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They sat in the bar, eyeing up the clientele. Mark and Sarah watched people; it’s just what they did. They were open about their desires and Sarah wanted to see Mark having sex with another bloke. She often found herself go wet when she thought of her husband wanking another man off, taking his cock in his mouth and giving his engorged cock a suck until cum filled his mouth. She even thought it would be good to see him shagged senseless by a well hung stud.
Tonight was the night, Sarah was dressed to kill and Mark had been dressed to pull. They entered the local pub and they started to eye up the men there, one of them would do, but which. Mark and Sarah weighed up the pros and cons of each man in the bar, too old, too young, too fat, too thin etc etc. It started to look hopeless until the door opened and in walked the most attractive man either Sarah or Mark had seen for years. He wore a white t-shirt, tight blue jeans that showed off his tight arse and his bulging package. He walked to the bar, wiggling his arse in a way that made Sarah wet and Mark hard.
“He’s the one!” said Sarah licking her tongue at the thought of what may happen next.
“I’ll try and pick him up” she said “will sound out the territory as they say”
“Ok, but hurry as I feel so horny” replied Mark
Sarah stood, straightened her short skirt, showing her thighs and walked towards the man at the bar. Her breast pushing tightly up under her top, small bumps betraying her erect nipples. She walked seductively in her black platform boots.
“Hi” she said as she took the bar stool next to the target for the night,
“Hello” the man replied eyeing her up and down.
“I don’t want to beat around the bush, I want you to shag my husband while I watch!” her voice shook as she surprised herself with her brazenness.
The man looked over towards Mark, looked back as Sarah, subconsciously he nodded then answered.
“OK, where and when!”
Sarah sighed with relief, giving Mark the thumbs up.
“How about now, upstairs, we have a room for the night”
The bloke got off the bar stool and walked towards Mark
“Hi I’m your shag for the night, my names Greg”
Mark gulped noticeably
“MMMMark “he stammered “and Sarah” he indicated towards Sarah.
The trio rose as one and headed towards the back stairs, Mark led, Greg followed and Sarah brought up the rear staring at the well formed arse on Greg.
Once in the room they awkwardly sat where they could. Sarah pulled out a bottle of vodka; three shot glasses and filled them for them. Mark threw his back, emptying the glass in one, followed by Greg then Sarah.
“Another” asked Mark as Sarah poured another round.
These went the same way as the last.
Mark stood and moved over towards Greg, who was sat on the end of the bed, he held out his hand and took Greg’s hand in his. They fell back on to the soft mattress, Mark falling in to Greg’s arms he smelt his scent, a natural musk that aroused mark more. Marks cock was starting to push against his trousers, feeling hard and uncomfortable. Greg was firm and his muscled chest heaved with excitement as Mark caressed his hand over his nipples. They responded, becoming hard they strained against the white material of his t-shirt.
Greg and Mark were within inches of each other’s mouth, when Greg lunged forward, his lips sealing on to Marks, Mark felt his mouth being f***ed open by Greg’s strong tongue. They tongue wrestled for several passionate moments, their hands caressing each other. Greg’s hand dropped to Marks cock and squeezed it through the material of his chinos. The feeling was almost overwhelming for Mark as he struggled to caress Greg and feel his warmth.
Sarah sat in a comfortable chair watching the unfolding drama in front of her. Her skirt had ridden up showing the top of her stockings held up by a black lacy suspender belt. Her hand stroked her womanhood slowly inside her panties, as she played with her wetness at the sight before her.
Greg manoeuvred Mark until he was straddling him. Greg pulled at Marks shirt, ripping it open exposing his chest. Greg’s hands started to work marks hairless chest. Greg wiggled on top of Mark forcing his hips against Marks hardened cock. Marks arms were pinned behind his head as Greg licked, nibbled and kissed his neck and chest.
Sarah sank lower into the chair as her excitement rose.
Greg leant back and started to work Marks belt loose, one free he undid the button of the trousers and pulled the zip open. Marks bulge started to twitch as the pressure of the trousers was removed. Greg clasped the waist band of Marks Boxer shorts pulling them down exposing his cock top the air. Marks cock sprang up, released from its prison, it stood erect. It demanded Greg’s attention.
“MMMMMM shaven smooth, just like I like them!”
