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Enacting the b*o Code pt 2 (F/F/M)

"Listen, David, we don't have to do this." I stated as David kept pushing Becky towards me. "I'm totally ok with not getting laid. Seriously."

I could hear a slight murmur on the bed. I jumped a little as Becky's fingers grazed against my thighs.

"Becky, it's ok, really." I said as her fingers came closer to my crotch. "You don't need to f*rce yourself onto me." Becky's hands moved away from my crotch and grabbed my arms. She raised herself just so that her head laid on my huge breasts. She sniffed and breathed deeply with a smile on her face.

Talk about awkward. Becky rested on my chest for a few minutes, kissing my robust skin. I caressed her back while she snuggled in between my boobs. Girls weren't that different from men when it came to big boobs. Her hands went down to my shorts and tugged at them. I lifted my hips and pulled down the shorts to my thighs. Her fingers caressed over my tummy and down to my panties. She seemed a bit shocked that there wasn't any hair rubbing against them.

"Didn't think you were the type to go bald, J." David stated, his cock hard again.

"Oh, shut it, you perv." I spat back. Becky pulled my panties to the side and ran her fingers in between my thick outer pussy lips. Though she was blind, Becky looked quite pleased at the feel (and sight) of another pussy. I shrugged my shoulders and relaxed while she kept gliding her fingers in and around my pussy.

As I was getting moist and wet, I felt the weight of the bed shift. David was up for round two. He moved to the edge of the bed and lifted Becky up just enough so that he could slide in. He thrust inside of her and pushed Becky's head down to my crotch. Taking his cue, Becky began licking my pussy. Her tiny tongue flickered around my huge clit and in between my pussy lips. She moaned on my cock as David went deeper inside of her. I came from the vibrations of her mouth and pulled her head back up.

"I'm good, I'm good." I stated. I went back to playing with myself as David pounded away at her. Then he stopped. Did he cum already?

David moved beside me and began jacking off on my tits. Surprise and shock was a complete understatement to my reactions.

"Really?!?!" I yelled. I was ready to bat away from David when he came all over my breasts. Thank goodness none of it landed on my bra or he was going to buy me a new one. After all of the ooze sprouted from his cock, David moved Becky's head towards my cum-covered breasts. Becky licked all his cum off, but didn't share with me. Thank goodness.

After it was over, David took the blindfolds off of Becky.

"Oh, it's you! David's friend." She said.

"Uh. Yeah." I replied.

"You like girls, too?" She asked. Hmm. That was a difficult question. On the Kinsey scale, I would put myself at a 2 or 3. I found some girls to be attractive or pretty, but they had to mean something to me before I would decide to become intimate with them. I still vastly preferred men to women, though so that would put me at...heteroflexible. Yeah. That's how I'm going to describe my sexuality. Hetero-flexible.

But it was still rather enjoyable, and I was glad to help my best friend out. Even he did just jizz over my tits. We're going to have to have a conversation about that. There are some lines that can't be crossed and that's one of them. He is my b*o, after all.

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