock and I want to suck her pussy again and she's going to suck mine."

Beth stood in the middle of the room naked. She really did have nice boobs. "What about James? I thought you wanted him.... his cock."

I just about blew it. I was going to say he would love to fuck both of you but instead told Beth that his mother should know about it first. Then I dropped the bomb. "Amy told me you liked to suck your dad's cock." I still needed proof before they entered the 'Horny Mother's Club'. Even that may have to change if we included granddad.

It was as if the starter had blown his whistle. Granddad stood as Amy was trying to pull his pants down. Beth walked over and lifted his shirt. They had done this before. Dad started groping his daughter's tits as Amy went looking for his cock, found it, and swallowed it. I did have a quick view before it disappeared into her hot young mouth. Shit. It was tiny. Then it was back.

Amy hadn't lied, she had it trapped between her finger and thumb. "Here mommy, Mrs 'D' wants to suck my pussy. You and granddad can watch."

There was no holding her back and she wasn't ashamed. I could see she was in a hurry as she pushed her mother into her granddad. They ended up back on the couch as Amy lay on the floor in front of them and opened her legs.

Now I was in a hurry. The need to suck that sweet pussy was just about over whelming, but. I did want to put on a show as well, the lust was controlling me. I wanted Beth to be as horny as hell when I suggested not only would James like to fuck her, there was Jorden, Toby and Debbie lining up... and the rest of the 'Horny Mother's Club'. Life was good.

I think granddad and Beth had been setting Amy up for this. As soon as my mouth touched her slit she started to climax, and just kept going. Me, I was having the time of my life. I did enjoy small cocks, young cocks but this was just about as good and I gave Amy all my experience. I tongued her hole, sucked were I thought her clit was. Even her back door, boy was that sweet and all the while rubbing her small nipples. In the end it was a draw. Her pussy was tender and my tongue was about worn out. I lay beside her to get my second wind. I had a wild idea and looked up at granddad and Beth.

"If you haven't worn him out my ass needs his cock and I think Amy would like to suck your pussy. Just keep the hair out of the way."

If you could take years of an older person that was the way to do it. Granddad didn't look that old and when he heard what I wanted, well, the smile told me everything and I was still working Beth. "I would like you to help your dad get his cock in my ass."

Oh yes, I was nasty. And so was Beth. Poor granddad, she nearly pulled his cock out by the root trying to get him to hurry. This time I got a better view. Just a bit bigger than Debbie and about the same length. Just how I liked them.

I was amazed how gentle Beth was, it was her father's cock after all. First she rubbed his cock up and down my slit, when she thought it was wet enough she guided it home. I relaxed and he slipped in. Now I tightened my muscles. One last thing, one last test.

"Put your finger in his ass, press on his prostrate." I heard Amy giggle.

"Do it mommy. Put your finger in his ass. Make it good for granddad. Mrs 'D' knows what she's talking about, she going to be teaching me Sex Ed next year."

That did it. I think granddad was on overload anyway. I felt his cum. Not much, but, it was nice.

Then I heard it. I couldn't fucking believe it. The old man was crying. And I started my climax. I'm fucked if I know why, it... fuck it just felt so right, and then it felt even better. Granddad was fucking my ass, slowly, just how I like it. Then the plan went to hell. Amy spread her pussy open for my mouth as Beth started rubbing my clit. My climax turned into an orgasm. Three on one wasn't fair but I knew we had some new members.

I was still gasping for breath as I came down and with each breath I told the new members what to expect. Four young boys to fuck Amy and Beth, four horny mothers to suck them clean. Weekends with different c***dren filling their beds, even granddad would get some action, telling him how we all liked small cocks without making fun of him.

In the end it was me that was well and truly fucked. As granddad pulled out Beth was there to clean his cock as Amy cleaned me. As she settled in my arms for a hug she looked up at her mother and granddad. "Now can I fuck James?"

