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Enacting the b*o Code (F/F/M)

David is my best friend, so much that I consider him my older br*ther. He's three inches taller than I am, a bit stocky for a Jewish boy, and hairy. David is the king of dark, sarcastic, and dirty jokes- so much that he's bypassed the friendzone. There is just no way I could ever see myself fucking David, our friendship is way too tight for that.

Aside from planning our conquest to take over the world, David discusses all of the girls in his life. The ones that hit on him, the ones that look like sluts, and especially the ones he wants to bang. With our buddy Wallace, we've discussed the scent of a female before and after she's been fucked- it makes me wonder if I'm destined to become a lesbian.

Of course, David has done his best to try to find a reasonable sex partner for me. However, chubby black women just isn't in demand these days, especially in a place like Hawai'i. So for the most part, I get to sit back and listen to David's crazy sex stories. Some of them include a girl who fucked a closeted gay man, a girl who really did turn out to be a slut, and a girl who stated she couldn't get pregnant because she had diabetes. Just when I thought I heard it all, David would always come up with another wacky, but true story.

Two years after studying abroad in Taiwan, David acquired a taste for Asian women. Sure, he still loved his Stateside girls, but every time a hot Asian girl would past, he would nudge me and point out every little detail. It got to the point where I began to pick out girls that appeared to be David's type. I even became friendly with a handful of them, in hopes of having the girls meet David.

One time I got lucky and David began going out with a girl named Becky. She was Taiwanese, spoke decent English, and was petite with just a little extra weight clinging to her body. She thought she was huge- maybe by Asian standards, but certainly not American. She really liked David- she thought he was funny, understanding, and overall cute. David, on the other hand, wanted to just screw Becky brains out.

"J, we need a taco-burrito conversation." Taco-burrito was the code term for our private discussions. Being round, I was naturally the burrito and David was the taco. We grabbed some Pho from a local Vietnamese restaurant and went to a private lounge.

"What is it, David?" I asked. I dipped the vegetables.

"Well, uhm." He muttered. He stamped his feet. "Becky is a lot freakier than I thought."

"Eh?" My mouth was full of noodles.

"She likes girls." I put the bowl down and clapped.

"Congratulations, you just won a unicorn!" David gritted his teeth.

"Ok, that's the thing, J. She likes girls so much she wants to try one with me watching." I picked up more vegetables.

"And?" I munched.

"She wants the girl to be a surprise."

"You want me to find one for you." I offered. "Does she have a specific type of girl?"

"No." David frowned. "J. She only let me fuck her twice before bringing this up. She won't give it up again. I think it's a one-time thing, though. So..."

"So, what?"

"Do you mind?" I dropped my chopsticks and wiped my mouth.

"The fuck, really?" I cried. "You think I'm a lesbian too, don't you?"

"No, J, no." David stammered. "You're my best friend and only one I can trust with this shit."

"I've never done a girl before." I replied. "Honestly, you should ask someone from the LGTBQ club. They're much better at it than I would be." David touched my hand.

"Please, J." The look in his green-grey eyes gave a look of desperation. I knew sooner or later I was going to have to enact a b*o-code for David, but I didn't expect it being me seducing a girl. HIS girl, of all people.

"Alright," I stated. "I'll do it. I don't have to work this weekend, so let's do it in the afternoon and make a clean sweep of it." David's eyes lit up.

"Thanks, J. I knew you would help me out." We finished our Pho in silence and went our separate ways home.

In preparation for Operation "Asian Seduction," I decided to watch some girl-on-girl porn. It really didn't look too different than regular porn, but I had to remember that I was licking pussy, not sucking cock. It required digging to a deep, dark secret that I kept hidden from all of my closest friends.

I had licked pussy before. "Before" meaning under the legal age. "before" meaning a time I really didn't know that what I was doing was wrong and i*****l. "Before" meaning "before I discovered men and dicks". For years I considered myself dirty, stinky, and tainted. Although I was young and naive, I consented, and therefore I bore a mark (actually a skin taint) of my premature deviance.

