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Confessions Of A Curious Boy Part1 - Dark Holes

Before the Story starts I want to set a few things clear real quick. First thing, everything I write about is strongly influenced by my personal experiences. I am convinced that reality tells us the best stories. Second, english is not my mother language, but i am trying my best to write in a correct and enjoyable english. And at last, PLEASE rate and comment my stories, give me feedback and if you enjoy, then recommend it to others. All this would help me become the future writer I want to be. Thank you and enjoy!

Confessions Of A Curious Boy
Part One

Dark Holes

The big City, Winter, 7 p.m.

Tim, 23, walks through the streets of his city. The wind is cold, even though he wears gloves and a scarf. But he knows he is gonna warm up soon when he would eventually reach the gay sauna. He is nervous, has never been there before and doesnt really know what to expect. His friend Mark tried to convince him for ages to accompany him to the gaysauna, and after Tim had checked out the website of the place and saw that it was in fact a very nice old bath, he finally agreed to go there with his friend.

Mark: "Hi Tim! Finally youre here. I though you changed your mind again."

Tim: "Sorry man, I know Im a bit late. But when I agreed to come here i meant it. Even though Im really nervous now that we are standing right outside the door."

Mark: "Dont worry man, eveybody is nice in there. Lets go inside before I turn to ice!"

Tim and Mark enter the place and warm air caresses their faces. It smells a bit of chlorine like at a swimmingpool. They approach the counter and pay the man behind it each ten euros. He gives them both keys for the lockerroom, a towel and slippers. Then they walk to the changingrooms. Tim notices how big this place is. The website said its a bathhouse over hundred years old, and Tim notices the old brick walls and red carped on the way to the lockerroom.

Tim: "We havent seen each other naked yet Mark. Its weired to undress right next to you."

Mark: "I know, but in the sauna we will see each other naked anyway. So just take your clothes of and put the towel around your hips. Im dont care."

He smiles at Tim and takes of the shoes. From the typical lockerdoor slamming-sound, Tim tries to guess how many other guys are in this huge changing room. At least five others at that moment he thinks. He gets a quick glimpse of Marks dick, hanging down between his legs as he pulls down his pants. Mark obviously shaved all his pubic hair away. Tim pulls down his pants and looks at his dick. He has a nice dick, uncut, not that big when soft but pretty impressive when its hard. A grower, not a shower. Tim thinks he should have shaven as well.

Mark: "Your going all natural down there I see."

Tim: "Oh common, you said you dont care!"

Mark: "I dont. I was just noticing. A lot of guys like it when you leave the pubes where they naturally grow. Its just me, I prefer to shave everything of because then my dick look s bigger and I feel a bit like a pornstar."

He laughs, gives Tim a light slap on the ass. Tim smiles. He didnt know if it would be awkward being naked with his good friend, but he is relieved it turned out just easy.

Half an hour later theyre sitting at a table in the bar area of the sauna. Dressed only in towels around their hips, drinking a cold beer, talking about the guys passing by.

Tim: "So, are you going to have sex with one of them?"

Mark: "I sure didnt just come here to sauna and drink beer. That guy over there looks pretty sexy to me. Im gonna wait for him in the steam room. What about you?"

Tim: "Well, I dont know. I think is place is not too bad, but you know Im kind of shy. I cant imagine just going into a both with someone here and have sex."

Mark: "Look, I think its cool that you dont wanna do something you are not sure about. But as an advice from a good friend, I know you are curious, so dont be ashamed. You look good, so dont f***e anything, just check out the darkrooms and the cruising area and maybe you find something you didnt know you were looking for."

Mark takes the last sip from his bear and stand up.

Mark: "And now I am gonna fuck some ass! So I am gonna leave you alone for a little while. If youre looking for me, just wait here at the bar. I am going past here from time to time just in case youre searching for me. This place is huge, dont bother looking in every corner for me, you probably wont find me."

Tim: "Enjoy. Im just gonna finish my beer too and then check out what this place offers."

Mark winks and walks off. Tim suddenly feels totally out of place. He looks around at the other tables where there are only a couple of old guys sitting and talking. Some of them seem to observe him it seems. One fat guy on the table in front of him sits with his legs apart, his towel not covering anything. A fat dick hangs down, and his sack hangs so low that it rests on the bench. Tim tries to drink the beer quicker, and the bitter taste covers his throat. He knew Mark wasnt gonna stay with him the whole time but he couldnt help but be a little mad at him for leaving him alone in a place like this. As the glances around him seem to undress him, Tim decides to stroll around and check out the big place.