I thought she had that back to front but, what the hell. We could sort it out later. The warm fuzzy was back. Big time. SHIT, the front door was still open.....
I was sitting on granddad's lap feeling really good, thinking back to the times I had sat in dad's lap and blushed, wondering if dad would have liked me being naked back then. Charles was stroking my hair and thanking me for such sweet pleasure. He had told me his name was Charles but liked granddad better, how his wife had died years ago and how Beth and Amy were all he had now. How Beth had come to his bed when she heard him crying one night and they became lovers. In the end I was just about crying as well. He really was a granddad of the old school. Gentle and loving.

Listening to him reminded me of Mum and Dad, they were coming out for Thanksgiving this year. I missed them and this, the touching. Even though they lived in Florida it was only a couple of keystrokes on the computer and they were there in the room with you but. You can't feel the love by touching the screen. I missed that the most and Charles was showing me why. This man really did love his daughter and Amy. f****y.

Food, suddenly I was starved. Beth walked in with coffee and Amy followed. What was wrong with this picture? Beth was still naked as was Amy but something was different.

Amy sat beside us with a grin and dropped her hand to my pussy as Beth put the cups on the coffee table and straightened. Amy giggled, "What do you think granddad... we shaved mommy. It's just like Mrs 'D'."

With that she pushed my legs apart, my naked lips on display as Beth lifted a leg, her foot on the table. The landing strip was gone and my hunger was now twofold. Dessert was on display and I hadn't had my mains, yet. And the tag team took over. Beth knelt between grandads knees and reached under my bum for his cock, Amy took his hand and placed it on my tit then reached for my pussy. Oh God, here we go again and it happened so fast granddad didn't have time to say anything about his daughter's new look. He did smile.

"Stop, please stop but keep those horny thoughts going. The boys are going to be back from their swim soon and I should get home. If you want you can join us for supper, it's 'Chinese' tonight and you can meet the others. I know Jane... sorry, James will be waiting."

"Can we mommy, canwepleaseeee! I want to feel James cock soooo bad."

Amy was like any young c***d at Xmas, wanting to open their presents and Beth's smile. I felt a finger push between my lips. "You wouldn't mind?... I mean so soon."

"I'll just call Nicky, she's organizing the food tonight. I'm sure they'll want to meet you." and dug out my phone. Five minutes later everything was set, the only one missing was Susey, she had to work but Namoi was 'MIA'. Nicky told me she had tried to phone her a couple of times but got nothing. I wasn't really worried but I did pick something up in Nicky's voice. She sounded different.

Charles offered to drive us over and we got dressed. You should have seen Beth's face when she found the front door wide open. You should have seen my face when I opened my door. Nicky was there, not the usual naked Nicky. Nicky dressed in a 'power suit'. Tailored black jacket over a white, low cut blouse, a pleated navy dress that stopped just above her knees. High heels just the right height to show off her legs. She looked like a million dollars.
I nearly laughed. This was the same Nicky that had bounced naked between Jorden and Toby, a cock in each hole. Instead I whistled and walked around her. As I completed my tour I saw Beth and crew standing there, their mouths open. This was not the picture I had Painted. As it happened it was Charles who recovered first.

"You must be Nicky, Diane has spoken highly of you. My name is Charles and this is my daughter Beth and my charming grand-daughter Amy."

I had no fucking clue what was going on so, like a dummy, I kept my mouth shut.

This was a side of Nicky I had never seen. Gone was the Master Sergeant but in her place was somebody that knew how to take charge, in a nice sort of way. "I would let Diane welcome you to her home but it looks like the cats got her tongue. Come on through and meet the rest."

I tagged along at the end like a stranger in a strange house. This wasn't my house, no fucking way. I remembered seeing Nicky and Namoi naked as I walked in, I remembered watching Nicky's sexy ass the first time she walked in. I even remembered Susey getting undressed right there when she saw Toby naked and waiting to fuck her the first time and as I entered the lounge I knew I was in the wrong house.

Jorden had a tray of drinks, Toby had a tray of nibbles and Debbie and Jane. They were the cutest little girls ever, sitting side by side on the couch. They were all dressed.

Nicky was still doing my thing, introducing the boys when Amy broke the spell. She squealed and ran over to the couch. Debbie and Jane had barely enough time to move before she landed between them. They went into a huddle with whispered words we weren't to hear.