I know how to resurface that secret, along with all of the emotions and shame, in order to help out my best friend. Lord Buddha Jesus Mohammed Krishna Zeus, help me. Big time.

On Sunday afternoon, I went over to David's apartment and knocked on the door. "Hey, it's me." I called out. I waited for a few moments before David opened the door.

"Wow, wow, J." Underneath my shorts, I was wearing a pair of black nylon stockings attached to a garter belt. I wore panties and a normal black bra. I was opting for comfort over style.

"Let's just get this over with, David." I said as I walked through the door. Shutting it behind me, David pointed to the direction of the bedroom. "She's in there, waiting for you." I put my purse down on the living area couch and walked into the room.

Oh, David. What a way of conforming to stereotypes.

Becky was blindfolded, with her arms and legs spread on the bed. She was dressed in a schoolgirl uniform, with a white slightly unbutton blouse,a short checkered shirt, and white stockings. From what I could see, she was wearing white panties. I only thought this happened in Asian pornos- that actual Asian women didn't like this stuff. Probably David told her to wear it. Way to go, David. Way to go.

I took off my shirt and crawled onto the bed. I straddled her body and came face-to-face with her. Holding her chin with one hand, I pressed my thick lips against her soft, pale thin ones. "Shhh." I whispered. "I'm just here to please you. And maybe if you're good, you'll get to please me, you understand?" Becky nodded. "Good girl. I stuck my tongue out and began licking Becky's delicate, smooth skin. It was creamy, like coconut milk. I pursed my lips and drooled on her neck, then I rubbed the saliva into her skin with my tongue. I slurped all over her neck and the top of her chest while my hands unbuttoned the rest of her blouse. My fingers pulled down her beige bra, revealing her small, perky breasts with light brown nipples. I wedged the right nipple in my hand and began to tweak it with my fingers.

"Does that feel good?" I whispered in her ear, licking it. She squirmed underneath me. Man, I feel so perverted.

I looked down and saw just how big her nipples were- larger than my own when aroused. Hmm, I guess some stereotypes were true. I pinched her right nipple and after a small cry, I pulled down the other bra and groped her other breast with my other hand. I leaned away from her and rubbed, squeezed and pinched her nipples for several minutes. Becky began whimpering and gasping just like those Asian porn stars did. It didn't bother me too much at the moment- I just really, really hoped she doesn't wail and scream like them.

I leaned back forward and began sucking on her erect nipple. I spat and licked the saliva all over her nipple. Then I gently clenched the nipple with my teeth. Becky wailed a little louder, but she didn't yell or say stop, so I figured she enjoyed it. I alternated between her left and right nipples while my hands slid down to her soft tummy and tickled it. She squirmed and kicked with the tickles. Hmm, probably not good idea with the tickles. I abandoned her stomach and went underneath her skirt.

Sure enough, Becky was wearing white underwear. my finger brushed the outside and felt hair pressing against the fabric. As I went down further, my fingers became damp. So she was getting off- that's a good thing. I rubbed my fingers back and forth while I was still licking Becky's nipples. After a last suck, I pushed up her skirt and moved down to the edge of the bed.

"Damn J." I turned my head and saw David rubbing his cock underneath his boxers. Like every hot-bl**ded heterosexual male, he was getting off on two girls playing with each other. It probably turned him on even more, seeing as it was his best friend doing his girlfriend. Yeah, yeah, David. Get off on it. You'll owe me.

I pushed Becky's panties to the side and pried open her hairy pussy with my fingers. I rubbed up and down her the inner lips and circled the thumb around the clit. For kicks, I pressed the clit in.

"Ayyiii!!" She shrieked as her legs swayed back and forth. I kissed the inside of her thighs until I reached her crotch.