When he walks along the dark and long corridors of the old bathhouse he passes old and young guys, giving him glances and some even whispering unintelligible words. This place feels surreal to Tim. never before did he feel so reduced to his body. But in some way he liked it. But he didnt have the courage to play with that power yet. He never thought he would be particularly sexy, but he also knew he wasnt ugly. He had always been the tall slim guy. His face was described as cute or sweet by many guys, but he himself couldnt find any words for it when he looked in the mirror. It was just his ordinary face for him. But here in the sauna he feels a direct reaction from the men to everything he does. Does he look into someones eyes that person isnt just looking back or avoiding, that person is doing a statement with his reaction. It is a form of communication. Is he interested or is he not, it all figues out in one exchange of glances.

Tim is lost in the dark corridors. He tries to find the way back to the bar but doenst know which way to go. As he passes the 60 degrees sauna he decides to go inside and relax there for a bit. He opens the door and two men are sitting in the room. One older fat guy with a pretty hairy chest. The other one a twen around his age. His body is pretty athletic. He sits on his towel, his legs up on the bench hes sitting on, his head rests on his knees. Tim as the most natural reaction to him, takes the spot in the sauna which is the furthest away from the other two men. He doesnt take of his towel, just sits down with it still wrapped around his hips. The air is hot and first drops of sweat rise up on Tims skin. He looks at the twen and sees a wonderful shaped cock between his legs. Tim is getting a bit aroused but doesnt fear anyone noticing since he has still the towel around him. The older guys seems to look at Tim but not in a intrusive way, just in an interested way. The twen is sexy, Tim would have sex with him he thought. He just needs to get his attention. And maybe they start to flirt.

Tim takes the towel off, puts it in the wood boards and sits down on it, opening his legs a little, exposing his semi erect dick. His heart is beating fast. The situation feels so unusual but thrilling at the same time. He touches his dick a little, just pretending to settle the balls and dick, but his cock jumps in excitement at the first touch. The twen payes no attantion but the older guy witnesses this miserable attempt to catch the sexy guys attention. Suddenly the twen stands up, his sexy dick dangling as he moves. He puts on his towel and leaves the sauna. Tim is shocked, can not believe he failed so miserably at connecting with the first guy he really found attractive. The older guy looks at him, between his legs, where is semi erect dick is still jumping a little to his heartbeat. The guy with the hairy chest and broad shoulders reminds him of a bear. And Tim is his prey.

The bear lies backwards, leaning on one elbow. On leg on the upper level of the wood boards one leg on the lower one he starts stroking his fat meat. Hairy fat balls and a cock like a fat giant sausage. The bear looks right into Tims eyes and Tim cant help but get really aroused between his legs. Tims cock get rock hard in seconds and stands up straight in the air. The bear smiles and his cock is getting hard to. Tim cant take is eyes of that fat bearcock. With long strokes the bear jerks his big meat. Now he is staring at Tims eyes. The boy feels intimidated and cant move.

Bear: "Thats a nice cock you have there boy. I like the hair."

His voice is deep and manly. Just like you expected from a guy like him. The temperature seems to increase rapidly in the room and Tim has to cough. He jumps up, his dick standing away straight from him. He grabs his towel and runs out. Outside the air seems cool and his dick quickly shrinks again. His heartbeat slows down. He wraps the towel around his hips and sets foot into another dark corridor.

He walks into a big gloomy room past several cabins, some doors open some doors locked. He hears moans from some directions of the room. At one cabin he passes he can glimpse a naked man lying down with his ass towards the open door spreading his cheeks. Tim walks a little slower, so he has a little longer to look at that beautiful pink butthole. Someone needs it very desperate, Tim thinks as he starts to speed up again and aims at the next room.

In the centre of the next room there are cabins seperated by thin wooden walls, reaching half the hight of the actual room. Tim walks around the Cabins and along the old brick walls of the chamber. Nobody here, he thinks. All quiet except some quiet moans from the corridor he came from. He enters one of the one square meter cabins and looks around. A stool on the ground, a paper dispenser on the wall and a small rubbish bin in the corner. In there it feels like a wooden telephone booth, nothing spectacular. But then Tim notices the speciality of that cabin.