Like I said, this broke the spell. "I'm so sorry Charles, Beth, this has been a bit of a shock to me. There's a stranger here. I'm not sure who she is but she sure looks like a fun loving girl I used to know."

"Shit girl, it's all your fault. You made me feel so good I went out and got a job. Meet the newest member of the accounts department. You can serve our guests now boys, we've got a thirty minutes before food and by then I expect Namoi. I left a message for her to get over here ASAP."

Once more I was struck with just how mature Jorden and Toby were. Quietly moving to get drinks, offer food. I did notice wide smiles for Beth. Where Nicky was the perfect business woman, knees together, sitting straight, Beth was nearly the opposite. Leaning back to show her legs, slightly open, I knew she didn't have panties on. Or leaning forward to accept something from Toby, I knew she didn't have a bra either. But they were boys. Their cocks did make themselves known.

Another thing I remembered, the day they treated Susey and me on the bed, the day they were our slaves. What had they cooked up this time. I couldn't wait until Namoi turned up.
Neither could the girls. Debbie was the perfect 'daughter'. She asked Nicky to be excused.
All three of them ran to Jorden's old room with more squeals. I wasn't worried and neither was Nicky, I saw the wink. With Debbie in control I knew Amy was in good hands..... even though I had wanted to watch James with Amy for her first time. The sound of Charles voice made me turn but it was Jorden who looked at me.

"Mom, if we brought a mower and Aunt Susey brought a trimmer Toby and I could earn some extra pocket money by cleaning up some of the other yards in the street. Granddad said he would help, he was in landscaping before."

WTF, where the hell did this line of thought come from. I knew Jorden was growing up but hell. And where did 'Aunt Susey' come from. Before I could answer Beth chimed in. "You can put me top of the list, I'd rather pay you than that other crew. They never do what I really want them to do and then Dad has to help.... if Dad was helping you, well... "

Just then two things happened. The door bell rang in the front and a squeal rang out in the back. As I got up to answer the door granddad gave his daughter a hug. Beth smiled. I had a vision of three youngsters all rolled into one. I think that helped me to really get unhinged as I opened the door. FUCK.

At first I saw the uniform, then the salute. Then my heart dropped as I relived that day. The day I was told my husband wasn't coming home. Then I was wrapped in soft arms and felt kisses on my checks. This was not the way the Army delivered bad news. What was going on?

Namoi sobbed. "I'm so sorry Diane... I didn't think.... so sorry...




No, this wasn't bad news. I was surrounded by my friends and lovers. I took Namoi's beret off and turned. Nicky's face changed from a frown to a smile, a mile wide. Jorden just grinned. It was James that stole the show. He was back at being the cute boy. Naked with a touch of bl**d on his cock. His smile was even bigger. "Mum?"

We settled back in the lounge, wine for the mothers, a beer for granddad, I even let Jorden and Toby share a beer, soda for Debbie, James and Amy. And looked at Namoi.
Damn she looked good in uniform. I noted her ribbons, quite a few.

"Everything has been going so well I re-enlisted. Seems like they needed an assistant Range Master and I fit the bill. Sorry about the surprise Diane, it wasn't supposed to go like that. Now, can someone tell me who this strange woman is?"

She was looking at Nicky not Beth.

"So it's up to me again, all right folks, lets get naked. We've new members to fuck."
Jorden and Toby were stripped in no time, Debbie, James and Amy were already naked and helping granddad. Beth had no trouble, two buttons and her dress slid to the floor just after mine. It was Nicky and Namoi who were holding things up. It was as if they wanted to be undressed. I saw a quick look between Jorden and Toby, that was all it took.

Jorden stepped up to Nicky and bowed. "May I assist you Mam."

Toby sort of gave Namoi a salute. "If you are ready Sergeant."

Debbie sat on granddad's knee, smiling as she held his cock.

James sat on the couch and Beth knelt between his knees taking his cock.