Greg took the shaft of Marks Cock in his hand and started to caress the enlarged manhood. Greg worked it hard, soon trickles of pre cum started to dribble from the end of the cock. He bent down and licked Marks cock, the salty warm liquid aroused him more. Greg sealed his mouth around Marks cock and started to suck and pull at the large member, working it faster and faster. His other hand grabbed Marks balls and squeezed hard. The pain shot through marks balls, arousing him further.
“oh Jesus I’m coming!” muttered Mark as he gasped for breath.
Greg’s mouth filled with cum as Marks large cock shot its load. Gregg gulped down the salty liquid, a trickle of semen ran down the side of his mouth.
“Right, my turn” stated Greg
Mark lay on the bed, face up, his cock now reducing, as Greg strapped leather cuffs to marks wrists and ankles.
“Turn on your front” ordered Greg
Mark rolled on to his front and felt his arms being pulled as they were shackled to the bed posts. Mark tugged at the restraints, but there was no escape.
He felt his ankles being shackled and then spread eagle, Mark lay on the bed, face down, stripped of all his clothes.
Greg pulled Mark up by his hips pushing a firm pillow under him, this now left mark with his bare arse in the air, and unable to move or escape.
Sarah was wanking harder than she had ever done in her life; she rubbed her clit as she gushed. She had two of her figures pulsing in and out of her tight smooth hole.
Greg Stood naked behind Mark, his large erect member jutting straight out, he too was hairless. Is tight arse cheeks quivered as he advanced on Mark.
“My turn, and I am going to fuck you so hard you’ll scream!”
Greg produced a tube of lubricant, squeezing it on to his fingers and working it until they slipped with ease. He pushed his finger against Marks arse, pushing gently into his tight arse hole.
Mark gasped as Greg’s figure worked his way inside him the lubricant made the passage easy, and soon Mark could feel Greg sliding his figure in and out at speed. Mark soon became used to the sensation, enjoying every poke of his arse by Greg.
Greg’s hand smacked Mark hard across his arse, leaving a red mark.
“You’re enjoying this too much!” he stated
Mark felt his arse stretch hard as a second figure joined the first, the pain giving him and edge he had never felt before; his cock had already hardened again.
Greg’s fingers worked hard on Marks arse-hole, making it stretch wider than ever before.
Greg slapped his hand against Marks arse a second time, the pain mingling with the pleasure, Mark loved it.
Greg took the tube of lube and spread it across his hardened member. He caressed his hardness feeling the veins that ran down the shaft of his enormous cock.
Greg climbed on the bed, this time straddling Mark from behind. He gently pushed the head of his cock towards the widened arse-hole. The tip of his cock squeezed into the hole, Marks head span with pleasure, and the sensation of another man’s cock up his arse was everything he had hoped it would be. Greg gently continued to push his cock inside Marks arse. Within a minute he was all the way inside Mark, right up to his bald pubic area. Mark loved the feeling of the strong cock penetrating his very being; Greg slowly started to thrust in and out of the hole, with each stroke Mark rose to a higher level than he had ever been before. Marks erect cock twitched each time Greg thrust against him.
Still restrained to the bed Marks panted with each stroke, he wanted his cock to spurt again, but couldn’t reach it to stoke it, so it got attention as it was rubbed with each thrust from Greg.
Mark had no idea how long it lasted but he felt Greg tense up just prior to when he felt his arse fill with warm liquid as Greg shot his load inside Mark. The feeling of another man’s semen inside him was too much for Mark, and within a split second his own cock spewed forth with more semen covering the bed that he lay on, the warm liquid quickly cooling against his stomach.
Greg stayed inside Mark for a few moments; he clasped Marks back, panting hard at the exertions. He slowly withdrew his shrinking cock. It dripped in sperm, a strand linking it to Marks arse-hole.
Sarah shuddered as she reached her first orgasm achieved without penetration. She was wetter than she had ever been, she also panted at the sight she had just witnessed, and it had been better than she had ever dreamt of. Her every fantasy had come true and she just wanted Mark inside her. She jumped on top of him, still face down, she started to lick and lap at him, smacking his arse hard as Greg quietly left the room puling his clothes on as he went.
“God I want you!” she said to Mark, turning him over, retying his restraints, she straddled him, taking his once more enlarged cock inside her, she lost herself bucking and riding him like a thing possessed until she screamed in ecstasy.

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