It took him so long to realize because his eyes had to get adjusted to the little light first. To the adjacent cabins are holes on each side of the wooden partition. Dark holes with a diameter of ten centimeters. Tim has seen that before in several gay porn movies. The dark holes are called glory holes. Guys fuck and suck each other through these holes without seeing each other. Totally annonymous sex. Tim is excited. He is shy, but the incident with the bear, the guys showing is ass, and the hole atmosphere here really turned him on. He wanted to be like Mark but he couldnt. He was not someone who could just grab a sexy guy and have sex with him. Unless maybe its anonymous and they cant see me, Tim thinks. He can hear the random sound of flip-flops passing by and locks the door of the booth.

He takes of the towel and puts in on the paper dispenser. He starts jerking his dick. First time that he is in this location that he really feels free to get hard. He plays with his balls and pulls his foreskin back and forth. He imagines the bear licking him all over the body. And it doesnt take long until he is rock hard. Horny and loaded. He stands close to the wall and sticks his fat dick through the gloryhole into the darkness on the other side. He wants to feel lips wrapped around his cockhead but nothing happens. He can hear flip-flops passing by again but the sound indicates that whoever was there didnt even notice Tim and just moved on to go somewhere else.

Tim takes the metal rubbish bin in the corner and moves it around the floor, creating a noise. He tries to make it sound like someone just randomly touched the bin, not like someone using it trying to get attention. Then he hears another pair of flip-flops. Tim gives the bin an easy kick and coughs a little. The step noise stops. He hears whispering. Tims heart starts to beat faster. Now or never he thinks, pushing the stool back on the floor and creating another sound. Then he hears the cabin door next to his cabin opening and closing. for a moment it is totally quiet and stands in front of the gloryhole, looking down full of tension waiting on what was to come.

Then, through the ten centimeter opening in the wooden wall, a really big uncut cock slowly enters Tims cabin. The cock is hard and looks delicious. there is not one hair on the shaft itself but a nice bush on the balls and above it. Tim slowly moves his hand towards it and grabs it. Its really thick and his fingers can just wrap around it. Its the size of a french baguette. Tim pulls back its foreskin displaying a thick pumping cockhead. He has to imagine right away what the person whos dick he is holding must look like. He imagines a muscular guy in the beginning of his thirties. As the cock is pumping in his hands, he starts stroking it gentle. A soft moan is released from the other side of the wall.

The thin skin of the Penis feels so delicate moving up and down the rock hard pumped shaft. Tim likes the feel of a warm erect penis in his hand. On one side you are being used as a stimulant, stroking someone doesnt really give you a physical satisfaction aside from a horny feeling, but on the other side stroking someone also gives you such great power over him. The speed you move your hands, the various sensual ways a guys can feel just by how you touch his dick. Its like playing him like a computergame. If you know what buttons to push you can put the guy on a crazy adventure.

Tim is bending down in his booth leaning forward an opening his mouth. He wraps his lips around the fuckpiece of Mister Anonymous and starts covering it with his spit until its slippery all over. With his right hand he plays with his own cock meanwhile. The moans on the other side become louder and Tim feels vindicated that hes doing a good job with his mouth. He starts sucking up and down and he can taste first drops of precum from the guys piss hole. He himself is jerking his cock really fast, his whole upper body bent down, his legs apart like a drinking giraffe.

Suddenly chills go up and down Tims body as he feels something he totally didnt expect. A tongue on his asshole licking aggressively forcing its tip inside. Someone entered the booth on the other side and was tempered by Tims shaking ass behind the gloryhole. The booth was just the size that Tims ass had to face the other gloryhole when sucking someone off on the opposite site. The feeling is intense as that stranger fucks his ass with his tongue and Tim sucks off that other guy. Even though they dont see each other it feels to Tim like they are forming a chain of sexual pleasure. The tonguefucking is cheering Tim on to suck even harder on the other guy. There is one more gloryhole on the third wall to Tims left. What if another cock came inside there too? Will he be able to handle three guys? Tim stops sucking for a second and glances to the third hole. And there is already someone behind it. But whoever it is, is staring at him, watching him as the middlepiece of a threesome.

It is degrading, Tim thinks. He chose to have sex in these Cabins so he could be anonymous, do whatever he wished without having to be shy. He doesnt want anybody to watch him and now he is stuck in between to horny men like on a silverplate. It is impossible for Tim to identify the person who is watching him, its too dark behind that gloryhole. He can only see the reflection of eyes. If he would leave the the booth now the other guys would open their doors and everyone would see him. From the tipping sound of several feet and flip-flops, there are probably a lot of guys waiting in front of the booth by now. Seems like Tim is responsible for a big comeback of the gloryholes in this location.

