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The Teacher's Pet.

The Teacher’s pet

I’ve been a tutor at the Crosskeys Campus now for almost two years now. I’m twenty-six years old and I’ve had no real sexual interests or desires until recently. My speciality is in English, I tutor A1 and A2 level students, also a minor GCSE class. I suppose after trying to get work and being hushed from one college campus to another, I’ve been rather restless. Though, that doesn’t stop the energy to do all that from coming back to me. My last group of students have just left me. I’ve now been given a whole new group of students to educate to the fullest. Now that I’ve settled down a little, I feel a little relax, perhaps too relaxed. They say when a man is relaxed; he can get an erection at times, “randomly”.

Or… Perhaps not. After-all, I have no real life and I can’t even remember the last time I was laid “Maybe in college?” I thought. Irony, that’s exactly where I am now, looking across my room to see her. I stared directly at her. ‘The Teacher’s Pet’ they call her. A girl named Naomi, a girl who I hear only works her hardest for me. A girl who doesn’t look at her work when I explain it, but rather what’s under my trousers as I stand next to her desk. She has wavy if not straight brunette hair, slender and likes to wear geeky-classes which are apparently a trend. I like to believe she has a strange vanity behind them. Just so when I look down at her, she can look up with her big, blue eyes; biting her lip to make me stumble over my own words.

“Jesus Christ,” I said, as I sat down next to her one lesson. “You’re good at this.” marking her essay. While the class members chattered amongst themselves.
“I’m good at a lot of things, Sir.” She whispered warming, into my ear. I could hear her teasing smirk in her voice. She knew what she was doing. Before I could say anything else, she had placed her hand around the inside of my leg. I stared at her nervously, feeling myself being turned on quickly as my heart started to race.
“Naomi, I’m your tutor.” I said under my breath.
She merely smiled, giggling a little as she moved her hand between my legs, up against my crouch. I went to bit my lip but stopped, trying to not let her have her way. She placed her hand over my cock, her eyes widening for a brief moment, as she feels the size of my cock. I sighed. My hands felt frigid. She grips my cock through my trousers and slowly begins to rub it, moving her hand slowly along the length of my cock up then down. I went to move her arm away but found myself placing my hand on her leg. I move the inside of my palm to the inside of her leg, gripping her thighs and pulling on her tights.

Fuck… I need help. I want to fuck her right now. I can’t hold on much longer. I spread my fingers along her leg; along and in-between her legs, entering the inside of her skirt. She bit her lips and looked down as she watched me. She unzipped my trousers and slipped her fingers inside and slowly began to masturbate my cock through my boxers. Immediately I moved my hand up further. I pushed my middle and index fingers against the inside of her tights and felt her pussy soaking wet. Fuck.
I whispered into her ear “We need a talk in the side-room. Now,” she looked deeply into my eyes, as if to say ‘I want to fuck you.’ sharp and quickly.

She took her hand out and zipped my trousers back up as I slipped my hand back from her skirt. We both stood up and went into the side-room; not taking any attention with us as we moved. As we both entered the room, I closed the door behind us and locked it. I aggressively pulled her in by her waist, kissing her lips faster, twirling my tongue around hers as she pulled me in deeper. I pushed her back until she sat up on the table. She wrapped her legs around my waist.

Naomi bit my bottom lip hard and pulled it, letting it slip from between her teeth. She began to undo my trousers, pulling out my cock through my boxers. I stopped her, holding her wrist as she started to go up and down the length of my cock.
“I need to use a condom.” I whispered into her ear, brushing her hair behind her ear as I do. Naomi smiled happily, looking down at my cock and then back into my eyes.
“But of course,” she giggled. Getting off the table and then down onto her knees, as she pulls out a condom; opening the packet with her teeth. She then placed the condom onto the tip of her tongue and the outside of her mouth. Naomi took my cock into her hand, pointing it towards the condom. She then began to push the condom over my cock and over the head until it was all the way to the bottom of my cock. She rubbed her hand up and down the neck of my cock as she sucked the head. I sighed. I stroked her face as her went up and down along my cock. I pushed her hair back and out of her face. Naomi looked up at me with her big blue eyes. She slipped off her shoes and then pulled off her tights and panties.

She stood up and gracefully stabbed her legs around me, moving in closer as she pushed her pussy up against my cock. I lifted her ass up as I pushed my cock inside her. Naomi moaned loudly. She tightened her legs around my waist, pushing my cock inside her deeper. Her pussy was so wet, tight, warm… It was pulling me in. Naomi craved me… And I graced her. I started to thrust my cock in and out of her. Taking shorter breaths each pounding thrust, shaking the table back each time I entered her. Naomi cried out as I got faster. She gripped my shirt and held onto it tight.
“I’ve wanted this for so long.” She cried out, clinging to me. “Now you’re finally inside me.”
I climbed on top of her. Fucking her on the table harder, deeper and more f***efully.
“I’m going to cum,” I whispered as I tried to hold myself from doing so.
“Cum,” she moaned “Please cum with me.” Her breathing was heavier and shorter.
As I grew closer and closer to climaxing I finally felt her pussy tighten and wrap itself around me as she came, biting my shoulder as the condom burst as cumming inside her pussy.

The bell for the next class began to ring. I slowly climbed off and as she pulled out my cock. As I pulled it out a long trail of my cum seeped from her pussy, onto the desk.
“Oh my,” Naomi murmured, looking down at her pussy. “You were very messy, Sir.” She said biting her lip and very teasingly.
“You have a detention with me after school, Naomi.” I said firmly “I’ll have to punish you for using unsafe sex,” before smirking at her smile.
“Yes, Sir,” Naomi pulled up her panties and then her tights, slipping her shoes on, as I disposed of the condom and tided myself back to normal. Naomi walked out of the side-room with me. The class was empty…

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