"Hey, taco." I ordered. "Cover her mouth." I wasn't taking any chances with her. I kept playing her pussy while David pulled out his cock and began pressing it against Becky's mouth. I had to admit, David was a lot thicker than I thought he would be. As soon as Becky's lips wrapped around David's cock head, I dove in.

My tongue slid up and down her pussy, dripping and drawling saliva inside of her.Her musky scent filled my nose. I enclosed her clit inside of my mouth and sucked on it a little.

"aaahhhh..." She screamed. Shut her up, David, I thought. I could hear sucking noises again. David has to get a better grip on his cocksuckers, I swear. I returned to licking her pussy for a bit longer.

Licking Becky's pussy brought back memories I wished stayed dead. She wasn't as wet as the person I did lick, and there was no guarantee if she would eat me out, either. However, the thick, bushy hair getting in my nose and eyes and the dank, pungent scent were reminders of an earlier, not-so-innocent time.

Once I had enough of eating Becky out, I pulled away and began wedging a finger inside of her pussy. Another stereotype confirmed. I could feel her press against my index finger as I began to stroke it back and forth. Once the grip on my finger loosened up, I stuck a second finger inside and continued the motion.

I looked up to see Becky gobbing on David's balls. She kissed and sucked on them before licking up his shaft and taking the head into her mouth again. David held a good grip on her head. The sight of his forcing her down his cock was a turn-on in of itself.

I pressed my left hand on Becky's pelvis and curled my fingers inside of her. I stroked front to back over a rather tender spot. Becky moaned with enthusiasm. I stroked faster, speeding up the pace. Becky's hips pushed up, however my strong hand kept her body kept her pressed to the bed. I moved faster and faster until I felt a stream of water on my chest.

"Dude." I said. David looked at me.

'What, J?"

"I think I just made her squirt." David's eyes grew.

"For real?"

"Yeah." I wasn't a squirter, so I honestly didn't know what to expect.

"Do it again, J. I want to see." David pulled his cock out of Becky's mouth and faced me.

"Ok, but if she gets too loud." David nodded.

I pressed Becky's pelvis down again and began stroking inside of her again. It took me a while to finger that tender, leathery spot. Once I did, I rubbed it slow and picked up the pace. I paused a few times to let Becky catch her breath before going at her again. As her hips moved up, David leaned in closer, and I pressed her down again. Going as fast as I could, I blocked out Becky's wailing as another stream of clear fluid hit my chest.

"Shit, J." David whispered. I pulled my fingers out and held them up to David's mouth.

"She's your girl. You taste her." To my surprise, David licked and sucked my fingers dry.

"Let me get at her, J." We moved around the bed. David kneeled at the edge, with Becky's legs wrapped around his waist. I was at the head of the bed, with Becky's head in between my legs and my hands grabbing her breasts.

David pressed the tip of his cock at Becky's opening. He rubbed it up and down her soaked pussy before entering. I held her still as David pushed himself inside of her.

"Good girl, take all over his cock." I rubbed and pinched Becky's nipples. David grabbed Becky's legs and pounded away at her. Becky moaned with each thrust and once she became too loud, I covered her mouth with my hand. After a good, rough pounding, David slowed down and pulled out of Becky. He flipped her over and entered Becky from behind.

Seeing a guy pound a girl doggystyle is a lot different in person than it is watching a movie. The jiggling breasts, the masculine arms dominating the petite body- accompanied with a lust, pheromone-rich smell really overwhelming the senses. I slipped a finger inside of my own pussy and began rubbing to the scene right in front of me.

"Arggg..." David pulled out and spilled himself on Becky's back. David laid down and stroked his cock. Becky collapsed in front of me. As I went to take Becky's blindfold off, David slapped my hand.

"There's still more to do." He stated.

David, you really are my best friend. I promised I would bail you out of jail, but having your girl lick my pussy could cross the line.

However, David's hand grabbed Becky's head and guided her in between my legs.

Now, this will be interesting.

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