A Finger is pushed inside Tims asshole using the moment of surprise. Our sweet protagonist, in shock, tries to move away from the penetrating finger and accidentaly pushes the cock he is sucking on down his throat. He coughs and the moaning around him gets louder. Then the observer of hole number three puts his arm through the opening and grabs Tims dick, aggressively jerking it. Now he is cought between three men, one fat cock in his mouth, one guy penetrating his ass with his fingers and a third one stroking Tims cock. At this time Tim notices he has completey lost control of the situation. He is horny and his cock is leaking precum like mad, but he has no control of what is going to happen next.

The fat cock he is sucking on gets withdrawn and the guy turns around to press his asscheeks agains the wall and exhibit his fleshy moist asshole. The guy from behind working on Tims asshole pushes two fingers inside and by that, pushes Tim forward. His face falls right on to the other ones asshole. The smell and taste is delicious. Its warm and moist, smells of soap and tastes of tender skin.

Stranger: "Suck on my hole. I want you to fuck me."

The guy whos asshole Tim was treating moans these words in absolute extasy. Tim mumbeles into is ass: "You got a condom?"

The strangers ass disappears and a hand hands him a condom out from the darkness behind the glory hole. As Tim stands up, two fingers slip out of his asshole. He openes the condom and slides it over his dick. He is hard and pumped, horny from head to toe and ready to fuck that guys ass hard. The fleshy asshole is back in the gloryhole and Tim shoves his dick inside with big anticipation and no patience. Good the guy has a very fuckable ass and enjoyes a rough penetration. Tim fucks the hole in the wall and it feels insane. He doesnt see the guy, only feel the insides of his ass on his cock. He fucks the wall like crazy and the stranger moans like hes getting fucked the first time.

Through the other holes Tim can see there are eyes watching, he doesnt know how many, but a few people have crowded the other cabins now to watch him fuck that ass. He hears moans behind the other gloryholes and someone elses dickhead appears behind it. That dick shoots a big load of manjuice right inside Tims booth. Tim fucks but also grabs the shooting dick. giving it a few strokes to help milk it. Unbelievable he thinks. Cocks everywhere. Im fucking a great asshole while people watch me and jerk of to it, he thinks. Another dick appears in the other gloryhole just to shoot its load into Tims booth. Its a small dick but a huge load, and the juice hits Tims left thigh. He also grabs that dick to squeeze out its last drops. Then the semi hard dick disappears back in darkness. Our boy is so turned on that he cant hold it much longer, he starts to moan louder and thrust is cock harder inside the strangers Pussy. But just as he is about to shoot, the guys releases Tims throbbing cock from his ass, turnes around quickly, pulls his condom off and sucks Tim every load out of the cockhead. Shivers go up and down Tims Body. He shakes, the feeling is so intense. The stranger really sucks, he sucks the boys dick so hard as if he was worried he could loose a drop.

"Fucking hot! Yeah give him your juice bitch…!", he hears from the dark holes. Then after some time, he pulles out his dick from the strangers mouth and with shaking knees, sits down on the stool. One arm patting him on the shoulder just before disappearing again. He feels abused and satisfied at the same time. Like a whore and a sexobject used by, he couldnt even tell, how many men. But it was incredible. He sits there for another minute. Then he starts cleaning himself up with the paper towels. When the sound of flip-flops disappeared almost completely he slowly leaves his booth and heads towards what sounds like showers from the distant. Fifteen Minutes later he sits back by the bar and drinks a cold tab water when Mark comes along.

Mark: "I know what you did…"

Tim: "What?" - Tim takes a big sip of water and looks at Mark with eyes opened wide.

Mark: "Well I have walked past the bar twice already and you were not here. That makes two hours of you being somewhere in the catacombs. Admit, your had fun!"

Tim is relieved. Seems like Mark was only guessing and has not really an idea of what Tim did.

Tim: "Yeah, I had fun.", he says and smiles and his best buddy.

Mark: "Great! I already had a little bit of a bad feeling for leaving you alone. But it turns out you dont need any help when it comes to gaysaunas." he laughs. "So lets hit the tanning salon and then go home."

Tims first visit to the gay sauna was a wild ride, but there are lots of more fun adventures ahead of him. Stick around for Confessions Of A Curious Boy - Part Two

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