Amy was heading my way when I shook my head and pointed toward Nicky. She smiled as Nicky stepped out of her dress. Another bald cunt. Then she squealed when she saw Nicky's pussy rings. I was content to watch this round.

Then I squealed, OMG. Jorden was behind Nicky folding her blouse and looked at me, then looked at what I was looking at. So did everybody else. Two little gold rings. One in each nipple.

"What do you think Diane? I thought all the mothers could follow, sort of be a badge. It was either that or a tattoo, even got one drawn up. Debbie, fetch my bag please, there's one more thing.

Debbie handed her mother her bag and Nicky reached in. She came out with what looked like a ring case. I was starting to think she couldn't join these rings with another when she pulled out a gold chain and held it up. Then smiled at Amy, holding out the chain.

"Just clip the chain to each ring."

Unlike her granddad, these instructions seemed to add years to her. She grew up, then stood a little taller, confident and followed Nicky's instructions.... sort of. Nicky hadn't said anything about the caress, nor the kiss but she did look proud of herself when she finished and stood back so we could all see.

It looked so sexy and my nipples hardened at the thought of getting them pierced as well. Nicky did a slow turn to make sure we all could see, pulling on the chain as she turned. I swear her nipples grew longer. It got even better, she pulled another chain from the case.

"Jane, I need your help with this part, and you too granddad."

Poor Charles, he had no idea how kinky she was as Nicky gave the chain to James. She lifted her foot and placed it on his knee. "All you have to do to enter heaven is undo the third ring."

I had no idea where this was leading to but I wanted to watch and walked behind the couch. Beth joined me and I could hear her heavy breathing. It was her father after all.
Charles had no problem with the first part and undid the joining ring. When Nicky told him what he had to do next another couple of years flowed off him. He had to undo the chain at one end and then attach it to one pussy ring. I could see as long as Nicky stood straight the chain would be just the right length, if she leaned back..... oh my.

Then it was James turn. He had to attach the other chain from the other nipple to the other pussy ring. He got it on the second try and Nicky stood, then stretched. Right in front of granddad. Pussy juice ran down her leg.

Amy squeezed between me and Beth. "You have got to do that mommy, it's sooo cool. Are you going to fuck Jane now? Isn't she pretty, Debbie and him dress as girls and his cock is yummy and look at Toby fucking Namoi. Isn't this the best ever."

In front of the couch Nicky was still in command. "I hope your cock is good and hard granddad cos this girl wants a good ride on it. Only pull on one chain at a time and I should be good for a climax or three."

I looked down at his cock. I think it was longer than when he fucked me. Suddenly I knew what I was going to do in this orgy. My finger in his ass. I called Jorden over. "On your back son, Beth is going to ride your cock and Amy your mouth."

I had to hurry. "Debbie, get your cock over to Namoi and Toby, slow down. Jane, get behind me, either hole, while I help Nicky and granddad."

And an orgy it was, the room stunk of sex. Was filled with the sound of sex. Thank god Namoi had her mouth fill with Debbies cock, Nicky was bad enough. I got on my knees in front of granddad and James got behind me. He got greedy and used both holes. So did I, two fingers in Nicky's ass and one in granddad.

It was surreal yet real. I thought all the playing around had turned everybody on more than ever. I know I had already had a climax when I entered Nicky's ass and felt granddads cock in her pussy. There was another on it's way as James went back into my pussy. Amy was crying a steady stream of 'fuck me' then Beth joined her. I hoped Jorden could stand the strain.

It was Beth that sent me over the edge. "FUCK, oh fuck me my lovely loving son. Fuck mommyyyyyyy." My boy was making me proud.

I pushed on granddads prostrate for Nicky. "Pull them both granddad, pull them hard."

"YEAH Toby, deeperrrrr." Debbie was there although I didn't know exactly how. Namoi was still silent and all James said was "Mommy" I wasn't sure whether he was talking to me or Namoi but I felt his cum. Then I felt granddads cum pulse in Nicky's snatch and pushed against his cock. Nicky let out a scream.

I hoped she hadn't pulled out any of her rings.

The door bell rang. Oh fuck. The food was here and we were all busy.......

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